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  • Innovation in Asia: Intel’s Five of the Best

    ASIA IN 2015 is a hotbed of innovation. New devices from the Chinese Technology Ecosystem are increasingly coming to market, enabling more personal and engaging experiences designed specifically for the Asia-Pacific and Japan region. Simultaneously, some of the latest, most innovative technologies, from supercomputers through to computer processors, are being developed right here in Asia too. Technology and its users have never been smarter, and the latest technology innovations are enabling a new wave of Intelligent Generations in Asia and across the globe. Her…Read More

  • Back to the future: The second coming of overclocking

    Tall gas cylinders stand like sentinels behind anxious devotees who tend to motherboards riven by wires. Fluorescent tubes protrude from the machines, seeming to feed their depths with elaborate drips of sickly neon. Liquid nitrogen spills into makeshift sinks crowded with whirring components, coolly billowing fog over the benches. At a glance, you could mistake this scene for the production department of amade-for-TV sci-fi relic. The outrageous machines could easily be failed prototypes for a Dalek’s innards or Doc Brown’s DeLorean. But this is real life Taipei, Taiwan, 2014. The room is one of many at this year’s Computex expo, and enthusiasts are using jerry-rigged PCs to o…Read More