Volume 03 Issue 01

  • Daunting l and desertification requires renewed commitment

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Sustainable use of land and depleting water re- sources is critical for sustainable socio- economic and environmental uplift, particularly food security and poverty alleviation. However, making sustain- able land management and water con- servation plans is not possible without a renewed national commitment.…Read More

  • E-waste recycling – at whose expense?

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Computers, tablets and mo- bile phones are all popular consumer products while the conditions prevailing in Paki- stan about dismantling this electronic devices are entirely pathetic. “There are massive health and social prob- lems connected to e-waste recycling in Pakistan. At the same time it is the only source of livelihood for thousands of people,” says Shakila Umaira, are- searcher at KTH Centr…Read More

  • Wateen CEO projects vitality of mobile marketing

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading converged communi- cations provider, has recently participated in the prestigious Digital Marketing Confer- ence 2012, held in Karachi. The conference was held under the auspices of the Pa- kistan Advertisers’ Society as a platform to bring together Pakistan’s marketing and ad- vertising communities on the subject of reinventing an…Read More

  • NUST hosts ‘Science Bee’ competition

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, has recently hosted an event called the ‘Science Bee’ at the School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME).various teams of students from neighbouring high schools and colleges of the federal capital and Rawalpindi as well as undergraduate fre…Read More

  • Moot on data analysis and Methodologies ends

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Nasim Ahamd has urged the teachers to envisage new research projects with innovative solution so that future challenges could be met.He was speaking at a certificates distribution ceremony of the recently held five-day workshop on Experimental Design and Data Analysis Methodologies, SAS-ANOVA Procedures.…Read More

  • 3G tech to bring innovation in education sector: Siraj

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The launch of 3G services will bring innovation in education sector throughout the country as the large number of students will be able to access the advanced studies with their smartphones and tablets.“Education needs could be facilitated to masses through the 3G technology as if its expected benefits to different sectors in the future. The educatio…Read More

  • Pakistan can take benefit of rich solar energy potential

    STAFF REPORT FBD:Pakistan being in the sunny belt is lucky to have long sunshine hours coupled with high insolation levels and is ideally located to take advantage of solar energy technologies. This energy source is widely distributed and abundantly available in the country. This was stated by speakers at an international seminar on “Prospect…Read More

  • Moot stresses need for improving quality education

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Today’s education in Pakistan facing a lot of challenges at all levels. The biggest issue that deprives quality education in the country to become a reality is the lack of proper accreditation system for quality control of educational services in schools. With the growth of tuition centres around the country and dependence o…Read More

  • 500 villages set to get solar energy

    STAFF REPORT IBD: More than 500 villages will be given electricity via solar energy which will help in minimizing pressure on the national power grid to some extent, Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) Director General Khalid Islam has recently said.He announced this at a briefing marking the inauguration a drive to encourage the productio…Read More

  • Plan devised to promote olive cultivation

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A well-knitted plan has been prepared for the promotion of Olive cultivation in the country and Azad Kashmir. Overall demand of olive oil is 1.9 million tons of which 1.3 million tons were being imported from different countries for catering the domestic needs and requirements costing Rs 28 billion annually.“Special attention would be focused on the promotion of Ol…Read More

  • PSF chief stresses mechanism for regulating science clubs

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Chairman Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro has called upon the principals and teachers to evolve some mechanism for institutionalizing the concept of science clubs in educational institutions which is necessary to clear basic concepts of science for the academia.He said this while chairing the closing ceremony of the PSF review meeting and award ceremony for the Science Clubs and Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) – La main a la pate (LAMAP) associated teachers here.PSF is running the LAMAP programme in collaboration with the French Embassy.On the occasion, two Resource Persons from National I…Read More

  • Mobile banking accounts st and at 1.8m

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobile banking accounts have risen to 1.8 million mark depicting a remarkable growth of 25 per cent during July-September quarter of 2012, according to Branchless Banking Newsletter released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).Branchless Banking (BB) customers conducted almost 31.5 million transactions worth Rs 139 billion during the quarter. The average size of each transaction was Rs 4,420, while the average number of transaction per day increased to 0.349 million.The data shows that the accounts’ activity level has also improved considerably during the quarter at the back of a significant growth of 84 per cent in Level ‘0’ accou…Read More

  • NAYS holds workshop on skill development

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) Pakistan and the Agrarian Society University of Agriculture Faisalabad in a collaborative effort has recently organized a “One-day workshop on young researchers’ skills development”at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.The workshop focused on important issues related to young researchers including, developing a research question, research paper and research proposal writing, plagiarism and bioethics, ways to search and obtain foreign scholarships, methodology to get patents for inventions and career entrepreneurship.Dr. Rob Briddon, Dr. Asif Ali Director ORIC, UAF, Dr. Ahrar Dir…Read More

  • Pak math wizard gets bronze medal from India

    STAFF REPORT KHI: After grappling with numbers and puzzles in an hour-long international competition, a Pakistani student has emerged victorious and bagged a bronze medal for his performance.Muzammil Rasheed, an A’ levels student at the OASYS School in Clifton, participated in the fifth International Young Mathematicians’ Convention recently held in Lucknow, India, and secured the prize. “Had there been other Pakistani schools participating, the country would have won a sizeable haul of medals,” Rasheed told the media after arriving Pakistan with medal.Though his team members Karan Talreja, Sameer Ali, Tooba Ayesha and Alina Channa didn’t win any aw…Read More

  • 50MW wind power plant starts

    STAFF REPORT KHI: As a step further for Pakistan in working toward achieving energy independence and environment-friendly energy practices, the country’s first ever 50MW wind power project has recently gone operational in Jhampir, near Thatta, Sindh province.This wind power project is first in the series of other planned projects for Gharo-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor. The other projects have been promised to get into functional phase very soon. Although at present, Pakistan is highly dependent on its fuel imports, but there is always a first step on a journey and for Pakistan’s future environmental protection, even this small wind power project means a lot.…Read More

  • Moot on flood risk mapping using spatial tech ends

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan, during the last several years, has registered a remarkable progress in harnessing satellite and space technologies for the socio-economic development process of Pakistan.SUPARCO has recently organized “International workshop on flood risk mapping using spatial technology” in collaboration with the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), UNESCO and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Water Resources and Agriculture Kamal Mujidullah was chief guest on the occasion.In his remarks, Member SUPARCO, Imran Iqbal, said that “Some of the areas where work has been initiated …Read More

  • Teradata CTO briefs moot on best enterprise info

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the leading data analytic solutions company, has recently conducted a workshop in the city for executives of major companies in the finance and corporate sector.Stephen Brobst, Chief Technology Officer, Teradata Corporation, conducted an engaging session on “Best Practices in Enterprise Information Management,” and on “The (R)evolution  from Business Intelligence to Consumer Intelligence.”  He said, “leading edge organizations are deploying consumer intelligence applications, putting further requirements on the data warehouse.”He further explained best practices architecture principles, which if em…Read More

  • IT sends ‘One Pound Fish Man’ into limelight

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A Pakistani fish-seller living in Britain came into highlight and became an internet sensation due to his unique style of selling fish. The man, named Shahid Nazir, came to be known as ‘One Pound Fish Man’. He belongs to a small town called Pattoki, Punjab province and had been in London to study business and left his family in Pakistan to build a better future for them.When he started working in East London’s Queens Market in Upton Park, he came up with a song to attract buyers for sale of fish. With the power of the social media and the world’s largest video-sharing site that asks users to “broadcast yourself”, YouTube became his means …Read More

  • Fostering science culture to lay foundation of developed state

    By Paras AliSINCE SCIENCE and technology are the most important parameters and essential tools for the development of any country in the modern times, we must concentrate on disseminating more knowledge to our youth so that noble laureates could be produced in Pakistan. Innovation in science is more likely to be done by young future scientists. Science and technology are the most im…Read More

  • Intel Pakistan announces roadmap for year 2013

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Intel Pakistan, while highlighting company’s roadmap for the upcoming year, has enumerated achievements it secured during the year 2012 at a session recently held for media.“The 2012 was an exciting year for Intel in Asia Pacific region as it made a leap forward by unveiling next generation processors, also known as third gen Intel Processors, that changed the way people use and…Read More

  • PTCL opens One-Stop Shop in Lahore

    STAFF REPORT LHR: PTCL has inaugurated a revamped and redesigned PTCL One-Stop Shop (OSS) located in PTCL CTH Building, near the Mall Lahore.PTCL's nation-wide One-Stop Shops are considered the public face of the company. These PTCL shops are facilitating customers by offering them quality products and services in billing adjustments, fault rectification, new se…Read More

  • LDI operators may fix call rates after ICH

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The LDI operators in Pakistan may form a rate consensus strategy fixing the charges on international calls close to ICH levels after the PTA dissolved the International Clearing House.This would require a strong consensus amongst the LDI operators regarding the fixation of market shares and international call rates without any authority supervising them.This decis…Read More

  • IBM moves to prepare students for future jobs

    STAFF REPORT KHI: IBM has announced an array of programmes and resources to help students and IT professionals develop new technology skills and prepare for jobs of the future. The initiatives include new training courses and resources for IT professionals, technology and curriculum materials for educators and expanded programmes to directly engage students with real-world business chal…Read More

  • Wi-tribe unveils winners of Pak Developers Challenge

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Entrants to the wi-tribe Pakistan Developers Challenge 2012(PDC2012) got their moment to shine after wi-tribe announced the winners of 17 award categories at a ceremony held here recently.According to details, in partnership with education and technology industry giants including Punjab IT Board (PITB), Higher Education Commission (HEC), Mic…Read More

  • Pak student gets $5000 reward from PayPal

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Rafay Baloch, an independent security researcher from Karachi, has been rewarded with $5,000 for reporting a remote command execution bug in the PayPal’s website.According to details, the PayPal had announced that this reward initiative for those researchers who would report about the existence of a bug and its subsequent remote command execution.Rafay Baloch explained that the bug he had reported was very critical in nature and carried a high amount of risk to the PayPal as an attacker could have easily managed to execute any command on the server and manipulate the data at his will.He said that he had been paid $500 for an…Read More

  • COMSATS set to offer cloud services from 2013

    STAFF REPORT FBD: COMSATS Internet Services (CIS) has planned to offer ‘cloud solution’ along with video conferencing services from the coming year starting from January.“COMSATS posted 18 per cent growth in revenues in 2011-12 and is set to grow further adding new services into its fold during the upcoming year,” said Asim Shahryar Husain, …Read More

  • Science essay contest winners awarded

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The winners of the Science Essay Competition have been given cash prize, certificates and shields at a ceremony recently held here. The essay contest “Science and Peace” was organised by National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) in collaboration with Technology Times.The essays were evaluated by eminent scientists of Pakistan. According to the results, Muhammad Hamid C…Read More

  • Pakistan’s budget on edu far less than set by UN level

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan’s spending on education is still much below the level recommended by the United Nations (UN). Instead of the 6 per cent that the UN recommends, we have dedicated just 2.3 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to education.Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Javaid Laghari said this at a recently held two-day international conference at the NUML here.The conference was about the contemporary and emerging trends in business and management. “Subjects like business and economy are becoming critically important,” said Laghari.The two-day conference focused on aspects of corporate management and aims to extr…Read More

  • Mobile operators exp and ing financial outreach

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The start of branchless banking business in Pakistan by mobile phone operators is emerged as innovative which is helping banks in advancing services and their reach to public.“Though the idea of branchless banking is not new in the world, but it has had a huge impact on the society in Pakistan,” said Dr Christoph H Loch, director at Cambridge Judge Busines…Read More

  • 1m farmers to get tips by phone

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The Punjab government has planned to teach farmers how to use modern production methods by sending them information on their mobile phones.Agriculture Department officials said that by coming March the government would register one million farmers in the programme. The farm…Read More

  • Punjab signs MoU with China for hydropower projects

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab government and Hangzo Regional Centre for Asia Pacific (HRCAP) China have signed an MoU for the construction of small hydropower projects that will reduce electricity crisis in the province. HRCAP is a hydropower research institute that will be established at Lahore’s University of Engineering and Technology (UET).“The institute will serve to…Read More

  • Fertilizer industry facing severe gas curtailment

    STAFF REPORT LHR: World’s largest single-train urea production plant is facing a serious financial crisis while the gas curtailment has forced it to reschedule its Rs65 billion debt payments. According to sources, the gas curtailment to the fertilizer industry in Pakistan has led to massive financial burden on the government, besides resulting in losses running into…Read More

  • Rs 400m invested by setting 13 modern dairy farms

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Smeda) has facilitated Rs 400 million investment in the current year by establishing 13 modern dairy farms in the private sector, running successfully under the environmentally controlled shed systems.“Modern technologies with cows imported from Sweden are being looked after as per international standards at these farm…Read More

  • WiMAX pursuing govt for transparent laws

    STAFF REPORT IBD: WiMAX has recently attempted to convince the government of Pakistan to bring more transparency in laws and market practices so that more investments could come to the country’s IT and telecom sector.“I have held a series of meetings with regulator and government officials to help them understand the challenges being faced by WiMAX operators in Pakistan,” De…Read More

  • Pak teacher gets award at Microsoft world forum

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Microsoft has recently organised the Partners in Learning Global Forum 2012 in Prague in order to acknowledge the contribution of teachers in implementing technological resources in schools and class rooms from across the world, says a message received here last week.According to details, at the Forum the Microsoft announced 21 winners, narrowed down from more than 25…Read More

  • Solar auto rickshaw tech being mulled an option

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The “Solar Auto Rickshaw” technology has successfully been developed indigenously to help overcome the acute shortage of energy and rising costs of fuel in the country.“United Services International Group (USIG) of Lahore and Pakistan Institute of Technology for Minerals and Advance Engineering Materials Lahore have developed the solar au…Read More

  • Agriculture research facing funds paucity

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Speakers at a recently held seminar said that Pakistan is regularly suffering from funds paucity for agricultural research and development (R&D) and for this purpose more avenues should be explored to ensure sustained funding for this vital sector.On the occasion, a survey 'Trends in Public Agricultural R&D, Investment and Staf…Read More

  • First Pak Composite Show held

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Composite Show has recently been held in Islamabad which covered a symposium, policy dialogue and industrial exhibition. The event was organised by the Composites Engineering Research Group of Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) and NUST College of EME.Over 150 senior academics, industrialists and official from different government departments attended the event. The event also featured more than 20 companies. On the occasion, they exchanged ideas on the evolution of the industry and discussed policies for industrialization in Pakistan.From the symposium, establishment of a joint technology center was proposed b…Read More

  • Issue upto 5 SIMs against one CNIC: PTA

    STAFF REPORT IBD: All mobile phone operators have been directed by the telecom authority to monitor the number of SIMs issued against one CNIC before selling new SIMs to a customer and that new SIMs should not be sold to anyone already having over five SIMs registered against one CNIC.Under these directives by the PTA, now a customer can have maximum five SIMs. The only way to get new SIM – if he/she has already five SIMs - is to get old, inactive and un-used SIMs blocked before making a new purchase.“We have installed an effective mechanism and issued directives to our all sale points across the country to ensure that no customer could have more th…Read More

  • Use of modern technologies must to ensure information security

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The utilisation of modern technology is vital to overcome the challenges being faced by the society especially economic and security issues. The challenges being faced by Pakistan are global in nature and greater collaboration and sharing of technological advancements is needed to overcome these challenges.“Modern researches regarding security softwares and cloud computing …Read More

  • PTCL executives share insights with HR, business teams at moot

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTCL has recently held its day-long Annual Sales Conference 2012 today at a local hotel here where Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Commercial, Naveed Saeed, and Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Human Resources, Syed Mazhar Hussain, shared valuable insights and held brainstorming sessions, focused on improving the processes and methodologies determining the custome…Read More

  • Intel honours teachers, students with awards

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Intel Pakistan has organized the Intel Education Awards Ceremony in Islamabad, under the Intel Education Initiative, in order to recognize the impressive performance of outstanding schools and teachers across Pakistan.Of all the participants in the Inte…Read More

  • Environment experts fear mercury pollution rising

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Widespread global mercury contamination of seafood and health effects from methyl-mercury in seafood occurring below the level that was considered “safe” just a few years ago, says a recent report.“The level of mercury in the Pacific Ocean is projected to increase by 50 per cent by 2050 if the current pollution trends continue unabated,” said Dr. Mahm…Read More

  • Workshop airs role of faculty’s self-assessment

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), Institute of Space Technology (IST), has recently organized a one-day workshop on “The Contributions & Responsibilities of Faculty in Self Assessment”. Abdul Wahab Motla, Director QEC of Air University, was the resource person for the workshop.The workshop was specifically designed for faculty members. The workshop aimed to update faculty members ab…Read More

  • Team Pakistan won four Silvers at APICTA

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani team has won four Silver Awards at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2012 ceremony held last week at the Empire Country Club in Brunei Darussalam.According to a statement issued by PASHA, the Centre for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE) won a Silver in the Communications category; Tunacode’s gKrypt won the Silver awa…Read More

  • PARB funds 53 projects with Rs1billion

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab Agricultural Research Board (PARB) has provided Rs I billion funds for 53 research projects on high priority under the Competitive Grant System during the last three years.This was disclosed in the PARB Board meeting which examined the outcomes of the evaluation report of 13 randomly selected PARB funded projects and expressed satisfaction…Read More

  • Teradata, Telenor ink deal for better coop

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Teradata Corporation, the data analytic solutions company, has signed an agreement with Telenor Pakistan in order to extend its business analytics to new areas of its business. A Teradata customer since 2005 has been in the forefront of using Data Warehouse and Analytics within Pakistan.Telenor Pakistan is also recognized as a leader within Telenor Group with regards to usage and maturity of Analytics.“The current project has been fuelled by a combination of consulting engagements initiated by Teradata and drive from Telenor Pakistan to use Data Warehouse and Analytics as a strategic competitive differentiator”, said MD Teradata Pa…Read More

  • DAP shortage may hit wheat output

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Wheat sowing may suffer as goods transporters’ strike has badly disturbed the supply of fertilizers across the country.The application of Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) is highly recommended at the time of sowing and the sowing of wheat crop may be delayed in major parts of the country, if DAP supplies are not restored immediately, experts says.The said that the DAP supply is disturbed at a time, when wheat sowing across the country has almost completed and now the farmers need fertilizer for their crop, they said and added that the disturbance will directly hurt wheat production.They said Pakistan being an agriculture economy …Read More

  • Students develop mobile applications

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani students have invented a smart technology to overcome the rising issue of mobile phone snatching cases across the country especially in Karachi.According to details, the students have developed a software that can be installed in a mobile phone and after pressing a single key the user can activate emergency solution and this solution sends all the locations and statistics via SMS service.According to an IT expert, this application can control significantly control the mobile phone snatching cases and other crimes in the country.He said that Pakistani youngsters have lots of talent to explorer but lack of opportunit…Read More

  • Agronomic strategies need of the hour

    STAFF REPORT FBD: In order to ensure food security agricultural scientists desperately need to devise new agronomic strategies by utilising innovative technologies keeping in view the rapidly increasing population and decreasing water and soil resources in the country.“We did not prioritise agricultural sector in accordance with the international standards since 80s onward that is why we are lagging behind in productivity,” said Waseem Mukhtar, Secretary Agriculture Government of Punjab, while addressing the participants of Deans, Directors meeting of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (UAF).He said that Pakistan is facing agricultural productivi…Read More

  • Investing in quality technical education key to success: Dr. Fan

    By Paras AliWHILE TAKING step forward in take the local IT and telecom industry to new heights, Zong in collaboration with Huawei has established a state-of-the-art GSM laboratory and training centre at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).“The project has been launched …Read More

  • S and T commercialisation to bridge public-private sectors gap

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Developed countries have based their socio-economic development on the foundations of science and technology and its commercialization on a wider scale is benefitting these nations as commercialization in fact bridges the public sector to the corporate world and hence both complement each other in research and development.Speakers expressed these remarks at the recent…Read More

  • Zong starts branchless banking ‘TimePey’

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Zong has recently got a licence from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for Branchless Banking across the country in collaboration with the Askari Bank.According to details, Zong has launched it’s Branchless Banking services which is named as ‘TimePey’.The service was launched at a ceremony held last week at the Exp…Read More

  • PTCL opens Abbottabad One Stop Shop with a new look

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has inaugurated a revamped and remodeled ‘One Stop Shop’ (OSS) near PTCL Central Exchange in Abbottabad Cantt. The Company is currently remodeling its Flag Ship One Stop Shops all across Pakistan to bring an enhanced experience for its customers.The inauguration ceremony was attended by PTCL SEVP Commercial, Naveed Saeed; EVP Wire-line…Read More

  • PITB launches Data Centre and CCS

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has recently launched its Data Centre and Cloud Computing Services at a ceremony held at the Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore.This marks the…Read More

  • Public-private partnership a tool for nation building

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan must open up its public institutes for public-private partnership in the best interest of our nation and the government is fully ready to very carefully consider all the recommendations that come out of this policy dialogue and will make every endeavour to implement the recommendations in their true letter and spirit.“I sincerely wish that the proposals that will be made in the policy dialogue, especially in relation to the establishment of ‘National Advanced Composites Research and Product Development Centre’ is implemented in full and that if proper attention is paid to this industry then it can be turned into a multi-billion d…Read More

  • Growth in farm yield to boost economy

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Agriculture experts have emphasized the need for credible evidence, transparency and clarity in research evaluation and impact assessment in order to obtain positive results in agricultural research mechanism.“Nevertheless, despite high returns to agricultural research, available funds are limited. There is an increasing demand from stakeholders, …Read More

  • Windows 8 to be unveiled in Urdu soon

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Microsoft is working on introducing Urdu as a language option on Windows 8 and it is expected to be released very soon in the market probably by the end of this year.“Pakistan is as important to Microsoft as any other market in the world. There are huge opportunities in Pakistan for many reasons. There’s a huge population, huge developer community. Pakistan is also big i…Read More

  • ISLTS projects launched in KPK to promote S and T

    STAFF REPORT PSR: The Directorate of Science and Technology has recently commenced the project “Invigoration & Strengthening of Lab Teaching System (ISLTS)” in order to ensure that the message of science reaches every student of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Its main aim is to establish 24 model science labs in each district of the province basically in its high/higher secondary schools, says a press rel…Read More

  • wi-tribe marks 100,000 fans on Facebook

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The wi-tribe has celebrated 100,000 fans on its Facebook page marking yet another milestone in the broadband network’s journey towards providing its customers on all platforms with a lifestyle that’s better connected to their needs.As Pakistan’s top quality broadband service and customer satisfaction, wi-tribe works consistently to identify unique and apt touchpoints for en…Read More

  • Mobilink donates Rs3m for SKMCH and RC

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Mobilink Foundation has contributed Rs 3 million towards for an out-patient facility at the under-construction Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center (SKMCH&RC) in Peshawar, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.The cheque for this contribution was presented by Tariq Durrani, Regional Director (Sales), Mobilink, to Dr Faisal Sult…Read More

  • Pakistan sets track to ensure food security to meet world st and ards

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is set to achieve food safety in near future as the central government has for the first time formulated the Food Quality and Safety Bill to ensure food safety and maintain international standards of country's products."Food security is not local or regional issue but an international one, therefore, it is the international responsibility to join …Read More

  • Pakistan may lose mango market in Australia

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Mango exports to Australia will likely to remain a distant dream as the relevant ministries and public sector departments have not yet addressed the reservations shown by the Australian audit team about the process of the proposed mango export to Australia even after the lapse of over six months.According to experts, this delay will likely to result in losing a lucr…Read More

  • PARC, IAO sign MoU for farm coop

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare (IAO), Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) have signed an MoU regarding implementation of project activities relating to the project “Technical Assistance and Support to Line Ministries in the Agricultural Sector with Emphasis on Olive Production”.Italy is supporting the people of Pakistan through different projects of social welfare and particularly in the field of agriculture. The nature of the cooperation is based on encouraging regional stabilization of the three countries involved in the programme - Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nepal - and str…Read More

  • Malaysia keen to import livestock from Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan and Malaysia have decided to further enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture with the latter agreeing to import more livestock, fish, rice, beef, fruits & vegetables from the former.“We are already importing a considerable amount of rice, fruits and other food products from Pakistan and we want this cooperation to grow further in the coming months,” said Malaysia’s Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar during a meeting with Pakistan’s Minister for National Food Security & Research Mir Israrullah Zehri in Kuala Lumpur, said a statement received here last week.During the m…Read More

  • 11th Teradata IT awards in March ‘13

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Teradata Corporation, the data analytic solutions company, has announced that nominations for the 11th Teradata National IT Excellence Awards are being accepted by January 1. The nominations will be received for the period January 2011- December 2011.The awards programme, sponsored by Teradata, was designed to acknowledge outstanding achievements by individuals in Pakistan’s IT community. Winners will be recognized at a gala event to be held in March at Islamabad.“We look forward to recognizing those individuals that have had the greatest impact on the local IT community,” said Khuram Rahat, Managing Director, Teradata Pakistan.…Read More

  • S and T policy set to roll out scientific research, technological innovation

    By Paras AliINVESTING IN scientific research and technological innovations will inevitably result in socio-economic benefits and effective implementation, and successful implementation of the newly formed policy on Science and Technology would prove to a milestone in achieving the desired goals. The S&T policy has set the directions of future institutional development and prescr…Read More

  • Alumni marks 40th anniversary of EED MUET

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Electronic Engineering Department of MUET has celebrated fourth decade of its existence and glorious success.The department was established in 1972, and has produced more than 1800 graduates till today who are working in nation building task. First time a reunion event of Alumni of Electronic Engineering MUET was held in which a great number of former graduates participated from ab…Read More

  • PTCL patronises school’s sports gala

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, the PTCL has sponsored the sports day at Kainat Public School, Islamabad.The PTCL sponsored the event in order to spread awareness about the importance of extracurricular and sporting activities amongst the youth. The event provided a tremendous opportunity to the youth to showcase their skills and talents through Football and Cricket Matches, Skits, Quiz shows and Art Competitions.“Positive entertainment and sporting activities are imperative for the development of our youth,” said PTCL Executive Vice President (EVP) Business Zone North, Abdul Sattar Naeem. “PTCL is…Read More

  • Wateen recognised as Cisco partner in tech provider

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen, Pakistan's leading converged communications provider, has announced that it has achieved TelePresence Video Express Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) status from Cisco.This designation ranks Wateen as having fulfilled the training requirements and programme prerequisites to sell, deploy and support Cisco TelePresence Video p…Read More

  • FUU world moot projects importance of ecosystem

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The ecosystem is extremely important for the Pakistani ports, migratory birds, coastal areas, biodiversity, quality of sea life and the national economy. The stakeholders need to come with a pack of suggestions for the protection of these sites.Speakers expressed thee views at the “4th International Conference/Workshop on Plant Ecology an…Read More

  • Bt cotton’s new varieties may be unavailable

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Federal Seed Certification Department has issued prior warning that new varieties of bio-tech (Bt) Cotton may not be available for the next season mainly due to the delay in obtaining commercialisation certifica…Read More

  • Mobilink provides 1,000 bags to children

    STAFF REPORT LHR: As part of its activities towards social welfare, the Mobilink has recently distributed 1000 school bags to underprivileged students in the cities of Lahore and Karachi in line with continuing celebrations of Universal Children’s Day.The initiative was taken under the umbrella of Mobilink Foundation to extend support to children who are denied formal schooling opportunities due to financial reasons or social exclusion. Mobilink Torchbearers, comprising the company’s employee volunteers, took part in this initiative to hand over school bags to students at DSRA Education Trust in Karachi and Green Land School in Lahore.“The initiativ…Read More

  • IST arranges technical training workshop on solar energy

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A technical training workshop on Solar Pumping System has recently been organized by the Institute of Space Technology (IST) in collaboration with M/s Lorentz, a leading manufacturer of solar-operated pump systems in the world, and Nizam Energy Pakistan.A large number of people from government, R&D organizations, HEC, universities, students and faculty attended the w…Read More

  • Wheat support price increases to Rs 1200

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The federal government has increased the wheat support price of 40-kg bag to Rs 1,200 from the existing Rs 1,050 for the next crop after it was informed that international wheat price was much higher, resulting in smuggling.The decision of wheat support price raise has been ta…Read More

  • Cellcos move court against ban on night packages

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The cellular phone operators have challenged the order of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to stop all night call packages in the Islamabad High Court (IHC).According to deta…Read More

  • PARC, LUAWMS agreed to boost coop

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Islamabad, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS), Uthal District Lasbela, has been signed at the PARC head office Islamabad.As per this MoU, PARC and LUAWMS recognizing that mutual scientific and technical cooperation will advance the state of science an…Read More

  • Court returns cellco petition on service halt

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Sindh High Court has returned the petition filed by Telenor Pakistan against the suspension of cellular phone services terming it non-maintainable and said the company needs to first appeal to the telecom watchdog authority before moving the court.This was stated by PTA lawyer Badar Alam while talki…Read More

  • Cellcos, phone users again suffer service suspension

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The cell phone users in Pakistan continue to suffer a lot as the government one again suspended mobile phone services in as many as 15 cities including Karachi and Quetta for 11 hours from 1pm to midnight, citing the wellbeing reasons and threats of terrorist attacks. While in Islamabad, the services in sector G9 has been place on closure midnight.Karachi …Read More

