Developed countries must extend their support to vulnerable nations in climate change perspective: Mushahidullah

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Staff Report ISB: A National Consultative Workshop on environment and climate change was held on Wednesday. It was organized by Ministry of Climate Change and Global Environment Facility (GEF), a partnership for international cooperation to address global environmental issues.

Mushahidullah Khan, Minister for Climate Change, expressed his grievances about developed industrial countries due to their non-concern about global warming and climate change impacts and skimpy attitude in assisting the poor and under developed countries to cope with challenges pertaining to climate change.

He further added, “It is now the prime responsibility of the developed countries to provide cost effective hybrid cars because earlier the developed countries manufactured such vehicles which emit carbons and are polluting the global environment,” Mushahidullah apprised, “Though these rich countries are now raising loud slogans of sustainable development and green development and pushing the poor countries to cut their carbon emissions, it is repugnant to note that they themselves are non-serious in pursuing the sustainable development agenda.”

Arif Ahmed Khan, Secretary Climate Change Ministry affirmed that Ministry of Climate Change will provide its stretched support to provincial governments in order to implement strategies to combat climate change challenges A large number of people including officials from provincial governments attended the event.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 15

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