Govt intends to increase higher education grant

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PESHAWAR: Minister of State for Education and Professional Training Engr Mian Muhammad Balighur Rehman said Pakistan is going on right path to progress and has come up from all crises due to positive policies of the federal government.

Addressing a three-day International Conference on Earth Science Pakistan organized at Peshawar University Baragali Campus on Sunday, the state minister said the country is going on the path of success because of the long lasting policies introduced and implemented by the federal government.

He said now things are changing with a positive outcome of the policies introduced by the PML-N Government. He said the country is going towards a complete normalcy and the crime ratio has drastically been decreased all across the country including tribal areas, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Karachi and Balochistan.

The state minister further said that the present govt has achieved a record collection of the revenue of tax collection and in the current fiscal year the govt has allocated Rs. 79.5 billion for higher education, an increase of 11 percent from the last years budget.

He said the govt has intended to further increase the grant for higher education with the aim to make every child literate and encourage the students to go for higher education in vari-ous fields.

It is the vision of the govt to ensure quality of education to every child, which is also the basic right of the youth as far as the govt is concerned, Engr Balighar Rehman added.

He lauded the efforts being put in for holding International Conference of Earth Science could help out in learning about climatic changes, geographical information system, water resources and environmental changes.

He said Pakistan is geographically situated in the heart of Himalayas range due to which it has to face national disasters and ever changing climatic situation for which such like Con-ferences would help the govt to prepare a comprehensive plan and guide line for the govt to face such situation well in time.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 25

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