ICTs against security

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ICT is yet another way in to our confidentiality. Paving the path for outdoors to our indoors very calmly and swiftly that an air breeze is easy to feel but the sneaker or hacker cant be realized. It all because we have a state-of-the-art stealth tech adoption rate sky high in each and every part of the world and every professional pines for it. ICT was made to secretly relay the info in war times and it successfully did that for US DoD (department of defence). ICT gives rise to insecurity as there are many ways for hackers to hack into our accounts and steal the info which can be used for bad purposes. ICT is never recommended by social scientists still for saving our personal info on it. IT is indeed the most insecure place (though its not physical but virtual) on earth.

The curiosity of human beings reinforces the sneaky behaviour thus inducing the desires of knowing more about others private life which is and who is of interest to us. The main interests are very obvious in human behaviour so we pursue for the self satisfaction by using modern tech which makes it easy for us to sneak and access the content which is graded as illicit or illegal or banned or censored. The security measures taken in this regard turn out to be futile often as the makers of the technology or the tech-gurus know how to sneak into the new barricades, alarm systems, walls, firewalls or any safety measure we consider and implement for the sake of security of our confidential data/content.

Using this tech marketed by “the entertainment” has its negatives much higher than its positives. Still, it is considered insecure by elite schools and heads of schools often abstain teachers from giving assignments which has internet usage. The issues are and will remain on surge, forever perhaps, as reliance of this, the ICT, is increasing day by day or we must say sec by sec in our fast moving lives and swiftly changing styles. We have diffused “the entertainment” marketed technology into our lives because of ease and comfort we enjoy contributing in rise of obesity and ultimately stress due to obesity in our social lives.

We are embraced with info leaks and issues of B.Y.O.D. (brign our own device) strategy to save cost by companies in US. In our social spectrum we have seen havocs and creepy chaos in social behaviours and attitudes. It is made by the ones who like and legalize “the entertainment” in its all forms so how we can expect it to give us fool proof security. We dont even have full access to its moderation as in this global village we have seen the Net Neutrality issue is burning and its authority remains with some countries. The policy makers are not the ones who all other countries are trusting as shaking hands with some is based and driven completely by “interests” so how come we expect them to make a secure policy to make ICT secure enough to provide us fool proof security.

Big companies have huge benefits as its the name which must be known either in a good way or a bad way. Fame is one of the keys of success which we all die for and work for to have a social acceptance. The society in current era accepts all the negatives but positives are continuously depreciated now. Good ones are projected as bad ones as we have lack of net neutrality here. We are facing the issues only because in the name of justice we are providing the justice which to save our face value only but words manipulation has contributed a lot in making this technology adoption a phenomenon like jungle fire. We are not just in our intentions of technology usage as we are eliminating the technology gifted to us by nature which is the best; not for us only but for all; including the environment and next generations.

Pure policy process that is technology foresight needs aggressive adoption by all the departments to seek from ICT, the witch craft of securing what used to get lost in memories but now it is made a record and even the time and date is being recorded. Natural technology gave this flexibility to forgive the mistakes by forgetting or hiding in minds and hearts but human technology isnt forgiving and thus the sensitive ones are bullied online using virulent defamation using internet for their mistakes which they want not be known to anyone else.

The author is Research Officer in Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan Technology Board.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 08

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