Plastic pollution threatening aquatic life

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Freshwater fishes are now the most threatened set of marine life. Most of the threats to freshwater fishes along with other freshwater biological diversity is habitat modification, destruction, overfishing, forestry practice, climate change and water pollution. The rising trend of use of plastic bags, especially possess a huge threat to marine life. The issue of […]…Read More

Pakistan is lacking behind in farm machinery

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Pakistan’s agriculture is contributing 21.4 percent to national GDP and remains the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. It also provides raw material to various industries including textile and sugar industry. More than 60 percent of Pakistan’s population is directly or indirectly linked with agriculture but it’s unfortunate that in our country farm productivity is far less […]…Read More

Menace of e-waste and impending challenges

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Reliable management of electrical and electronic waste is becoming a miserable problem for a lot of countries around the world. Specially developing countries facing the menace of e-waste. It is studied by the International Telecommunication Union, the UN University and the International Solid Waste Association that the world generated 44.7 million tons of e-waste in […]…Read More

Agriculture, climate change, and food security

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Climate change is having significant results on our planet’s diversity of life and individuals lives. Sea levels are rising and they are warming. Longer, more exceptional dry seasons debilitate freshwater supplies and yields, jeopardizing endeavors to nourish a developing world populace. Without deliberate actions, the changing atmosphere will genuinely compromise food production globally and in […]…Read More

Agriculture should have seen as system, not merely five crops

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Without having any doubt, one can easily say that agriculture sector of Pakistan consistently playing a central role in the Pakistan’s economy with key impact on the socio-economic set-up. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy as it accounts for over 21 percent of GDP, while employing 45 percent of the country’s labor force. Agriculture […]…Read More

Floods cost US$2.7 billion losses equivalent to 1 percent of GDP

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PAKISTAN HAS varied geography with northern alpines covered with glaciers and southern plains bordering to the Arabian Sea, along with rivers flowing through the country from north to south. During monsoon season riverine flooding is usual in the low-lying areas along the rivers while flash flooding is also experienced in hilly and partial hilly areas […]…Read More

Skilled labor is essential to ripe the benefits of CPEC

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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has of high value for both countries Pakistan and China. It is just not beneficial for these two countries but will also benefit the surrounding region. CPEC intend to plan as corridor for peace, prosperity and development. The CPEC is holding a transformational power to impact on the state and […]…Read More