Air Varsity holds moot on modeling, simulation

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STAFF REPORT IBD: The Air University has recently brought local and international engineers, researchers and academics together to disseminate and share knowledge on modelling and simulation, a specialised engineering field, which is the foundation of all cutting-edge technologies these days.

The conference was preceded by a one-day course, which was conducted by Professor Abdul Khaliq of Middle Tennessee State University, USA. Based on the work of Nobel laureates and dealing with modeling and simulation of mathematical finance, the course provided a valuable opportunity to financial managers, executives and business academics.

During the session of the International Conference on Modelling and Simulation (ICOMS-2013), HEC Executive Director Prof. Mukhtar Ahmed said that there is no denying that without research higher education institutions were just tuition centres but at the same time, stakeholders should see if research done by those institutions was solving their socioeconomic problems or contributing to their solution.

“We should ensure that the research contribute to resolution of the common mans socioeconomic problems, too. Universities have a key role to play in this respect,” he said.

Air University VC Dr. Ijaz A Malik highlighted the role of the university as a federally chartered public sector university to further the cause of higher education in line with its vision and mission.


Published in: Volume 04 Issue 48

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