  • Nokia gathers mobile app developers at KU

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Nokia Pakistan in partnership with P@SHA has conducted a Nokia Developers’ Workshop at the University of Karachi, which aimed at providing students an insight into the world of mobile app development and the rise in demand of apps in the local market.The workshop focused on inculcating app development skills for the S40 Full Touch devices. The training was imparted by Syed Faraz Ahmed, Senior Engagement Manager, Lakson Business Solutions.On the occasion of the successful completion of the workshop, Faraz said, “It was wonderful to interact with such enthusiastic students and share with them the S40 background and provide hands-on t…Read More

  • WWF hold SW!TCH Asia SPRING stakeholder meet

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The WWF-P has recently organized the SW!TCH Asia SPRING stakeholders meeting in Bahawalpur. Purpose of the meeting was to share the project’s recent achievements, anticipate activities in upcoming months and mutual expectation among stakeholders & WWF-P with reference to future activities of the project.According to the agreed schedule, the meeting will be held on quarterly bases.…Read More

  • PSF arranges scientific poetry event

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has recently arranged a sitting in connection with the renowned poet, writer and intellectual Ghulam Hussain Bukhari’s poetry on scientific subjects here.Renowned Poet and Writer Iftikhar Arif presided over the event while Ejaz Rahim was be the chief guest. Ali Hussain Naqvi, Dr. Hamid Saleem, Sarfraz Shahid, broadcaster Kosa…Read More

  • Plan being mulled for palm oil trees project

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB) is contemplating restoration of its palm oil trees cultivation project along the coastal belt of Sindh and Balochistan in order to meet the increasing demand of edible oil and save the precious foreign exchange being spent on import of palm oil.PODB Managing Director Syed Nasir Ali Shah …Read More

  • Free veterinary mobile SMS service starts

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Mobile Free SMS service has been launched in Pakistan with the name of “Vets.alert” for the dissemination of information and creating awareness about the issues relating to veterinary sector.According to details, the service, launched by Farhan Ali, doctor of veterinary Medicine, Bahuaddin Zakariya University Multan, has been started. Hopefully, with the passage of time, the subscriber base would expand. Under this service, one can receive daily new and latest veterinary knowledge SMS texts messages on his own mobile number absolutely free.One will get daily Livestock SMS, Poultry SMS, Pets SMS, Reproduction SMS, Nutrition SMS, Ter…Read More

  • Hard work, effective policies to boost agriculture produce

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is achieving self-sufficiency in agriculture production by the hard work of scientists, policymakers and farming community. The government has designed National Zero Hunger Programme and such policies which provide equal opportunities to all major stakeholders of the country to ensure national food security.This was expressed by Abdul Basit …Read More

  • Pakistan needs to move world against India’s water aggression

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Though Pakistan has once again shown a very flexible attitude towards normalization of bilateral relations with India by agreeing on soft visa policy following its earlier commitment to give the Most Favoured Nation status to its rival neighbour, however, the Islamabad government must not ignore the adamant rather aggressive policies of New Delhi especia…Read More

  • SBP gets global repute for branchless banking

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has gained international recognition for its regulatory role in microfinance and branchless banking by making an enabling environment for their development in Pakistan.According to an international media report, the World Bank has praised SBP for its innovative approaches in expanding the access to financial ser…Read More

  • Govt slaps ban on mobile number portability

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has banned the mobile number portability (MNP) service as a part of the country’s “counter terrorism measures”, but by doing this, it has made the cell phone users and all the customers feel deprived from their basic right of switching over to a cellular network of their own choice.In addition, the government and PTA in a recently held meeting have strictly ordered to impose a ban on the sale of unregistered SIM cards for mobile phones. It was also revealed in the meeting that the PTA has planned to block up to 5 per cent of the total illegal SIM cards that are due in process.The meeting decided that compulsory docum…Read More

  • Cellcos directed to block all SIMs stocks by Nov 30

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has recently directed all cellular mobile operators to block all SIM stocks available in the market and hand them over by November 30 this year.No SIM stocks shall be available at any sale point including customers’ service centers, franchises and retailers with effect from December 1, 2012. All cellular firms will allow roaming facility onl…Read More

  • Microsoft opens MIC in Arfa Karim STP

    STAFF REPORT LHR: After two years of consistent efforts, Microsoft has unveiled the Microsoft Innovation Center in the Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore, one of its kind in Pakistan.MIC is established with the aim of facilitating the local IT-based economy, MICs are state-of-the-art technology facilities built to foster innovative research, technology development and provide software s…Read More

  • Efforts on to promote date palm cultivation

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company (PHDEC) is contemplating to boost the horticulture sector of Pakistan and will go for serious measures to increase the export of fresh and dried dates.This was stated by Assistant Manager, Supply Chain, PHDEC Omar Hafeez while speaking at a recently held one-day seminar on date palm cultivation in Punjab at the Ayu…Read More

  • PTA directs cellcos to slash night packages

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed the mobile companies to slash their night calling packages as these are proving to be a cause of social nuisance across the country.PTA Chairman Farooq Awan is of the view that these packages were causing social degeneration; that is why we have announced to deprive the consumers of this facility, adding that this facility had been announced for better communication but majority of people started using it negatively and unscrupulously.Cell phone service providers offer myriad night call packages which offer extremely low rates for calls during extended hours of the night. …Read More

  • Zong, Askari Bank sign MoU for branchless banking

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The State Bank of Pakistan has issued branchless banking licence to Zong and Askari Bank.“Zong in collaboration with Askari Bank will be launching a complete branchless banking solution including wide spectrum of services like mobile account, money transfers, utility bill payment,” a senior official of Zong …Read More

  • End to middleman’s role can boost kinnow export

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The growth of the kinnow industry in the country can be possible only when the dominating role of middleman is diminished in the whole process and subsequently the exports of citrus fruit could be enhanced manifold provided the farmers are provided direct benefit.“At present Pakistan is among the top 10 citrus growing countries in the world and the world expo…Read More

  • Rates of students reaching univarsity ups

    STAFF REPORT LHR: A number of students reaching a professional university have increased from 2.2 per cent to 7.2 per cent while whereas the number of students to get enrolled in colleges has exceeded 11.8 per cent from 6.26 per cent during the last ten years.“From 2002-03 to 2011-12 the rate o…Read More

  • Warid joins h and s with TRG for better services

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Warid Telecom and the Resource Group (TRG) have signed an agreement whereby latter will provide a significant set of Call Centre services to the former’s subscriber base in the country. Warid Telecom has also outsourced its Karachi Call Center operations to TRG. This outsourcing will ultimately translate into greater operational efficiencies and better customer experience for t…Read More

  • Pakistan rightly deserves in Global Green Climate Fund

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan needs concerted efforts to benefit from Global Green Climate Fund that can help identify climate friendly technologies, facilitate their deployment, build national and regional technology management capacity besides supporting the research, development and demonstration of new climate friendly technologies.“Pakista…Read More

  • Pakistan main hub of solar energy power

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The global investors consider Pakistan as the most potential hub in the region to generate electricity exploiting solar energy as it has immense capacity and potential to explore sunlight as compared with different part of the world.“The solar energy is one of the effective and immediate fields for Pakistan to overcome its worsening energy crisis along with differe…Read More

  • 30 stalls display scientific products at fair

    STAFF REPORT PSR: An exhibition featuring lab-engineered products has recently been held in the city. On the occasion, a large number of entrepreneurs expressed their keen interest towards businesses based on a standardised model through the exhibition.A total of 30 stalls showcased scientific and industrial products of various companies across the prov…Read More

  • NUST arranges session to project heart diseases

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The NUST Science Society has recently organized another session as an extension to its Meet-the-Scientist series. This time the attendants had the chance to meet Maj. Gen. Dr. Azhar Mahmood Kayani, a cardiologist with over 30 years of clinical experience.The session was attended by students and faculty of NUST as well as Dr. Bilal, Princi…Read More

  • Young scientists compete at Intel Pakistan science fair

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Intel Pakistan has arranged the Islamabad Provincial Science Fair where over 50 projects from all over Islamabad competed. Prof. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Sangi, Vice-Chancellor AIOU, as the chief guest.Winners of the fair will be eligible to compete at the National Science Fair, which will take place in Islamabad early next year. Projects will be asses…Read More

  • Dr. Noor gets grant for breeding catfish

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Dr Noor Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, has won a Rs 3.954 million research grant from the Higher Education Commission for culturing and breeding of catfish at Ravi Campus Pattoki.According to details, the three-year project titled “Prospects of culturing and breeding of Catfish (Pangasius pangasiu…Read More

  • TeleTaleem gets $1.1m ADB grant for ICT edu

    STAFF REPORT KHI: TeleTaleem (Pvt.) Limited has secured a technical assistance grant of $1.1 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to help boost access to quality education and vocational training in Pakistan using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).Leveraging Pakistan’s fast growing ICT sector, TeleTaleem will provide ICT-assisted advanced learning environment to…Read More

  • Court extends stay on ICH formation

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Lahore High Court has once again extended stay on the International Clearing House (ICH) and allowed the overseas Pakistanis to become a necessary party in the case.The court was moved against the levy of additional tax on the international calls made by the overseas Pakistanis, terming thi…Read More

  • Urea price may be cut by Rs150/bag

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The government has devised a new price formula recommending reduction of Rs 68 per MMTBU in Gas Development Surcharge (GDS), 4.7 per cent reduction in GST and provision of 200 MMCFD uninterrupted gas supply to urea plants, which will reduce the urea price by Rs150 per bag.“The Ministry of Industries has also recommended to the ECC that the urea availability as p…Read More

  • UAF to set up solar power project

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) in collaboration with a German firm will set up a 500-kilowatt solar power project at its campus.According to details, a detailed joint meeting has recently been held between the German firm and the UAF. The German Solar Energy Firm will also provide technical assistance to run the project successfully.“Germany …Read More

  • MFN status to India to stir competition regime

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Competition will raise in the region with the implementation of Most Favourite Nation (MFN) status to India from January 1, 2013,and need is to establish an effective an efficient quality infrastructure in …Read More

  • Modern research needed on new farming techniques

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Agriculture scientists are the real driving force of the farming techniques and they should play their role for the development of agriculture sector. They also need to ensure that research results must reach the door-step of farmers to increase production in order to ensure food security in the country.“Zero tillage techno…Read More

  • Scientists stress for progress in livestock

    STAFF REPORT DIK: Scientists exchanged their experiences and researches at a recently held two-day science conference organised jointly by the Pakistan Association for Advancement of Science (PAAS) and the Gomal College of Veterinary Sciences.Professors and selective students from across the country participated in the 36th ‘All Pakistan Conference’ held at the university c…Read More

  • PTA order cellcos to shut chat services

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA has issued orders to all cellular phone companies to end all chat room services with pressing effect as these services are not suitable to social norms and considered immoral in our society.According to PTA directives, Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act 1996 is obliged to regulate competition in the telecommunication sector and to protect consumer rights and to ensure that the interests of users of telephony services are duly watched over and protected.It has been noticed with fantastic appeal that certain unholy market practices/packages against the norms of social structure.These chat services are destruc…Read More

  • SHC summons replies on cell service halt

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Information Technology Ministry and the PTA have been asked to explain the suspension of mobile phone networks in the name of national security.The notices to file the comments have been issued by the Sindh High Court on a petition submitted by a cellular service provider. The petitioner took the government to court citing massive financial losses. The petitioner is also seeking compensation for the losses.Justice Faisal Arab, heading a High Court division bench, took up the petition. The cellular company’s representative, Brig. Muhammad Arif, submitted that the firm on a letter about suspending the cell phone service had told …Read More

  • Scientific potential needs to be poured on to 3rd world states

    By Paras AliHUMANKIND HAS enormous resources to improve the living conditions of all, but the prevailing imbalances and inequalities are giving rise to deep unease. Unfortunately, there is a huge global disparity in terms of trained human resource in science related fields. Most scientific potential is still concentrated in a limited number of countries which, as a result, are holding…Read More

  • Scholars for more research papers under HEC

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan has become a fertile country for research as more than 8,000 papers by the country’s researchers were published in the international journals this year. This is a huge step up from the 500 research papers that were produced in the year 2000, before the establishment of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).“The amount of research emanating from Pakistan had been gr…Read More

  • Pak scientist develops highest yielding rice strain

    STAFF REPORT PSR: A Pakistani scientist, Dr Fida Abbasi has developed Super NPT technology which is a unique technology for increasing the rice production of the country.Dr Abbasi had been serving at Hazara University Mansehra as a professor at the Department of Genetics.“By applying this technology the number of grains per panicle of rice plant had been inc…Read More

  • Rs6b optic fibre project inaugurated in Balochistan

    STAFF REPORT GWADAR: In order to provide the best Information Technology facilities to all tehsils of Balochistan province, an Optic Fiber Project involving Rs six billion has recently been inaugurated.This IT project, he said aimed at providing modern facility of Internet, mobile phones to the local people and link every village, tehsil and house of Ba…Read More

  • TUSDEC to provide training in solar techs

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) has joined hands with GIZ Pakistan to foster the renewable energy sector in the country by developing a skilled force in various disciplines of solar technologies. The programme is being implemented under the implications of FIT (Funds for Innovative Training), Green Skills initiative.“The c…Read More

  • Waseela Bank starts branchless banking thru Mobilink

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Waseela Microfinance Bank (WMBL), in partnership of Mobilink, has launched its branchless banking in Pakistan in order to extend more service benefits to its customers across the country.“The Bank plans to introduce mass-market financial products for providing more choices and benefits to the people, which include Cash Deposit & Withdrawal, Fund Transfer from Account-to-Account and Person-to-Person, Mobilink Top Ups and Utility Bill Payment amongst other services,” says a statement issued by the Bank.Mobilink’s nationwide customer base covering over 36 million Pakistanis provides the platform to offer WMBL’s range of innova…Read More

  • PTA directs cellcos to ban MNP facility

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued a directive to all cellular companies directing them to impose a permanent halt on Mobile Number Portability (MNP) services across the country.The directive from PTA says that on the direction of Ministry of Interior a ban has been imposed on MNP, effective immediately and will remain effective till further notice. The ban has been imposed following a meeting chaired by Interior Minister Rehman Malik, which advised to this for security reasons.It is to be mentioned here that MNP was launched in the country in March 2007 and it proved to be a successful service that is availe…Read More

  • Big profits possible thru hydroponic vegetable farming

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Through the hydroponic vegetable techniques, farmers can get between 450 and 550 tons of vegetables per acre as compared to the average yield of 15 tons per acre from traditional farming, according to Fareed Farmhouse Project Director Rana Zahid.He said…Read More

  • Stalemate on gas supply to fertilizer plants persists

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and fertilizers firms have failed to reach an agreement on the resumption of gas supply to fertilizer plants from the SNGPL network. A meeting, held here with Dr Asim Hussain, the PM’s Advisor on Petroleum, in the chair, which discussed various options for resuming the gas supply to the fertilizer sector.“We have d…Read More

  • BS Chowdhry attends Denmark workshop

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Prof. Dr B.S. Chowdhry from MUET has recently attended the “Standards Education Workshop” organized by ITU  at CTIF- Aalborg University, Denmark, where he gave a key note.Recognizing the important role international standards play in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field, and the key contribution academia makes by producing standards-minded graduates, the ITU Tele…Read More

  • PTCL Vfone wireless service reaches remote Balochistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As part of its vision to bring latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the remotest areas of the country, the Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has extended its Vfone wireless service to …Read More

  • Broadb and penetration goes up by 10 per cent

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The penetration of broadband has shown 10 per cent rise in Pakistan that will cause an increase of 1.38 per cent in the GDP.Probably the biggest impact of Broadband is that it helps in learning everything. Telemedicine allows specialist doctors in international and big national hospitals to treat patients of villages …Read More

  • Szabist installs first local power turbine

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani university Szabist has successfully installed the country’s first indigenously designed and locally fabricated wind turbine at its Gharo Research Centre.“The turbine was fabricated in Pakistan by using almost 85 per cent local components,” said Dr Imran Amin, head of the project while giving details to the media. “It cos…Read More

  • PTCL hold educational expo in Quetta

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The penetration of broadband has shown 10 per cent rise in Pakistan that will cause an increase of 1.38 per cent in the GDP.Probably the biggest impact of Broadband is that it helps in learning everything. Telemedicine allows specialist doctors in international and big national hospitals to treat patients of villages by being connec…Read More

  • Farm growth future lies in modern biotech

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Developing countries like Pakistan would have to adopt genetically modified/biotech crops in the shortest possible time in order to ensure food security for rapidly growing population as the future of agriculture growth depends on biotechnology.This was crux of a speeches delivered at a meeting convened by the Farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) here.“…Read More

  • Intel declares science fair winners

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Intel Pakistan has recently concluded the Sindh Provincial Science Fair in the run-up to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF), one of the world’s largest pre-college science competitions, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona in May next year.During the Sindh Science Fair, students from across the province presented their research-based projects in various categories including Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, said Naveed Siraj, Country Manager Intel Pakistan in his remarks on the occasion.He also that over 90 projects from all over Sindh were competed in the fair. “The ICT in…Read More

  • Cotton seed prices up by Rs 150/40kg

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The prices of seed cotton (phutti) have risen by Rs 100 to 150 per 40 kg in various parts of the country and touched highest price of this season Rs 3,000 per 40 kg during last two days. It is expected that prices of cotton lint will also show corresponding upward trend.“After the devolution of Food and Agriculture Ministry to provinces there is no official estimate available for the current season of national cotton production,” said Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association former Executive Member Ihsan-ul-Haq.However, agricultural experts, cotton commissioner and provincial agriculture ministries initially have estimated of 15 million…Read More

  • Blocking pre-paid SIMs may plunge telecom sector into crisis

    By Paras AliAN IMBROGLIO-LIKE situation has emerged plunging the telecom sector as the stakeholders including cell phone companies and the common users into deep shock following the National Assembly’s select committee recommending elimination of all pre-paid SIMs in the country and converting the post-paid SIMs mechanism to tackle the crimes being committed through misuse of …Read More

  • P@SHA ICT Awards celebrates winners

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Annual P@SHA ICT Awards 2012 ceremony has recently been held in the city. This is the ninth year of these awards taking place. This year, the P@SHA ICT Awards carried the theme “Innovation Beyond Limits” to appreciate and highlight the upcoming talent and potential IT leaders. This year over 100 entries were received for the awards.“The judges are becoming tougher and tougher each year and are awarding recognition to only the best in each category. We are delighted with some of the entries received this year and are looking forward to taking the winners to Brunei to compete regionally against the best software applications in the Asia…Read More

  • Gas supply to fertilizer plants may stop urea import

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government is likely to shelve its plan to import 0.3 million tons of urea for Rabi season as the Petroleum Ministry after consultations with the local fertilizer industry has agreed to supply the required gas to the sector.According to sources, 39mmcfd gas will be supp…Read More

  • Farmers stage rally against low prices of produce

    STAFF REPORT LHR: While registering their protest against the low prices of their produce and high power tariffs for the agriculture sector, the farmers organised a big rally against the low prices of their produce and the high power tariffs.Participants of the rally, arranged under the auspices of Pakistan Farmers Alliance, burnt their “Phutti” and a farmer received burns when he was trying…Read More

  • 70,000 download Pak Windows 8 App

    STAFF REPORT IBD: G Maps, an unofficial but free app for Google Maps, has been downloaded by more than 70,000 Windows 8 users within a week of its launch at Windows 8 marketplace.According to details, this app for Windows 8 with Street View, Weather, Live Traffic and Photo stream support is Developed by Data Arc, a Lahore-based startup specialising in software develop…Read More

  • PSF funds 1,031 S and T research projects

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Science Foundation has so far funded 1,031 research projects in various fields of science and technology that have resulted in publication of 612 research papers in the national and international journals.“Around 169 research scholars have acquired MPhil degrees while 115 have done their PhDs,” PSF Spokesperson Rehana Batool told the media. She said the promotion of scientific research and related activities is the major objective of PSF. “We provide funding for research projects in the areas of agricultural sciences, biological sciences, biotechnology and genetic engineering, chemical sciences, computer technology, mathemati…Read More

  • PTCL sensitizes employees on breast cancer disease

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As part of its initiative to make Pakistan a progressive country, PTCL keeps playing its role by conducting different event and campaigns. Maintaining the same trend, PTCL has recently organized a seminar on awareness and prevention of breast cancer at its headquarters.The main reason of organizing this event was the increasing number of death toll across the country due to breast cancer. The positive part of this news is that it can be cured and prevented just in case it get diagnosed in early stages. So it is very important to spread the awareness of this life taking disease.“We believe that our employees are our most precious as…Read More

  • Varsity students produce cheap power

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Female students of the Federal Urdu University’s Chemistry Department have discovered an easy and cheap way to generate electricity, which, if further experiments yield positive results, could have a significant contribution in power generation.These students, studying at the BS Final, used domestic items and sea water to complete “Homemade Battery” project to win first position in university level departmental competition.Sea water has salts and considered to be very rich in ions that’s why it is a big source to generate energy.This project was completed in 7 days under the supervision of Dr. Yasmin by seven members group i…Read More

  • Microsoft unveils Windows 8

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Microsoft has recently announced the availability of Windows 8 for its customers in Pakistan and around the world.Now consumers and businesses worldwide will be able to experience all that Windows 8 has to offer: a beautiful new UI, a wide range of apps with the grand opening of the Windows Store, available on more than 1,000 Windows 8 certified PCs and tablets, says a p…Read More

  • EIA curricula need to enhance educational institutes

    STAFF REPORT PSR: An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) curriculum will be designed based on the feedback received from the universities teaching EIA.The government in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has organized a one-day workshop on ‘Enhancing the relevance of EIA curricula in Pakis…Read More

  • Seminar focuses on biotech vitality

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The 21st Century is the period of biotechnology where Pakistan needs to focus on the benefits of agricultural biotechnology like improvement of field crops, reduce vulnerability of crops and livestock’s to environmental stresses, increases nutritional qualities and quantity of foods, improve taste, texture and appearance of foods and reduce the dependence of fertili…Read More

  • Latest research needed to prevent New Castle disease

    STAFF REPORT LHR: University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Talat Naseer Pasha has urged scientists to equip themselves with the latest knowledge and skills to cope with Newcastle disease which is causing huge economic losses.“Poultry industry was the second largest and fastest growing industry in Pakistan but it unfortunately had faced severe c…Read More

  • NAYS, Cypress Society conduct moot on safety culture in labs

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Cypress Society has conducted its first workshop in collaboration with National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) in the Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology. The seminar titled “SSCL: Spreading Safety Culture in Laboratory” was a programme conducted to highlight and discuss the issues of lab safety and international…Read More

  • Pakistan becomes World’s major bike maker

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan will be amongst the top five countries in the world which will produce and export high quality motorcycles in the coming next few years.Senior Managing Director of Honda Motor Company Japan, T Oyama, predicted this at the launch ceremony of the firm’s new model Pridor in Karachi recently.Atlas Honda has achieved a lot of success in Pakistan and with its high sa…Read More

  • Monet adopts IBM cloud setup for mobile banking

    STAFF REPORT KHI: IBM has announced that Monet, one of Pakistan’s leading mobile-commerce providers, has selected a customized IBM cloud-based solution that will enable the company to enhance service efficiency and expand its presence across the country, says a press release issued here.Launched in 2012, Monet provides banks, mobile network operators an…Read More

  • Growers, millers reject cane support price

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The recently announced sugarcane support price has created a wave of uncertainty among farmers and sugar millers across Punjab as the former believe that the price will not even cover their cost of production and the latter consider it higher that will push sugar prices in the market.The Punjab Cane Commissioner Captain Usm…Read More

  • LG starts innovative quiz show to shine students

    STAFF REPORT KHI: As a step forward in offering innovative services, the LG Electronics has launched its Information Academy programme for students, that includes a unique and the first-of-its-kind quiz show, titled ‘LG One Sch…Read More

  • Senate unanimously passes IPO Bill 2012

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat and Capital Administration & Development has unanimously passed the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Bill 2012 at a meeting held here.Director General IPO Sajjad Ahmad Bhutta told the meeting, presided over by Chairperson Senator Kulsum Perveen, about the IPO Bill 2012 and highlighted the salient features of the said Bill. The mem…Read More

  • PTA rises to control unwanted SMSs

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In an effort to protect the rights of telecom customers in Pakistan, the telecom regulatory authority (PTA) has promulgated "Protection from Spam, Un-Solicited, Fraudulent and Obnoxious Communication Regulations 2009".The transmission of bulk messages to any person for commercial purposes is subject to express permission of recipient.PTA once again warns SMS marketing and advertising agencies not to send unwanted and fraudulent spam text messages or calls to mobile phone users in the country, says a press release issued here by the telecom watchdog.Earlier, PTCL also warned its Landline/Vfone customers about hoax calls and P…Read More

  • Reduced gas supply impacted fertilizer sector

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Gas curtailment caused by the flagrant violation of the contractual obligations by SNGPL has severely impacted the operations of the fertilizer business in Pakistan. Due to this negative situation, the Engro Corporation Limited made a net loss of Rs 2,978 million during the nine months of 2012 as compared to the net profit of Rs 3,510 million during the same period last year.This was disclosed at a meeting of BoD of the company here last week. The loss is directly attributable to decreased sales volume, lower margins, declining farm economics, and absence of speculative buying due to expectation of a reduction in the price.The Comp…Read More

  • Intel hosts moot for tech providers

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Intel Pakistan has recently hosted the Intel Channel Conference (ICC) in Karachi which was attended by over 100 Intel Technology Providers from the area. The conference provided central forum to launch products and promote key Intel initiatives.Experts from the Intel team also shared product integration techniques with their partners, as well as thoughts on how to maximize sales and marketing effectiveness. Intel believes that this training will not only help Intel partners enhance their customer solutions but will also lead them in identifying growth opportunities for their businesses.“The Intel Channel Conference in Pakistan is p…Read More

  • Android being used to control dengue outbreak

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is using 1,500 Android phones to predict dengue fever outbreak. To verify the trends in the country, Google Dengue Trends will be checked and compared. This highlights the importance of digital data collection.Lahore has been facing the attack of dengue virus uptill last year. Dengue is a mosquito transmitted disease and due to unhealthy conditions filled with lack of environmental measures of cleanliness, it has been able to spread out. More than 16,000 people have been reported infected and some 352 have died as a result of the dengue fever.According to report, so far this year, there has been no death reported. The reas…Read More

  • Pakistanis to get more world market share with PayPal arrival

    STAFF REPORT ISLAMABAD: The economic health of Pakistan is going to gain more strength in coming months and Pakistanis especially individuals would find themselves in a comfortable position to enhance their business interactions with the foreign world as PayPal is all set to start its operations in the country after a long wait on the part of masses.PayPal has recently partnered with global money trans…Read More

  • PTCL conferred 3rd Global Excellence Award

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The PTCL has been conferred the prestigious “3rd Global HR Excellence Awards 2012” for its outstanding achievements and organizational performance in human resource (HR).Held at a local hotel in Karachi, the awards are bestowed in recognition of organizations that have achieve…Read More

  • Baluchitherium, Blue Whale displays open at PMNH

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The life size displays of Baluchitherium (the largest mammal on earth) and Blue Whale has been inaugurated here at the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Garden Avenue, Shakarparian.The inauguration ceremony was organized by PMNH, a subsidiary organization of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) to open these entertainment and infor…Read More

  • German firm to set up 300 MW solar project in Punjab

    STAFF REPORT LHR: A German company, AEG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Punjab government to extent cooperation in solar energy sector under which solar energy projects of at least 50 to 100 megawatt will be set up in Punjab in 2013 and of at least 300 megawatt in 2014.Energy Secretary Jehanzeb Khan and AEG representative Karsten Weltz…Read More

  • Asher awarded “CEO of the Year”

    STAFF REPORT IBD:  USF CEO Asher Siddiqui receiving “CEO of the Year” award at the Ideal ICT Excellence Awards ceremony. The award has been conferred in recognition of his enthusiasm instilled within the whole organization promoting ICT technologies in Pakistan and taking potential steps ahead with USF. Asher Siddiqui is well known amongst the industry for the planning,…Read More

  • PCRWR sets up research sites in Cholistan

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) regional Office, Bahawalpur has established its Field Research Stations, covering over 15 sites in the Cholistan desert to conduct development oriented research on the desert problems in the actual desert environment.The major Desert Research Stations are at Dingarh, Naraywala, Hyderwali, Toba Allah Yar, Marrot, Qaim Sir, Noorpur Balochan, Noor Sir Balochan, Malkana, Nawa Khoh, Piryar, Chaku, consisting of land for research more than 200 hectares, said spokesperson PCRWR Lubna Naheed.She said that the area of Field Research Station is representative of marginal dry lands where…Read More

  • Internet penetration on the decline

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has witnessed a decline in its internet penetration as it lost its position of 54 to 61 as compared to 2011 and 2012.The Financial Development Report 2012 released by World Economic Forum reveals that the internet users in Pakistan have increased to more than 25 million due to its online accessibility through mobile phone services on affordable tariffs.According to Internet Service Providers Friendship of Pakistan (ISPAK), the estimated Internet users are on the rise with its increasing trend of utility via mobile phones reaching the map of up to 15 million.The mobile phone subscribers go online through uncommon Int…Read More

  • Rs15.77 bln worth mobile imported in July-Sept

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The trend of importing mobile phone and the related products is still on the high in Pakistan as over Rs15.77 billion were spent during the period July-Sept 2012-13, showing an increase of Rs1.59 billion as compared to the corresponding period of last year.“The overall telecom sector imports touched the figure of Rs34 billion i…Read More

