COMSATS multiple role in science and technology promotion highlighted

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STAFF REPORT IBD: COMSATS is playing an important role for SandT-led development and projecting a positive image of Pakistan in the international arena. At the same time, its efforts meant for internet services for education and health sectors, in particular the tele-health initiative are some this that can be ranked high.

Federal Minister for S and T Zahid Hamid expressed these during his recent visit to the COMSATS head office in Islamabad.

During the briefing on the occasion, Executive Director COMSATS Dr. Imtinan Elahi Qureshi introduced COMSATS as an inter-governmental organization of 21 countries and a network of 18 SandT Centres of Excellence, spread across four continents. The organization undertakes its programmes and activities with guidance from its statutory bodies, the Commission, a Coordinating Council, and a Consultative Committee.

He also said that COMSATS is currently facilitating joint research among clusters of scientific institutions in member countries through its International Thematic Research Groups (ITRGs).

The minister was also informed about COMSATS efforts for creating synergies with other important scientific organizations of the South and the North, including TWAS, AS-ICTP and CERN.

In his remarks, Zahid Hamid was appreciative of the role by being play by the COMSATS in the development of S and T. He offered to promote COMSATS on international fora to attract more member countries and institutions to join the organization and broaden its scope.


Published in: Volume 04 Issue 30

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