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  • Gmail accounts hacked; 5 Million victims including Pakistanis

    Four days ago, a hacker from Russia claimed that he hacked some five million gmail accounts and their passwords. Moreover, he dumped all the email IDs in a text file which he placed and distributed over the internet. Five million is one of the biggest number of accounts hacked; especially when we talk about google servers which are quite secure. The 5 million victims can include anyone around the globe and this also includes Pakistanis. Users who had activated two step verification were asked to input security code from their cellphones to access the…Read More

  • Ufone Super Card – First to offer on-net and off-net minutes

    Ufone has started its Super Card service which is quite unique in contrast to all previous packages launched by all mobile carrier companies. Through this service, customers will be able to enjoy ·         1000 mins for Ufone to Ufone and Ufone to PTCL/Vfone calling ·         150 mins for Ufone to any local mobile network ·         1000 messages to all local mobile networks ·       &n…Read More

  • Spider magazine temporarily Suspending Publications

    Pakistan’s famous internet magazine “Spider” is temporarily suspending its publications from September 2014 to undertake an editorial revamp. Spider magazine was started by Dawn Group of Newspapers and has been quite an interesting magazine on internet surfing, tech gadgets, gaming and other internet related topics. A reader said he received a letter from Spider earlier this month stating that Spider magazine is temporarily closing down and the remaining subscription amount can be used for Herald subscription or can be returned via cheque. Spider has been quite popular due to its unique, wonderful and attractive content. People will be looking forward f…Read More

  • Mobilink to give donation to Shifa Foundation through MobiCash service

    Telecom giant Mobilink’s mobile money service MobiCash has went on a relationship with Shifa Foundation to assist the collections for donation. This service will help in the collection by taking as low as 10 Rs. donation through the company’s Retail Outlets and Mobile Accounts. MobiCash powered by Mobilink has gained quite some popularity since its launch. It provides Over-the-Counter as well as Mobile wallet service. It has crossed over 40,000 retailers and is aiming for more. There is no wonder how Mobicash will gain new heights. …Read More

  • Ufone launches 3G based Activity Management System; First of the 3G innovative solutions

    Ufone has officially launched 3G based Activity Management System for the Capital Development Authority CDA. With the help of this system, CDA management will be able to deal with its employees more efficiently and keep track of their activities. With the help of this system, CDA will be able to give assignments to its employees and keep track of their work and activities. This is the first time a 3G company has used its services for innovative purpose. With the launch of this system, more solutions are expected from 3G services in the near future. …Read More

  • Zong start Golden Number Bidding

    For the first time in Pakistan, Zong has started Golden Number Bidding in Pakistan. The Telecom company has recently launched a series of golden numbers including Octa, Hepta and Hexa patterns. New as well as existing Zong customers can participate in the bidding to win their favourite number. Starting from August 29, 2014, the bidding process will continue till September 10, 2014. A heavy number of customers are expected to bid for the golden numbers as many locals like to keep a number that can easily be remembered. Following is the table mentioning base…Read More

  • Pakistan's official website hacked to support red zone protestors

    With the intense political situation of the country, hackers decided to part with their favourite personalities and help them on their mission. Today morning hackers defaced Pakistan’s official website; while they placed pictures of some of the famous political leaders, they were quite clean enough to leave nothing behind for identification. Certainly that could have given a very negative signal to the outside world as the people within the state are expected for this defacing. The sole purpose of this hac…Read More

  • PTCL Launched EVO Nitro Cloud Share

    PTCL lately launched Nitro Cloud Share; the latest in WiFi hotspot devices amongst the Nitro Cloud Series. This device provides 3G internet where ever you want. Its sleek design and portability increases its use. Now you don’t have to use mobile phones or tablets to connect to the internet when you have a high speed 3G hotspot in your pocket. Using Nitro Cloud Share, one can connect all WiFi devices including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. to connect to the internet and browse seamlessly through the Internet. Some key features offered by this device a…Read More

  • to officially sell Microsoft smartphones online

    Breaking News! Now Microsoft smartphone lovers can buy Windows Phone devices over the internet through the Microsoft Authorized website Microsoft signed an MoU with which now makes an authorized seller. They will be selling Lumia series, Asha series as well as X series including the handsets Lumia 630, Lumia 1520, Asha 230, Asha 500, Asha 502, X, XL, X2, etc. at official rates It is to be mentioned here that Nokia Lumia series didn’t receive as much sales as expected. In this regard, sellin…Read More

  • Mobilink offers free Line Messenger

    Mobilink has taken another step to attract mobile users. Now you can use Line Messenger on your mobile totally free. This means no data charges will be applied while you use Line Messenger so why wait? Go and have fun! This is the first company with which “Line” has gone into contract. Line is a widely used messenger abroad but it has been launched recently in Pakistan. With these offers, Line is surely to get some attention as it is available on every smartphone. Also, no activation is required for Line. …Read More

