An axe on Internet usage

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IT MAY inevitable from various aspects, angles, viewpoints etc. but the tax is really an axe for many as it is the era of IT and internet now a day. Current initiative of Government of Punjab on taxing Internet usage will hamper the sector instead of earning money for governance. We are investing heavily on internet and its usage is increasing by leaps and bounds. It may be a positive step despite issue of many wont be able to use it in a better way or abuse it in a worst way still we see it as an Axe cutting the tree of Information Technology. We are now an IT Society. The globalized village phenomenon has made us so close to each other that the proposed System Theory is more observable than ever before. Whatever we are doing to make our countrymen apart from the others in the globe is going to impede our development in a way. We are taking steps to work for the betterment of society but it may be all in vain. We are integrated into a society because of IT; whether for social networking or education via internet automated movements or changes. We are getting “Mobiled” as notebooks, laptops and for sure, but what are we going to do in IT Society without internet? Perhaps, the tax is going to make the minds hungry for information processing more aggressive or sharper to think about the way to promote the usage of internet in some other ways and propagate it using new technologies which are not at all in control of government taxation policies or so. We are working hard to stop the News to get to the right persons only because we are intending to earn only for ourselves or a group which is supporting us rather than for humanity. We are making policies which are going to serve the elite class more but the nature is to nurture minds and souls. The best for the leader is to do practically what he expects from followers to do. Pay tax and see who wont be paying rather than devising indirect tax-mech which for sure will hamper those who are not at all abusing technology and having a strong positive social and environmental impact on society using IT for Shaping Tomorrow. We should focus on imposing but not decomposing the sector.


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