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  • Silage Safe and Healthy Fodder

    The contribution of livestock in national GDP in year 2014-15 is 11.8% while it contributes   56.3% to agriculture. Fodder is an important factor in various farming systems as it is necessary   for the normal functioning of livestock and without this animal survival is very difficult.  Its   demand is now increasing day by day so farmers grow multi-cut fodder like barseem, lu…Read More

  • Dedication only key to successes

      Muhmmad Hasnain is CEO and Founder of SCIENCE Pakistan (an online science directory). He brings with him a rich experience of mentoring. During his recent interview with the Technology Times, he spoke about the future of ICTs, youth skills development initiatives as well as ICTs potential in Pakistan.     Brief us about yourself, professional highlights and your interests. Basically, I was born in rural area of South Punjab, Pakistan. After class 8 in 2003 I moved to K…Read More

  • Pakistani scientist couple leads the way with underwater drones in Australia

    Just when we got used to the sight of drones in the sky, capturing stunning aerial views, it’s time to get a grasp on a new idea -- drones underwater. Like its airborne cousin, an underwater drone is released to fulfil a mission on its own. It follows a pre-programmed path, captures images and other data, and delivers them back to base.  Intelligent aquatic drones could even make autonomous decisions, like changing course to avoid obstacles, or identifying areas of particular interest. At least that’s the idea.  Underwater drones are a very new…Read More

  • Digital economy, continuous innovation keys to successes: Dawra

      Aamir Dawra is co-founder and co-owner of Online Bazaar Pakistan (an online fashion market). He has a special edge in entrepreneurial skills. His business is flourishing not only in Pakistan but also getting a marvelous response from the world. During his recent interview with the Technology Times, he explains about his business start-up and the online market experiences.     Brief us about yourself, professional highlights and your interests? Yousu…Read More

  • Market analysis major tool to stay on winning stand: Zia

    Zia Ghafoor is currently working as CEO of MONT5: His Company has a potential share in offering services in cyber entrepreneurship. He believes feeling costomers’ pulse is key to success in the current market where cut-throat competition is the only option of survival as well as growth. During his detailed interview with the Technology Times, he explained how a cyber company can expand its customer base and deliver in a perfect manner Brief us about yourself, professional highlights and your interests? A: Born and bred in Pakistan, over the years, we (I…Read More

  • Cyber entrepreneurship has changed the dynamics of procurers in Pakistan: Basharat Ali

    Basharat Ali is a Sialkot based ardent tech lover, and an established cyber entrepreneur. He has completed Masters in Information Technology from Virtual University. He is the creator of, an online cricket accessories sale point which gained immense popularity particularly in cricket WC 2015 days due to official sports Tee in the product line. Basharat entails rich experience of retailing as he was influenced by CA Sports during his early career job. He is a tech savvy geek whose major earning source is the freelancing on several sites, blogging etc. He share…Read More

  • Problem solving research can lead Pakistan towards betterment: Dr Talat

    Dr Talat Naseer Pasha is the incumbent VC of UVAS. He holds PhD. degree in Animal Nutrition from University of West Virginia, USA. Dr Talat has over 35 years of experience in academia, research and administration. He has supervised over 120 postgraduate students. He is an eminent researcher and has published over 80 research papers in internationally renowned journals. He has also won twelve international research grants for two projects.Prof. Pasha had been conferred Sitara-i-Imitiaz civil award by President Islamic Republic of Pakistan on Independence Day 2015 for his…Read More

  • The future of online business is illustrious and trillions of opportunities for fledglings are present in Pakistan: Rafah Mugheer Shah

    Rafah Mugheer Shah is a professional Software Engineer who relishes in exploring new horizons to grip the entrepreneurial opportunities. Under his belt, has been created which is an online radio station promoting awareness and entertainment towards masses. Rafah is also owner of Zainab IT House that provides online web solutions for the past 10 years including web development, networking and software and app development. Rafah conversed with Technology Times team for an interview recently held Brief us about yourself, professional highlights, and your interests?…Read More

  • Pakistan`s tech culture on top to promote entrepreneurship in the country: Yasir Nazir

    Yasir Nazir is Graduate in Software Engineering from University College London. His family business gave him jolt to skip onto the transitory pattern of getting a charge out of big business. Yasir is learned with mechanical movements and rising examples, subsequently he setup an online store in 2010 with the title “Iamextreme” (Beegeek now). Starting now and into the foreseeable future, he had no reasoning back and surging his business with each going day through his acumen. Yasir shared his thoughts with Technology Times in a recent interview Brief us about yourself, …Read More