  • Wi-tribe launches "Hi"; A new smart communication app

    Wi-tribe, the only Wireless ISP of Pakistan has launched an app named “Hi” for all android and iPhone users. “Hi” app is a new smart communications app which registers the smartphone user to Wi-tribe servers so he can enjoy free as well as paid services. Free services include text messaging, Hi to Hi voice calls, group chats and calls while Paid services include international calling and most probably Hi to phone calls feature will also be supported. The user will be registered to Wi-tribe servers and can recharge his account with scratch cards which can be purchased…Read More

  • Lenovo announces 10 Smartphones in Pakistan; Launch expected in Early September

    So finally, after the Inauguration ceremony held in Karachi, Lenovo has announced 10 smartphones in Pakistan which will be launched in the early days of September 2014. As expected, Lenovo is going to launch the cheapest smartphones in Pakistan starting with the minimum price of Rs.8900. This will not only cause a massive turn in the history of smartphones but will also attract more users. According to sources, Lenovo will launch 5 sets from the S series (S650, S850, S860, S580, S856), 4 sets from the A series (A369i, A328, A536, A606) with Lenovo …Read More

  • Politics made fun by Android App Development

    With the intense political situation of the country ruining the daily routine, computer geeks have found new ways to cool down the pressure by making funny apps such as “Gullu” and lately “Container Run”. Google’s android market is a great way to reach a broad audience not just related to your own country but also the people living abroad. Since the purchase of Android by Google, it has been a great change in Androids and the market. Gullu “Gullu”, …Read More

  • Ufone takes Mobile Money Transfer Services one step ahead – Upaisa to issue Debit Cards

    In this world of UPaisa and EasyPaisa services, Ufone takes it one step ahead starting with the issuance of UPaisa Debit Cards. According to the Officials, you don’t need to have a bank account for debit card operations. Instead, you can use UPaisa Debit Card for multiple transactions without a bank account. The debit card can be used at ATM’s, 1-Link and M-Net; both services are given. UPaisa debit card is not only limited to ATM’s; it can also be used at retail stores such as filling stations, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc. The UPaisa Debit Card can b…Read More

  • Ufone Launches Android 3G Enabled Cellphone Smart U5

    Telecom company “Ufone” has launched its first 3G enabled cellphone named “Smart U5” which is going to capture the markets due to its high specs and very low price. Since the launch of 3G, Ufone is aiming to attract all 3g interested mobile users. That is the sole purpose of launching attractive 3g packages and additional services. Lately, Ufone has enabled free facebook for all 2G and 3G customers. There is no wondering why this cellphone has been launched. It will be the best choice f…Read More

  • Mobilink starts "Mobilink Market" to bring financial news to mobiles

    Telecom company “Mobilink” has announced “Mobilink Market” service to help you keep up-to-date information about stock markets. Mobilink Market will not only include financial news but will also have Zakat calculators, currency calculators as well as latest information on currency exchange rates, gold rates, etc. Clearly, Mobilink is trying to capture every mobile user out there whether he is a business man or a simple worker. Following picture contains the details for Mobilink Market subscription: …Read More

  • PTCL EVO Reconnect Offer

    PTCL has placed an offer on the internet regarding its EVO customers. As mentioned by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), the offer goes by the words “Recharge Today To Get Free Internet”. EVO customers who have kept their devices inactive since 30th March 2014 can now get free balance based on the newly recharged amount. This offer is for all prepaid and postpaid EVO customers. PTCL, the largest broadband company in Pakistan, was the first to offer 3G internet devices under the name “EVO”. Since its launch in earlier 2011, it has been u…Read More

  • Lenovo Inaugurating in Karachi with the Launch of new Series of Smartphones

    A new range of smartphones will be launched in the upcoming week when the Chinese multinational computer technology company “Lenovo” will extend its smartphone selling service in Pakistan. The event will be held at Karachi most probably in the next week in which “Lenovo” will inaugurate with the launch of a series of smartphones. It is to be noted here that Lenovo was already known in the world for its laptop manufacturing (mainly the “ThinkPad” Series) when it struck the Chinese market with its smartphones to replace android manufacturing giant “Samsung”. Quality sma…Read More

  • Warid decides to launch 4G LTE Trial

    Confirmed by cellphone users, One of the two cellular companies who purchased 3G + 4G license has decided to provide doorstep delivery of 4G sims to users who are interested in the testing stage of 4G service. This company is none other than the “Seventh mobile carrier to enter the Pakistani Market” namely “Warid”. Yes, Warid has finally decided to take 4G LTE trials and beta testers will be selected by Warid itself. Users confirm that they have received calls from the cellular company for if they want to be a 4G tester. 4G service is a lot faster than any of the previous ones and it is bound to bring a revolution which will be greater than what 3G is bringing at …Read More