Complications of science education at secondary school level

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THE INFLUENCE of science and its applications has increased many times in present days. The developed countries have their foundation on a robust science education program, whereas, Pakistan as a developing country is in terrible need of a qualitative as well as quantitative science education program. This science education program shall be created from the primary level and then gradually extended to secondary and higher level. Being a developing country, the only option left for Pakistan is the advancement in the field of science and technology, which can undertake an epoch at economic as well as social development. This development needs radical improvement in the field of science education at all levels. Keeping in mind the significance of science education at secondary school level, a study is needed focusing: facilities existing in the school laboratory; the challenges in science education program; and the shortcomings in the pre-service training of science teachers. It is generally observed that our examination system stressed on memorization and ignored the application of science concepts. Our syllabus dearth activities and stress upon memorization of the content, the course matter is dry and lacking in students interest and unable to ignite curiosity among science students. Moreover, the science curriculum is overlong and contained irrelevant content, and also did not meet the international benchmarks. Hands-on-training method is missing in science teaching, usually, the teachers training is more focused on theory rather than practical, and more importantly, the teaching competency of science teachers is a big question mark. Our secondary school teachers are more focused on lectures instead of demonstrations. Most of the science teachers discourage students to ask questions during teaching, this kills the curiosity of the students about science and this is just because of lack of understanding and teaching methodology of science teacher. It is suggested that the examination system should emphasize on recalling, understanding and application of knowledge, equally. The science course content should be revised regularly to bring it at par with the international standards. The demonstrations and practical must have significant part of the teaching methodology for better understanding of students. The science teachers should make use of activity methods and should involve the students to participate actively in the class. The teachers may be trained in using modern teaching methodologies and conducting science practical at the required level. The science education program may be regularly monitored and supervised.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 25

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