E-waste management turns a major problem

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Dumping of electronic waste has become a critical environment as well as human health issue in Pakistan. The e-waste recycling is emerging as a cottage industry in the recent time with import of legal and illegal waste.

“People involved are using open plots and congested areas/communities to break down various components of computers, printers, screens and power supply units in a cruel and bad manner,” reveals a recent study being conducted at IESE, SCEE and NUST. In this regard a talk on E-waste: a problem or an opportunity? Review of issues, challenges and solutions in Pakistan has recently been conducted in the city.

The talk was attended by reps from IESE faculty, students, SEECS, UNIDO, UNDP and CDA.


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 19

Short Link: https://www.technologytimes.pk/?p=11534