E-commerce market has potential to progress

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STAFF REPORT KHI: In the first quarter of 2015 smartphone shipments to Pakistan soared by 123 percent, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authoritys annual report, one of the fastest growth rates in the developing world.

Broadband subscribers in the country have topped 26 million people, the Ministry for Information Technology said in February, with broadband penetration going from three percent to more than 15 percent.It cited the World Bank studies showing that a 10 percent increase in high-speed internet connections can boost GDP by 1.38 percent, adding the arrival of broadband in Pakistan is set to have a “very positive impact on economic growth”.

Dawood echoed the reports optimism saying, “There are tremendous opportunities for everyone to start selling and buying instantly and earn money.”

Women are seeing the benefits, but e-commerce presents potentially an even greater opportunity for young people in a country where roughly two thirds of the population, of around 200 million, are estimated to be under the age of 30.A recent economic survey by the finance ministry singled out the challenges facing youth in Pakistan, including “limited job search expertise, a mismatch between education, aspirations and employers requirements and a lack of mobility, among other factors”.


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