  • 500 applicants selected for internship in PTCL

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Under its one-year paid Internship Programme for fresh graduates and DAE diploma holders, PTCL has selected 500 interns on the base of written test conducted by NTS.To impart practical exposure and learning opportunities, PTCL has opened its doors to the educated youth of the country through this initiative for which around 50,000 candidates…Read More

  • PTA plans to block illegal calls from abroad

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA Chairman Farooq Awan has said Pakistan is suffering major losses mainly due to the illegal international calls coming over to the country and the relevant authorities have taken serious actions to stop this practice and no call will made to the country without payment.It is to be mentioned here that PTA has recently increased tax on all incomi…Read More

  • MCB Bank deploys MS collaboration solutions

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The MCB Bank has deployed Microsoft Collaboration and Business Productivity platform in order to enhance the efficiency of its staff that will enable the bank to offer services to its customers with 30 per cent increased performance.“Acquisition of latest technology and moving towards integrated and centralized solutions is the core strat…Read More

  • Wateen attends Forbes Global CEOs summit

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading converged communications provider, participated in the prestigious Forbes Global CEO conference recently held in Dubai.The Forbes Global CEO Summit takes place annually and aims at creating an opportunity for global leaders to meet, engage in business and discuss vi…Read More

  • URL filtering system on the cards

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government of Pakistan has directed all Long Distance and International (LDI) operators in the country to install a filtering system for data and voice monitoring to control release of any blasphemous material in the country.According to sources, PTA has tasked as many as 14 LDI operators to implement this monitoring system.Sikandar Naqi, the Executive Vice President of PTCL, said that PTA’s earlier system of similar capabilities was installed in 2008 for $10 million that could monitor internet traffic, the sources quoted Naqi as having said. Now, according to Naqi, this international traffic from abroad has increased to 275 Gb…Read More

  • LHC bars additional tax on incoming foreign calls

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Giving immediate relief to the overseas Pakistan on Eidul Azha, the Lahore High Court suspended the notification of the Ministry of Information Technology of imposing additional tax on the incoming international calls to the country.Many of 6.5 million overseas Pakistanis were protesting against the imposition of tax, which is widely believed as an attempt to ‘benefit’ a cartel of 14 Long Distance International (LDI) operators.It is to be mentioned here that a Lahore-based Local Loop Operator (LLO) Brain Telecommunication Limited through a writ petition had challenged the additional tax on the incoming calls.By revising the …Read More

  • InfoTech turns Netezza certified IBM partner

    STAFF REPORT IBD: InfoTech has emerged as the IBM’s first certified Netezza partner in Pakistan, which would enable the company to deploy solutions involving Netezza Data warehouses appliances, renowned for its high-performance business analytics, in the local industry.This allia…Read More

  • Modern tech needed to improve farm productivity

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Adoption of modern agricultural technology can contribute towards boosting farm productivity in Pakistan which badly needs innovations like biotechnology in order to address new challenges in the sector.“Crop improvement through conventional farming is a rational strategy, but it is unable to meet the challenges of increasing food demand because of surging po…Read More

  • SMEDA, GIZ enabled textiles to save Rs 400m annually

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), in collaboration with German organization GIZ, has enabled the textile industry of Pakistan to save about Rs 400 million per annum by implementing Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program (REEE).“SMEDA’s cooperation has been vital in successful implementation of energy effici…Read More

  • Poultry sector confronting with potential challenges

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The poultry industry is facing many challenges in Pakistan. One of the most important threats is Newcastle diseases and avian influenza viruses (H9N2) are prevailing in live bird markets in the country, which is haunting the investments and growth rate of poultry industry.According to Dr Mobeen Sarwar, PhD scholar at Department of Microbiology, University of Veteri…Read More

  • Workshop takes up challenges to water quality

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The OIC Standing Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation (COMSTECH) in collaboration with the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has recently held a workshop on water quantity and quality assessment. Around 32 national and international resource persons, scientists and engineers participated in the workshop …Read More

  • Sugarcane purchase price set at Rs 170/40kgs

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab government has fixed the minimum purchase price of sugarcane for the current season at Rs 170 per 40 kilograms or Rs 425 per 100 kilograms.However, sugar factories may deduct from the purchase price, the transportation charges incurred by them on the cane purchased at purchase centres and other locations away from the factory gate at the rate of Rs 1.25 per quintal (100 kg) per kilometre subject to a maximum deduction for a distance of 40 kms from the factory gate for the crushing season 2012-13.The Punjab government also announced the rate of Sugarcane (Development) Cess for crushing season at Rs 2 per 40 kg or Rs 5 per…Read More

  • Board meeting discusses ICH output

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The second round of International Clearing House (ICH) Board meeting has recently been held at the PTCL headquarters wherein the ICH Committee apprised the participants regarding the performance of House since its inception.PTCL Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Corporate Development, Sikandar Naqi welcomed the participants of the meeting. The Board meeting board deliberated on agenda items including the ICH business for the last 21 days and approval was accorded regarding the matters pertaining to ICH business. A presentation was also made to Secretary Ministry of Information Technology Amir Tariq Zaman.The committing was inf…Read More

  • Reduced gas supply impacted fertilizer sector

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Gas curtailment caused by the flagrant violation of the contractual obligations by SNGPL has severely impacted the operations of the fertilizer business in Pakistan. Due to this negative situation, the Engro Corporation Limited made a net loss of Rs 2,978 million during the nine months of 2012 as compared to the net profit of Rs 3,510 million during the same period last year.This was disclosed at a meeting of Board of Directors of the company here last week. The loss is directly attributable to decreased sales volume, lower margins, declining farm economics, and absence of speculative buying due to expectation of a reduction in the price.…Read More

  • Food security in Pakistan getting worst despite good crops

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The food security in Pakistan seems extremely chaotic as despite the fact that farmers are producing more and more, especially wheat, and the country is enjoying surplus crops, the masses are still suffering shortage and unabated price hike and the food security issue is …Read More

  • PTCL BoD evaluates shares progress with shareholders

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recently held its 17th Annual General meeting here which was chaired by Chairman, PTCL Board of Directors, Amir Tariq Zaman and attended by a large number of PTCL shareholders. The meeting apprised the shareholders of the company’s ongoing efforts and achievements attainted during the past financial year.“Despite the economic challenges facing the …Read More

  • Pakistan mathematician wins ISESCO S and T award

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO) has decided to award the ‘ISESCO Prize in Science and Technology 2012’ to Pakistani academician, Prof Dr Tasawar Hayat.He received this award in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of mathematics. His name has also been included in the list of “ISESCO Science &am…Read More

  • Govt decides to introduce labelling GM foods

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has decided to introduce labelling of genetically modified (GM) food in the country in order to protect consumers from malpractices of producers and suppliers of bio-technology products.Through this initiative the farmers would be given a choice whether to consume GM or non-GM food, an official of the agriculture ministry told this scribe.It is to b…Read More

  • PTCL unveils Wi-Fi-enabled 3G EVO Wingle

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has introduces Pakistan’s first Wi-Fi enabled USB ‘3G EVO Wingle’ that connects multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously at hyper speeds of up to 9.3 Mbps.According to details, this product is a perfect work and travel companion providing a powerful Wi-Fi experience on the go, connecting 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to PTCL’s revolutionary 3G EVO Wireless Broadband. The t…Read More

  • Pak mango exports down by 35,000 tons down

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani export of mango is on the decline as it witnessed reduction of 35,000 tons of mango this year against the target.“The country has exported at least 0.115 million tons of mango this year as compared to the target of 0.15 million tons and earned $39 million foreign exchange,” revealed Waheed Ahmed, the newly elected Chairman Pakistan Fruit an…Read More

  • Mobile phone, smart card banking downs in Pak

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The mobile phone and smart card banking accounts have surged to nearly 1.45 million in Pakistan, which indicates that the country’s financial sector is now going through a dynamic transition led by the latest technology solutions.“The existing active players – the Tameer Microfinance Bank (Easypaisa) and UBL (Omni), have so far registered over 1,447,381 mobile wallet …Read More

  • KPK govt forms first ever biotech advisory body

    STAFF REPORT PSR: The biotechnology industry is gaining growth worldwide with significant research & development. The governments of many countries have started investing in the field of Biotechnology including its areas like Health care, Agriculture, Food Processing/Industrial Processes and Biological System research.In this re…Read More

  • Farm dept seizes fake pesticides bags

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Agriculture Department, Punjab, has confiscated 15,548 kilograms of fake pesticides worth over Rs 109 million and saving growers from huge financial loss during the ongoing campaign of the Pest Warning and Quality Control Wing.“The department had taken 5,727 samples of different pesticides during the ongoing campaign and sent to laboratory for analysis and taking action against the adulterated or fake pesticides, the department arrested 70 persons,” a senior official directly involved in the confiscation of the pesticides consignment told the meetingThe meeting was chaired by Punjab Minister for Agriculture Malik Ahmad Ali, whi…Read More

  • Mobilink, Navy start flood relief op in Balochistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Mobilink, in continuation of its efforts to reach out to the flood affected areas across the country, has partnered with the Pakistan Navy to provide relief to flood victims in Balochistan. This effort follows Mobilink’s initial phase of flood relief activation that reached thousands of victims in Southern Punjab, says a press release issued here.…Read More

  • 3G auction deadlocked over bidding procedure

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The 3G auction process has witnessed deadlock once again when the financial bid from the Interconnect Communications appeared not conforming to the evaluation criteria and other specified conditions and was rejected.According to sources, the committee headed by Doctor Khawar Siddique Khokar has submitted a…Read More

  • Seminar focuses on data protection challenges

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Translating IT policies into realistic goals when securing weakest points has become increasingly daunting when better technologies are enabling exponential growth in volumes of data making management of security and recovery constantly evolving challenges and Techaccess Pakistan, in partnership with Symantec, battles these challenges every day and has successfully helped it…Read More

  • ICH earned $26.33m foreign exchange in 10 days

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In a bid to stabilize the healthy termination rate and minimize the possibility of grey traffic, the Long Distance International Operators (LDIOs) have implemented the International Clearing House (ICH) framework.This framework will ensure high revenues for the LDIOs as well as valuable foreign exchange for the national economy and is expected to generate more than $1 billion per annum worth of valuable foreign exchange, said an official of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to this scribe.He said that the PTA mandates all LDIOs duly licensed to terminate international incoming telephone calls in Pakistan to form ICH exchange…Read More

  • Politicians opposes ICH implementation

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The political leadership of Pakistan has opposed the recently implemented International Clearing House (ICH) that has increased the call rates.Treasury legislators belonging to the PPP, PML-N, PML-Q and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said some officials of the Cabinet Division are behind this decision and warned that the foreign exchange inflow would be depleted by the tax.The Senators demanded the immediate withdrawal of ICH to normalize the incoming tariffs. The decision, Tahir Mashhadi said, was taken by the PTA when some LDI providers convinced the authority. They later got approval from the MoITT.“The world is moving to…Read More

  • Hydropower power project water filling starts

    STAFF REPORT LHR: In yet another significant development towards completion of the 121 megawatt (MW) – Allai Khwar Hydropower Project, water filling in the reservoir has been started recently. With filling of the re…Read More

  • Easypaisa transactions reach Rs 178b

    STAFF REPORT IBD: While marking its third anniversary, Easypaisa revealed that its customers carried away 83 million transactions involving Rs 178 billion in initial three years of service.Telenor Pakistan and Tameer Microfinance Bank had jointly launched Easypaisa, a mobile banking solution for masses, on October 15th, 2009.A ceremony has recently been arranged to celebrate the third…Read More

  • Kwick offers world class GSM SIM cards

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Kwick High Tech and Solutions has come up as the sole GSM SIM cards makers in Pakistan, offering local cellular operators the ability to get locally made SIM cards of international quality with global standards and at better costs.“Kwick is already selling its locally made SIMs to two local operators and now it’s pursuing to expand its sale operation by selling it to foreign venders m…Read More

  • 19.2m tons wheat target proposed in Punjab

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab Agriculture Department has proposed a target of 19.2 million tons of wheat for the Rabi 2012-13 for which an area of 16.80 million acres will be brought under wheat cultivation. To achieve the target an area of 1.183 million acres has been proposed to be brought under wheat cultivation in the Rawalpindi Division, sai…Read More

  • UNIDO assures all help for green farm tech

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Reiterating to take all-out measures from the UNIDO platform for the transfer of green farm technology in Pakistan, United Nations Indust…Read More

  • Pakistan goes ahead with olive plantation drive

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has developed a Rs 382 million plan to encourage olive production across the country by allocating regional belts especially in the three provinces including Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata in order to minimise the annual import bill burden of olive oil on the national kitty.“Under the project, gardens spreading over 800 acres of lan…Read More

  • Number of PhDs in Pakistan reach 8142

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistani universities are now able to produce more PhDs in the next 3 years as compared to last 10 years. The total number of PhDs in Pakistan has reached the figure of 8,142.According to the available statistics, the number of PhDs has increased from 348 (1947 to 2002) to 679 in 2012 in agriculture and veterinary sciences, from 586 to 1,096 in biological sciences, from 14 to 123 in business education, from merely 21 to 262 in engineering and technology and from 709 to 1,071 in physical sciences. In social sciences, the number increased to 887 from 108 during last ten years.The figures also indicate that during the last decade…Read More

  • VASSCAA-6 highlights vitality of science applications

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The 6th Vacuum and Surface Sciences Conference of Asia & Australia commonly known as VASSCAA-6 has recently concluded at the Pak-China Friendship Centre here.A significant number of scientists and engineers from 30 countries including America, Japan, South Korea, France, UK, Russia,, Kazakhstan, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Austria and Saudi Arabia participated in the event. Besid…Read More

  • DAAD, PSF agree to boost research coop

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Research and science organisations of Pakistan and Germany have recently agreed to arrange information dissemination programmes so that maximum number of Pakistani students and research scholars could benefit from German funding programmes for scientists and researchers.This has been decided at a meeting held between Ursula Saarbeck, Director, German Academic Exchange Service …Read More

  • Pak scientist uses nanotubes to create smallest hologram pixels

    MONITORING REPORT: Scientists have generated holograms from carbon nanotubes for the first time, which could lead to much sharper holograms with a vastly increased field of view.The researchers from the Department of Engineering's Centre of Molecular Materials for Photonics and Electronics have harnessed the extraordinary conductive and light scattering abilities of nanotubes - made from several sheets of carbon atoms to diffract high resolution holograms."Smaller pixels allow the diffraction of light at larger angles - increasing the field of view. Essentially, the smaller the pixel, the higher the resolution of the hologram," said Dr Haider Butt f…Read More

  • 34 seized turtles released to fresh waters in Gilgit

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A consignment of 34 live turtles is confiscated from Pakistan’s northern most “Sust” border between Pakistan and China by the Gilgit-Baltistan Forest, Wildlife and Parks Department, and WWF Pakistan which were being illegally captured and transported to China. These turtles were later released in the fresh water of Korung River, Islamabad.“A co…Read More

  • PTCL unveils Vfone Sindh package

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has launched an attractive ‘Vfone Sindh Package’ for its Vfone customers in Sindh, giving them the freedom to communicate at the most economical call rates.Introduced specially for Sindh, this unique offer allows PTCL's Vfone Sindh customers to make calls at nominal rates of Rs 0.50 paisa only. The daily line rent of Vfone Sindh package will be Rs. 0.50 per day, while call rates for Vfone to Vfone and Vfone to PTCL Landline will be Rs. 0.50 per minute. Customers can call mobile & other LLOs at Rs 0.50 per 20 second.Supported by high-speed CDMA 1x technology, Vfone also offers SMS facility to all networks at a nominal rate …Read More

  • Cellcos ask govt to pay Rs1b for service halt loss

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistani telecom companies have demanded Rs.1 billion of the government for the losses they had incurred due to their suspension of their services during the last two months on the plea of security.The demand was made by these companies to the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication. Under the relevant law, th…Read More

  • HEC role in ten years remarkable on higher edu

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As many as six universities in Pakistan are amongst the Asia’s top 300 universities and two of them make into the list of the world’s top 300 sciences and technology institutions.“Under the supervision of HEC, 41 universities wer…Read More

  • PSM trying to meet western st and ards

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Lahore Science Museum is housed within the University of Engineering and Technology off the famous Grand Trunk Road. Being the first and only science museum in Pakistan, it had witnessed around 100,000 visitors last year.The spacious 11,000 square foot building has a feel of the past, though not in dis…Read More

  • Wateen gets Cisco excellence award

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Wateen Telecom, in its efforts to reshape its consumer brand and becoming the consumer’s digital life partner through innovative services in Pakistan, has been conferred the Cisco Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award.The is the second consecutive award Wateen has won due to its exceptional level of customer service level during the last tw…Read More

  • Pakistan needs to promote space sciences

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) Chairman, Major General (retd) Ahmed Bilal believes that if interest in the space sciences is not developed at the school level, then the country’s space programm…Read More

  • PEC to start TV channel

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) are going to launch an independent TV channel in the country in order to highlight the achievement of engineers and the developments made in this highly important sector.This was revealed by Chairman PEC, Abdul Qadir Shah, while speaking at the function of the PEC, which the Pak Oasis sponsored at a local ho…Read More

  • UAF’s Dr Ashfaq elected TWAS member

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The Academy of Science for the Developing World (TWAS), Trieste, Italy, has elected Dr Ashfaq Khan, Dean Faculty of Agriculture, University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) as, the TWAS member in recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of science in South Asia.This decision was taken during the 23rd general meeting of TWAS recently held …Read More

  • LUMS out to assess Internet impact on society

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is making an effort to increase awareness about the kind of impact internet can have on society through Initiative on Internet and Society (IIS).The LUMS initiative, launched in July last and its purpose is becoming more apparent with the recent US blasphemous movie and its strong reactions across the Muslim world especially in Pakistan. The awareness programme will try to highlight internet’s impact on law, media and technology. It is the first of its kind of programme in South Asia.According to Kiran Nazish, who is a fellow at LUMS, there has been no research conducted on the ki…Read More

  • PSF wins laurels for science popularisation

    Staff Report IBD: The Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has won laurels at the Regional Workshop on Popularization of Science in Asia-Pacific held recently in Baku, Azerbaijan.PSF Member Science Dr Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto represented Pakistan as a Resource Person and PSF Director Research Support Dr Ata-ul-Mohsin presented a country report at the three-day workshop.During the workshop, Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Regional Director Dr. Abbass Sadri and Azerbaijan Ministry of Education’s representative Dr. Gul Takin highly appreciated the PSF role in the popularization of science in the region.Workshop was organized b…Read More

  • Zouhair, Zamindar honoured in Pakistan Power 100

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom CEO Naeem Zamindar and Zouhair Khaliq, Member Board of Directors Wateen, have recently been honoured at the Pakistan Power 100, a forum recognizing the most influential Pakistani men & women internationally, whose exceptional work makes an enorm…Read More

  • Mobilink gets Comptel activation deal

    MONITORING REPORT: Comptel Corporation (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki: CTL1V) has announced that Pakistani mobile operator, Mobilink, a leading communications service provider in Pakistan and a company owned by VimpelCom, has extended its provisioning and activation contract within the fulfillment domain.Mobilink’s customers are enjoying the services provisioned through Comptel’s provisioning and activation solution, which expedites the deployment and launch of rich service offerings with minimal human intervention to ensure a high customer experience, particularly at the first points of engagement.The Comptel Provisioning and Activation enables operators to …Read More

  • Youth TechCamp held on Digiltal Library

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The first-ever three-day Youth TechCamp has recently been arranged in Pakistan for training in civic journalism and social activism.Financed by the US State Department, the camp was to promote digital literacy in Pakistan. There were 40 young Pakistanis who were trained under this three-day ses…Read More

  • TUSDEC inks deal with EU for skill development

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Technology Upgradation and Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) has entered into a contract with the delegation to European Union to Pakistan seeking to train at least 12000 men and women from the vulnerable communities of KPK and FATA region.“TUSDEC will be the implementing organization for the four years programme seeking a sustainable TVET (Technic…Read More

  • Tech main driving force for firms

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The technology change has emerged as the most important external factor that influences majority of the industrial organization in multiplying their production potential.“As the world gets smarter and the population grows, demands on IT will also grow. Consumer adoption and use of digital, mobile and social media throughout the world is changing the nature of debate,”…Read More

  • Growers dem and Rs 1250 per 40-kg wheat support price

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wheat growers are seeking support price at Rs 1,250 per 40-kg as overhead costs for farmers rose substantially during the last one year. With an increase of $60 per ton, the wheat price in the international market has already reached $320 per ton compared to $260 a ton, exactly one year ago.According to them, the prices of fertilizer, diesel, water, see…Read More

  • Wind power carries option to stem energy crisis

    STAFF REPORT KHI: As the power crisis in Pakistan persists, there is left no option but to tap all available domestic resources to overcome this national challenge and renewable options have been one of them.As part of its vision to take the country out of this crisis, the Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) ventured into the energy sector, by incorporating FFC Energy L…Read More

  • PSF head for problem-solving approach

    STAFF REPORT IBD: There is an urgent need to bring research quality at par with the international standards and it can be possible only if researchers concentrate on the problem solving approach.“The researchers should urged the participants to take guidance from the PSF experts in formulating the fund winning quality proposals,” said Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Chairman Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro while addressing the inaugural session of a two-day workshop on Project Formulation at University College of Agriculture (UCA), University of Sargodha.PSF in collaboration with the University of Sargodha organized the workshop with the purpose of de…Read More

  • PTCL opens ‘One-Stop Shop’ in Lahore

    STAFF REPORT LHR: PTCL has inaugurated the upgraded the ‘One Stop Shop’ in Barket Market, Lahore, as part of its new "Customer First" campaign, which focuses on building an enhanced customer care experience.Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) Business Zone Central, Jamal Abdalla Al Suwaidi inaugurated the OSS in the presence of other senior executives, cus…Read More

  • Thar coal to be used to run all Pakistan power plants

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The government of Pakistan has decided to convert all the existing and new power plants on the specification of Thar coal versus earlier plan of converting these on imported coal.This decision is in line with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) and SECMC, whereby it has been agreed after the approval of the feasibility repo…Read More

  • Govt needs to do all legal work to block future blasphemies

    Paras AliTHE SUPREME Court of Pakistan has recently been moved praying it to take a suo moto notice of the illegal activities of Google – a search engine in Pakistan - and its subsidiary - YouTube -  for uploading a blasphemous video that has sparked violence across the Muslim world particularly in Pakistan.The petitioner…Read More

  • IT ministry being run sans any regular chief

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Though the Ministry of Information Technology is regularly facing a tough time in terms of non-seriousness on the part of the relevant authorities, however, they most recently come to the realization that the ministry is being run with acting heads as there is no regular appointments.The parliamentary committee, which met here last week with Barjees Tahir in the chair, felt that the IT Ministry is not doing its assignments as majority of the senior officials of the IT ministry are acting or interim in addition to no ministry heading it since long.It also came to the knowledge that most of the department working under or attached wi…Read More

  • PTCL bagged 100,000 BB DSL customers in Gujranwala

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) Gujranwala Region arranged special celebrations to mark the milestone of first 100,000 Broadband users in the region. Mr. Walid Irshaid President & CEO PTCL and senior management specially travelled to Gujranwala to join and felicitate the regional teams who have worked hard to achieve this milestone.…Read More

  • Suparco to get Pak first global navigation satellite system

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is going to have a new global navigation satellite system (GNSS) with the assistance from Pakistan’s strategic partner, China. Beijing has been very generous in sharing its satellite technology with Islamabad. The first-ever BeiDou technology application o…Read More

  • Pak users of social media the haves

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Social media users in Pakistan are the haves as they are in the US and the UK. Just as in these other countries, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Thus, when it comes to social media, Pakistani internet users are treading the same path as an international social media user…Read More

  • HBL soft launches branchless banking

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Habib Bank Limited has opted to go for branchless banking solution in Pakistan as a pilot project before going for a full scale commercial launch planned from the current month.The HBL branchless banking will be second bank going for the branchless banking solution, Omni being the first that aims to trigger the next big segment …Read More

  • USF role vital in taking tech to remote areas

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Universal Service Fund (USF) has been directed to further accelerate the pace of providing digital services in the un-served and under-served areas of the country in order to reduce the digital divide between the urban and rural areas. The Prime Minister of Pakistan issued these instructions while presiding over the USF Board of Directors me…Read More

  • Techaccess, Warid boast of combined drill on Data Centre

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Techaccess Pakistan and Warid have recently celebrated an achievement in a festive ceremony in realization of their combined efforts to move Warid’s production DataCenter in Lahore, in only 48 hour remarkable time.This mission was originally slotted to be completed divided in phases spanning a month, however, given the critical impact on operations Techaccess was requ…Read More

  • Australian sheep saga affecting livestock trade

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The unresolved Australian sheep issue in Pakistan starts affecting the trade in livestock badly as import of sacrificial animals may not sustain this year, while Australia has restricted its exports of livestock to only small vessels and single destination.“The Australian sheep imported for the first time …Read More

  • Govt, FAO, WFP plan to train food security experts

    STAFF REPORT IBD: An Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) training and analysis workshop has recently been organised by the Government of Pakistan, FAO and WFP to train a pool of Certified Food Security Analysts at national level and come up with the first IPC map reflecting the current food security situation in Pakistan.According to details, as many as 50 food…Read More

  • ADB to provide $2.9b for power

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has committed a financing facility of $2.9 billion over a medium term for the government of Pakistan to enhance power generation system in the country.“Following the tight energy crises in the country, the government has approved a package of power sector reforms in order to settle this energy crisis, which is under implementation,” sources clo…Read More

  • PTCL seminar focuses on heart disease prevention

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recently held an awareness seminar on ‘Prevention of Heart Disease among Women & Children’ in connection with marking the World Heart Day.Dr. Inam ul Haq, Consultant Cardiologist, Federal Government Services Hospital, Islamabad, was specially invited by PTCL to speak at the occasion and highlight the heart diseases and the causes o…Read More

  • wi-tribe draw winners get 3D TVs, iPads

    STAFF REPORT IBD: True to its mission of redefining users’ broadband experience while providing the best in customer satisfaction, wi-tribe, Pakistan’s leading broadband for quality of service and customer care, has given its customers a reason to celebrate. Seven 50” 3D television sets and 8 all-new iPads (iPad 3) have recently been distributed among 15 winners of a lucky draw at…Read More

  • Dem and rising for making cities climate-resilient for economic boost

    STAFF REPORT IBD: There is an increasing demand and stress from the stakeholders to develop viable plans for making towns and cities well-planned so as to make them sustainable engines of economic growth while ensuring natural environs and resources remain intact.Urban planners, environmentalists and development experts pointed out this while addressing to members of different civil so…Read More

  • HUF organises awareness seminar for youth at MUET

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Carrying on the legacy of spreading awareness among youth, YES – Youth Empowering Spaces – in collaboration with the Mehran University Jamshoro has recently held a seminar for university students.YES is a project of Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sindh, which is being implemented in collaboration with the Habib University Foundation.Around 700 eager students attended th…Read More

  • Shabash Pak launched to reawaken patriotism

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Shabash Pakistan - a nationwide campaign aimed to reawaken the patriotism and nationalism – has recently kicked off under the auspicious of School of Leadership (SoL).In this regard, a group of 250 st…Read More

  • LUMS starts project on Internet impact

    STAFF REPORT LHR: In the wake of the ban on YouTube in Pakistan over the anti-Islam US film, the Lahore University of Management Sciences’ Initiative on Internet and Society (IIS) is offering a platform to understand the internet and its impacts on the society.“There has been no academic research on what the internet has impact in Pakistan,” says Kiran Nazish, a faculty member of LUMS said.Accord…Read More

  • Intel bringing latest tech to Pak

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Intel Pakistan has always believed in forging very close relations with its partners as they are our real assets in the local market; they also have growth plans and they also see opportunities in the country.And it is very encouraging that various international manufacturers have increased their presence in Pakistan around three-folds and …Read More

  • PTCL makes the Hajj dream of employees come true

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recently held a farewell reception in honour of the 40 departing hajjis who have been sponsored by PTCL under the employee welfare scheme. The reception was attended by PTCL employees. As part of its organizational commitment to provide incentives and encouragement for the employees, PTCL sponsors the Haj of 40 employees each year according to a pre-defined process.…Read More

  • Mobilink launches Nano-SIM in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobilink has taken yet another step towards staking its claim as Pakistan telecom’s first adopter of new technology! Keeping abreast of customer needs, Mobilink has ensured that our iPhone customers will soon be able to use the iPhone5 on the Mobilink network. The Company’s customers can have their standard SIM replaced with the new nano-SIM, an official of the company said.The iPhone 5, recently launched by Apple, has introduced a nano-SIM tray instead of the standard SIM to optimize design and to enable the thin form factor of the new device. Standard SIMs cannot be used with the iPhone5 and Mobilink has taken urgent steps to ensure Mob…Read More

  • Weakening of summer monsoon in SA predicted

    STAFF REPORT IBD: High resolution climate models used at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, have predicted weakening of summer monsoon precipitation over South Asia towards the end of 21st century, said Dr Moetasim Ashfaq, Computational Climate Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA.“I have reservations on projections of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). There is an element of uncertainty in projections of IPCC report based on multi Global Climate Models (GCM). Global models featured in IPCC report can resolve large-scale interactions but have limitations while capturing atmospheric processes at regional level,” Dr Moetasim said whi…Read More

