A glimpse of the registration page

You can register for a new account through the Register page. If you have an account already, you can login through the Login page. You can also request for a lost password if you have forgotten your already registered account’s password.

Following is a description of some data being taken for registration:


Enter a unique combination of words (first & last name combined or any other of the sort) to use as your unique ID. 

  • Do not use spaces
  • Enter a username suited to your name so that people may recognize you
  • use of small letters, numbers and special characters is allowed


Enter your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC or NIC) number in this field.

The format for typing is xxxxx-xxxxxxx-x (13 digits and 2 dashes). For example, 12345-1234567-1

Mobile Number

Enter a phone number that is accessible by you at all times.

This will only be used to contact you in case of any issues with your article or any writing or promotion opportunity.

The format for mobile number is 0300 1234 567 (spaces after every 4 digits with no space in the end).
You can also use 0300-1234-567 (dashes after every 4 digits with no dash or space in the end).


Enter any physical address for us to reach out to you.

You can use your University address as well. Or you can enter your office or home address.

Email Address

Please use a valid email address to register since we will be (mostly) always contacting you through email.

Also add web@technologytimes.pk and email@technologytimes.pk to your email white list to properly receive messages from Technology Times in your inbox.


You can keep the password any way you like. We recommend using:

  • atleast one small letter
  • atleast one capital letter
  • atleast one special character (!,-_@)
  • atleast one digit

After this, you can login and start using your account.