Agro-waste in compost production and its application in bio-geyser

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Due to the excessive rise in the prices of traditional inorganic fertilizers, their use has become out of reach of the poor farmers. Moreover, the use of inorganic fertilizers over long period of time has caused damage to the constitution of soils. At the same time these inorganic fertilizers pollute the underground waters. Therefore, the research on the production and use of organic fertilizers (compost) is the need of hour.

In this regard, for the last several years “the soil science division” of Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture Peshawar, has been trying to develop Bio-geyser. The first Bio-geyser has been developed and attached to the mosque in the premises of NIFA. Three drums of 200 liters capacity are installed in three partitions of the composter. And these drums are then attached with each other through pipes. One drum is attached to the cold water line and the other drum is attached to hot line. Around the drums a certain proportion of green and dry agro-waste is placed. In three days the temperature of the compost rose to 60-70 °C. And the temperature of the water in the drums rose to 45-50°C. Because of this hot water was available for use from December to March with minimum or no real investment. At the same time, high quality organic fertilizer is also produced which is beneficial for the production of nursery products, vegetables and fruits.

After the success of this experiment, a number of different types of Bio-geysers have been developed. One of them is one cubic meter dual brick walled domestic bio-geyser. This domestic bio-geyser can heat water up to 45-50 in 24 hours. This is enough (for a five member) to cater the need of five- member family.


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