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  • PTA Raids Two Illegal Gateway Exchanges in Lahore

    Staff Report ISD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has unveiled two illegal gateway exchanges in Lahore in their crack down operation in an effort to control grey traffick. Two successful raids against the grey operators were carried out jointly with FIA team at two different sites of Lahore. First raid was carried out at residential house, Safari Villas, Sector-B, Bahria Town. An illegal exchange comprising of 2x16 ports, two devices, two modems, one TP-Link and other digital media including hundreds of SIMs were confiscated. Three people were arrested and were detained in FIA custody for further investigation. …Read More

  • Nuclear Power Reactors – non explosive unlike Nuclear Bombs

    THERE EXISTS a pervasive, interesting yet deceptive delirium globally amongst public in general, that the nuclear reactor can explode like an atomic bomb. Nuclear weapons and the nuclear reactor should not be baffled with one other. Both are dedicated for entirely different function and objective. Nuclear weapons are typically used for military purposes whereas; nuclear reactors primarily cater civil applications such as power generation. Although, the working philosophy of both the technologies relies upon same scientific phenomenon i.e. nuclear fission yet there are major disparities that split them apart in terms of identity and put them into an entirely different quadrant.…Read More

  • Environmental edge of nuclear technology over conventional power generation methods

    SCIENTISTS ARE in quest of discovering new methods of power generation that should be cost & time effective, ecologically efficient, sustainable, reliable and possessing extended life cycle. Nuclear energy technology is the imperative source of carbon free electricity generation that puts it into the slab of an eco-friendly and sustainable mode of power generation than all other available power generation preferences.   The benefit of nuclear technology that lures environmentalists & policy makers to deem nuclear technology as the fo…Read More