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  • Power failure in Pakistan

    PAKISTAN IS the first Islamic and the seventh world nuclear state. It is unfortunately the top countries with worst load shedding schedules. Besides scheduled load shedding, often use to face even complete breakdown of electricity from Gilgit-Baltistan to Gawadar. Breakdown, from dawn to dusk. But why don’t we realize our responsibility and blame ourselves too for the present situation? Why don’t we scrutinize ourselves? Perhaps we think we are not responsible for all these problems and power failures. How irrational we are as we are main cause of such damages. An i…Read More

  • Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility

    With the rapidly increasing population of humans, the sense of humanity is diminishing at the same rate. Following the Western point of view, everyone there is relishing his own life instead of serving humanity. So ultimately, the humans had to rely on robots, rather humanoid robots. The scientists started to contemplate over such incredible challenges a long time ago. The advancement of Honda, the leading Japanese company in robotics, is fairly good in this regard. They started to develop humanoid robots in the 1980s. Creation of walking robot was the main goal of the company, which not only could adapt and interact in human situations but also could improve the quality of life.…Read More