China Pakistan Network on Science Popularization

The China Pakistan Network on Science Popularization (CPNSP) will be a joint non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable entity, which will be an independent, autonomous and self-governing institution. The Network will work on learning and deploying Science Popularization between China and Pakistan.


This Network will aim at directing and encouraging science popularization research, development and use of scientific and technological knowledge and associated systems in promoting collaboration and cooperation between China and Pakistan through capacity building, encouraging dialogue, assisting in science communication education and training, and professional exchange program.


The proposed China Pakistan Network on Science Popularization (CPNSP) will establish jointly by Zhejiang Provincial Digital Institute for Science Popularization (ZPDISP) and Technology Times. Later on, other organizations will be added in this Network. Technology Times will be the host institution. The permanent secretariat of the Network will remain in Pakistan at the premises of SciTech Media – the parent organization of Technology Times.


The strategic objective behind establishment of this Network is to maintain and strengthen support by the general public for science, technology, and innovation in a society that is becoming more and more knowledge-based, and to enhance public understanding on science, technology, and innovation.

This initiative of CPNSP is for utilizing, directing and encouraging the science popularization and associated systems to promote science and technology (S&T) in building human resources and institutional capacity through encouraging dialogue; maintaining popular science activities; assisting in training, research and development; dissemination of information; training the media person, government officials, and administrative bodies in development of a scientifically rich society in Pakistan and China.

The following are major objectives of CPNSP

  • To form, maintain and promote an association of member organizations which will engage in the proactive learning and utilization of science popularization;
  • To carry out research, development in the field of science popularization and use of Science Communication through an association of member organizations and allied institutions;
  • To help develop infrastructure for science popularization through Science Communication;
  • To develop world class Science Communication institute within Pakistan and China;
  • To develop an extensive pool of academically and technically skilled science popularization manpower at all levels;
  • To promote extensive use of science and technology and its applications in trade, industry, homes, agriculture, education, health and other segments of society;
  • To create strong China Pakistan relations through promoting linkages and reinforcing networks for science popularization; and
  • To facilitate dissemination of knowledge and technology flow(s) from comparatively advanced societies to the less advanced ones.

Reasons for Establishment

The science plays a crucial role in the modern society, and the popularization of science is closely related to the rise and development of the scientific and technological culture, that ultimately strengthen science literacy.

With the advancement of media (print, electronic, and digital) the science popularization has become more and more involved in the knowledge-based society. Therefore, the Science Communication has become an important technical support of the science popularization.

Science popularization is nothing else than an endeavor to image scientific ideas in such a way that everyone (especially non-scientists) can grasp the fundamental concepts and have an idea of what science in essence is. The primary objective of the science popularization is to increase public understanding of science.

The science popularization is an attempt to reduce the distance standing between science specialists and the public. Science popularization is interpretation of scientific information (science) intended for a general audience, rather than for other experts or students.

Science popularization via the Science Communication is a program that takes science to general users with an objective of making them aware of the efforts, achievements and advances of science. Such programs could include books, conferences, newspapers, journalism, workshops, seminars, meetings, electronic forums, open-access journals, audio-visual material, etc.

Pakistan is a population of 197 million (2017), with rich traditions of learning and knowledge. Unfortunately, hard reality is that the total share of Pakistan in high-tech products is far and few and even there is a disproportionate technological capability gap among different geographical regions of Pakistan.

With changing paradigms of economic development where the natural resource endowment is giving way to man-made resources and the comparative advantage means having information ahead of the competitors, the challenge for Pakistan today is to gear up the potential of Science and Technology for the development and progress of the Country.

The Plan

In initial phase, our vision is to build a grid of Hub, Branches, and Outreach units along the route of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). This will upgrade the life standards of the society with the help of science and technology.