ASU, universities partner to power Pakistans future

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MONITORING REPORT ISB: Arizona State University (ASU) has welcomed 24 exchange graduate students, the first cohort in a partnership with leading Pakistani engineering universities dedicated to researching and developing solutions for Pakistans energy needs.

Led by ASU, the US-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) is a collaboration sponsored by USAID and Pakistans Higher Education Commission. An $18 million award supports the project – the largest ASU has ever received from USAID.

In partnership with the NUST and the UET Peshawar the project aims to address energy needs unique to Pakistan as well as develop relationships between government, industry and academia to inform sustainable policy. In doing so, the projects goal is to fully unlock Pakistans economic potential through an educated and involved workforce.

“This program is designed to further outreach, so our research and our work goes beyond the lab,” said Sayfe Kiaei, Director of USPCAS-E.

Though Pakistan uses merely 5 percent of its total hydroelectric power and solar power remains largely untapped, many of the imported sources are nonrenewable, such as diesel and coal.

These are all problems that ASU is poised to aid in addressing, according to Hassan Zulfiqar, communications and outreach specialist for USPCAS-E.

During their time at ASU, the students will get to learn research techniques and ways to take on problems more systematically while working on the latest issues and projects in the field,” said Kiaei.

The programme will continue to bring exchange students to ASU each semester through 2019.


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