  • COMSATS’ enhanced S and T cooperation earns ISESCO award

    By Paras AliMARKING ITS 30th anniversary, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) has recently awarded the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) the ‘ISESCO Medal’ in recognition of its enhanced scientific cooperation with the former for science-led development initiatives since 2004. This collabo…Read More

  • Poor water, sanitation cost Pakistan Rs 343b annually

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Contaminated drinking water and insufficient sanitation facilities cost the national kitty Rs 343 billion annually in Pakistan in terms of ailment and environmental degradation, experts at a donors debriefing session recently organized by the Ministry of Climate Change revealed.They said that the financial losses related to poor water quality and insufficient sanitatio…Read More

  • PARC experts for adopting alternative irrigation systems

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Following the critical water shortage in Pakistan, speakers at a meeting stressed the need for adopting alternative irrigation systems and techniques for water conservation.“If water availabilities are threatened, the subsequent socio-economic structure, particularly in rural areas, will be at …Read More

  • Approval of climate change policy a major step

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Federal Climate Change Minister Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed Khan has said that the national climate change policy will go a long way in helping tackle climate change impacts on human in all spheres.“The federal cabinet’s approval of the policy, which provides a roadmap for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Pakistan, is a great milestone the presen…Read More

  • Future engineers get training at short course

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As many as 62 students from four private schools, catering to low-income families in Rawalpindi, have now about as trained in technical drawing as some qualified engineers.A local IT service provider, Trojans Pakistan, has recently organised a month-long course to teach the ninth and t…Read More

  • UAF working for genetic diversity in livestock

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The Faisalabad Agriculture University (UAF) is working on development of application of decision support tools to conserve and sustainably use genetic diversity in indigenous livestock & wild relatives for two years and a proud partner of international community as it is working on more than 30 international projects.…Read More

  • Attending ITCN Asia a success story for TES

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Transworld Enterprise Services (TES) and its exhibited products was positively received by the conference delegates at the recently held ITCN Asia exhibition at the Karachi International Expo Center. At the event, TES showcased its Premium IPT, MPLS/IPLC and Datacenter portfolios and did a soft launch for its Managed Cloud Services. These services leverage the infrastruc…Read More

  • UET to set up energy research centre

    STAFF REPORT LHR: In order to improve innovative and cost effective solutions to energy issues especially in Punjab, a Centre for Energy Research and Development will be set up at Kala Shah Kaku by the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.According to details, total cost of the building the project would be Rs 292 million and i…Read More

  • Pak student wins world contest

    STAFF REPORT QTA: A Pakistani student from Baluchistan province has bagged a gold medal at an international contest recently held in Turkmenistan leaving all the countries like Germany, Canada, Russia, England, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka behind.M. Ubaidullah, a ninth class student of Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges, Quetta, has brought home a gold medal from the International Computer Project Olympiad (ICPO) held in Ashgabat. Total 150 projects from 42 countries were present at the contest.Ubaidullah’s project was regarding Plant Automation System; subsequently he was awarded for the 1st position worldwide in the hardware category.…Read More

  • Conference stresses higher education, S and T key to progress

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The progress of nations in the world is measured with reference to the education, while nations are known for their achievements in education, health and science and technologies. Science can bridge the gap between people of different races, languages, countries and regions, as science is beyond such boundaries.Speakers expressed these views at a rec…Read More

  • Pakistani researcher grabs excellence award in Australia

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Muhammad Aamir Cheema has received the 2012 Malcolm Chaikin Prize for Research Excellence in Engineering. This prestigious prize carries with it a medal and $10,000 and is given each year to the doctoral student in the Faculty of Engineering at University of New South Wales, Australia, for producing the best PhD thesis, in the broadest sense,…Read More

  • Australian sheep saga may affect food trade

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Indiscriminate culling of the allegedly infected Australian sheep is estimated to result in a loss of Rs130 million while the conflicting media reports about the sheep’s medical fitness will jeopardize the future of Pakistan’s multi-million dollar meat export industry.“My foreign clients are extremely concerned about all th…Read More

  • Scientists stress more research on medicinal plants

    STAFF REPORT KHI: National and international scientists at a recently held symposium have said that there is a dire need to have more research on medicinal plants as various fatal diseases can be avoided by developing effective drugs by plants.The 4-day 13th International symposium on Natural Product Chemistry was held at the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), Karachi University (KU).English scientist Patrick G. Steel, Dr. Banasri Hazra of India, N. Waksman of Mexico, Christophe Wiart of Malaysia and former HEC Chairman Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman addressed the participants. Over 600 national and foreign scientists and r…Read More

  • PTA resumes 3G auction process with pre-bid moot

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started process for the 3G spectrum auction when it unanimously decided a timeline for the subject at a recently held pre-bid conference of prospective 3G consultancy firms. The conference was attended by the full Authority, representatives from MoIT, FAB, PTA officials and prospective consultancy firms through audio conference and in-person.Consultants mainly raised concerns on the extension of timeline for submission of proposal, drop dead fee and road show expenses.On the occasion, the PTA came up with firm resolve that the timeline for submission of proposal would not be extend…Read More

  • Movie strike causes Rs 600m loss to cellcos

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobile cellular operators incurred an estimated loss of Rs 600 million on the occasion strike across Pakistan against the US blasphemous movie last week when they suspended their service in as many as 15 cities of the country on the directives of PTA.According to an official of the company, on condition of anonymity, confirmed the loss to the tune of Rs 600 million on the strike day.In this connection the government also suffered over Rs 180 million loss in terms of FED and WHT, for which no one in the government is going to take responsibility for. This loss is in addition to Rs 500 million in taxes that the government had to bear…Read More

  • PTCL brings 3G EVO Nitro boost offer

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In a continued commitment to bring modern telecommunication solutions at affordable rates for its valued customers, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) - country’s leading telecommunication network, has reduced the monthly recharge by 30%, offering massive savings on its 3G EVO Nitro dongles.Now PTCL consumers can avail 9.3 Mbps h…Read More

  • Pakistan heading to better utilising space technology

    Paras AliTHE TREMENDOUS developments in space sector have enabled mankind to probe deeper into space and helped in developing better understanding of the universe. Pakistan has been utilising the applications of space science and technology in various fields.“The approval of Pakistan’s Space Vision 2040 has placed the country among the space faring nati…Read More

  • COMSATS workshop calls for secure network infrastructure

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Speakers at a recently held five-day workshop have stressed the need for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the large amount of critical information on the networking infrastructures worldwide.The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS); the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO); the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT); and the Inter Islamic Network on Information Technology (INIT) had organized  the workshop held in Amman, Jordan, says a message received here. The workshop was the Royal Scientific Society (RSS).Pur…Read More

  • Italy funds olive trees plantation in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has started a project “Promotion of Olive Cultivation for Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation" in the country with the financial assistance of Italian government.According to details, under this project thousands of acres olive saplings will be planted in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, FATA and Baluchistan.…Read More

  • Enhanced capacity must to h and le climate change

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Environment has become a national emergency and a non-traditional security threat, which necessitates enhanced research capacities to cope with daunting challenges of environmental degradation and climate change.Researchers stressed this during a workshop “Environmental and Natural Resource Economics” recently organized by SDPI and the South Asian Network …Read More

  • PTCL posts Rs 7.24 billion net profit in FY2011-12

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has posted a net profit of Rs. 7.24 billion in the financial year 2011-12 posting a steady growth of 9 per cent in its revenue. The annual accounts were announced at the recently held meeting of the PTCL Board of Directors.“The positive growth of PTCL’s revenue streams points to our dynamic corporate identity and strong customer base,” …Read More

  • UMT IES Chapter awarded IIE gold medal

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Industrial Engineering Student Chapter at UMT has earned a national pride and recognition when he was recently conferred the Gold Award from the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) during the 2011-2012 academic years.The IIE Student Chapter at UMT is the premier organized campus which was founded in January 2011. The University of Manag…Read More

  • Meeting stresses making cities climate-resilient

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A high-level meeting recently held in the federal capital has taken took serious notice of the cleanliness, garbage misstatement, increasing pollution, violation of building codes, poor or inadequate availability of safe water and sanitation issues in the capital city.The meeting focused on the second Progress Review on Implementation of Climate Change Policy and Making Capital City ‘A Model City’ held at the Climate Change Ministry under the chair of Federal Climate Change Minister Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed.The meeting observed expansion of the city and its suburbs in a manner which is not environmentally sustainable and that mak…Read More

  • PTCL storms Karachi with customer awareness activities

    STAFF REPORT KHI: In a massive brand activation drive, the PTCL recently held a week-long customer engagement and awareness campaign in various areas of Karachi.As part of the campaign, creative outdoor advertisements were erected in major commercial hubs of Dhora Jee Market, Liberty Tariq Road, Bahadarabad Market, Raza Market (Malir), Kaybies Chorangi, Urdu Bazaar, Paper Market, Rembo Center, Johar S…Read More

  • PTA seeks public coop in blocking anti-Islam sites

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has sought the public cooperation in pointing out the any anti-Islamic video on internet through any ISP or mobile operator in Pakistan.According to a press release issued by the PTA, the Chief Justice of Pakistan has ord…Read More

  • PITB’s ‘Plan9’ shortlists applicants from Lahore

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab IT Board (PITB) in collaboration with Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@sha) has recently launched Pakistan’s first national-level technology incubator with the name & style of ‘Plan9’.This initiative by the Punjab government covers startups and welcomes innovative ideas from Islamabad & Karachi as well as in Lahore and should be openly appreciated.Ac…Read More

  • Rs276.43m given for 53 R and D IT projects

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has provided Rs.276.43 million for 53 research and development programmes during the last three years.In addition to that, the total investments in the form of grants disbursed under the Prime Minister’s National ICT Scholarship Programme during the said period was Rs 979 million and the basic objective was to promote IT educat…Read More

  • Pak, US scientists join h and s to boost wheat productivity

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The American agricultural scientists under the US government-sponsored Wheat Productivity Enhancement Programme (WPEP) are in regularly collaboration with Pakistani scientists on research to combat diseases affecting Pakistan's principal crops particularly cotton and wheat.Two high-level American scientists are currently in Pakistan to conduct research on the crop …Read More

  • Branchless Banking gaining ground in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The growth momentum of the branchless banking sector is gaining ground in Pakistan despite the conventional difficulties and overall challenging macro conditions. The recently released fourth quarterly issue of the SBPs Branchless Banking newsletter series shows yet another period of impressive a…Read More

  • 220MW Jabban project to be ready by March next

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The 22MW Jabban Hydropower Project, located in Malakand Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, will start generation power by March next, contributing 122 million units of low-cost electricity to the national grid.“WAPDA is committed to optimum utilisation of water and hydropower resources in the country by constructing large, medium and small-sized projects,” WAPDA Ch…Read More

  • Sufficient wheat stocks available

    STAFF REPORT KHI: As sufficient wheat stock of over 9.3 million tons is available with the government reserves for domestic consumption as against the normal release of average 6.3 million tons per annum, said an official of the Agriculture Policy Institute.“The country is in a comfortable position in terms of wheat production and consumption due to bumper cr…Read More

  • 2 new nuclear power plants of 340MW by 2016

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Dr. Ansar Parvez has said that two nuclear power plants, 340MW each are under construction at Chashma and expected to be commissioned by 2016 with Chinese assistance under a longstanding agreement while another three nuclear power plants have already been commissi…Read More

  • Pring, GenITeam ranked in top 100 private firms of Asia

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pring (e-Business Pvt Ltd) and GenITeam have been declared winners of the 2012 Red Herring Top Asia 100. This prestigious list recognizes the most promising and innovative technological companies from Asia from a pool of hundreds of finalists.The evaluation of these companies was done by Red Herring on quantitative and qualitative fronts that includes f…Read More

  • GM foods, crops carry various human health problems

    MONITORING REPORT DHAKA: Dr Mohammed Ataur Rahman, a veteran Bangladeshi agriculturist, has said that Genetically Modified (GM) foods or crops should not be classified as food at all, as they are liable to cause various health problems affecting the liver and kidney, and hence unfit for human consumption.“Main problem with GMO (Geneticall…Read More

  • 12th ITCN Asia pulls large exhibitors, visitors

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The 12th ITCN Asia 2012 International Exhibition & Conferences has recently concluded with a positive note and attracting a large number of visitors as well as vendors from across Pakistan as well as from other countries.The three-day event was arranged at the Karachi Expo Centre, was inaugurated Provincial Minister for Youth Affairs Sindh, Syed Faisal Ali Subzwari.…Read More

  • LT capacitors being installed in IESCO tube wells

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The United States Agency for Inter-national Development (USAID)’s Power Distribution Programme, in collaboration with the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), has started installation of Low Tension (LT) capacitors on tube-wells in various circles of IESCO.In this regard, training for the engineers of IESCO’s Rawalpindi Circle has recently been conducted which was attended by over 40 engineers, says a press release issued here.The USAID’s installation of over 1500 LT capacitors in Pakistan’s power distribution companies (Discos) has already resulted in an estimated 5.5 megawatts (MW) reduction in demand, improved voltage and …Read More

  • NTC plans to lay Pak-UAE sub cable

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) has planned to lay a submarine cable between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).According to details, the estimated cost of laying the cable will be worked out by a consultant in the proposed techno-commercial study and feasibility, besides tracing source of funding, an official source told this scribe here last week.He said that the country is already connected with three international fiber-optic cables, but the reason for carrying out the feasibility of fiber-optic cable was to examine the technical and commercial viability of the project and have another option of SMW-3 …Read More

  • Nadra starts issuing Smart Cards

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Database Registration Authority (Nadra) has started issuing Smart Cards, the most secure national identity card of the world, containing 36 security features.“he first Smart Card has been issued on the name of President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari,” sources said adding that Director General (DG), Nadra, has recently presented the first card to the President in President House.The Smart Card is a 3rd Generation Chip-based identity document that is built according to the international standards and requirements. The card has over 36 physical security features and uses latest encryption codes making it the safest card in…Read More

  • International collaboration key to S and T research projects

    By Paras AliISLAMABAD: International collaboration is a must for research and development of any country and Pakistan should avail all opportunities in this regard by seeking strengthened cooperation from other states.“We should not be disheartened that only one-year has been left to conclusion of EU’s 7th Framework Programme (2007-2013).  The FP8 titled “Horizon Twenty…Read More

  • Lack of crop zoning linked with cotton virus attack

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The repeated attacks of cotton leaf curl virus (CLCV) on farms in Pakistan has been linked to the lack of implementation of crop zone management laws thus leading to a gradual increase in intensity of virus attack on the cotton crop.“The setting up of new sugar mills and doubling of capacity of running mills cov…Read More

  • Pakistan proposes India for video-link science lectures

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS) has recently proposed to the Indian National Science Academy (INSA) to collaborate in sharing the advanced knowledge and expertise of Indian scientists and their science lectures delivered at various institutions across India through video-link. The vice versa has also been propounded from the Pakistani scientific and academic institutions.“The students will be given credit for attending these video-link lectures, as happens in the University of Karachi, where foreign university professors take video-conferencing classes,” PAS, headed by Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, proposed to Indian relevant authorities.…Read More

  • US announces $4m grant for Pak-US S and T coop

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The United States has announced a grant of $4 million for Pakistani and American researchers for collaboration on different projects in science and technology.US Charge d’ Affaires Ambassador Richard Hoagland revealed this urging the Pakistani researchers and scientists to apply for this Pak-US tech cooperation.“In fact, the US wants to improve t…Read More

  • PTA out to eliminate grey telephony

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is presently busing acquiring a modern system to curb grey telephony – illegal telephone call system – which is causing billions of rupees losses to the national exchequer.At present the grey telephony is incurring $900 million annually to the government, said PTA Chairman Farooq Awan in front of the Senate Standing Committee o…Read More

  • Bio-monitoring cell to test Bt cotton in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) has planned to establish a bio-monitoring cell for certifying efficiency of Bt cotton at Center of Agricultural Biochemistry and Biotechnology (CABB, UAF). Purpose of this initiative is to frame a standardized system for tracing and testing Bt cotton, and to enable cotton growers in the country to sow best quality seed,…Read More

  • Changed rain patterns affecting birds breeding cycle

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The changing rain pattern is having disastrous effects on numerous species of indigenous birds, with many of them being unable to breed due to this year’s delayed monsoon rains.“The global warming, altering temperatures and changes in climate have resulted in delayed monsoons rains, which have led to a num…Read More

  • PTCL l and s in Lahore for customer awareness activities

    STAFF REPORT LHR: As part of its brand activation initiative, the PTCL has recently arranged a week-long customer engagement and awareness campaign in Lahore.Under this initiative, the Company’s sales teams set up stalls and kiosks in the city’s various universities including PAK Aims, National College of Business Administration, Punjab University, Allama Iqbal Medical College and The University of Laho…Read More

  • Pak young scientist attends world eco forum

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Aftab Ahmad Chattha, a PhD scholar, from the School of Biological Sciences, University of the Punjab, has recently participated as Young Scientist Member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2012.According to a message received here, the annual meeting of the New Champions-2012 titled “Creating the future Economy” was held in Tianjin, China last week.Each year 40-50 …Read More

  • Farm experts discourage excessive use of pesticides

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Agricultural experts have stressed the need for making Pesticide Residue Monitoring System operational in the country in order to control the indiscriminate use of pesticides on exportable horticulture as well as other national crops.“The pesticide residue monitoring system has initially been approved by the federal government but no resource allocation has been…Read More

  • US willing to partially finance Bhasha Dam

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The United States has shown its willingness to partially finance the gigantic Diamer Bhasha Dam to ease water and power shortage in Pakistan and this comes at a time when multilateral donors have backed down on assurances of funds following Indian objections on the project.“Bhasha Dam needs massive financing and we can extend partial assistance for the project,” US Agency fo…Read More

  • NA committee for depts’ coop to meet water, environment MDGs

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Availability of adequate funds and increased investment is critical for achieving all Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Pakistan before 2015 deadline.A high-level meeting of the National Assembly’s special committee on MDGs pressed on need for promotion of watershed management, rainwater harvesting, building up more water reservoirs to meet mounting needs of w…Read More

  • Mathematical base vital for science uplift: Speakers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The uplift of the national economy requires our due attention to science and technology. For development in science, a sound mathematical foundation is a pre-requisite, therefore, it is imperative to develop and adequate mathematical culture in Pakistan.This was the crux of the recently held three-day International Pure Mathematics Conference (13th IPMC 2012) on Algebra, Geometry, Analysi…Read More

  • FAP developing call centre for farmers

    STAFF REPORT KHI: While taking a major initiative in right direction, the Farmers Associates of Pakistan (FAP) is in the process of developing the country’s first-ever farmers’ call centre, enabling the farming community to get access to latest agriculture and trade information.“The farmers will be provided latest information through text…Read More

  • Indian S and T team briefed on PSF work

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Indian Working Group on Science and Technology has recently visited the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in Islamabad.This Working Group (IWG) comprised Dr Akhilesh Gupta, head of Climate Change Programme and Shri R K Sharma from International Cooperation Division in Department of Science and Technology.During their visit, they were given a presentation on the PSF activities. PSF Chairman Dr. Manzoor Soomro, on the occasion, explained the Foundation’s activities for promotion of science and technology in Pakistan.The IWG is a part of the Pakistan-India Joint Commission, which had met during the visit of Indian Foreign M…Read More

  • Students trained on Antenna Design and Fabrication at MUET

    STAFF REPORT KHI: A two-day workshop on "Antenna Design and Fabrication" was held at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Sindh, which was participated by students; even organisers and instructors for the event were students. The workshop, organised by the Department of Telecommunication Engineering in collaboration with ComSoc-Khi, was a two day event and accommodated 50 participants. On the occasion, IEEE ComSoc-Khi Chairman and Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (FEECE) at MUET, Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, said that the ComSoc-Khi is one of the most active chapters of IEEE Communications Society. He further said that it…Read More

  • Upping EIA curricula tertiary level academic institutions stressed

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Educationists and Environmental Practitioners across Pakistan gathered here last week to collaborate for improving the EIA curriculum for local universities of Pakistan.The government in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) had organized the one-day workshop. Purpose of the event was to explore and identify gaps, discuss key points of a standardized ‘core’ curriculum.The workshop was conducted by Prof. Dr. Thomas B. Fischer, a world renowned expert in SEA and EIA from the University of Liverpool.On the occasion, Javed Malik, Secretary, Planning & Development Division stressed the n…Read More

  • InfoTech opens ACentre of Excellence

    MONITORING REPORT SINGAPORE: The InfoTech Group has announced to inaugurate its first-ever Centre of Excellence dedicated solely to innovating and showcasing of solutions pertaining to the Capital Markets and eGovernment.According to reports, GeReg®, Baltoro®, and Capizar®solutions, to be displayed on the event, are engineered using latest technologies from companies like Oracle. GeReg®, a registration solution developed by InfoTech, is meant to simplify a county’s registration process. Baltoro®, on the other hand, is a shared service portal for emails, SMS, online chats and appointments, to cater well to the eGovernment process within the country. Capizar…Read More

  • Turkey joins COMSATS as 22nd member state

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) has enhanced its membership when Turkey has recently become its 22nd member state.The membership of Turkey  to COMSATS was formalized at a signing ceremony held in Islamabad last week. M. Babür Hizlan, Ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan, and Dr. I.E. Qureshi, Executive Director COMSATS…Read More

  • Cellcos ‘involved’ in Rs 47b tax evasion can’t join 3G auction

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Senate Sub-Committee on Ministry of Information Technology has directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) not to allow telecom companies to participate in the upcoming 3G spectrum auction that are allegedly involved in evading Rs 47 billion taxes.These directives were issued after the former Director General Large Taxpayer Unit (LTU) Islamabad …Read More

  • Botanists join heads at QAU moot on botany

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The economic strength as well as access to technology and environment for innovation determines the status of a nation in the evolving global world. Without economic strength and knowledge, we would remain vulnerable to external manipulations at the cost of reaching our true and proper position.Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Mir Changez Khan Jamali, said this recently concluded three-day international moot on botany at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.Vice Chancellor QAU, Prof Dr Masoom Yasinzai, in his welcome address, said that the representatives of various countries here in this conference possess a credible sci…Read More

  • Young IT entrepreneurs get 1st Tech Incubator

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has launched Pakistan’s first enterprise - Plan9 Tech Incubator, along with the assistance from the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA).The launching ceremony was held at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park, but it covers projects for Islamabad…Read More

  • PTCL users given mega offer for Ufone

    STAFF REPORT IBD: “Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL), country’s leading telecommunications network, has launched an exciting new offer for its landline customers, offering the freedom to make unlimited calls from landline to Ufone.This unique offer allows all PTCL landline customers the freedom to make unlimited calls to Ufone for as low as Rs 3.99 per hour from 9 pm t…Read More

  • Workshop highlights poultry diseases

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Vice-Chancellor of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, has said that the Mycoplasma transmission in commercial and breeding poultry flocks is causing Newcastle Disease and avian influenza infections which are causing increase in economic losses.He disclosed this at the inaugural ceremony of a workshop “Current approaches for the…Read More

  • Pak students fly national flag high at London science forum

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Five Pakistani young scientists (science students) participated in the world fame science forum - “London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) 2012”.The two-week forum was organized at the Imperial College London in August last and has been organized in the UK for the last over 50 years.The Pakistani students had participated for the first time in the forum on the initia…Read More

  • CCP terms ICH, price fixation quota allocation illegal

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has asked the IT Ministry and PTA to withdrawal the directive issued by the ministry proposing establishment of international clearing house exchange for international incoming calls for long distance international, fixed-line local loops, wireless local loops and mobile operators (proposed ICH …Read More

  • TCP seeks Rs 25 billion from govt for urea import

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) asked the federal government to provide Rs 25 billion on an immediate basis for the import of urea.It was also informed that TCP has sought Rs 25 billion for overall import operation of 0.3 million tons of urea. Out of this amount approximately Rs 12-13 billion will be t…Read More

  • Pakistan starts exporting mangoes to China

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan at last started exporting its mangoes to China - one of the world’s largest markets for its mangoes. Earlier, Pakistan had registered with this neighbouring state in 2006 for mango exports, however, it had been struggling to compete with other players becau…Read More

  • Moot highlights coal fuelled power generation

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is faced with crippling energy crisis, which has resulted in slashing gross domestic product (GDP) growth by 2.0 to 3.0 per cent.This was stated by Attock Gen Limited (AGL) and Attock Refinery Limited Chief Executive Officer Adil Khattak during the first Coal Fuelled Power Generation Conference 2012. The conference was orga…Read More

  • SDPI for legally binding global deals on toxic mercury

    STAFF REPORT IBD: World leaders at IUCNs “Global Conservation Congress 2012”, should support legally binding treaty on mercury to protect health, environment and ecosystem from hazardous and toxic mercury, said Dr. Mahmood. A. Khwaja, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), has said.“SDPI has moved a motion for a global treaty to the upcoming IUCNs “Global…Read More

  • Students display projects at ‘Open House’

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Institute of Space Technology (IST) Islamabad, has recently organized its fourth ‘Open House’ where the graduating students of the Aerospace, Communication Systems and Materials Science & Engineering impressed the visitors by displaying their ‘Senior Design Projects’.According to details, entrepreneurs and guests who visited the Open House included a large number of people belongi…Read More

  • Pakistan, US join h and s to combat cotton diseases

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In order to find out solution to the overcome the cotton diseases, scientists and farmers from Pakistan and US would work together. These diseases have infected cotton throughout Pakistan’s cotton belt and can substantially reduce yields and incomes for farmers.In this connection, a two-day workshop was also in coordi…Read More

  • Troubled Mobilink gets Manzur back as PR head

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Omar Manzur, who was earlier moved to Human Resource Department of the Mobilink, has now returned to his old department on same position of Director Public Relations and CSR but he will have a challenging task this time.He took his old charge to streamline the functions of the Public Relations on the…Read More

  • Adnan Siddiqui becomes new GM of IBM Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Adnan Siddiqui has been named as Country General Manager, IBM in Pakistan. He succeeds Humayun Bashir who has been named Business Development Executive for IBM Middle East and Africa. Humayun Bashir moves into his new role after a 13-year tenure as CGM for Pakistan, during a 35-year career at IBM."IBM Pakistan has grown significantly during the past fe…Read More

  • Wullar Barrage to figure in Pak-India talks

    STAFF REPORT IBD: India is trying to navigate its way out of a debate with Pakistan over the construction of Wullar Barrage, also known as the Tulbul Project, while Pakistan wants to take the issue up when foreign ministers of both nations meet in Islamabad next month sources said.“India is trying to evade the topic of Wullar Barrage which would dive…Read More

  • PTA’s blocking websites criteria ‘unclear’

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Delay in blocking of websites ‘objectionable’ has always been an issue for the internet surfers but at the same time the blockade of those website that do not carry any ‘objectionable’ stuff, too, has confused rather surprised the internet users as the telecom watchdog, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has not yet com…Read More

  • PTCL arranges professional training for service uplift

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recently held a one-day service leadership workshop on “Building an Uplifting Service Culture at PTCL” where a training session was delivered by world-renowned trainer and leading educator Ron Kaufman who is an expert in building an uplifting service culture.PTCL’s senior and middle management from across the country attended the workshop which provided them an interactive and engaging opportunity to review their current service standards and ascertain strategies for future, leading to an action-oriented and empowering culture which delights the customer with consistent and quality services.“PTCL takes special pride in training its leaders so that …Read More

  • Mathematics backbone of science subjects

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Mathematics is one of the important field and backbone of science subjects and there must be proper utilization of this subject in daily life. The government is committed to provide full support for the promotion of mathematical culture in the society, said by Federal Minister for Ministry of Education and Training Sheikh Waqas Akram, while addressing the 13th International Pure Mathematics Conference on Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, and Mechanics here last week.On the occasion, he announced Rs five million on behalf of Deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan for the Pakistan Mathematical Society for better promotion of Mathematics.The 13…Read More

  • HEC decides to establish Pak Technology Council

    STAFF REPORT IBD: While taking an initiative towards regulating as well as promoting technological education in the country, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has at last decided to establish Pakistan Technology Council (PTC).“Pakistan needs to have more technological access and the country's universities need to develop their respective curriculum as per requirements of internat…Read More

  • PTCL VSS scheme to stay: SEVP Mazhar Hussain

    STAFF REPORT LHR: While mentioned that PTCL is not revising its recently launched VSS scheme, SEVP HR PTCL Syed Mazhar Hussain has emphasised that the offered scheme is beneficial for the employees and has been designed in a way so that employees get the maximum benefit.“The primary objective of this scheme is to provide a unique opportunity to the employees to secure a better future for them and th…Read More

  • Pak student’s research wins US award

    STAFF REPORT KHAIRPUR: A hot sweet cup of tea will solve most problems. But it appears that more and more research is proving that tea can help clean water for human consumption.Shadab Rasool Abro, a student of matriculation and a resident of Khairpur, has been given an award as well as a scholarship worth 250,000 dollars by the US State University of New York for …Read More

  • Govt may miss wheat target this year

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has missed the wheat sowing target by up to 2.5 per cent in the current Rabi crop season for the year 2012, sources revealed quoting the available statistics.It is to be mentioned here that last year, the government had achieved 8.9 million hectares wheat sowing target for the year 2011 and the same was considered for t…Read More

