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  • Beneficial effects of organic matter in soil

    The soil organic matter includes a variety of plant and animal debris in different stages of decomposition. The living plant roots and soil microorganisms are also often considered part of the soil organic matter. Soil organic matter is the smallest component of the soil. Although it is a small percentage of the overall soil, it is the heart of a healthy productive soil. Most of the soil organic matter is present near the soil surface (top six inches), rather than deeper in the soil. It is not possible to depict in detail the beneficial effects of organic matter in this short…Read More

  • Religious importance of honey and honeybees

    Today in the modern world, honeybees have a lot of importance. The main honeybee produce is honey which varies depending upon different factors and besides honey production; the honeybees also have importance regarding the pollination of the crops/flowers. Honey is consumed as fresh or in processed form. Importance of honeybees has been mentioned nearly in all religions. Below are the some religious prospective about the honey and honeybees. Probably the importance of honey started for Muslims, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preferred honey over the wine and honey has also been stron…Read More

  • Activities in a honeybee colony

    Honeybees are the class of insects and of Apis genera. The only two species of honeybees are domesticated in Pakistan; Apis melifera and Apis cerana. Mostly honeybees are reared in hilly areas and also in some parts of Punjab and other provinces. Apis cerana is preferred for domestication due to less aggressive behavior. The main produce of honeybees is the honey that is used in a number of products and consumed as a fresh or in processed form. The honeybees feed on nectar and pollen,  produce honey to consume as their food source, especially in winter season when there are little …Read More

  • Water issue: Worldwide and Pakistan prospective

    Only one per cent of total water on earth is available for consumption. About five billion people on earth are experiencing water scarcity of various extents. On average basis daily 2000-3000 liters of water is required to meet the dietary demand of one inhabitant on earth. Per capita availability of water in Pakistan is about 1420 m3 and has been declared water scare country by UN. About 88 per cent of water supplied to big cities is unfit for human consumption. There is a need for proper policies and their implementation by having a glance on present and future challenges…Read More

  • World, Pakistan population and food security challenges

    World population can be defined as the total number of living humans on earth. The population has increased from 350 million in 1350 to 7.0 billion in 2010 (Wikipedia). The tremendous increase in world population has risen from 1960 to onwards mainly due to the provision of sanitation/medical facilities (Briben, 1980). Although studies by various agencies/departments quote different figures but it is mostly believed that the world population would be around about 17 billion people at the end of the 20th century. At present, on global basis, the birth rate is 142 million people against…Read More