Integration of ICT in teaching, learning reviewed

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Minister of State for Education Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman has chaired the advisory committee meeting here to review the process of integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in teaching and learning processes in schools, reviving Education Management Information System for a proactive role in policy, research, planning and management and outline of sustainable development goals plan.

The meeting discussed in detail the issues including preparing children for the digital world, integrating ICT in teacher learning programme through MS technologies, equipping them with employable IT skills, setting up a chain of PC laboratories in schools and teacher training institutes, providing access to ICT in schools, using ICT to strengthen teaching quality, using ICT to enhance student learning, developing complementary approaches to ICT in education, development of capacity at the federal education ministry and provincial education departments. Speaking on the occasion, the minister said that the present education system in Pakistan offers only minimal curricular resources for students. “In primary schools, computer studies are in textbooks only without any practical application,” the minister said.


Published in: Volume 07 Issue 16

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