Environment and altered attitude of human beings

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THERE HAS been of much concern in the society due to the altered and folded attitude of people living on it. People when trying to get the things out of complexities miss to shoot the target at first attempt. They keep trying to shoot the target but all goes in vain. In the end they are left with not even a single success in their hand and they become hopeless and distressed. With the passage of time, the issue becomes global and the attitude shifts from local to the regional and international level. Same is the case with Environment Management”, we all are trying to protect environment without hitting the target.

There are some questions that really does not need the answers, because, its obvious that when we throw the heavy stone inside the water, it causes water move. You know the water is life for all living things. Its the most vital tool that is required for almost all natural processes and utilized for all type of things that we use on daily bases. We know that most vital type of water is fresh water, which is about 3% and unevenly distributed throughout the world. This very small portion of water is being utilized by a very huge population of world, which is 7 billion.

According to some estimates, total content of water per person utilization is about 80 to 100 gallons. We are shortage of water and there are some natural reasons also that the fresh water is depleting. Yet, we humans are trying to pollute it with all the means. Greedy owners of industries produce tons of waste which is directly dumped into the water bodies, following neither the environmental laws nor caring for the integrity of environment and their coming generation. They experience worst conditions in the form of adverse health problems to children and the life on water bodies. If they already know these facts then why on earth they are playing with their future generations and harming the environment? This is a serious question that must be answered promptly.

Earth resources provide us huge benefits. These resources are not limited to bring a revolutionary change in human life. This change has travelled a wide journey from Stone Age through Bronze Age and up to the Iron Age. Throughout these three stages of human development, there has been a parasitic relationship between human resources and natural resources.

Nature always tries to comfort human and offer him a mutualistic connection, but in return, human often adopts materialistic approach. Humans always takes interest in copying nature and in doing so nature is always harmed. Nature makes rules, human breaks it. A great game is being played between nature and humans which denote Newtons 3rd law of motion, where humans act and nature react and vice versa. Nature bestow to human with huge earth resources like water, minerals, oils, vegetables, fruits etc. And all these things are being polluted with anthropogenic actions.

Three-age system, as described by Danish Archeologist Christian Thomsen and seven stages of life as stated by William Shakespeare has great connections with each other. Humans through all three age system of human development destroy the natural resources and in return, nature pollute all 7 stages of man as described by Shakespeare as pollution is susceptible to all ages of human.

Ozone layer protects you form UV-rays. To understand this phenomenon, we need to understand and study the Sun. But instead of focusing on Sun – why we people are trying to explore and expose the behaviors of stars and moons? Instead of trying to protect and using all means and resources to look after, we are making the mother earth crying at an alarming rate. Millions of tons of pollutants are being shooting up towards the environment from all directions.

Waste materials into the environment have proved to be curse for the welfare and integrity of societies unlike the fact that these wastes can be a best source of blessings. We can take out huge benefits from waste materials and produce much amount of energy. One single example is Norway, which leads in producing the highest amount of energy from trash. In Europe, there are about 420 plants of waste to energy conversion that provide electricity to more than 20 million people. This statistical data shows that waste materials are not the curse and the problems lies on the mind of humans.

Water pollution has been very serious issues since the beginning of 19th century. Thanks to the industrialization that realized humans to think about the consequences that occurred in response of their massive deterioration of natural resources and introduction of water pollutants into the water body. We are having very acute shortage of water for drinking and agriculture purpose. We, the creature of pride and prejudice, facing two consequences at the same time i.e. excess and shortage of water. Its very odd and unpredictable thing.

All problems mentioned above are global problems, but, its our misfortune that we could not be united for these global issues that need speedy attention promptly. One cannot measure the dizzy attitude of the world leaders and remind them that they are trying to ignore the integrated issues of mother earth and their selves. The correspondent authorities could not be successful in addressing the integrated pollution problems of the mother earth. Instead of controlling the pollution problems from the base of its generation, we do allow free hand to spread and introduce the pollutants into the environment. We have forgotten that mother earth and its environment are the properties of nature and we humans are benefiting from them on rental basis. We are the borrowers of natural contents. We must remember that one day these borrowed materials that human owns permanently, will become the biggest deposit of Ice-Mountains and our own anthropogenic actions will destroy them. Lets not introduce the pollutants into the environment by creating the enormous difficulties for the earth as well as our future generations. Lets quit making the pollution profile of the mother earth.

For all these, we need to end pollutants and change in our attitudes with determined will power for not only destroying the pollutants up to mount Everest but also construct various other mountains of sustainable management, forestation, pollution controlling technologies, industrial management departments, Joint collaboration of Government and common people, stable and implementable laws and regulations and individual focal persons which can play their part to make the lost shape of earth and convert them again into lovely mother earth.

The writer is Environment Scientist and can be reached at suhaileia2013@gmail.com.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 22

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