Farmers advised to protect wheat

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STAFF REPORT IBD: The Met Office has advised the farmers to take precautionary measures for protecting the newly harvested wheat grain from insects’ onslaught, besides pests and seasonal moistures saying insects and fungi attacks can damage the newly threshed wheat grain in the post harvesting period, advising them of taking pre-emptive measures.
According to them, wheat grains should be placed under hygienic conditions in godowns, and suggested the use of Neem tree leaves in wheat sacks and other chemicals may be useful to protect grains from attacks by rodents, insects and fungi.
It says harvesting and threshing of wheat crop has completed in major agriculture areas of Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhunkhwa.
It says keeping in view the rising daytime temperatures with expected spell of dry weather in the coming days, farmers should complete sowing of cotton and irrigate the standing cotton/ sugarcane crops properly so that growth of these crops may not suffer from shortage of water at early stages.
The expected rise in daytime temperature and heat waves during the next 10 days may increase water discharge in the river and canals of the country, the office says, adding that the rise of canal water may cause damaged the standing Kharif crops.


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