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  • Green Innovation Model: Primitive Synergy

    CLIMATE CHANGE is becoming a serious concern and we need to think ‘green’ for preserving the core nature of the planet earth. Scientists have seen destruction of the stars and for our planet to die down is not something new but here case is of managing the pollution, green house gases and technology development management so that we can overcome the tones of polluted output from our industries. It can be done if we think green.  The subsequent steps are the production and development of technologies; even the daily life necessities like using te…Read More

  • ICTs against security

    ICT is yet another way in to our confidentiality. Paving the path for outdoors to our indoors very calmly and swiftly that an air breeze is easy to feel but the sneaker or hacker can’t be realized. It all because we have a state-of-the-art stealth tech adoption rate sky high in each and every part of the world and every professional pines for it. ICT was made to secretly relay the info in war times and it successfully did that for US DoD (department of defence). ICT gives rise to insecurity as there are many ways for hackers to hack into our accounts and steal the info which can be used for bad purposes. ICT is never recommended by social scientists still for saving our personal info…Read More

  • Horsomotive Industry: Bring it on in future

    So we embrace it, the dilemma of technology mismanagement rising from our own very usage or abusage of techology in everyday or perhaps every-moment life filled with comfort and ease but actually are the diseases or at least antecedents of complex epidemics like obesity, the disease which is because of comfort and ease but making us suffer from psychological disorders or severe form.  We are embracing the hottest ever year, the 2014, with no change in carbon consumption but rather the usage of oil is increasing leading to yet a bigger pollution problem as foresighted by the futurists of today. The acceleration of pollution may prove detrimental to our environmenta…Read More

  • Techno messengers

    We have seen messengers facilitating the messages to be sent to a certain destination with full devotion. They try to the message through by means of sending and receiving techniques which can guarantee the success in achieving a goal or objective. Some believe that whatever ease we go for to have max impact on the receivers to change the path from wrong to right. Messages often are very important and must to be sent across the board to all so that damage can be reduced. We all have something that needs to be communicated, disseminated or forwarded to certain audience…Read More

  • Cheeky Tech Choking Love

    It really sounds odd to talk about love in relation to technology. But is it really something no linkage with technology or its only naive humans who can't really understand the concept of the linkage between the two. According to theorists of post modernists, there is always a linkage or we may say an influence of innovation on already existing natural passions. According to theory, everything in universe has some impact on each other void of the distance or remoteness; signifcance may be an issue but impact is always there. Love is not among the gravely emphasized necessities of mankind i.e. food, clothes and shelter but it really is one o…Read More

  • Enemy void guns: The automotives

    Motor companies are focusing on efficiency. However, it is unlike the efficiency introduced by other technology companies in automotive industry. The technology isn’t going to focus on any new concept like solar or water based cars or electronic vehicles. The focus is on old technology researched upon by scholars of the university to reach closer to perfection (which can never be achieved). The concept is that of old technology improved further by investigating the old principles thoroughly. New technologies, materials, metallurgy and other knowledge horizons are to be shaken by …Read More

  • Software export potential of Pakistan

    Society needs economy with frugality to live a simple life. We require basic necessities of life for our day to day needs be met satisfaction level. The soft revolution has disrupted the simple demands and its curvilnear nature to haphazard zigzag nature having many ups and downs in a graph. The economy for our society needs more complexity with having touch of soft soul like product. The economy is being boosted significantly by this new innovative product running the computer hardware. The software accounts greatly for our economy as it is in huge demand all over the world, especially in developed countries and helps in renaissance of our economy downfall. The potency of this…Read More

  • MOOCs: Easy come easy go?