  • Cell services blockage on Eid incurs Rs 2.6b loss to cellcos

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The cellular service operators faced approximately Rs 2.6 billion financial loss mainly due to the blockage of phone-related services to their customers during Eid days.It is to be mentioned here that all the five mobile phone companies, on the government’s directives, had blocked their phone-related services on Chand Raat and Eid day had blocked particularly in Karac…Read More

  • NBP’s entire network goes online across Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The National bank of Pakistan has converted its entire network of 1283 branches online in a short period of 15 months.Currently, the NBP enjoys the widest branch network in the country and its services are available across the country even in most difficult to r…Read More

  • Pak varsities ranked high with research publications

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Tremendous increase in research publications as QAU remains at top with 717 publications followed by UoA with 524 publications and AKU with 521 publications.“The number of publications by Pakistan’s higher education institutions has increased from about 800 in the year 2002 to more than 6,000 in the year 2011. In 2010, this number was 5,000,” reveals HEC’s Assessment …Read More

  • Provincial govt start receiving farm IT tax collection

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The provincial governments have started implementing the ‘harmonisation of agriculture income tax policy in the provinces’ under which the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has collected information on agriculture income from the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and served tax demand notices on those who have declared agriculture income in their tax returns.According to source…Read More

  • Dell to equip 26 e-labs in Punjab

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Dell will collaborate with the government of Punjab by providing IT hardware and solutions to equip as many as 26 e-libraries and digital labs in tertiary institutions earmarked across the province.The first three e-libraries have recently been launched in Lahore, officiated by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Shareef. Dell was represented by Ng Tian Beng, Vice…Read More

  • Fishermen for better return on catch

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Criticising the government for not setting a minimum sale price in the country’s largest fisheries market The government, fishermen have asked the authorities to set a threshold price for seafood catch, primarily for the export-oriented sector, so that they could survive huge losses.“Jaira shrimp is priced at Rs 750 per kg at the beginning of the new fishing season, which is unex…Read More

  • Nepra’s exp and ed role can resolve energy crisis: SDPI

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The inefficient electricity production and chronic line losses have been the root cause of the energy crisis in Karachi Electric Supply company (KESC) mostly because of inept national power regulator NEPRA, reveals a recent study conducted by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).“The only way ou…Read More

  • Slow supply rises phutti prices

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Late arrival phutti in the market has pushed the prices higher on the cotton market, however, official spot rate remained unchanged at Rs 5800, phutti dealers said adding in the ready business, over 9,000 bales of cotton changed hands between Rs 5800-Rs6100.Sindh witnessed seed cotton at Rs 2600-2650 while in Punjab the phutti rates were unchanged at Rs 2600-2700, they said. In f…Read More

  • Speedy work on more dams stressed

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Agriculture Forum Pakistan has urged the government to present Kalabagh Dam, Munda Dam and Bhasha Dam projects in the Council of Common Interests (CCI) and start working on priority basis on these dams, which can be built at the earliest, generate maximum electricity and provide greater resistance against devast…Read More

  • PTA in need of budget for 3G auction

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Though the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has initiated the process of auctioning the 3G lecense in the country, yet it has no substantial budget for marketing and procurement of the 3G, sources closed to the development disclosed to this scribe.They said that the telecom watchdog’s hard financial days are not yet over as the sources said…Read More

  • Water resources in Pak evaporating speedily

    STAFF REPORT IBD: With the country slowly slipping down the scarcity benchmark, it will be facing a severe water crisis in coming years, which will also harm the agriculture sector.According to available statistics, the water availability, which stood at 5,300 cubic metres per person per year in 1950, dropped to almost 1,…Read More

  • Punjab govt sets up firm for healthy, cheap meat

    STAFF REPORT LHR:  The Punjab government has established Punjab Agricultural and Meat Company (Pamco) in the province in order to ensure provision of quality and hygienic meat to the citizens at affordable rates.Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said Punjab Agricultural and Meat Company (Pamco) has been established to ensure provision of quality and hygienic meat to the citizens at affordable rates. He stressed the need for “Early operationalisation of the institution has been directed in addition to directed the Outsource Committee to complete the work of outsourcing the contracts of Pamco by November 10 this year,” Punjab Chief Minister S…Read More

  • PTCL extends ‘VideoCon’ service across Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has extended the availability of its “VideoCon” services across Pakistan that would be beneficial for both corporate and residential customers.‘PTCL VideoCon’ is the country’s first and only video phone service which allows real-time video conversations with friends, family or business associates.With this unique service, PTCL customers can make o…Read More

  • Faisal Bank launches Debit Card in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Faysal Bank, which is among the top 10 banks in Pakistan with over 260 branches in more than 70 cities, has launched the first ever UnionPay Debit Card in the country.UnionPay is one of the…Read More

  • Karachi st and s exposed to climate change impacts

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Karachi, the main hub of Pakistan’s international trade, now stands exposed to multiple challenges like disorganised, ill-coordinated institutional and governance framework with substantial capacity deficits.“The people and assets are at possible risk and key actions are desperately required to make Karachi a resilient city in addition to identifying the critical gove…Read More

  • Pakistan lagging behind Afghanistan in 3G tech

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Cabinet has been informed that it is deplorable that Afghanistan has 3G technologies while there are several complications in the auction of 3G spectrum licence in Pakistan.However, PTA Chairman Farooq Awan assured the committee that the authority will finalise the 3G licence auction by the end of this year. He also informed the committee that the authority wants that there might be a monitoring committee having complete access to information. He said that to ensure transparency in the 3G auction process, an independent team will also be constituted, which will monitor the whole process.…Read More

  • Pakistan can generate 140,000MW solar, wind power

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  The energy crisis-hit Pakistan is have energy sources in near future, as according to sources, a fresh USAID report found that Pakistan has about 150,000 MW of wind power potential. One source said it is planning 25,000 MW in wind power installations by 2015.The report also said that one area — the Sindh corridor — has a w…Read More

  • PTCL offers for Broadb and Student Basic Package on promotional basis

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has introduced a new exciting offer to upgrade its 1 Mbps student basic package customers to 2 Mbps package without any additional charges.“Customers can avail this grand offer without any additional charges by September 30, 2012. After the expiry of the promotional period 2 Mbps Student Basic package will be ava…Read More

  • Pakistani IT professional helps in smashing botnet

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  A Pakistani professional, originating from Lahore and now a senior staff scientist at FireEye, a security firm headquartered in San Francisco, has successfully taken down a network of Grum said to be responsible for sending 20 per cent (and 33 percent at one time in 2011) of all spam emails in the world.Grum had developed a network called – botnet, a collection of computers - connected with each other through internet — whose security has been breached and are controlled by anonymous servers especially for sending (spam) emails to locally stored contacts.Born in Russia, traces of Grum roots back to 2007 and was primarily developed…Read More

  • Punjab govt to give solar home panels worth Rs2b

    STAFF REPORT LHR:  The Punjab government has announced to provide solar home panels at a cost of Rs2 billion while sewing machines worth Rs1 billion will be distributed among skilled women.“These revolutionary programmes, initiated at a cost of billions of rupees for the youth in the province, are yielding positive results,” said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif while c…Read More

  • Tetra Pak acknowledges media role on food, environment

    STAFF REPORT KHI:  Tetra Pak, the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, has recently held a ceremony to celebrate winners of the “Tetra Pak Media Awards”.The awards aim to appreciate and encourage the media’s role in promoting environment and food safety related issues in Pakistan, said an official of the company while talking to media after the ceremony.UNDP Environment and Climate Change Unit Assistant Country Director Gul Najam Jamy was the chief guest.“These awards are an acknowledgement of the indispensable role the media has played in highlighting key environment and food safety-related issues such as climate …Read More

  • Pakistan expects 9.4 million tons paddy

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  Pakistan is expected to have 9.4 million tons of paddy this year, 1.4 million tons less than previously foreseen, but still 2 per cent more than in 2011, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) reveals in its just-published ‘Rice Market Monitor’.However, it points out that the outlook has been somewhat dampened by reports of protracted water shortages in Sindh, as well as sustai…Read More

  • Islamabad foresees up to $2.7b investment in power

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  Pakistan expects upto $2.7 billion merely in the wind energy projects in the country; though many alternative energy projects still in the pipeline.Currently, the country is developing wind power plants in Jhimpir, Gharo, Keti Bandar and Bin Qasim in Sindh which will not only help in controlling the persistent power loadshedding, but will a…Read More

  • Pakistan, Iran to keep working IPI gas project

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  Pakistan has decided to work on the Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline project and Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project despite the US open criticism of the IPI gas project and supporting the other project. Experts believe that TAPI is…Read More

  • Agri Forum lauds cut in SBP policy rate

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  Appreciating the reduction announced by the State Bank of Pakistan in its key policy rate by 150 basis points to 10.5 per cent, the Agriculture Forum Pakistan has said that efforts should be made to bring it to single digit.“The downward revision in the interest rate will boost the business activities in the co…Read More

  • Memor and um of Underst and ing signed between Technology Times and PSF

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Mustafa Z. Paras, Editor Weekly Technology Times, and Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, Chairman PSF, exchanging documents of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two sides at a ceremony. According to the agreement, both Technology Times and PSF would enhance mutual cooperation for the promotion of scientific and technological activities in Pakistan. Dr. Ata ul Mohsin, Raja At…Read More

  • PTA orders blocking sc and alous websites

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ordered all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block numerous scandalous internet sites, specifically the audio recording of a sensual conversation between two sitting parliamentarians.The footage of a press conference in which a lady TV artist claimed that she and a man working with a state organisation have s…Read More

  • Pakistan left with no option but to pledge Wapda assets for Bhasha Dam

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  Asian Development Bank (ADB), a leading donor for the Bhasha Dam, has informally reversed its commitment to finance the project, giving a big blow to the government of Pakistan, a senior official told the scribe on condition of anonymity.According to a Wapda spokesman, funds arrangement has emerged as a major hurdle in the execution of the projec…Read More

  • Funds paucity halts work on Neelum power project

    STAFF REPORT LHR:  Work on the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project (NJHP) has suffered a big blow mainly due to lack of funding, sources have informed saying the Chinese contractor has started suspending work on various sections of the project as the government of Pakistan has not released Rs7.8…Read More

  • KESC, Bright Eagle sign MoU for power generation

    STAFF REPORT KHI:  The Karachi Electric Supply Company, as a part of its drive to enhance the affordable electricity power generation capacity, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for setting up of coal power plants hav…Read More

  • PU receives USAID fund for grooming teachers

    STAFF REPORT LHR:  The Punjab University Institute of Education and Research has received the first installment of research grant for teachers’ resource capacity building under the USAID Teachers Education Project.In this regard, a ceremony was held at Vice C…Read More

  • UNISAME seeks PSQCA NOC for enlisted firms

    STAFF REPORT KHI:  The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has urged the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science and Technology to consider allowing all pre-shipment accredited agencies listed with the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to issue no objection certificates (NOC) on behalf of PSQCA as it will not be possible for PSQCA alo…Read More

  • PTA proceeds to hire consultant for 3G auction

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  While proceeding forward with the auction of 3G licence, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has advertised the RFP (request for proposal) for the consultancy services.It is to be mentioned here that PTA had initially issued information memorandum for 3G auction, base prices for spectrum and the date for bidding without hiring a consultant, however, it had triggered doubts about the whole transparency of the process. Meanwhile, amid pressure from government to follow PPRA rules for public procurement such as 3G, the PTA advertised for hiring a consultant.Existing mobile service providers and a number of international companie…Read More

  • India’s water hegemony ruining Pak economy

    STAFF REPORT ISB:  Maintaining that “stoppage of water by India has a caused huge water shortage in Pakistan besides damaging its economy”, Chairman Pakistan’s Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Maulana Fazlur Rahman urged India “not to stop water of different rivers flowing down from Kashmir into Pakistani territory.”“If India strangles our economy by stopping water of rivers, we w…Read More

  • Pak govt’s murky initiatives dampening energy solutions

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Though the government of Pakistan is claiming to have shown its high level of seriousness in overcoming the persistent energy crisis in the country, yet the resolution of this endemic energy crisis seems a distant dream keeping in view the hollow initiatives taken by the authorities so far.While almost about tw…Read More

  • HEC facilitates over 1600 PhDs in foreign research

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan HEC, under it International Research Support Initiative Program IRSIP, has awarded 1647 scholarships to PhD scholars, studying in higher education institutions of Pakistan, for undertaking research at top ranking universities of 37 academically advanced countries.“These foreign scholars…Read More

  • Water crisis looming over Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Water crisis is fast looming over Pakistan which has raised alarm regarding water storage mechanism.“Water will be a major limiting factor in Pakistan,” remarked Saleem Shaikh, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Climate Change in Islamabad, adding this critical situation has raised the alarm that water storage simply hasn't kept up with population growth.He said that…Read More

  • Pak students excel in science Olympiads, get scholarships

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistani students have won one silver and four bronze medals along with two honourable mentions in various events at the International Science Olympiads 2012, recently held in Singapore, United States, Argentina and Estonia.According to details, four to six-member teams from each country were selected out of over 6,000 students, requiring a minimum of …Read More

  • Speakers say food study to help end malnutrition

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Speaker at a seminar have said that the Food Security and Nutrition Assessment Study 2012 would provide vital evidences for better policy decision to address hunger and malnutrition in Pakistan.The speakers said this at an inception meeting on “Food Security and Nutrition Assessment Study 2012” and was organized by SDPI and WFP.The participants were briefed that the study is commissioned by Ministry of National Food Security and Research that would jointly be conducted by SDPI and WFP in collaboration with FAO and UNICEF. The study is the continuation of SDPI, WFP and SDC’s ‘Food Security Report 2009’ and would update the food secu…Read More

  • PTCL gets global recognition with ESRI award

    STAFF REPORTIBD: In another landmark achievement, PTCL has been honoured by the US-based Environment Systems Research Institute (ESRI) with the “ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Awards 2012” for the outstanding achievements and organizational performance in geographic information systems (GIS) and programmes.The award was presented at the annual ‘ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Awards’ cerem…Read More

  • PTCL opens revamped ‘one stop shop’

    STAFF REPORT KHI: PTCL has recently opened another revamped and re-modelled ‘PTCL One Stop Shop’ (OSS) in Clifton, Karachi, as part of its new “Customer First” campaign, which focuses on building an enhanced customer care experience.This nation-wide 191 One-Stop Shops are facilitating customers by offering them quality products and tremendous services in billing…Read More

  • Wateen installs 235 Wi-Fi hotspots in Punjab educational institutes

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading converged communication service provider, has completed deployment of Wi-Fi Hotspots at Government of Punjab educational institutions. These hotspots will enable students at government institutions across the province to gain vital access to the numerous educational resources on the internet.“The company has deployed 126 hotspots in 22 education…Read More

  • Koreans set to import Pak mango from next year

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The importers have expressed keen interest in Pakistani mangoes as the fruit is considered the best among mangoes imported from the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.“South Korean importers have started visiting Pakistan following approval of Pakistan’s mango quality and hopes have emerged that thousands of tons could be exported t…Read More

  • Punjab farm output target badly missed

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab Agriculture Department, which advertises ‘important messages for farmers' to increase produce, yields very poor output itself. Even the target of earning from farms owned and controlled by the department, which have best expertise, knowledge and technical advancement, is not commensurate with the earni…Read More

  • UNESCO stresses aggressive campaign to boost literacy

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan needs an aggressive movement to enhance the literacy rate by the year 2015, and ensuring that every child has access to education, according to a UNESCO report.With a reported literacy rate of 56 percent in the year 2010 according to the Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) 2010, Pakistan is among the least literate nations of the world.According to the UNDP's International Human Development Indicators database, Pakistan ranks 130 among 141 reporting countries and territories in terms of adult literacy.The hurdles include lack of political will, leadership and a clear strong policy on literacy and…Read More

  • More irradiation centres in US to help mango exporters

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Plans to establish more irradiation centres in United States southern states would benefit Pakistani mango exporters and brighten chances of enhanced mango exports to that country.According to procedure, the shipments first go to Chicago from where these are transported to Sadex Corporation in Siouk City in Western Io…Read More

  • Less rains may dampen farm targets

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Inflationary pressures may get triggered during the coming months as poor rainfall during the ongoing monsoon season is expected to adversely impact the agricultural yields.According to experts, the rainfall during this monsoon season has not stood as per expectations.They warned that the less water…Read More

  • Engro Foods wins ‘G20’ Challenge award

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The ‘Group of 20’ has announced the winners of the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation, a global competition managed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group. Engro Foods Limited of Pakistan was among the winners.Ambassador Rogelio Granguillhome, Executive Secretary of the Mexican Agency …Read More

  • Huawei briefs bloggers on new services, products

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Huawei has recently held a bloggers gathering in the city in order to brief them about the features present in the 5 devices launched earlier by the Company.On the occasion, the bloggers were given various models of Huawei’s current device lineup to have a firsthand experience of the performance and build of the devices.Bruce…Read More

  • S and T Dept KPK to help govt for knowledge economy

    STAFF REPORT PSR: The Department of Science and Technology and Information Technology, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, planned to assist the provincial government in making a shift to knowledge economy and in this regards it has undertaken various initiatives for utilizing ST sub-sector for public interest and to providing opportunities to the academic institutions.“The C&T Department is engaged with multiple aspe…Read More

  • PTA plans to complete 3G licence auction this year

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Newly appointed PTA Chairman Farooq Ahmad Awan has said that the Authority is optimistic that that 3G auction process would be completed this year to generate Rs 80 billion estimated in the budget for the current fiscal year 2012-13.“The process of hiring a consultant has been re-initiated and Expres…Read More

  • Ghaznavi reinstated as PTA member

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Nasrul Karim Ghaznavi has been reinstated as Member Finance at PTA Cabinet Division, with the approval of Prime Minister of Pakistan.Ghaznavi was suspended in April 2011 amid at holding an inquiry about the charges leveled by the then-chairman PTA Dr. Muhammad Yasin. It is learnt that the inquiry was concluded and the charges were withdrawn bef…Read More

  • P@SHA body members complain ignored on amends in PECO

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) seems to have become active in press and blogs for quite few months but its members often complain about their unawareness association activities and programmes as one of the issues raised recently when few of its members said that they have not been consulted on the proposed amendment…Read More

  • L and DD-UVAS coop vital to develop livestock

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab Livestock and Dairy Development Department Secretary Irfan Elahi has said that the L&DDD and the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore should work together for the development of livestock sector in the province focusing on small farmers across the province.“A comprehensive strategy should be devised in order to solve the fi…Read More

  • PEC team stresses quality studies in Mirpur varsity

    STAFF REPORT MIRPUR: A team of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), comprising its experts, have recently visited the Electrical Engineering Department of the state-run Mirpur University of Science & Technology in order to assess the curricular and extra-curricular activities in line with the stipulated criteria for granting the re-accreditation for the four-year BSc Electrical Engineering programme in the university.According to details, the PEC team, however, stressed the need for adding more facilities to ensure the dispensation of more quality studies in the MUST campus in line with the modern age as determined by the PEC.“The visit has b…Read More

  • PARB nods Rs 450m research projects

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab Agriculture Research Board (PARB) has approved Rs450 million budget for year 2012-13 for funding high priority research projects under the competitive grant system (CGS).According to details, the budget was approved for 30 new agriculture research projects including all the running projects under the umbrella of PARB.The board comprehensively evaluated the report about 12 randomly selected PARB funded projects and expresses satisfaction on the evaluation of these projects. The board also approved the recommendations of the selection committee against two posts of executive members of PARB.On the occasion, Agriculture …Read More

  • Let’s give mechanical brains a chance to deliver

    By Paras AliISLAMABAD: The claim of a Pakistani mechanical engineer to have invented a ‘water fuel kit’ to run vehicles instead of petrol or CNG and followed by his recent practical demonstrations in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad have on one hand shocked the world of energy while on the other hand put a direct challenge to the basic principles of energy conservation and energy…Read More

  • New base price of 3G licence to be set soon

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has decided to determine a fresh base price for the auction of 3G spectrum licences and constitute an independent oversight committee to allay the concerns about increased transparency.The new base price will be determined by a consultant of international repute that will be hired soon, a source said.Earlier, the PTA had set the base price at $210 million for the 3G lic…Read More

  • SSUET students develop robot to lift heavy luggage

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Students of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology have developed an automatic robot which can take luggage up and down, left to right, work and guard with the rope.According to details, the robot named “Rope Climbing Surveillance” operates automatically or with the help of remote. It can also work according to the information fed to him. It has the ability to take heavy luggage to the highest and can bring it back.The camera which is fixed on the robot can be used to guard the luggage and peoples. It can rotate about 360 degrees and record things quickly.The robot developers’ team comprises Murtaza Ali (team head…Read More

  • PTCL unveils static IP Address for DSL users

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has offered a long awaited facility of Static IP for all of its broadband. The PTCL Broadband DSL services with various data rates now gives you high speed internet bandwidth with additional feature of Static IP on a connection.According to a press release, PTCL is initially offering single static IP address. This facility has multiple uses, few of them are menti…Read More

  • Mismanagement of rice costs govt Rs 11b loss

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The procurement of sub-standard rice and its late disposal inflicted Rs 11 billion loss to the national exchequer, says a report the Auditor-General of Pakistan.The report said that Passco suffered huge losses as the paddy, particularly purchased in Sindh, was of poor quality, wet and sub-standard. The Corporation was required to sell …Read More

  • Dozens of more wild peacocks die

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The threat to wildlife is get worse as dozens of more wild peacocks have died in Pakistan desert, Sindh, apparently due to the outbreak of the highly contagious Newcastle disease rising the death toll of peacocks to over 100.The Wildlife Ministry said that the tests are being done to diagnose the cause of these death, but said the wild peacocks ha…Read More

  • PSF initiates to fund scientific surveys

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has taken an initiative to provide funds to those organizations conducting scientific surveys in order to collect data on important issues, which is used in research and policy making.“PSF is granting awards and prizes to individuals engaged in developing processes, products, invention, innovations in order to provide incentive for valuable…Read More

  • Pakistan may lose farm state status

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan may fall into the bracket of food-importing countries in near future, if the government fails to take immediate measures to resolve the energy crisis, Engro Corporation President and CEO Muhammad Aliuddin Ansari told the media."We know that wealthy countries and international financial institutions dole out large amounts of aid to poor countries e…Read More

  • Farm growth rate remains low

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Farm community organizations have contested President Asif Ali Zardari's claim that government policies have resulted in higher agriculture growth and said rather the growth in agriculture sector has been relatively low due to anti-agriculture policies.The government has failed to achieve 3.4 per cent growth target of agriculture sector during 2011-2012 because of less than…Read More

  • Tough procedures hamper Pak mango export

    STAFF REPORT MTN: The mango growers have expressed concern over “tough export procedures and formalities” which are hindering the mango export to US and demanded the higher authorities to ease the process which would help obtaining $30 million orders.“US has allowed mango export after 64 years and USAID is working …Read More

  • Zong sponsors Olympic athlete Rabia

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In order to acknowledge their efforts and motivate the talented women of Pakistan, Zong has decided to support Pakistani athlete Rabiq Ashiq who will be running in the 800 metre competition in the London Olympics scheduled for August 8, 2012.Rabia was selected to participate in the event through wildcard. Zong’s effort is aimed at ensuring that women, who comprise …Read More

  • Pak students get pride at Physics Olympiad

    STAFF REPORT LHR: A Student of second year of Rangers Public School & College, Mandi Bahauddin, Taimour Iftikhar, has secured third position in the 43rd International Physics Olympiad.According to details, as many as 81 countries around the world had taken part in the competition. The student of Rangers Scho…Read More

  • Farooq new PTA chairman

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Farooq Ahmed Awan is set to take charge as Chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority succeeding Dr. Mohammad Yasin, who has recently completed his four-year service term.Farooq will no longer serve as the Secretary IT as well as Chairman of PTCL Board.Presently, the local telecom industry is confronted with multiple challenges like tax e…Read More

  • Website about farm data set to start

    STAFF REPORT KHI: A central website containing the overall agricultural productivity data is being developed to have fair food policies for different farm products in the country.According to an official of the Ministry of Information Technology, the data will be obtained by a remote sensing satellite of the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere …Read More

  • PTCL plans to reduce employees by half

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTCL has offered a Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) to its more than 50 per cent employees, which will cost it around eight to 10 billion rupees.“Of the total existing staff of 30,000, we are offering VSS to 16,000 employees,” Senior Executive Vice President Human Resource PTCL, Syed Mazhar Hussain, told the media.Flaned by PTCL’s Senior Vice President Naveed Saeed, and other high-u…Read More

  • NTDCL awards internship certificates

    STAFF REPORT LHR: National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDCL) has awarded certificates and stipends to 121 successful young engineers of various leading universities of Pakistan under the one-month Internship Training Programme.Managing Director NTDCL Naveed Ismail, who distributed the certificates, …Read More

  • Apricus, Boutiue Carbon to introduce solar thermal

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Apricus Solar Co. Ltd., an manufacturer and supplier of solar hot water solutions to the global market, has signed a MoU with Boutique Carbon (Pvt.) Limited of Pakistan, under which the solar thermal would be introduced in the country in order to resolve the energy crisis."With an energy crisis in Pakistan resulting in daily power blackouts and high cost o…Read More

  • IT share in local economic set to swell

    STAFF REPORT LHR: NetSol Technologies CEO and Chairman Salim Ghauri has said that the local IT industry will be highly visible in the country’s economy within the next five years.“Over 1,000 IT companies are operating in the country with over 100,000 employees; generating over a billion dollars in IT exports,” he said while talking to media here. He added that in the next five years, these n…Read More

  • Cellcos concerned over Rs 47b tax evasion issue

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Perturbed over the allegations of Rs47 billion sales tax evasion over the past five years, the local telecom operators are set to get themselves out of this critical situation by bringing forth the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s position that the interconnection charges are ‘expenses’ and not `income’ under the Calling Party Pays regime.The companies have reportedly expressed th…Read More

  • SBP ups renewable power projects capacity limit

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has enhanced the capacity limit of all renewable power projects from 10MW to 20MW for financing under the ‘Scheme for Financing Power Plants Using Renewable Energy’, says a press release issued here.It Banks/ Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) can consider financing requests of the sponsors, who intend to set up Power Projects …Read More

  • 6 Pak varsities ranked among world’s top 300 institutes

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan will be among the top 30 countries of the world in terms its education quality as well as research.Scimago, an independent research organization and an international evaluation and ranking platform, has projected in its recent publication how the world will perform in research by 2018 based on their past performance.The expected output of research in Pakistan moving up 16 notches, which is the second highest increase worldwide, is primarily due to the innovative higher education policies and reforms taking place in the country under the Higher Education Commission (HEC).In Pakistan, there is a renewed focus on engin…Read More

  • TIP undergoing financial crunch

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Telephone Industry of Pakistan (TIP) is presently experiencing serious financial trouble mainly due to the management on the part of the authorities concerned.According to documents, the existing health of TIP is fast deteriorating following the consistent drop in sales and a substantial cut in its production during the last four years.“The major reduction within 3-4 years with production dropping drastically and current sale hitting less than Rs70 million against the expenditure of Rs700 million a year,” said the sources.They said that the production might be around 30 per cent as compared to four years back while its e…Read More

  • Oil mafia held responsible for Pak energy crisis

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The oil refineries are reluctant to produce clean energy petroleum products according to minimum international standard Euro-II, which has shifted the entire burden on the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.A crucial meeting of oil refineries, officials of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and Ministry of Climate Change has recently been held with Federal Minister of Environment Rana Farooq Saeed Khan in chair to review the progress of oil refineries regarding the production of Euro-II compliance oil and lubricant products.Terming the oil refineries as mafia, the environment minister said, “Oil mafia is respo…Read More

  • HEC provides jobs to 1041 scholars in varsities

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Higher Education Commission’s Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) Programme has placed 1041 Pakistani PhDs as Assistant Professors across the country at both public and private sector, in academic and research universities.According to details, Water Resource Management, Biotechnology, Food Engineering, Animal Nutrition, Bio Chemistry, Nano Chemistry and Nano Catalysis, Plasma Physics, Supply Chain Management, Water Resource Engineering, Cell Biology, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Fish Molecular Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, High Energy Physics, Biomedical Textiles, Leadership, Culture & Social Preferences, Geophysics…Read More

  • Shisha smoking penetrating in varsities

    STAFF REPORT KHI: In Pakistani universities 38.70 per cent male students are shisha smokers who smoke for the sake of removing frustration, 24.10 per cent for pleasure, 16.20 per cent  to gain attention of opposite gender, 12.90 per cent for passing leisure time and 8.06 per cent to release stress. A Pakistani research published in Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing; an international journalThe report revealed that Water Pipe Smoking (Sheesha) has become a bandwagon in youth of different parts of the world; similarly as a new fashion trend in Pakistani youth is also becoming one of its victims.The increasing popularity of shisha smoking in Pakis…Read More

  • FUUAST faculty members awarded

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Science and Technology Ministry, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology, has awarded three faculty members of the Federal Urdu University of Arts Science and Technology (FUUAST) with the ‘Research Productivity Award 2011,’ said a release issued by the university.The statement said that Prof Dr Moen Uddin Ahmed of Botany Department, Assistant Prof Dr Sobia Pervez of Chemistry Department and Prof Dr Itrat Fatima of Pharmacy Department have been awarded.FUUAST Vice Chancellor Dr Qaiser and other staff greeted the awarded faculty members and expressed their warm wishes for the achievers.…Read More

