E-communication-exponential variable to make world Global Village

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COMMUNICATION is a bridge to share ideas, feelings by using sound, symbols, and body language. Todays world is striving to communicate frequently for different purpose for instance lifes affairs, business, commerce, mining or even any difficulty that must be resolved. The need of people has reached at the platform of electronic communication system.

The electronic communication system or concept of global village is a term closely associated with Marshall McLuhan popularized in his books the Gutenberg Galaxy, The making of Typographic Man, and Understanding Media. McLuhan described how the globe has contracted into a village by electric technology and the instantaneous movement of information from every quarter to every point at the same time in bringing all social and political functions together in a sudden implosion, electric speed high tends human awareness of responsibility to an intense degree. Therefore, his hard strengthen idea of connecting people globally spread over different planes of mind.

If we assume his concept to be in our country, we then might find that we have not been facilitated for this global service here. Even we know, however, we would certainly have to navigate lifes many roads. And to me, these roads are technology, engineering, medical science and different other life-related vocational fields and programs that all are for betterment of our economy and erudition of future generations.

In different countries of the world, people have proved themselves connected at a difference of one-finger touch and they have also shortened the long mingled zigzag roads into a direct bridge from front side of the sea towards its last end and it is only possible due to electronic communication systems.

We can have cluster of examples of that system. Nowadays, mobile communication is common among them; mobile is a good but also provides services in the form of SMS texting, MMS service making calls and more other features which are proposed by different economic entities.

In this way, the software programming languages play a vital role in initiative discovery which provides different types of software but particularly seven categories like system software, application software, engineering/scientific software, embedded software, product-line software, web- application, and artificial intelligence software. Therefore, these programming languages are capable of developing sophisticated software and the software sits centrally right in the heart of electronic communication system and acquires a concrete role as a pillar of global village and beam of the need of computer systems.

Now, a question arise that can we count ourselves as a member of global village? The answer might be “NO” because for being a member of global village; an electricity, good communication system, good erudition system, easy-access to stuffs for the people must be remained on the verge of their homes, universities, academic institutions, industries, oil and gas sectors, banking, etc. under the canvas of good governance.

The teachers, lawyers, stake-holders, doctors, scientists, and each and every person of the society should take part for making the name of our country first in the list of global village, because doing this would make the country a prosperous and will also introduce finished products and services in the international markets which is very necessary for the producer of goods and provider of services to have right sum of earning against the bucks which he might have invested in different small or large businesses.

Moreover, the global village experts, scientists and communities should give ideas to us (Pakistan) for being gone global by riding the horse of science and technology in a strategic way for reaching at the destination of “global village,” because it is global village system that continuously provides awareness about contingents of world and also informs the very recent happenings and makes us a part of communities, world and the universe.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 15

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