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  • Nuclear industry - least radiation contributor to the environment

    THE ABUNDANCE and provenance of radioactive elements amidst the earth’s surface is flagrant since its creation. The origin for these radioactive elements is believed to be cosmic and pre existing in the earth surface. Radiation is the energy that is emitted from the radioactive elements and is in the process of being transmitted. The source from where earth receives radiation is the outer space and the radioactive substances found in the ground, sea and the air.   There are mainly three kinds of ionizing radiations i.e. alpha partic…Read More

  • Myths about Pakistan’s nuclear energy programme

    # 1: The launch of new nuclear power plants in Pakistan will flare up radiation distribution in Pakistan’s atmosphere. TRUTH: Every person on planet earth is surrounded by naturally occurring or artificial nuclear radiations. Human body also inhabits radioactive substances in it. In Pakistan, total production from 3 nuclear power plants is 792 MW whereas, in USA the total nuclear production comes out to be 98,476 MW from 99 nuclear power plants. It is found that all these 99 nuclear power plants contribute only a sm…Read More

  • Possible nuclear power generation for Pakistan

    THE ENERGY crisis is wavering human development and is indeed a matter of life and death. Due to electricity short fall the daily life has come to a standstill. Even more worryingly the shortage is endangering the future economic and social prospects of the country, putting its very fabric under strain.   Pakistan’s Energy Scenario Pakistan’s energy requirements are potentially high. The trends translate into rapidly escalating energy demand primary energy supply in Pakistan has been increasing at 5.4% per an…Read More

  • Nuclear Technology - the viable source of power generation for Pakistan

    THE TERM nuclear is often considered as ‘detrimental’ amongst masses in general for the matter of historic events of devastation caused by nuclear explosions in two Japanese cities during World War I. The mindset frantically needs renaissance in order to twist the tail of policy makers to prioritize nuclear power generation being safest, cost & time effective and reliable of many other available power generation options such as coal, fossil fuel  and renewable power generation sources i.e. solar, wind etc. The past data indicates strikingly low mortality figures in accidents occurred in nuclear power plants that too were caused either due to force majeure or human neg…Read More

  • K2 & K3 – safety aspects

    THE KARACHI nuclear power plant projects K2, K3 contrive the advent of new era in nuclear power sector of Pakistan. Both power plants will jointly propel the crumbling power sector of Pakistan and give it a flutter by contributing 2200 MWe to the grid collectively. By the obliging collaborative efforts of neighboring country China, the project is expected to be operational in year 2021.   Karachi nuclear power plant projects K2, K3 remained in shadows, encountering copious criticism within the country, which is indeed hard to fathom. Th…Read More

  • Pakistani scientists and engineers are competent enough to safely run nuclear power operations, and they have amply demonstrated this during the last four decades - Dr. Parvez

    Dr. Ansar Parvez, HI, is the former chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), and also the past chairman of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (2010-2011). He is currently advisor on nuclear power to National Command Authority (NCA). In an exclusive interview with Technology Times, when he was the chairman of PAEC, he briefed about the existing situation of nuclear power generation in Pakistan, and clarified the safety concerns for the two upcoming 1100 MW nuclear power plants (K-2/K-3)…Read More

  • PSF and TUBITAK to collaborate for S&T development and strengthening

    Staff Report ISD: The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) will join hands to attain the mutual objective of development and strengthening of science and technology and alleviate the linkage between both countries.  PSF Chairman, Prof Dr. Muhammad Ashraf had a meeting with Turkish Ambassador, Sadik Babür Girgin at the Turkish Embassy. Dr. Mirza Habib Ali, PSF focal person for the International Linkages and Deputy Head of Mission R Demet Sekercioglu also graced the occasion with his presence. …Read More

  • Solar energy drive: PepsiCo unearths ‘Lighting up Lives’ initiative

    Staff Report LHR: PepsiCo Pakistan has bonded with Liter of Light Pakistan, an ACE Welfare Foundation project – enabling them to launch Lighting Up Lives initiative. This programme focuses at identifying solutions for the communities in need. Launching ceremony of the programme was held on Monday at the Country Club in Lahore.  The ceremony began with a documentary showing the relationship path of PepsiCo and ACE Welfare Foundation since September 2014, that laid foundation to initiate this programme. PepsiCo Director Marketing, Maliha Subhani while speaking on the o…Read More

  • Pak-China to start energy and infrastructure projects worth $46 billion

    Staff Report ISD: Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Pakistan Monday, 20th April, 2015 to consolidate a plan for establishment of economic corridor, energy, and infrastructure projects in Pakistan worth $46 billion, strapping their economies and manifesting China’s economic ambitions in Asia and beyond. Xi, whose visit to Pakistan ended on Tuesday 21st April, 2015, said it cemented a ‘perpetual strategic cooperative partnership’ between the neighbors.  “Friendship with China is the foundation stone of Pakistan’s foreign policy,” Nawaz said…Read More