  • “Trans-boundary actions are needed to protect biodiversity”: Dr. Hasan

    By Paras AliISLAMABAD: Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), a subsidiary of Pakistan Science Foundation, Ministry of Science & Technology and Beijing Museum of Natural History (BMNH) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the areas of natural history.PMNH Director General Dr. Syed Azhar Hasan and BMNH Director Prof. Meng Qinjin signed the MoU on behal…Read More

  • PTCL online games tourney gets massive response

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recently held a major online gaming tournament “PTCL Gamers’ League” in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad, in which the country’s youth participated with much enthusiasm.Purpose of this event was to promote Broadband Internet gaming in Pakistan, and engage the nation’s youth in community-based creative online activities.The tournament was bas…Read More

  • NUST excels in two-wheeler vehicle

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Students of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have developed Pakistan’s first Sugway, a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels.According to details, the personal two-wheeler vehicle named “Subak Raftar” can be used in shopping malls, airport, factories, universities, museums, golf courts and large buildings and also very useful ride fo…Read More

  • Attempts being made to destroy HEC initiatives

    STAFF REPORT KHI: former federal minister for science and technology, Dr Attaur Rehman, has said that under a wishful plan the higher education system is getting deteriorated at the hands of corrupt politicians which would cost the nation dearly.He expressed these remarks while addressing the opening ceremony of the leadership conference recently organised by the Youth Parliament.“Thi…Read More

  • Number of WLL users cross 3m mark

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The number of wireless telephone consumers crossed the benchmark of three million despite slow growth and immense competition among the operators in Pakistan by March 2012, say updated statistics of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).According to analysts, the wireless services providers have been facing immense co…Read More

  • Nadra plans to unveil smart NICs

    STAFF REPORT IBD: National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has said that it is going to introduce the Smart National Identity Card (NIC) in the country in near future.“The NIC has 36 security features and technologically is the most advanced card in the world today,” NADRA Chairman said this while giving a briefing to the federal cabinet here last week.…Read More

  • Pak IT policy drafter awarded degree

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Dr S. M. Junaid Zaidi, who drafted Pakistan’s first IT policy, has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, says a press release received here.Dr Zaidi, awarded the prestigious Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2007, is the founding rector of the Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), which was chartered by the governm…Read More

  • LUMS rates PTCL 3G EVO broadb and service best

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has been honored by Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) by declaring 3G EVO Wireless Broadband amongst the prestigious university’s highest rated project for 2012 Master of Business Administration (Executive)  dissertation.This recognition came as PTCL Senior Manager Wireless-GTR, Syed Umer Farooq, selected 3G EVO Wireless Broadband Internet as the …Read More

  • PTCL makes progress with awarding shining staff

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL President & CEO, Walid Irshaid, has said that despite prevailing economic challenges the company has secured unprecedented growth this year due to employees’ persistent hard work and initiative.“My heartiest congratulations to all employees of PTCL who are key players in what we are doing through this company today,” said Irshaid while addressing the PTCL’s annual …Read More

  • Mysterious disease killing peacocks in Sindh

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: A mysterious disease has killed more than 40 peacocks in the month of July in the Thar desert. According to a private TV channel this mysterious disease in the peacocks was discovered when 15 birds were killed in a village near Islamkot in July.Locals said that after being infected by the disease, the eyes of the peacocks had popped out because of swelling and they …Read More

  • Ufone gets award by UNGCP

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Ufone has been conferred the ‘Best practicing CSR Company’ award by the United Nations Global Compact Pakistan (UNGCP). Ufone is the only telecom recipient of this prestigious award.In view of creative CSR initiatives taken by Ufone as a tool for business sustainability, Ufone’s name was suggested by UNGCP’s Selection Committee for conferment of this …Read More

  • World training workshop on IPv6, DNSSEC concludes

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The three-day international training workshop on Internet Resource Management (IRM), DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) has recently been concluded successfully.The event was organized by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), which was attended by 40 participants across the…Read More

  • Cellcos approach Prime Minister to get rid of NAB

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Local cellular companies have now collectively written a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan to explain their viewpoint and seek his support in getting rid of National Accountability Bureau enquiry in what the NAB says the ‘tax evasion’ amounting to Rs 47 billion.The cell companies say that they have earned this amount through interconnection charges collected from mobile phone …Read More

  • NUST starts computer-based entry test

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has achieved an unprecedented milestone in Pakistan by commissioning a sophisticated facility of computer-based entry test for its Fall 2012 semester.According to details, owing to rapid advancements in the domain of information technology, NUST has been continuously adapting itself to meet the current as well as future educational needs.“The university provides its students with on-campus facilities at par with the latest technology. In that context, state-of-the-art cloud computing equipment has been installed at H-12 Campus which can accommodate over 1,000 candidates at a…Read More

  • Telenor shows record revenue for Q2-12

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Telenor Pakistan, the country’s second largest cellular company, has posted record quarterly revenue of Rs 23 billion, say the fresh figures released by the Telenor Group.The company registered another 615,000 subscriptions during April-June, ending with 29.9 million subscribers, a growth of 12 per cent over the same quarter last year. The company’s EBITDA margin observed an impressive year-to-year growth of 26 per cent, while market share remained stable at 24 per cent.“I am pleased with the performance of Telenor Pakistan in the second quarter of 2012. Despite operating in a challenging business environment, we have posted strong…Read More

  • US-funded bio-statistical research institute opens

    STAFF REPORT LHR: US Consulate General Lahore has launched the US-funded bio-statistical consulting centre at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, which is equipped with 20 computers and state-of-the-art data analysis software to develop research plans, analyze data, and draft manuscripts for publication.“The US government is focusing on Pakistan’s educational capacity building through science and technology programme,” said US Consulate General Economics Officer Frank P Talluto after opening the centre. He added that the US authorities had allocated $350,000 for research projects for Pakistan this year and said that the centre would provide c…Read More

  • Talentidols.com announces video competition

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Talentidols.com has announced the ‘Cellular Network of the Month Contest’, where people can post their video reviews of the cellular connection to participate in a competition to win prizes.TalenIdols is a, made-in-Pakistan, talent competition portal that provides a platform to help, talented people from Pakistan, get discovered.The company’s latest initiative is the concept of Video Blogging where anyone can participate by uploading a web cam or mobile based video. They have started 5 such monthly contests already including ‘Cellular Network of the Month contest’ is one of them.“Winners will get certain cash prizes and give…Read More

  • Cotton area, production target set

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab Cotton Control Board has approved the area and production targets of cotton in Punjab for the year 2012-13.At a recently held meeting, the targets for cotton was set at 6.2 million acres, production of 10.5 million bales and average yield of cotton per acre 23.17 munds, Punjab Agriculture Secretary Mushtaq Ahmad, Agriculture (Extension) DG Dr Anjum Ali, told the media after the meeting.He said that cotton has been sown on an area of 5.926m acres which was 5.34pc less as compared to the last year’s area of cotton 6.261m acres. He further said that according to crop reporting services production of cotton for last year was…Read More

  • MoITT will soon advertise for hiring of consultant for 3G licence auction

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In a recent development regarding issuance of 3G licences in Pakistan, it was decided at PM House that Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom (MoITT) will immediately advertise for hiring of consultant to expedite the process of 3G licence auction. The process of 3G licence auction has already got delayed considerably due to the unnecessary official procedures.It was suppose to be the duty of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to advertise and hire the consultant, but in recent developments, the government high-ups are not happy with PTA and assigned this task to MoITT.MoITT in a briefing to PM told that PTA was d…Read More

  • EMC Consulting, CIO to act as cloud in altering IT

    STAFF REPORT KHI: CIO Pakistan has organized a consultation wherein veterans from the local IT Industry gathered on a common platform to discuss how cloud should be utilized to drive efficiency.The main objective of holding this event was to discuss with the audience and engage them in a healthy conversation regarding the incorporation of a cloud strategy in the businesses’ IT strategy followed by the development of a vigorous structural design for cloud. Suggestions were sought from the audience about how feasible it is for the companies to design a cloud and shift the infrastructure to cloud.This was followed by a presentation by the members of EM…Read More

  • Telemedicine network in Pakistan soon

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Intel Pakistan, NexSource Pakistan, eHealth Services Ltd and ASK Development will jointly provide quality healthcare to rural communities through eHealth, aimed at improving human and institutional development of civil society and public sector organizations through partnership in capacity building initiatives.The outcome of project will enable rural teams to work on kiosks and be instrumental to provide quality healthcare through ICT.These companies will deploy a Telemedicine Network in Pakistan with over 15,000 rural locations.This will involve around 75,000 healthcare professionals including more than two thousand doctors…Read More

  • Huawei storms into Pakistan’s smartphone market with big bang

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan has witnessed China’s number one smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, entering the local market with a big bang when the company launched a series of five new handsets carrying a package of most attractive features and services.“Business and trade links between Pakistan and China have been growing enormously in the past few decades. With rock-solid friendship between the two cou…Read More

  • Long-term training on animals health stressed

    STAFF REPORT LHR: University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, has said that the short-term private sector insemination training workshops are playing havoc with the livestock as well as small farmers.“The private sector’s one-month training workshops are insufficient to impart quality practical training, thus leading to complication f…Read More

  • Nokia showcases latest better, smarter offerings

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Nokia has recently held the Nokia App Summit 2012 in Karachi  in order to showcase its latest better, faster and smarter offerings along with a line-up of relevant app content developed by Pakistani developers that adds up to a mobility experience par excellence.According to details, the event featured a unique blend of stalwarts from the local mobile and app developers, corporate s…Read More

  • Delaying tactics incur billions of rupees loss to national kitty

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The country’s export may hit another stumbling block due to government’s failure to set up much-needed Halal Board for Halal Food Accreditation which will go a long way to bolster country’s export and local sale.An official who wished not to be named told this scribe that Halal Board will provide policy guidelines to the Pakistan National Accreditation Co…Read More

  • Broadb and users cross 2mln mark

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The number of broadband subscribers have reached two million mark mainly due to the increasing popularity of DSL, EvDo and Wimax connections in the network available cities, reveals the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).It said that the DSL connections have surged to 849,228 followed by Wimax and EvDo with 575,572 and 537,908 connections by the month of April.…Read More

  • Pak student secures medal at world math contest

    STAFF REPORT LHR: A Pakistani student, Syed WaqarAli Shah, has won a silver medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad recently held in Argentinean town, Mar del Plata.Waqar Ali Shah, an A-level student of the Pak-Turk International School, Karachi, who competed with about 550 students from 96 countries of the world.Pakistan had sent a batch o…Read More

  • PAS, CAS join h and s for scientific cooperation

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences (PAS-CAS) have joined hand to enhance scientific cooperation and exchange of scientists, young scholars and technicians between the two countries.Addressing the press conference, President PAS Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman and President CAS Prof. Chunli Bai have signed an MoU in this regard.In his remarks, Dr. Atta said that CAS is the most powerful scientific institution in China with over 100 world-class research institutes and science and technology universities under its umbrella.Dr. Atta said that the MoU symposia, conferences, workshops will be organized by both academi…Read More

  • Dow honours PakOasis for fresh water project

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Dow Water & Process Solutions, a division of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW), has recognized PakOasis for one year of operational excellence at its Nawabshah Ultrafiltration (UF) water treatment facility. The largest of its kind in Pakistan, the facility uses DOW ultrafiltration technology to provide 14 million imperial gallons of fresh, safe drinking water every day, delivering a total of 20 billion liters of water over the past year."Over 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water globally, and we are grateful to be able to do our part in the quest to enable access to fresh water," said PakOasis CEO Omar Jilani on th…Read More

  • Pak-China natural history museums ink coop deal

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), a subsidiary of Pakistan Science Foundation, and Beijing Museum of Natural History (BMNH) have signed an MoU for cooperation in the areas of natural history.According to a press release, the MoU has been signed in Beijing during the recent visit of PMNH DG Dr. S. Azhar Hasan and Senior Operational Manager Muhammad Akhtar Javed’s to the Bei…Read More

  • NAYS-Pakistan chief holds meetings with world S and T icons

    STAFF REPORT IBD: NAYS-Pakistan President Aftab Ahmad has recently visited Italy and held a series of meetings with senior officials of Dr. Lucilla Spini--Coordinator IAP and IAMP (InterAcademy Medical Panel) at ICTP campus in Trieste; and Dr. Peter McGrath (Program Officer TWAS) at ICTP Campus; Professor K. Tahir Shah (Chairman Board of Directors of The Emerging Nations Science Foundation).…Read More

  • Shafay, 8, gets Microsoft Certificate

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: Qualifying to be a "Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist" is an impressive achievement for 8-year-old Pakistani boy named Shafay Thobani.According to Shafay, he started working with computers when he was just 4 years old. At the age of 7, Shafay started training to pass the exams necessary to become a Mic…Read More

  • 70 mmcfd Manzalai field gas resumes

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The supply of natural gas would improve as most recently around 70mmcfd gas has been added to the system of Sui-Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGP) from restoration of gas supply from Manzalai gasfield after the completion of the Annual Turn-Around (ATA) of the field.It is to be mentioned here that the gas field was suspended for as many as 12 days in the month of July. Prime Minister h…Read More

  • Tariq made NADRA chief

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Tariq Malik has been promoted to the post of Chairman, National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA). Tariq was already serving the Authority as Deputy Chairman, says a press release.Four year back, Tariq Malik was strategic management role four years back as Deputy Chairman, when he was leading Network Directorate of NADRA as General Manager. He …Read More

  • Pakistani engineer invents water fuel kit for vehicles

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In a surprising development, Engineer Waqar Ahmed has come up with a new solution for a country like Pakistan to reduce reliance on oil import as he claimed to have invented water fuel kit for vehicles.Waqar appraised about his invention during a meeting with Federal Minister for Science an…Read More

  • Intel, Wateen join h and s on internet programme

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Intel Pakistan and Wateen Telecom have joined hands to offer internet access programme to local consumers in Pakistan in order to make internet more accessible and affordable for all new subscribers. Under this offer, a consumer purchasing an Intel processors-based PC, will get a free Wateen Wimax Broadband connection, enabling consumer…Read More

  • PTCL starts paid internship programme

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTCL has launched a first of its kind PTCL One–Year Paid Internship Programme for young Pakistani graduates with the aim to provide them a unique opportunity for learning and professional development.Open to energetic and ambitious fresh graduates of Business, Finance, HR and Engineering, the internship programme features hands-on experience of thriving business operations & practices; attractive stipends; exposure to cutting-edge ICTs & platforms; development of professional skills & competencies.“PTCL is committed to creating diverse opportunities and enabling people to bring betterment to their lives,” said Senio…Read More

  • Teradata extends operations to Lahore

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Teradata Corporation has opened its office in Lahore at the Arfa Software Technology Park aimed at enhancing its business in the country with innovative products and services deliver data integration and business insight to empower o…Read More

  • Thar Coal underground gasification project a flop

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Whike rejecting the Thar Coal Underground Gasification project, Punjab University Center for Coal Technology Director Prof Dr Shahid Munir has stressed that open pit mining is the right strategy to utilize Thar Coal. He proved with facts and figures that it is not technically and economically feasible.…Read More

  • Pak bike industry flourishing

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The local motorcycle industry sector is vibrant, flourishing and exemplary, as about 95 per cent manufacturing is being done in Pakistan through latest technology transfer with billion of rupees and hundred employing thousands of skilled workers.The sector progressed tremendously so far due to consistent policy of the government, while it gave a prot…Read More

  • Cellular village connection starts in Neelum

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Prime Minister Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has recently inaugurated the Cellular Village Connection Trial (CVCT) project at Athmuqam, Neelum Valley AJK.AJK President and Prime Minister, Federal Minister for Information and federal minister AK&GB were also present on the occasion.Chairman PTA Dr. Mohammed Yaseen and DG SCO General Khalid Rao informed the Prime Minister about the efforts made for development of telecom facilities in AJK in general and at Neelum Valley at particular. The deregulation of the telecom sector brought about a revolutionary change which saw huge increase in subscriber base, teledensity and coverage are…Read More

  • ROZEE.PK CEO shares success story at world forum

    STAFF REPORT LHR: ROZEE.PK, Pakistan’s leading job portal, has recently participated in the over 100 AllWorld fast growth entrepreneurs and business leaders AllWorld Summit@Harvard. Business leaders from the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, Pakistan and Turkey participated in the three-day event.“I want the world to know our story; we have experienced 8,500 percent growth …Read More

  • Ufone unveils ShahCar Offer 2

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Ufone has recently introduced 20 winners of its ShahCar Offer 2 at a media conference. The lucky winners have won a fabulous Suzuki Swift car through Ufone’s offer.The offer that took the subscribers by storm remained in operation from April 10 to June 30 and was valid for all new, MNP, prepaid and postpay customers. To get a chance to be part of the offer lucky draw, the c…Read More

  • Salim Ghauri honoured by ABE UK

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Chairman & CEO NetSol Technologies Ltd Salim Ghauri has been presented with Honourary Fellowship by the Association of Business Executives (ABE) UK in recognition of his services to the Information Technology (IT) industry in Pakistan. Salim Ghauri is the first-ever Pakistani awarded with this prestigious award from ABE UK, says a press release.Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sha…Read More

  • Wateen installs Wi-Fi hotspots at SKMCH and RC

    STAFF REPORT LHR: As part of its corporate social responsibility philosophy, Wateen Telecom has signed an MoU with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) whereby the former would deploy Wi-Fi hotspots at different locations across the hospital premises.This is another step towards Wateen providing the general population access to the internet at numerous public places such as restaurants, cafes and hospitals across Pakistan; through its Wi-Fi hotspots. This will enable people whether patients, their relatives or the hospital staff to surf the internet while they are in the designated areas to use their time more efficien…Read More

  • MoITT to boost 3G process

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Taking notice of the delay in the auction of the 3G licenses in the country, the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology (IT) has directed the IT Ministry to accelerate this process by immediately appointing an international consultant. The international consultant would determine and review the auction process from scratch.The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was further directed to follow the best international practices in awarding the 3G licenses in order to fetch maximum revenue, efficiency and competitiveness.The committee also unanimously approved the recommendations of the sub-committee wi…Read More

  • Pakistan can produce power, gas thru solid waste management

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan can save a big chunk of budgetary allocations by using solid waste to generate electricity and gas that can help in overcome the persistent energy crisis in the country and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is all set to launch a pilot project to act as a role model for other cities. The successful experiments of power and gas generation in western count…Read More

  • Scientific knowledge pivotal for socio-economic uplift

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Focusing the scientific knowledge towards the socio-economic development and prosperity especially in the developing countries is need of the hour and Pakistan desperately yearn for this to ensure a comfortable niche in the comity of the developed nations.These remarks were expressed by Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Dr Ansar Parvez while addressing the scientists at the concluding session of 37th International Nathiagali Summer College (INSC) jointly organised by PAEC and National Centre for Physics (NCP).He said that science is so far free of restrictions and we must take advantage of this and enhance scientifi…Read More

  • COMSATS starts Virtual Campus VCOMSATS

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) has successfully established its Virtual Campus named as VCOMSATS.The establishment of this campus is the next logical step for the completion of the CIIT's goal of making quality education available to students in various parts of Pakistan though its…Read More

  • New crop cotton starts picking up

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The arrival of new crop has started picking up gradually. A meagre number of five ginning factories in Sindh and about 25 ginning factories are now processing about 2,500 domestic size bales of the new crop daily. Arrivals of seed cotton are increasing but it will take about another couple of months for them to gain any sizeable momentum.According to the available data, new crop …Read More

  • Pak teacher develops water-run rocket missile

    STAFF REPORT KHI: A Pakistani mechanical engineer and a school science teacher has developed a rocket missile, with an initial capability of flying up to 320 feet high, which uses water as its fuel.“I had to cut water bottle and to install air compressor to develop this missile,” says Muhammad Faisal, a teacher in Government Model School, Karachi, which is considered as the ec…Read More

  • IIE students attend Arena Simulation contest

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The student members of Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) UMT Branch has participated in the annual IIE/ Arena Simulation Competition recently held worldwide.It was entirely based on a real world case study which was sent to every participant, who was also required to model the entire problem in the Arena Software which is internationally used for discrete event simulation.Although, the students could not win the competition but they were rewarded with participation certificates by the Rockwell Software company, the sponsor of the event, says a press release received here.It was for the first time that any team of indus…Read More

  • Cellcos seek ST exemption on CN rates

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The local mobile operators have joined hands to seek government’s exemption for collection of sales tax on interconnection charges that they charge from customers.According to reports, the Federal Board of Revenue is currently in process of evaluating cellular firms’ application to seek sales tax exemption on interconnection charges under the section 65 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990.The cellular companies say that sales tax is not applicable on interconnection charges. It may be recalled that interconnection charges of 90 paisas per minute are charged from customers for cross-network calls.According to sources, the examining th…Read More

  • MoITT barred from giving contract to default firms

    MONITORING REPORT: Rising to the situation, the Standing Committee of Senate on IT has halted the ministry from awarding any contract to those telecom companies which are still unable to pay off their outstanding government dues.IT Secretary Farooq Awan informed the committee at a recently held meeting of the standing committee that the award of contract to telecom operators was the responsibility of PTA.He informed the committee that giving a contract to a government default firm was the responsibility of the PTA not the USF. The committee expressed serious reservations over the role of PTA in regulating the telecom sector.“The role of PTA C…Read More

  • PTCL awards officials for superb output

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In recognition of their outstanding achievements during 2011-2012, PTCL has awarded Gujranwala and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) as top performing regions during the company’s recent ‘Way Forward Conference 2012: Accelerating Customer Experience’ held in Muzzaffarabad, AJK, says a press release issued here.PTCL President & CEO, Walid Irshaid, gave the awards at a distinguished ceremo…Read More

  • Pakistan has edge in shelving mangoes

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan is all set to enhance its mango exports as it now has an edge in treatment and shelving of mangoes, which is considered as ‘king of fruits’.There are four approved methods of mango treatment, out of which three are recognised across the world - hot water treatment (HWT), vapor heat treatment (VHT) and radiation. For the killing bacteria in mango, the hot water hot …Read More

  • Having strong cyber security system need of the hour

    STAFF REPORT IBD: There is no dearth of material available in public domain related to cyber security, while ironically no initiative has so far been taken ensure cyber security.“Have we got a national strategy to secure our cyberspace. Have we got a programme aimed at cyber warfare,” said an expert on internet security related issues.He suggested that the…Read More

  • PTA bans all unregistered WLL connections

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA has directed the PTCL to make necessary arrangements for meeting the requirements for new WLL sales as mentioned in the PTA’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Wireless Local Loop Subscribers’, which require Documentation and Activation of Connections after Verification from NADRA.The Authority further directed the Company to disconnect all numbers issued in exc…Read More

  • SIMs purchase limit cut to 5

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has revised the limit for purchase of SIMs from 50 to five for one individual in its amended Subscribers Antecedents Verification Regulations.According to the new rule of the Authority, an individual can have five SIMs – prepaid or postpaid - on one CNIC from different or one cellular phone companies.The Authority has issued its new orders following the direction of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who asked the PTA to stop illegal sale in Balochistan and restrict one subscriber to five SIMs.Officials of the cellular phone companies fear of blocking millions…Read More

  • NA body questions high price of 4000 solar tube wells

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Textile Industry, while taking notice of the exorbitant price estimates of up to Rs 3 million of each solar tube well in the country, has questioned this price saying when this technology is available in the market at Rs 1.5 million as maximum price, then why the Planning Commission has fixed these estimates so high.Th…Read More

  • Wasim made new CEO wi-tribe

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Wi-tribe, a Qtel Group’s wholly owned WiMAX operator in Pakistan, has appointed Wasim Ahmad as its new CEO replacing Mustafa Peracha.According to an official of the company, Wasim Ahmad will take over from outgoing CEO, Mustafa Peracha who has led wi-tribe from a startup operation to a number two broadband service provider in Pakistan and the largest WiMax operator.Before joining wi…Read More

  • Asian states taking Pak higher edu as role model

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Due to revolutionary reforms in the higher education sector, the Pakistani universities have been included among the top world and Asian universities and Pakistani higher education model is being followed by other Asian countries.These remarks were expressed by HEC Executive Director, Professor Dr S. Sohail H. Naqvi during a meeting with the meeting of an official delegation from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan during their recent visit to the HEC head office here in Islamabad.Purpose of the visit was to get an understanding of the working of HEC and developments occurred in the last few years in the sector of higher education in Pakista…Read More

  • Workshops on biostatistical training improve skills

    STAFF REPORT LHR: University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha has said that the biostatical training workshop will help improve skills and expertise of professionals to publish them in well reputed national as well as international journals.He expressed these remarks at the recently held three-week biostatical summer research camp on Develo…Read More

  • FBR stopped from issuing Rs 27b tax waiver to cellcos

    STAFF REPORT IBD: FBR Chairman Mumtaz Haider Rizvi was recently interrogated for over two hours at the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) headquarters and was allowed to leave the premises only after he agreed not to issue a notification to write off the Rs47 billion on outstanding taxes for five cellular service providers of the country.According to the Bureau’s media wing,…Read More

  • Sewage water to irrigate vegetable crops

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Farmers – particularly small landholders – have now opted to use sewage water to increase crop productivity as, according to them, this kind of water carries all the natural contents required to increase the per acre yield.Agriculturists contend that the use of effluent has increased crop yields by up to 25 per cent. Given such claims, most of the small farmers prefer wastewater for vegetable fields in place of expensive pesticides and fertilizers.“Tube well irrigation is fast becoming a ‘dream’ for agriculturalists because of the high price of fuel needed to power them. “The government is not giving farmers any incentives, as they…Read More

  • Infotech helps Kenya enhance investors’ interests

    STAFF REPORT LHR: InfoTech continues to achieve recognition for its proprietary Capizar® Capital Market Suite which has already been deployed successfully in Pakistan, Ghana and Bhutan. Most recently, the Company has won the bid to deploy an advanced Market Surveillance System, Capizar® Capital Market Suite, in Kenya as part of its mandate to maintain an orderly, transparent and efficient market, and thus protect investor interests across that country.Earlier, the CMA had embarked on a programme to automate their Depository and Settlement (DSS) Operations in November 2004, implement the Automated Trading System (ATS) in September 2006, their Wide Area Netw…Read More

  • WWF to boost Pak cotton exports

    STAFF REPORT IBD:  WWF – Pakistan’s Sustainable Agriculture Programme, has signed an MoU with Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute (PCSI). Purpose of this partnership is to introduce standardisation of cotton among the participating ginning SMEs and bring it at par with the internationally accepted standards for improving the competitiveness of Pakistan’s raw cotton as well as ensuring better returns to cotton farmers, ginners, spinners, exporters.Pakistan is the 5th largest producer of cotton, 3rd largest exporter of the raw cotton, 4th largest consumer of cotton and largest exporter of cotton yarn.WWF aims to expand its efforts to increase the supp…Read More

  • Pak cell phone users cross 120m mark

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan’s cellular industry registered almost 120m subscribers by the end of May 2012, reveal the fresh statistics of PTA.It said that teledensity of cellular mobile subscribers in the country reached 68.8 per cent, up from 68.2 per cent.Mobilink stood at top with 36,048,127 subscribers at the end of May 2012, followed by Telenor with 29,896,660 subscribers. Ufone contented at third slot with 23,550,270 subscribers and Warid had 13,798,974 subscribers on May 31st, 2012, the data said.…Read More

  • Wateen partners with ISIC for 20pc line rent discount

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom has announced to partner with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Association in order to work together to support students in Pakistan by signing an MoU with the Association.Under the MoU Wateen will offer 20 per cent discount every month on all WiMAX line rent to any person with a valid ISIC card for a year. The ISIC is a global standards body that issues identity cards to students from recognised educational institutes.The ISIC is the only globally recognized student identity card, which is exclusively endorsed by UNESCO. The ISIC is selected and used by over 4.5 million students globally so that they c…Read More

  • Mobilink Super Engineer Competition 2012

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Mobilink announced the results of the ‘Mobilink Super Engineer Competition 2012’, which is an inter-university competition involving teams of students from the leading engineering universities of Pakistan, in which the students attempted real-life engineering projects, assigned by the Mobilink Technical Team.Finalist teams for “Mobilink Super Engineer 2012” were CASE,…Read More

  • Basic Life Support and Fire Safety Workshop concludes

    WWF-Pakistan recently signed a project agreement with European Union Switch-Asia Programme titled ‘Sustainable cotton production in Pakistan’s cotton ginning SMEs’ which will help further expand the work of BCI. Under this initiative WWF-P also aims to empower and improving the working  conditions of poor labors working at ginning factory under Decent Work component as described by ILO.In support of project activities pertaining to Occupational Health & Safety, WWF-Pak organized a two days “Community Basic Life Support & Fire Safety” orientation workshop for the management staff of ginning factories with the coordination of Punjab Emergency Service…Read More

  • Environment unfriendly plastic use

    MAN-MADE PLASTIC has been a boon in many ways and has countless uses, but it is also an environmental time-bomb waiting to explode. These plastics do not decompose easily and, hence, lead to countless health and environmental hazards when disposed of carelessly.Burning of plastic bags and items leads to the creation of noxious fumes, such as carbon monoxide. The noxious fumes have also had an injurious effect on the ozone layer, which prevents the harmful rays of sun from flowing into atmosphere.One of the most common chemicals in plastics is Bisphenol A; more-widely known as BPA. This compound is an endocrine disruptor which can mimic oestrogen and has been linked with an a…Read More

