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  • Effective policy making can be triggered by optimum community involvement

    ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH on Technology Foresight revealed some deep facts about normalizing conflicting scenarios, especially in policy-oriented scenarios. A recent development in policy related to energy is to save it for the purpose of channelizing it to where it is needed basically rather than for window shopping oriented markets.  The developed countries have realized it long ago and have successfully implemented the policy to stop the abuse or in soft word the improper abuse of technology. They learned it after suffering a lot, but we may do it s…Read More

  • Enemy void Guns: The Automotives

    Motor companies are focusing on efficiency. However, it is unlike the efficiency introduced by other technology companies in automotive industry. The technology isn't going to focus on any new concept like solar or water based cars or Electronic Vehicles. The focus is on old technology researched upon by a scholars of the university to reach closer to perfection (which can never be achieved). The concept is that of old technology improved further by investigating the old principles thoroughly. New technologies, materials, metallurgy and other knowl…Read More

  • Natural Tech Easy Procurement

    Procurement for any business is a process consuming huge amount of resources. Without it a company can't perform actions as materials in the raw form are to be processed by the HR and both are to be procured with sound knowledge of the suppliers of both the materials and HR. A single man doing the business can handle it but there is a limit to what he or she can work out.   …Read More

  • Commercialization or Spiritualization for Innovation Socailization

    Commerce era is prevailing since industrialization. Despite the information era, due to combos formation of profiteers focusing in technology based strategies to gain bigger market, the focus in on monetary benefits with little attention to society. Business and commerce are taking over the old trading concepts which partly is resisted by the embargoes, sanctions, taxation and other restrictions from globalized economies. It is all the war of the economies as we modernize to be called civilized and developed as per new techno metric systems of analysis. …Read More

  • Environment Friendly Manufacturing

    Drilling is very important part of any manufacturing process. It constitutes 25% work of the process. Also, heat produced in this is very much wasted and not used for any good work. We have been using different ways of drilling which are costly and at the same time not very friendly to environment or the workers.    A conference at NUST about a new drilling technology gave me exposure to a new technology which can drill really faster and is very much friendly to the workers and envrionment. It an drill in 3 to 4 seconds. The hole drilled is in engines for the sake of oil to pass through and cool down the engine. Before, the use of coola…Read More

  • Tech-Space Diffusion

    IN THE field of innovation, the question raised is often of the diffusion of new technologies in the society. We often work to get the work done of diffusion our innovative product in the society. Some products get diffused quickly but there are those which require nothing but launching pad; a very simple platform to get the people‚Äôs attention to become popular in the span of days of weeks. These are called disruptive technologies which contribute in the norms of the society a change which is welcomed by all or by a major chunk of society. But, usually, the task of diffusing a technology is like breaking the ice in the polar regions. Diffusion has been the grave issue …Read More