About Us: Science & technology sector remain neglected in Pakistan; both at government and public level. Even, when it comes to development or criticism, there was no media to address the issues. We all know that the news media plays a critical role as one of the primary means through which scientific and technological issues are brought to the attention of the general public. The reality of science for most people is what they experience through mass media channels. Good reporting allows people to evaluate science policy issues and make rational personal choices; poor reporting can mislead a public that is increasingly affected by science. The need for the science and technology newspaper took place and the concept of weekly (future’s daily) newspaper “Technology Times” evolve.

Technology Times: A brief profile

Technology Times is the first and only newspaper of Pakistan in the field of Science and Technology (S&T) to enhance public understanding on science and technology, online as well as in print. We believe that knowledge (and particularly scientific and technological knowledge), had become the primary force propelling both national economic well-being and global economics. And this can be achieved through awareness of masses. The objectives of Weekly “Technology Times” are: to disseminate scientific and technological information among masses; to project Pakistani scientists and technopreneurs; and to develop academia-industrial liaisons.

Technology Times is not only limited to one or two sectors but addressing the whole scenario of country’s scientific and technological development either it is in Information Technology, Telecom, Agriculture, Environment, Energy or STEM Higher Education.

Technology Times aspires to play a critical role to communicate, to a broad audience in Pakistan. The publication’s goal is to report the most compelling problems at the forefront of science and technology.

Technology Times was launched on 4th January, 2010 similarly in print and online.

Our objectives

The three main objectives of weekly newspaper Technology Times are (1) to disseminate information among masses; (2) projection of Pakistani scientists and technopreneurs; and (3) development of academia industrial liaisons.

Our focus

Every issue of Technology Times comes packed with technology news, reviews, interviews and comprehensive features mainly in Agriculture; Climate Change and Environment; Information Technology and Telecommunication; Energy especially Renewable Energy; and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Higher Education, but this is not the limit.

Our audience/ Readership

Technology Times proactively leverages knowledge and insights from executives and decision makers, who knows scientific and technological issues that need to be addressed; the technology reporting that must happen; and the answers that must be delivered. It is the realization of this core need to inform that really allows Technology Times to differentiate itself from other publications. Technology Times delivers on complimentary basis to a large audience; decision makers and policy authors all through the public and private sector & weekly growing thousands of email shoot every Monday morning for Technology Times e-paper.

Technology Times is widely circulated to organizations / institutions i.e. universities, research organizations, and academies of more than 50 cities in Pakistan. With its Campus Correspondent (C2) network, Technology Times is present in more than 110 universities across Pakistan, who send their regular input from their institute.

The website www.technologytimes.pk is an ideal complement to the newspaper. In addition to hosting the database of all previous issues, it provides an interactive way to connect to the vibrant and wide-ranging technical community in the country.

Technology Times Media Partnership

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  • Official Media Partner Food & Technology Exhibition AFTECH.
  • Official Media Partner of POGE.
  • Official Media Partner Pakistan Science Foundation.
  • Official Media Partner of ITIFASIA
  • International Exhibition for Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency


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  • China Mobile (ZONG)
  • Mobilink Infinity
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  • Microsoft Corporation
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