  • 27 Pak scientists’ research leads to Higgs boson discovery

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As many as 27 Pakistani scientists working at CERN made a visible contribution in the flawless research that has finally led to the discovery of the Higgs boson, also nicknamed the “God particle”, that travels faster than light; this experiment will help in re-enacting the first moments of the universe.These participating scie…Read More

  • Engineer gives demo of water fuel vehicle

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A practical demonstration of using water as a fuel to run the vehicles was recently held at the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) which is working under Ministry of Science and Technology.The demonstration was given by Agha Waqar Ahmed Khan, a Khairpur-based Mechanical Engineer, who was invited by the PSF under its “Invention and Innovation Support” Programme to encou…Read More

  • Training helps polish researchers’ abilities

    STAFF REPORT LHR: University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha has said that the biostatical training workshop will help hone skills and expertise of professionals to publish them in well reputed national as well as international journals.He was addressing at the recently held three-week biostatical summer research camp on Developing Research…Read More

  • Pak farming getting benefits of telecom sector

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA Chairman Dr. Mohammed Yaseen has said that Pakistan telecom sector is considered as an exemplary growth model around the globe and our agriculture sector can also be a model by adopting telecom and getting its benefits. Today, we have total teledensity of over 72 per cent with 119.9 million mobile subscribers.He said this at a workshop on “What Can Telecommu…Read More

  • Sindh likely to produce 5m cotton bales

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Sindh is expected to produce five million bales of cotton this year going by the seasonal sowing trend in areas commanded by the Kotri Barrage. However, this will largely depend on favourable weather conditions and regular supply of irrigation water. Cotton production has remained below normal due to floods and heavy rains over the past two years.“Tharparker has achieved …Read More

  • Emersons join h and s with JBS

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, announced that its products are now available through Jaffer Business Systems (business division of Jaffer Brothers), the latest to join Emerson’s network of…Read More

  • Sugar mills exploiting farmers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The country’s farming community is being exploited by the sugar mills through irregular practices like low and fixed rates of the crop, illegal deductions, restriction to the market and unjust buying terms and conditions, says a fresh report released by Sustainable Development Policy Institute.“Very few farmers are loyal to the specific mills, most farmers opt t…Read More

  • Mobilink raises Rs.2b loans

    PROPAKISTANI: Mobilink has raised Rs 2 billion through privately placed Term Finance Certificates (TFCs) also known as secured loan raised through institutional investors, said a notice sent to Karachi Stock Exchange.However, this is yet not clear that this capital injection will be used for network expansion, 3G rollout, investment in branchless banking or for an upcoming acquisition.According …Read More

  • Markhor giving new life to wildlife in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has announced that the markhor - a majestic wild goat species - is making a remarkable comeback in Pakistan due to the continued conservation efforts. The WCS-led community surveys have revealed that markhor population in northern Pakistan's Kargah region in Gilgit-Baltistan has increased from …Read More

  • Preventive step can end mango disease

    STAFF REPORT ISB: An endophyte is an endosymbiont, often a bacterium or fungus, that lives within a plant for at least part of its life without causing apparent disease. Endophytes are ubiquitous and have been found in all the species of plants studied to date.The endophytic fungus causing this serious mango post-harvest disease "Stem End Rot" (SER) that has b…Read More

  • Pak students design solar car

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Students of physics at a university in Pakistan have designed a solar car and want to introduce the energy-friendly and pollution-free vehicle commercially..According to details, Raja Imran, Sabeen Dilawar, Adnan Sultan, Sundus Nawaz, Wajahat Ali, Zainab Liaqat and Mohammad Tahir – the students of Hazara University in Mansehra of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province – have built the car under the supervi…Read More

  • PTCL rolls out 3G EVO ‘Nitro Cloud’

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has introduced 3G EVO “Nitro Cloud”, Pakistan’s first mobile Wi-Fi hotspot offering EVDO Rev B speeds on the go driven by Pakistan’s fastest 3G EVO Wireless Broadband.The pocket-sized 3G EVO Nitro Cloud is an easy-to-manage portable 3G Wi-Fi router that creates a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot for its customers virtually anywhere, creating a true mobile exper…Read More

  • Nokia launches phone app to improve literacy skills

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Nokia and UNESCO Pakistan have launched a basic literacy application ‘eTaleem’ for Nokia phones, that allows people to easily access lessons for Urdu reading, phonetics, word synthesis, sentence making, and basic math.The application can be downloaded on most affordable Nokia S40 devices, says a press release issued here.The learning content to Nokia’s eT…Read More

  • Climate change: Farmers need to boost knowhow

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The climate change is badly impacting the agriculture in terms of reduction in per acre yield that needs to corrective measures for its revival as well as boost knowledge to ensure food security in the country.These remarks were expressed speakers at a recently held seminar by Damaan, an NGO, in collaboration with the Sustainable Agriculture Action Group (SAAG), ActionAid, …Read More

  • Balochistan farm sector declining

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Farmers are regularly losing billions of rupees especially in Balochistan mainly due to the rising input costs which is causing decline in agriculture output by 50 per cent.“The Balochistan’s agriculture sector was in decline because of energy costs rising, leading many to abandon the sector altogether,” said spokesperson of the Falahi Anj…Read More

  • VHT plants installation can boost Pak mango export

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is missing Japan's huge market for mangoes in the absence of Vapor Heat Treatment (VHT) facilities to meet the sanitary and phyto-sanitary conditions which are a pre-requisite for mango exports to that country. Pakistan could easily export mangoes worth $4-5 million annually if VHT plants are installed to meet the laid down requirements, experts said.The Japanese government has a…Read More

  • Intel gives h and s-on training to women on PC

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Taking its education initiative one step further, Intel Pakistan has collaborated with parenting group, WeldonMoms to train aspiring young housewives in Karachi in order to promote computer literacy among Pakistani young mothers and homemakers. In this connection, the Intel Pakistan held a one-day training programme for a batch of 50 ladies using the latest technology by Intel, with an aim to help those women who are unable to venture into a business owing to lack of support, resources and confidence.“We believe that mothers and homemakers have the ability to shape the future of the entire family, and this initiative will help our women e…Read More

  • NBP conferred award in London

    MONITORING REPORT LONDON: National Bank of Pakistan has been ranked by The Banker as the top bank of Pakistan in its ‘Top 1000 World Banks’ ranking for 2012. NBP has also been awarded ‘Deals of the Year’ (DOTY) Award by The Banker magazine of UK for its wind energy project worth Rs 11 billion.Qamar Hussain, President of the National Bank of Pakistan, received the award by Syed Shahjahan Salahuddin, Country Manager o…Read More

  • USAID assists 17 mango farms get export chit

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The US Agency for International Development’s farms project has successfully assisted 17 mango farms from Punjab and Sindh and attained the renowned Global Good Agriculture Practices (GlobalGap) certification, with a target to complete assistance to a total of 29 farms by the end of the year.GlobalGap is a set of international standards for the certification of agricultural production processes, primarily designed to reassure consumers in the world market about the production of food on the farm with minimised detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations.As part of a larger mango programme that included extensive farmer …Read More

  • NA body directs MoITT to submit report on NTC

    STAFF REPORT IBD: National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology (IT) directed the IT Ministry to submit an inquiry report on the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) project within 15 days, which is causing a huge loss to the national exchequer.The meeting, chaired Barjees Tahir, discussed the NTC Project for Establishment of Optical Fibre based transmission link between Keti Bandar to Jiwani along costal highways.The committee expressed serious annoyance over the issue and pointed out that the project was initiated in 2002, which could not be finalised and causing approximately $8 million loss annually to the national exchequer.…Read More

  • Lucky Cement gives 20MW per hour to Hesco

    STAFF REPORT KHI: As per the KSE notice, Lucky Cement (LUCK) has started supplying 20MW per hour electricity to the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) as per the terms of the agreement.According to details, the Lucky Cement has installed a grid station and an interconnection with the distribution network of HESCO. The company operates 175MW power generation facility and sells electr…Read More

  • Engro sues SNGPL over gas issue

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Engro Fertilizer has claimed damages worth of Rs. 8.85 billion from SNGPL for not supplying the gas to its new plant – ENVEN1.3 as per the agreement.According to details, the new plant was supplied gas only for 43 days in 2012 which is against the sovereign contract signed between Engro and SNGPL. The gas company also failed to comply with the Sindh High Court decision in favour of Engro to direct uninterrupted 100 mmcfd gas to the said plant.“The dishonouring by SNGPL of its commitments will destroy a huge investment of over $1.1 billion, hence, discouraging investment in the country,” stated a financial adviser close to the matte…Read More

  • Govt plant to boost halal meat export

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company CEO Hamid Yaqoob Sheikh has said that the government has made a comprehensive plan to increase the export of halal meat.“Demand for Pakistani halal products is growing internationally and the Punjab Halal Development Cell has been set up to meat this demand,” he said.Sheikh added that Pakistan is rich in the best breed of livestock, there are 69.6 million cows and buffaloes, and 91.5 million goats and sheeps.However, due to a lack of standards regulating the halal meat industry, local traders are not marketing their products in international markets properly.Answering a question, he…Read More

  • Pak mobile banking set to exp and amid cautions

    STAFF REPOR ISB: The Branchless Banking is rapidly gaining ground in Pakistan with the overall turnover during the Jan-March period of the financial year 2011-12 remained high registering over 25 million transactions worth Rs. 85 billion capital through branchless banking thus posting about 23 per cent increase, reports State Bank of Pakistan in its quarterly statistics.It said that the number of regist…Read More

  • Pak blog gets acquired for Rs. 10m

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Gagism.com, a blog co-founded by Farrukh Zafar and Salman Saeed, has recently been acquired by an Australian firm at a whooping Rs. 10 million valuation.Farrukh Zafar, who left his remunerative job at LG Pakistan to dedicate his efforts for Gagism, said that the idea of selling Gagism hit him when blog traffic dipped down to 400,000 page views per day, while it had been serving a million…Read More

  • Burj Bank selects Dialogic Tech, ZRG for contact centre apps

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Burj Bank Limited in Pakistan has selected Dialogic Technology and ZRG contact centre apps for their upcoming contact center project.According to a statement, the project is aimed at providing the best quality of services to the customers in a cost-effective way. Burj Bank required an experienced solution provider offering the best technology and associated services.…Read More

  • NAYS holds 4th moot of young researchers

    STAFF REORT KHI: Fourth one day workshop of series “Young Researchers’ Skill Development” has recently been organized by the National Academy of Young Scientist (NAYS) at the Karachi University and around 350 participants attended the workshop.Purpose of this workshop was to inculcate basic research skills and expertise in the young researchers’ who are novice and not well-conversant with re…Read More

  • Pakistan growing disease-free mangoes for exports

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Horticulture experts from Australia are working on a project with agronomists of the Sindh government to develop disease-free varieties of mangoes with high nutritious value.The mango management project launched in 2006 has now entered the final phase with shipment of improved varieties of the fruit to Germany, the UK and Singapore for the assessment of…Read More

  • Reading Companion for literacy boost

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Children at ten rural area schools of Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Karachi, operated by Developments in Literacy (DIL), have a new companion in school – the Reading Companion, which takes the shape of a friendly animated character that comes to life in the computer lab and helps children with their English reading skills.Reading Companion is IBM’s (NYSE: I…Read More

  • CubeXS, Microsoft to start enterprise cloud services

    STAFF REPORT KHI: CubeXS Weatherly (Private) Limited, the first ever Tier-IV compliant data centre in Pakistan, has launched the Enterprise Cloud Services in collaboration with Microsoft Pakistan at a recently held ceremony in Karachi.The Pay-As-You-Go model would deliver a customized service with a flexible structure and no startup cost and no minimum term of commitment. This model would enable c…Read More

  • Nokia plans info website in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Nokia has announced the launch of a dedicated Nokia Pakistan website with an aim to providing up-to-date information about Nokia business and key activities in the country.With the launch of this website, Nokia as a leader in mobile communications now creates a new communication touch point exclusively geared towards Pakistani market.“Nokia’s localized website …Read More

  • HEC to give 6000 scholarships

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has decided to award 6,000 scholarships to needy students from different parts of Pakistan under the merit and needs-based scholarship programme during the next three years.“These scholarships would be awarded to talented but financially constrained students especially those from rural areas so as to ensure greater equity in enrollment …Read More

  • PTCL unveils 3G EVO wireless broadb and

    STAFF REPORT KHI: PTCL has introduced the 3G enabled Tenda router driven by Pakistan’s fastest 3G EVO Wireless Broadband that creates a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot for its customers virtually anywhere.Tenda router is a portable 3G Wi-Fi router that converts EVO and Nitro dongles into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot so that customers can have Internet connectivity for multiple users …Read More

  • Manchester United trains 32 Zong-led soccer players in UAE

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The 32 most outstanding players of the ‘ZONG UNITED KICKOFF’ Football Tournament have recently returned from their dream journey – a weeklong training session at the Manchester United Soccer School (MUSS) in Abu Dhabi.It was a life-changing experience for these young players exclusively provided by ZONG, says a press release of the company.During the week, the …Read More

  • Intel launches ‘all-in-one’ PC

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Intel has launched a brand new sensation calling the ‘All-in-One’ PC to serve as a cool centerpiece for your home or office.Looking into some of the features offered by this ‘All-in-One’ PC, one can see what makes it a thrilling sensation in the world of computing …Read More

  • PTA plans to exp and telecom services in AJK

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Dr. Mohammed Yaseen has called on AJK Prime Minister Abdul Majeed and discussed the progress of telecom sector in Kashmir in general and Neelum Valley in particular.Though rest of the people of AJK are enjoying state-of-the-art telecom facilities at very competitive rates, the population of Neelum Valley is deprived of …Read More

  • Foundry Service Centre to start work this year

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The first ever Foundry Service Center (FSC), to be constructed by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, in collaboration with the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) and Pakistan Foundry Association (PFA), would start operations during the last quarter of this year.“The FSC project was designed by SMEDA on demand of the PFA at the cost of Rs.179-40 million. The land for this project was provided by UET, whereas, the funds were obtained by SMEDA from Ministry of Industries, government of Pakistan under Public Sector Development Programme,” Project Director informed a tripartite meeting held here last week.The meeting…Read More

  • KESC to have coal-based power plant

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has signed a JOINT Development Agreement (JDA) with Sindh Coal Energy Limited (SCEL) and Oracle Coalfields PLC (Oracle) of UK which is engaged in coal exploration, mining and production, for establishing a coal-based power plant, reference to tapping the indigenous Thar coal reserves for power generation.The agreement defines the…Read More

  • Ufone wins Best GSM Operator Award

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Ufone has been conferred the Best GSM Operator Award by the Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA), said a statement issued by the company.PIFFA was established in 2005 and became the sole representative body of Pakistan Freight Forwarders. The voting was done by PIFFA members which includes shipping …Read More

  • PTCL offers attractive broadb and rates

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has now enabled its Broadband customers to upgrade from 2Mbps to 4Mbps connection at additional charge of Rs.500 only.As Pakistan’s fastest and most affordable Broadband service, PTCL’s Broadband Pakistan offers seamless Internet experience, uninterrupted streaming and fastest downloading speeds. It provides access to rich high-definition multimedia resources over the Internet enabling customers to download latest movies, TV shows and music files.The company offers a variety of Broadband Packages for its customers tailored for every segment of society. The 1Mb connection costs Rs.1250; 2Mb costs Rs.1499; 4Mb is priced at Rs.19…Read More

  • Easypaisa inks deal for fast remittances

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: Al Ansari Exchange, the UAE’s largest money exchange network, has partnered with Tameer Bank for simplifying UAE-to-Pakistan funds transfers, making them instant and withdrawable at over 20,000 Easypaisa outlets spread across Pakistan, said a statement issued here by Al Ansari Exchange website.United Arab Emirates is cons…Read More

  • Pak cellcos ready to launch 3G technology

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Almost four out of five operators have upgraded their networks to 3G technology in major cities of Pakistan for launching high speed data telephony services to their customers by next year.“Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone have carried out advancement in their infrastructure during past one year in six to 10 cities whereas Zong is working aggressively to develop its network for 3G …Read More

  • NAVTTC conducts training workshop

    STAFF REPORT IBD: National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) has recently arranged a five-day “In-Country training programme on Accreditation and Certification of TVET institutions” in collaboration with Asia Pacific Accreditation and Certification Commission (APACC) of Colombo Plan Staff College (CPSC) Manila through the TVET Reform Support Programme.During the workshop, two foreign experts threw light that how an effective and a progressive established Accreditation and Certification system is important and inevitable for TVET institutions that would go a long way for the economic stability of Pakistan.For its part, NAVTTC has …Read More

  • NUST, PSF hold engineering robotics contest

    STAFF REPORT RWP: The National Engineering Robotics Contest 2012 has recently been organized by NUST, STEM Career Programme-HEC and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) at the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME).“The contest was a platform which provided the engineering students of the country an opportunity to get the complete engineering experience,” said Dr Akram Sheikh, w…Read More

  • Commission seeks study on Ravi pollution

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Ravi Commission has sought a baseline study of the river in order to identify the pollution sources, polluters and the affected parties.During the recently held meeting held at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the commission directed the Environment Protection Department (EPD) and the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) to prepare preliminary administrative and financial proposa…Read More

  • Gas diversion to power sector halts urea production

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Gas supply to the Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL) remained suspended even after the passage of about ten days for which the company had to shut down its Urea plant, whereas its DAP plant continued to operate due to its lower gas requirements.According to an official, the government had decided to curtail FFBL’s gas f…Read More

  • Promoting innovations key to science and tech progress

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan is standing at a critical stage of its history where it desperately needs not only the culture of innovations especially in science and technology but also talented brains in this sector as it would guarantee a strong and stable country. Research and development institutes must take lessons from the contemporary world and accordingly plan their strategies of R&D work to compete with them.…Read More

  • Cholistan Biodiversity Park will open next month

    MONITORING REPORT LHR: To conserve indigenous species of flora and fauna that are about to become extinct, the Environment Protection Department (EPD) in collaboration with Cholistan Development Authority (CDA) is hoping to complete 85-acre Biodiversity Park in Cholistan, by the end of June.According to experts, the Biodiversity Park will place Pakistan among the countries working to safeguard irreplaceable natural wealth and reduce biodiversity loss by protecting endangered species in Punjab. There is a great biological diversity available in Pakistan, however about half of the wild life species have become extinct and the park will work on preservation of the same heritage.…Read More

  • Mobilink, Unesco start ‘mobile based literacy’ programme

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Mobilink has partnered with UNESCO to launch the third phase of the ‘Mobile Based Literacy’ programme - a broad based initiative in progress since the year 2009. The programme is a unique initiative that utilizes mobile technology to improve literacy for female students, aged 15 to 25 years, in rural and deprived areas.The ‘Mobile Based Literacy’ programme is an evolution of the…Read More

  • Warid, SKMT run anti-tobacco drive

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Warid has recently conducted a massive anti-tobacco awareness campaign in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Hospital on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, which highlighted the adverse effects of using tobacco.Warid collected funds for poor cancer patients and organized a session for its employees on the dangers of smoking. In addi…Read More

  • Microsoft Forum selects 3 students for IEF contest

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Microsoft Pakistan hosted the Innovative Education Forum (IEF) bringing together several teachers from private, public and NGOs-adopted schools to bring forward their projects and become part of this productive day of project exhibitions, inspiring keynote presentations, professional learning and collaboration.On the occasion, amongst many innovative projects there were five short-listed projects…Read More

  • Call for cutting airfare for mango

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The government should ask the national flag carrier and other cargo services to cut freight by 50 per cent for mango growers on American and European Union routes.“Chaunsa and Anwar Ratol mango varieties of southern Punjab are very popular in the US market but its shipping is too costly,” President of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) Mian Anis A Sheikh has sa…Read More

  • Lahore gets digital l and record centre

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The first ever Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) Service Center has recently been inaugurated in Lahore. With this initiative, the provincial government will digitize all land records of the province, due to which people will not only get rid of corrupt mafia but also it will create conveniences in transfer of properties and getting Fards.Punjab Chief Minis…Read More

  • ICT journalists workshop organised by Microsoft

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Microsoft has arranged a first ever of kind event titled “ICT Journalists Workshop” held at the Kuch Khaas here last week which offered bloggers and journalists a chance to get to know each other as well as see how they could work hand in hand to work for the betterment of Pakistan.Ammar Jaffri, President and CEO of PISA, and Sohaib Khalil, Enterprise Market…Read More

  • UBL Omni unveils ATM Card cell users

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Cash withdrawals, till now, for mobile accounts were possible through retailers only, but now the UBL Omni has taken the mobile banking services to the next level by introducing “No Name ATM cards” for its Omni account holders.The No Name ATM card is currently available for Level Zero accounts. UBL has said that the idea of launching this card is to …Read More

  • Google CEO ‘quietly’ visits Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman and ex-CEO of Google, has recently visited Pakistan without unveiling his visit schedule. Purpose of his visit was to better the company’s relationship with the government, sources said.It maybe recalled that Eric Schmidt is Executive Chairman of Google and his visits to countries around the world is part of the c…Read More

  • Lack of vision depriving Pakistan of coal reserves

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Speakers at a seminar titled "Energy Crisis and Coal Reserves in Pakistan: Potential, Problems and Prospects" have said that corruption, nepotism and poor governance are the main reasons behind the country's failure in energy sector in Pakistan, and called for drastic measures, such as focus on large scale mechanized coal mining to produce various forms of energy from it to lessen the int…Read More

  • First phase of Telenor Talkshawk I-champ concludes

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The first phase of ‘Telenor Talkshawk Internet Champion’, the Telenor Talksawk’s nationwide knowledge-based initiative, has been concluded in Muzaffarabad, AJK.It should be noted that Telenor’s competition engaged around 18,500 students from semi urban areas of Az…Read More

  • PU, Al Sharq sign MoU to promote education

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Punjab University (PU) and Al Sharq College for Science and Technology, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote educational linkages between the two countries.PU VC Prof. Dr Mujahid Kamran, Al Sharq College for Science and Technology Dean Dr Mahdi M Al Mutawa, and others were present on the occasion.Addressing to the ceremony, VC Mujahid Kamran said that being Muslim countries Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have enjoyed good relations. He said Saudi Arabia had played an important role in promoting education in Pakistan.Dr Mahdi said that the MoU would help more promote economic, social, traditional and cultural lin…Read More

  • Pakistan eyes solar power potential

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Energy companies working in Pakistan have said that plans for a 50-megawatt solar power plant would help the country avert a long-term energy crisis.German solar energy company Conergy has recently announced that it has teamed with Hong Kong project developer Ensunt to build a 50-megawatt solar p…Read More

  • Power outages shut 300 industrial units in Lahore

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The business community has warned the PPP government that annoyance and anger of the masses would swell if it does not ensure resolution of the loadshedding problem which has forced closure of majority of their industrial units.“Over 20-hour loadshedding daily has forced more than 300 industrial units in the Lahore Township Industrial Area to close down their operations,” said Acting Chairm…Read More

  • PCSIR trade show attracts visitors

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial research (PCSIR) has recently arranged ‘Trade show 2012’ in the city. The main feature of the exhibition was the inauguration of biomedical equipment which has developed by PCSIR. These basic equipment have been importing into the country which is costly not only for the hospitals but also for a common man.Former Federal Minister for S&T Mir Changzeb Khan Jamali was the chief guest, Chairman of PCSIR Dr. Shoukat Pervaiz, DG Dr. Tanzeel Haider Usmani and Head of the Centre Abdul Wahab Khan were also presence at this occasion.PCSIR’s experienced scientists and technicians worked hard to develop them to f…Read More

  • PTCL revamps voice mail service

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has revamped its Voice Mail Service (VMS) platform with enhanced new features of voice mail, fax-to-email, voice-to-email, Kehdo SMS, remote log-in, missed call alert service & advanced features of remote access under one umbrella.PTCL customers can access their Voice Mail Service 24/7 — even in power outages and if their answering machines stop working. Never letting a call go unattended, PTCL VMS allows callers to leave voice message for a VMS subscriber which can be retrieved by dialing 1277 IVR (locally or remotely). Alternatively, system notifies the intended recipient through out-dial notification, SMS or email service, in case of fax-to-email or vo…Read More

  • NAYS announces Best Young Scientist Award

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) has announced to give ‘Best young scientist award 2012’ in the inter-disciplinary sciences and asked scientists across the country to apply in confidence and show their research skills.Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) is sponsoring these awards for young brains and encouraging them for serving Pakistan with passion and honesty.“The resear…Read More

  • APNIC, PTA to host IPv6 workshop in July

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) are organizing a 3-day workshop on the topic of Internet Resource Management, IP version 6 (IPv6) and DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) starting from July 18 in a local hotel.The workshop will high…Read More

  • PSC Summer Science Exploring Camp

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Pakistan Science Club announces its 3rd Science Exploring Camp aims to promote scientific learning.“We have chosen the Science Exploring Camp mainly due to the fact that students are free in the summer vacations and can indulge completely in this light and fun science activities and learning,” said Abdul Rauf President and Founder of Pakistan Science Club while talking to Technology Time.He said that Junior's Science Exploring Camp offers unique "minds-on/hands-on experiences for children ages 7-13. We appeal to those who have a genuine interest in how things work, what things are made of—and real world science.Our Junior Science Exploring Camp 2…Read More

  • ABL selects Sybase 365 mobile tech

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services, together with Abacus Consulting, one of Pakistan's largest professional services firms, has announced that Allied Bank Limited has chosen the Sybase 365 Mobile Commerce solution to offer mobile financial…Read More

  • Pakistan to have 50-MW solar power plant

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The German energy company Conergy is working with Hong Kong-based Ensunt to build a 50-megawatt solar plant in Bahawalpur, in the Cholistan region of Pakistan.According to a Conergy press release, when completed, the plant will be the biggest solar facility in the country; it will be owned by the Pakistani government and the DACC Power Generation Company Limited.Pak…Read More

  • NBP launches first solar ATM in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) at Defence Housing Society Branch, Korangi Road launched first solar ATM. This ATM functions with solar energy without its much dependence on generated electricity. NBP intends to install ATMs on solar energy so as to use natural resources without misuse of generated electricity and fuel.…Read More

  • Farm credit disbursement surges to Rs. 255b

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The agricultural credit disbursement by banks surged by 13.11 per cent on year-on-year basis to over Rs 255 billion in the first eleven months (July-May) of the outgoing fiscal year, said State Bank of Pakistan here.SBP said in absolute terms, disbursement of credit to the agriculture sector increased by over Rs 29.566 billion in July-May, 2012 when compared with tot…Read More

  • USF violates PPRA rules to run pro-govt media campaign

    By Paras AliISLAMABAD: The sitting government, which claims to have achieved a significant growth in the information technology and telecom sector, itself is bent upon vitiating all the research and development activities and initiatives once taken by the Universal Service Fund (USF) as being helpless against the political influence the Fund has approved an advertisement campaign on electronic media for the PPP regime’s image building involving a hefty amount of Rs. 120 million which was entirely against the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules, says ISPAK.“The Rs. 120 million spent by the USF on the government’s medi…Read More

  • Faisalabad ranked best mapped city on Google Map

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Faisalabad has been mentioned as best (user-contributed) mapped city on Google Maps, thanks to millions of inputs from enthusiastic mappers from Pakistan.According to details, Pakistan has been featured many times before as an example of user-contributed mapping, but Faisalabad has now been termed as best mapped city on earth.Google (naturally) couldn’t reach whole of the earth to map i…Read More

  • Glaciers late melting delaying crop sowing

    STAFF REPORT FBD: Punjab’s agricultural areas now face a severe water shortage due to the late melting of the Himalayan glaciers – a main source of the region’s rivers, delaying the sowing of three of the four most important crops in the country – cotton, sugarcane and rice.“The water flow in the rivers is approximately 35 per cent below what it should be for this time of the year,” said Arshad Khan, an officer at th…Read More

  • Calamity-hit areas deprived of crop insurance scheme

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Crop Loan Insurance Scheme (CLIS) has so far not achieved its desired objectives as the high-ups of district administration in the country mostly notify areas other than calamity-hit areas on the recommendation of parliamentarians and ministers.“The government had allocated Rs 500 million last budget and another allocated Rs 500 million in the new budg…Read More

  • Livestock underfed in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Livestock in the country are underfed, barring Pakistan to meet standards of international market which has emerged as a real challenge and it needed to be effectively addressed.Speakers agreed on this point during a recently held seminar titled 'Livestock management under heat stress' arranged by the University of Agriculture Faisalabad's Faculty of Animal Husbandry in collaboration with…Read More

  • SBP relaxation for renewable energy projects

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is encouraging the financing of renewable energy power plant projects in the country following the policy of the government to bridge the supply and demand gap of electricity in the country.In this regard, the central bank has extended the validity period of Scheme for Financing Power Plants Using Renewable Energy for a further period of two year…Read More

  • PAC Kamra introduces latest Android Tablet

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra (PAC), a unit of Pakistan military, is getting serious with tablet manufacturing business as after introducing PAC Pad1, PAC eBook1 and PAC nbook 1 PAC is now offering Takhti 7, an android tabled-computer.Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) has recently announced to have partnered with INNAVTEK International to produce Takhti 7, a better form of PAC Pad1.…Read More

  • Broadb and -IPTV Asia Moot lauds PTCL services

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has participated in the recently held “Broadband-IPTV Asia Conference 2012” in Kuala Lumpur in order to project its SmartTV and Broadband products and services to the international media and telecom community.PTCL SM IP Operations, Ather A. Baig represented his Company at the prestigious forum, which was attended by more than 1000 visitors, 150 internationally recognized industry experts &am…Read More

