Climate changes pose risks to mountain heritage

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Speakers at a seminar organised at the NUST shared their concerns regarding climatic changes posing immense risk to the mountain heritage of Pakistan, threatening the biodiversity of the prized mountain region and its people.

Speakers urged for an integrated and inclusive governance of the eco-system services for the mountains sustainability that would lead to sustainable future of Pakistan.

The seminar titled Climate Challenges for Pakistan Mountains also highlighted deforestation and solid waste management as two major challenges for the countrys high lands that could be mitigated through political will and engaging the communities in to the efficient management of natural resources.

The seminar, by DEVCOM-Pakistan and IESE of NUST in connection with the 3rd Pakistan Mountain Festival, an annual advocacy event of the DEVCOM-Pakistan to mainstream the challenges of mountains.

Speaking on the occasion, Javaid Malik said that climate changes pose immense risks to our mountains that are also suffering intense loss of biodiversity and other natural resource that has increased the pace of glaciers melt, hence enhancing the risks of more and intense disasters.

Dr Tariq Mahmood appreciated the effort to engage the NUST students in the meaningful activities of the Pakistan Mountain Festival.


Published in: Volume 04 Issue 52

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