    Technology Foresight in education sector is very crucial as more and more new tech concepts of education are up coming and surfacing these days which shouldn’t be adopted or diffused till we have a good discussions of their impacts on society in terms of social, moral, behavioral, theological and financial contexts. Studying these contexts are crucial as norms of any society come first. However, it is largely ignored by the companies while launching a new product of interest. Education sector isn’t free from contagious IT. All are affected despite suffering economic turmoil…Read More

  • Creeping Cyber-Espionage

    Its happening now that we can even know the location of a person though it is only via using the service of  transportation company. The company has innovated using the latest state-of-the-art technology of IT that we can even see the persons travelling in their taxi. It does give us some relief to see them while travelling as satisfaction grows to know that they are travelling safe and sound. But, we have this very great dilemma of cyber war fare to get very close to be hacked into and know the travel destination and current location while travelling. The service is known to be used by elite government class families in U…Read More

  • Climate change: PV foresight

    Innovations are the on the rise as it has been mentioned in the website of the White House that innovations of any sort or form will be supported by the US government to address the believed phenomenon of change is permanent. So, the idea of production of electricity will also change. It has seen a shift from human to water by making turbines and making them run via falling waters from height. Then coal shoves it to product electricity which was abandoned by some as it was causing pollution. Later, nuclear was allowed to make oneself developed economy as per the declarat…Read More

  • The Lurking Networking

    Foresight gives deep insight of the suspicious technology from a perspective which is long term and generalized by not one but a group of stakeholders. Networking foresight reveal some strange outcomes. We heard about the CIA new chief saying something about the "Dark Technologies". Which indeed reflects the lurking networking behavior in our lives.   Networking are the most important part of our lives as they help us in socialize despite the remoteness they are pursue. Networking …Read More

  • Shame Game

    Technology hasn't brought changes in the life of some but all. Young kids are the ones who are affected very badly in reality and in totality. We see them busy in all the new gadgets launched by companies. In fact, the "Individual Differences" researches are full of personality traits which though are categorized into 5 major and 16 other traits of human personality which, of course, are the very limited research based articles in academic journal and the kids personality is full of experiences and they are not full person so they may not be classified as from any personality trait driven being. They are naive and simple. O…Read More

  • Technopotism

    The mankind is known to have a specific trait to support the specie of its own kind or to be very specific the kinship is given preference in each and every field. This goes on and on by giving preference in the job market to those who are close in relationship to oneself. This is criticized as it is said to be a bad activity or habit or whatever, as the issues of discrimination and family politics rise due to nepotism. This is observed to be the case of not only in the humans but also other kind of things in the universe. We will try to super impose or project this phenomenon or trait in techno world or among the technology. We see that technology is not only going to support …Read More

  • Barter to brutal: Innovation @ cost of eco

    Thoughts do have power. Ultimate outcome of thinking process is conceptualization of innovation, information, inevitability of education. We keep thinking to come up with some new innovative idea and try to sell it for own benefit. Strong marketing skills equipped with new technology make it easy to convince policy makers running the governments, thus policies are often infected by such group members with strong convincing power or manipulating skills. Society is often ignored, thus policies for harnessing the population are being devised. What we do in our everyday life is bu…Read More

  • Astalavista illiteracy

    Once during the Technology Foresight - Education 2025 in Pakistan, the words of the then government officials conference on the education in Pakistan was actively participated by the team to find out the solutions to current issues. It was learnt that the government just can’t do it alone as it is really a great monster which can’t be tackled by the government alone. The support of the NFP and civil society is inevitable and detrimental. The problem may be aggravated more if not tackled properly in collaboration with the civil society and Not For Profit organizations. Despite the criticism from civil society and other participants, the government officials were unable to find the solut…Read More

  • Techno-dependency probability

    Ages have passed seeing the use of technology in the form of skill, tool or technique to ease the process of any task to be performed to achieve certain outcomes, goals or objectives. Human being are using technology of one form or the other in a way which is conducive to them in increasing their capacity despite the natural limitations they have or may the constraints be due to their own negligence or because of being comfort lover. We all observe the changes in the world due to the active change agents which are observed to be humans. We have seen advances in our life which is cal…Read More