  • PTA prints tariff guide for consumers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTA has published a tariff awareness guide for telecom consumers.The Guide said that the authority has remained firm in directing telecom companies for providing accurate information to consumers regarding tariffs and to avoid misleading advertisements, however, in an effort acquire further customers telecom companies kept complicating the tariff plans.The telecom authority says that this awareness guide is aimed at providing  retail  customers, essential information for making well informed  decision regarding choice of tariff package, informing them of their and the operator’s rights.This guide is presented with regards to tariff packages, and …Read More

  • Telenor info service starts for farmers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Telenor Pakistan has recently signed an MoU with the Livestock and Dairy Development Department Punjab to provide livestock information to farmers in the province. The farmers will be able to receive regular information about livestock best practices through mobile phones via SMS, training videos and other IVR services.In his remarks, Telenor Pakistan Roar Bjaerum highlighted the importance of building…Read More

  • Connexions ’12 connects academia, industry

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The IBA Web Society and Infosys Society, under the banner of IBA Faculty of Computer Science, has recently organized Connexions ’12 with the aim to connect the academia and the industry.The event was sponsored by Folio3 and Iknowl and was supported by IdeasEvolved, Big O Studios and AUF Studios.  PC World Pakistan, IDG was the official Technology Media Partner for the event.The organizing …Read More

  • China may extend $700m for Pakistan’s 14 new small dams

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government is negotiating with China to borrow $700 million loan at a concessional rate of 2 per cent for construction of 14 small dams to increase hydel power generation for reducing the loadshedding.“An agreement has also been signed with the World Bank worth $850 million for extension of Tarbela Dam and the government is making efforts to form a consortium with the help of Asian Developme…Read More

  • Vitality of ocean highlighted

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan as well as the world has recently marked the World Ocean Day to honour ocean science community with the theme this year ‘Youth: The next Wave for Change’. The Day was designated to the body of water that is an essential part of our daily lives, our ocean. The celebration provided an opportunity to reflect on both the significance of the ocean and the role of science in understanding our planet. Through discovery, understanding and action, we strive to bring the importance of ocean science to the forefront.A number of events and seminars were arranged in Pakistan’s main cities of Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad which were participated by a large nu…Read More

  • Senate body for ‘uniform’ farm tax

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Senate has recommended to the National Assembly that the proposal pending with the Council of Common Interests (CCI) regarding ‘uniform tax’ on agricultural income should be finalised. Some major amendments in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 recommended by Senate Standing Committee on Finance have been approved by the Senate.Among the approved recommendations, the Senate recommended the Nati…Read More

  • HEC, PNCU placed under ministry

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan National Commission for Unesco (PNCU) have been given under the administrative-cum-financial control of the Ministry of Professional and Technical Training.Federal Minister for Professional and Technical Training Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada was told at a briefing that NAVTTC is working on 39 projects while 16 new projects will be started as 300 million rupees budget…Read More

  • Efforts on to promote bio-tech to up productivity, food security

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government is committed to promoting bio-technology for crop productivity enhancement and food security in the country and it has established bio-technology departments, at more than 90 per cent universities to create awareness and utility of modern bio-technological crops among the youth in the country.This was expressed by State Minister for National Food Security and Research, Sardar Moazzam Ali Jatoi, while addressing the concluding session of a three-day SAARC Regional Conference titled "New Frontiers in Agricultural Genomic and Biotechnology" held here last week.The event was organized by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and National …Read More

  • SSUET students use bio-fuel to get power

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Students from Sir Syed University for Engineering and Technology have developed an innovative way to produce electricity from bio-fuel.According to details, the group from Electronics Department has invented a cheaper way as compared to other procedures for power generation through bio-bass or Methane Gas.“The prevalent power crisis has compelled us to produce power from Methane gas using …Read More

  • ENERCON arranged training on energy audit

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Training Workshop on Energy Audit Tools has recently been conducted at the ENERCON in which the students from COMSATS Master Programme of Energy Management participated.According to a press release issued here, the ENERCON has taken an initiative through Energy Conservation Fund to establish the Energy Audit Tools Lab for Demonstration, Trainings & Public Awareness Programmes. Presently, there is very little knowledge of the subject among technical professionals and demonstration of the tools. Through trainings will help them become able to identify & quantify the energy losses in industrial, transport, building and agricultural sector.In order …Read More

  • CIIT role is commendable: Prof. Dr. Izhar

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) has made considerable progress in various domains like enrolment, ranking, research publications, infrastructure. The Institute has been ranked by various organizations based on different criterions over the years and it has been ranked at top in the category of Computer Science and Technology by HEC in 2012 on the basis of Quality Assurance and Enh…Read More

  • Workshop for teacher’s quality training

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The AFAQ Training Division is striving to improve teaching standards in schools and in this connection its trainers are conducting extensive training sessions for the teachers and school principals in order to achieve their best results.According to details, the AFAQ Islamabad region has recently conducted a two-day workshop on Quality Management System (QMS) at a local hotel. As many as 29 principals from leading schools of Islamabad and its adjoining areas attended the workshop. Extensive training sessions were conducted by AFAQ Executive Director Shahid Warsi. The purpose of the workshop was to train the principals in standard operating procedures (SOPs) so tha…Read More

  • VC represents LUMS at Muslim World VCs Forum

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Vice Chancellor of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Dr. Adil Najam, represented LUMS at the Vice Chancellors’ Forum on Higher Education in the Islamic World, recently held in Islamabad.The Vice Chancellor’s Forum attracted over 200 Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Univeristy Presidents from 35 Muslim countries of the Organisation of the Islamic Conferen…Read More

  • Mango treatment plant opens in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan’s first and South Asia’s largest hot water treatment plant for mango processing has been inaugurated in Karachi on Saturday. The plant has a capacity to process 10 tons of mangoes per hour in accordance with the USDA standards. Hot water treatment plant, recommended by International Quarantine, processes mangoes in hot water at 48°C for 65 minutes, maintains the pump temperature at 46.66°C with the help of…Read More

  • Iran, Pakistan agree to boost education cooperation

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: Three Iranian academic centres, including University of Science and Technology, University of Isfahan and University of Damghan, have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with Pakistan’s COMSATS University in a bid to increase academic cooperation between the two neighbouring nations.The agreements were signed during the two-day COMSATS conference held in Islamabad, which was…Read More

  • Mangroves shield against natural disasters

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Mangroves have successfully established their effective role in minimizing the natural disasters like cyclones on at shores as well as strong winds and also in protecting the sea life as they provide shelter to most of the sea animals.In Pakistan about 90 per cent of mangroves are in Sindh province which is the main reason the province has been spared of disastrous cyclones while Baluchistan has …Read More

  • PSP needs to bring farm yield at par

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Agriculture experts at a workshop here stressed the need for adopting Sanitary and Phytosaniary (PSP) controls to produce quality and hygienic food products that would not only guarantee protection of human health but would also help enhance agro-based exports in the country.The experts were speaking at a recently held consultative workshop on food safety, organized by National Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (NAPHIS) and UNDO under EU Funded Trade Related Technical Assistance Programme-II (TRTA)-II.A draft bill National Food Safety, Animal and Plant Health Regulatory Authority Bill, to establish an integrated legal framework for Sanitary and Ph…Read More

  • JBS joins h and s with EN Power

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Emerson Network Power has announced the addition of Jaffer Business Systems (business division of Jaffer Brothers) to its network of Solutions Partner in the country. This partnership will officially bring together sales resources and technological expertise specifically to best serve customers.Jaffer Brother believes that right solutions and infrastructure can draw out better performance, an official said.Efficiency can only achieve business agility, an official of the company further adding partnering with Emerson Network Power gives it an access to best-of-breed technologies that, in turn, suit the rapidly changing needs of its customers.The E…Read More

  • Pakistan desperately needs to head towards green economy

    STAFF REPORT IBD: While stressing for integrated efforts on the part of the international community, the recently held two-day national consultation on Green Economy has come up recommending binding the three pillars of sustainable development – social equality, economic prosperity and environmental conservation for sustainable growth and green economy.The participants of the consultations highlighted the u…Read More

  • COMSATS symposium projects climate change phenomena

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A symposium on Sustainable Environment and Socio-economic Development has recently been held by the COMSATS and its Centre of Excellence in Pakistan, the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT). The event featured talks on topics relating to the World Environment Day 2012 that is being observed globally.Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, Senior Advisor on Climate Change and Development, Planning Commis…Read More

  • Youth Ambassador, Ali Shahbaz, to represent youth of Pakistan in Rio+20

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Ali Shahbaz, a fifteen years old student, is an intelligent guy with extra ordinary determination and commitment will represent the interests, priorities and concerns of Pakistani youth as well as highlight a soft and positive image of Pakistan during the forthcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Developing also call…Read More

  • Water resources allocation may down next fiscal year

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Funds for developing the all-important water resources have shrunk to about 13 per cent of total development budget for 2012-13 and this comes at a time when the country is going to enter the ranks of water-scarce countries with a significant gap between demand and supply.According to statistics, over the past f…Read More

  • Climate change affecting Pak mango production

    STAFF REPORT FBD: Owning to climate change in Pakistan especially in the mango growing areas, mango growers and experts fear reduction in the overall yield by at least 30 per cent as well as decrease in mango exports.“In 2011, the Pakistani mango growers succeeded in making a breakthrough in exporting to the US. However, this year, with the fall in yield, they stand to lose this adva…Read More

  • Robotics lab a big tool for kids to develop games

    STAFF REPORT KHI: After serving high-tech firms in Silicon Valley for 13 years, electrical engineers Afaque Ahmed and Yasin Altaf established their platform in 2004 in Pakistan in order to prepare future scientists, app developers and also to earn foreign exchange.“We might have been able to earn a lot more in San Jose, California, but the satisfaction of staying close to our family and making some tangible contribution to society and the economy i…Read More

  • Pak students make app to retrieve missing phones

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani students have made an application that could be used to locate the position of missing or snatched mobile phones devices.According to details, the application named ‘Emergency Solution’ has made by the students of Sir Syed University but it can be used only in android based mobiles. The application sends all the information including location of the device to server through text…Read More

  • Young children urged to care for environment

    Sana Jamal Islamabad—Federal Minister for Climate Change called on young people to play an active part in the preservation of the environment and encouraged them to plant at least one tree. “Our standards of living can be made better only by keeping the environment clean and green”, said Minister Rana M. Farooq Saeed Khan who was addressing at an event to mark World Environment Day arranged here at Islamabad College for Girls (ICG), F-6/2 on Tuesday. With the motto ‘Green Economy: Does it include you?’ the event was organised by Ministry for Climate Change in collaboration with Pakistan Wetlands Programme and ICIMOD.A large number of young students attended the colourful event that…Read More

  • PSF represents Pakistan in world moot on IBSE

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Chairman Prof. Dr. Manzoor H.Soomro represented Pakistan in the International Conference titled “Developing Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE): New Issues - The Roles of Assessment and the Relationship with Industry” recently held in Helsinki, Finland.The conference was organized by the Global Network of Science Academies (IAP), ALLEA All European Academies, Finish Academy of Science and Letters …Read More

  • 5 Pak varsities among Asia’s top 300 universities

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Five Pakistani universities have won a place in the list of top 300 universities in Asia, says a recently assessed QS World Universities Rankings 2012, the UK based world’s most renowned and prestigious ranking agency.NUST, Karachi University, AKU, Lahore University of Management Sciences and Lahore University are now amongst the top 300 Asian universities, the list shows.It speaks volumes of the hard work put in by the m…Read More

  • Qubee cuts staff by 50pc

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Qubee has fired half of its staff comprising 150 officials in different departments to cut off its operational expenses as per austerity plan to reduce the gap between expenditures and revenue earnings.According to sources, the Qubee, a Wimax broadband operator, has continued to cut jobs in its organization to restructure its business up to the current earning level after its parent company Augere Holdings has directed its su…Read More

  • Telecom sector to remain heavy tax payer

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Telecommunications is amongst the most heavily-taxed sectors in Pakistan. The telecom operators have long been lobbying the government for a reduction in the GST rate of 19.5 per cent, which is collected in FED mode. The federal budget for next fiscal year did offer tax relief to a number of sectors and industries, but the telecom subscribers seem to be left out again for any respite.According to a market expert, the telecom sub…Read More

  • IIE students join Arena Simulation competition

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The student members of Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) UMT Branch has participated in the annual IIE/Arena Simulation Competition held recently worldwide. The competition was sponsored by Rockwell Automation Inc. and Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) USA. It was entirely based on a real world case study which was sent to every participant. We were given eight weeks to…Read More

  • Dr. Aslam gets Presidential Medal for Tech

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) Chairman Dr Muhammad Aslam Tahir has been conferred the ‘Presidential Medal for Technology’ for achieving excellence in the field of science & technology for the year 2009 in recognition of his achievements in the field of chemistry.On behalf of the President, the award was given by Mir Changez Khan Jamali, Feder…Read More

  • USF signs agreement for telephony services in Mastung

    STAFF REPORT IBD: An agreement involving Rs. 3.15 billion has been signed for one of the USF projects related to Rural Telecom Services, Mastung Lot (Balochistan).According to the agreement, USF has recently awarded projects for providing basic telephony and data services in Mastung Lot (Balochistan) and broadband services in Southern Telecom Region-V (Sindh), says a press release issued here last …Read More

  • JK Dairies have main role in Pak milk production

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The JK Dairies is set to contribute a significant share in Pakistan’s milk production as it is helping in the advance milk production efficiency in the country. The JK Dairies, a subsidiary of the JDW Group, is one of the largest and most efficient dairy farms in the country.The brainchild of Jahangir Khan Tareen, Chairman of the JDW Group…Read More

  • Govt allocates over Rs3.111 billion for S and T, higher edu

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has specified Rs 1311.348 million under Public Service Development Program (PSDP) for 2012-13 for the 66 ongoing and new projects of science and technology research division.According to the budgetary documents, Rs 80 million have been embarked for the provision of safe drinking water including establishment/upgradation of 24 water quality monitoring laboratories, installation of 24 demonstration water filtration plants…Read More

  • PTCL celebrates World Environ Day with new pledge

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recently commemorated the World Environment Day (WED) by reaffirming its commitment to align organizational efforts with environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.According to a press release, PTCL is leading from the front on initiatives for social and environmental welfare in an effort to meet international corporate social responsibility and sustainability standards.…Read More

  • Pakistan to have first IT university in Lahore

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan’s first information technology university is being set up in Lahore, Punjab, for which the provincial government is mulling to allocate for this purpose in the next financial year.According to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, the provincial government would provide free-of-cost land for the university, which would be…Read More

  • Telenor inks digital development deal with Isobar

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Telenor Pakistan has awarded a contract to Isobar MENA, a UK based digital marketing company having its MENA office in Dubai, for the development of integrated online platform that will become the anchor for a series of initiatives targeting the urban youth of Pakistan, said a statement issued by Isobar.Isobar, which develops websites, digital strategies and online media plans on behalf of it…Read More

  • Telecom sector revenue swells over to Rs 197b

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Half yearly revenues of the telecom sector have reached all-time high of Rs 197.68 billion during the first half (July-December 2011) of current financial year. The second quarter revenues for telecom sector stood at 99.4 billion, that’s all time high in a quarter, registering a growth of 9.1 percent over the corresponding quarter in previous year.The statistics of PTA show that this growth in telecom revenues, despite declinin…Read More

  • Career counseling held for TCF students

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Over 500 students of The Citizens Foundation (TCF) met professionals of the NED University last week to get a taste of what life is going to be like after they leave school. It was the second year of counselling for students who are mostly unsure about what career t…Read More

  • Global robot games to be held at LUMS

    STAFF REPORT IBD: For very first time in Pakistan a global event of robot games is being held in LUMS by Science and Technology Awareness and Recognition for ALL (STARfALL) in partnership with FIRST and LEGO for the kids aged from 9 to 16.STARfALL is a not-for-profit charity organisation registered in Pakistan focusing on the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among the younger …Read More

  • Mobilink ‘Game Banao Gey’ competition begins

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Jazba has collaborated with ‘We R Play’ for ‘Game Banao Gey’, a one of a kind mobile game development competition where contestants can submit their super-slick mobile game, and get a chance to win cash and other fabulous prizes.According to a press release of Mobilink, the participants can login to http://jazba.com.pk/gbg for entries.“Don’t forget… only games are acceptable, so no apps can be entertained,” said an official of the company.He also said that one can submit any genre of game but please ensure that it has not been published on any app store or website prior to the final date of submission.“Also, piracy is bad, so avoid it! And the com…Read More

  • GST on cellular services down in budget

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Due to uniform GST the earlier GST of 19.5 per cent on cellular services/mobile phone calls has been reduced to 16 per cent in the federal budget 2012-13.“It a sigh of relief for the telecom industry,” commented an official of a local cellular company.The cellular industry has long been asking for the reduction in GST and removal of activation charges on mobile phone SIMs. The budget 2012-13 has finally taken care of GST …Read More

  • PTCL unveils “Mega Volume Downloads” prepaid packages

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recently introduced fabulous new “Mega Volume Downloads” prepaid packages for its premier brand EVO, bringing an elevated connectivity experience to its customers.EVO Wireless Broadband truly has something for everyone, from daily usage Daypass package starting as low as Rs.100/day and going up to Rs.2000 with EVO Max’s Unlimited downloads for a month.EVO’s new GO 5GB & Lite 10GB packages offer customers the biggest v…Read More

  • Farmers advised to protect wheat

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Met Office has advised the farmers to take precautionary measures for protecting the newly harvested wheat grain from insects' onslaught, besides pests and seasonal moistures saying insects and fungi attacks can damage the newly threshed wheat grain in the post harvesting period, advising them of taking pre-emptive measures.According to them, wheat grains should be placed under hygienic conditions in godowns, and suggested …Read More

  • Non-bailable warrants of telecom firm executive

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Accountability Court has issued a non-bailable warrant against the management of Callmate Telipse Company during hearing of a corruption case. The director of the company Hassan Jameel Ansari has been sent to jail on judicial remand.According to notification issued by NAB, it was revealed during an investigation into the company that it was involved in fraudulent practices against the general masses and…Read More

  • PTCL storms Karachi with Retailers’ Conference 2012

    KARACHI: PTCL SEVP Commercial, Naveed Saeed (center); SEVP Business Zone South, Furqan Habib Qureshi; and other senior PTCL officials leading PTCL Retailers’ Conference 2012. The event was part of the Company’s sustained national outreach for retailers and distributors.…Read More

  • Pakistan fish, shrimp resources on the decline

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan is fast losing the fish resources as several species of fishes and shrimps have started disappearing especially along the country’s coasts, reveal fresh surveys conducted to assess the resources the country used to possess several year back.“Pakistan’s fish stocks are depleting at a rate of 15 per cent a year. Local fishermen, and not the deep-sea fishing trawlers, are…Read More

  • Plan devised to replace pesticides with nematodes

    STAFF REPORT KHI: “For the first time in Pakistan, National Nematological Research Centre (NNRC), University of Karachi (KU), will release nematode samples to local growers and farmers which will replace pesticides.Nematodes are small parasitic animals that can kill bacteria without leaving any harmful impact on crops.This was recently announced at the concluding ceremony of three-day workshop titled, ‘B…Read More

  • VOG project added to PMNH display centre

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) has added Virtual Orientation Gallery (VOG) project to its Display Centre, which is directly related to the national priorities in terms of the conservation strategies of the biodiversity of the country. The VOG aims at providing inter-active electron…Read More

  • Website on Urdu audio books starts

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: In order to promote Urdu language in Pakistan, Urdustudio.com has been launched.According to details, Urdustudio.com is a third panel in a series of novel ideas. First is The Readers Club, catering to Karachi members only and offering a library owned by Usman Siddiqui and Jawad Yousuf, the owners of the website.“To cater to the huge demand in the national market for a books buying and selling platform, we were gifted wi…Read More

  • Website on Urdu audio books starts

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Faces Pakistan, an NGO helping with flood-relief efforts in the region, has taken initiative to provide solar caps to the labourers engaged in building solar-powered shelter homes for flood refugees in Badin and Kashmore where the temperature remains around 50 degrees Centigrade in the summer.The cap includes a small fan powered by a solar cell whose speed varies automatically with availability of sunlight, said Ali Imran Raja, who i…Read More

  • Pakistan’s first solar power system goes online

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Realising the country’s growing demand for power to operate industries, agriculture and domestic sector, the government of Pakistan has initiated several projects to resolve the persistent energy crisis.“The projects commenced by the go…Read More

  • E-village harnessing rural Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The E-village project, a not-for-profit initiative of Pakistan Social Association, aims to take the power of ICTs to rural areas of Pakistan. A computer centre is established in a village with an easy to use software to make the rural population learn some basic skills to develop their employment opportunities. Education, health, economic empowerment and Governance are some priority areas of the project.Ammar Jaffri has o…Read More

  • PTA directs telecos to stop prize schemes

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed all telecom operators to immediately stop all prize schemes, even if they are legitimate, or they will have to face a legal action from the authority in accordance with the law.In a letter from PTA to all telecom service providers dated May 28, 2012, the authority said that it regularly receives complaints from customers regarding the Inami schemes that various telecom companies h…Read More

  • US firm honours PTCL for best performances skills

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has been honoured by the prestigious US-based Environment Systems Research Institute (ESRI) with the “ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award 2012” for its outstanding achievements and organizational performance in geographic information systems (GIS) and programmes.“PTCL’s GIS programme stood out from amongst more than 100,000 others worldwide for its outstanding use of GIS technology in the existing network,” said Founder &…Read More

  • UAF set to become Pak first green university

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) presently is in developing a master plan for setting up a five-megawatt solid waste power generating plant, which will make the university free from pollution and the first green institute in the country.UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad disclosed this in a recently held meeting with a delegation of Vita Pakistan, led by its President Mahboob Ali Manji, along with a technical team…Read More

  • Pakistan facing food insecurity despite good growth

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Despite growth of agricultural output Pakistan is still suffering from food security issue, facing high level of ‘hunger and malnutrition”, and climate change is threat to this country that can be tackled by educating communities.Vice Chancellor, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Dr Rashid Amjad, said this while addressing a …Read More

  • Chinese firm plan $3b in Pak wind farm

    MONITORING REPORT HONG KONG: Chinese oil and gas firm, United Energy Group Ltd, has said it plans to invest $3 billion in a wind farm project in energy-starved Pakistan and is in talks to buy equipment from mainland suppliers.According to details, United Energy, which paid $775 million for oil and gas assets in Pakistan in 2010, said it plans to construct the wind farm in several phases. It did not disclose the targeted total capacity for the pr…Read More

  • PASTIC, Recto enter joint venture

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Centre (PASTIC), a subsidiary organisation of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with M/S Recto International to launch a joint venture under its public-private partnership programme.Dr Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Director General, PASTIC, and Amanullah Chief Executive Officer (CEO) M/S Recto International signed the MoU on be…Read More

  • COMSATS Council renews pledge to meet objectives

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The 15th meeting of COMSATS Coordinating Council has recently been concluded in Turkey after its two-day deliberations on 12-point agenda and provided an oversight for the activities of COMSATS’ Network of International S&T Centres of Excellence and takes necessary decisions on important matters relating to its membership and programmes.During the meeting, Advisor to the …Read More

  • Internet, mobile banking share slow

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Despite the fact, the financial transactions through internet-banking and mobile-banking witnessed a significant growth in terms of volume and value in the past few years, the share of these two modes of payment are still standing at 2 and 1 per cent in overall electronic-banking system.“The share of internet-banking and mobile-banking constitute merely 3 per cent of the overall transactions volume of…Read More

  • LUMS represents Pakistan in ‘Internet at Liberty’

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) represented Pakistan in the international event of “Internet at Liberty 2012” recently held in Washington, USA, with the sponsorship of internet search giant Google.LUMS was one of the 15 academic institutions invited to participate in the ‘Internet at Liberty 2012. Representing LUMS, Prof. Abid Hussain Imam made a presentation sharing with other academic institutions the deta…Read More

  • Pakistan likely to resume seafood exports to EU

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan is set to resume its seafood export to the European Union, banned since 2007, as negotiations with the union have entered the final stage close to lifting the ban, fisheries officials said on Sunday.The 27-country bloc had banned Pakistan's seafood exports in 2007 for its failure to meet its specifications regarding traceability and cold-chai…Read More

  • Mobilink starts blood donation drive

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobilink has recently conducted a nationwide blood donation drive for its employees across the ten cities in partnership with the Fatimid Foundation and Sundus Foundation.The theme for the donation drive which is a build up to World Blood Donor Day 2012 (June 14) was, “Every Blood Donor is a Hero,” says a press release issued here.As many as 469 Mobilink Foundation and em…Read More

  • Indus civilization shaped by seasonal rains

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Climate change may have determined the fate of the ancient world’s most expansive civilization. A new study suggests that the waning of monsoons spurred both the rise and fall of the Harappans, who flourished in the floodplains of the Indus Valley thousands of years ago.Small floods driven by the rains nourished the crops of early cities but …Read More

  • Local research vital to develop policies

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Research by local academia could be helpful in developing better policies for resolving the issues facing the country and their research input on every sector including energy crisis, agriculture and poverty in the country would be helpful a lot.Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Dr Nadeem-ul-Haq said this while speaking at a conference, titled "Increasing Productivity and Unleashing Growth in Pakistan", organized by the Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP).He said that even the Islamabad-based research is not so effective as it has been done in the Jamshoro, Sialkot and any other area of the country where there was a dire need of it."It is …Read More

  • PTCL holds Retailers’ Conference 2012 in Lahore

    LAHORE: PTCL SEVP Commercial, Naveed Saeed; SEVP Business Zone Central, Jamal Abdalla Saleem Hussain Al Suwaidi; and other senior PTCL officials are seen during the Retailers’ Conference 2012. Comprising team-building sessions, the conference gave participants an exciting opportunity to share their observations, experiences and successes regarding PTCL’s product sales & services, initiatives & promotions, and d…Read More

  • KIU implementing 14 research, training initiatives

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Karakoram International University (KIU) Gilgit is undertaking 14 research projects and comprehensive training programmes in order to strengthen the Central Karakoram National Park (CKNP) work, with an amount of Rs 23.462 million. These projects are being implemented through a joint venture of Italy and Pakistan under the Social, Economic and Environmental Development Project (SEED). “The faculty has started working over these research…Read More

  • US envoy evaluates COMSATS’ output

    STAFF REPORT IBD: US Ambassador Cameron Munter’s commended COMSATS for building strong institutional linkages with his country’s universities including the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and North Dakota State University. Through these institutional partnerships, COMSATS has sent students and faculty to collaborate with their American counterparts at these universities and then return to Paki…Read More

  • Hard time for IT ministry as technocrats quit against despotic secretary

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Strong babus continuing governing the Ministry of IT and Telecom leaving no room for technocrats who have been working on research and development projects in autonomous ICT organizations.The bureaucratic strength supported by politicians has forced technocrats Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to resign from their positions and quit the organization’s affairs to be handled …Read More

  • Mobile World Congress 2012 celebrated

    Techaccess Pakistan Amin Ul Hafeez, Chief Operating Officer; Farrukh Alvi, VP Infrastructure & Amir Rauf Khan, VP Sales & Marketing are seen during the Mobile World Congress 2012. The annual event, hosted by Aircom, BlackBerry, IBM, IMGA, Nokia, Oracle, Samsung, SAP 360, WIP, was held last week at Barcelona where over 12,500 app developers participated.…Read More

  • Pakistan back-paddling on nano-technology sector

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The sitting government though apparently claims to be serious towards achieving progress in science and technology and claims to have allocated or spent billions of rupees on a number of projects in this vital field which can guarantee the country’s very survival, however, certain projects of the same nature have been shelved eating up a huge chunk of budgetary allocations mainly due to the negl…Read More

  • PSF ranked high for S and T research

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Minister of State for Science and Technology (S&T) Raheela Baloch has appreciated the Pakistan Science Foundation’s (PSF) endeavours for promotion and popularization of S&T in the country within its limited resources.She made these remarks while attending a recent briefing on PSF mandate, functions, achievements and future plans here during her visit to PSF.On the occasion, PSF Chairman Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro briefe…Read More

  • $133m arranged to build 100MW wind farms

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Wind developers in Pakistan have raised $133 million in finance needed to press on with 100MW of capacity in the country.The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Asian Development Bank, plus a consortium of local institutions, arranged the transaction under the Islamic finance terms.The deal will allow co-developers the Fauji Foundation and Tapal Group to build two wind farms in Sindh.The country’s Nati…Read More

  • Iran may not reach deal for Pak wheat import

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A barter trade deal between Iran and Pakistan still seems to be too far away, after Tehran expressed its unwillingness to accept Pakistani wheat containing karnal bunt or Tilletia Indica.“Iran had expressed its reservations to a Pakistani delegation, who visited Tehran on April 26, about the quality of Pakistani wheat,” Secretary for National Food Security and Research (NFS&R) Shafq…Read More

  • ICMS students awarded at Intel Science Fair

    STAFF REPORT IBD: resenting the Institute of Computer and Management Sciences (ICMS) from Pakistan have won the fourth place grand award in the animal science category at this year’s recently held Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a programme of Society for Science and the Public, at Pittsburgh, US.According to details, Shiza Gulab and Mahnoor Hasan Bushra Shahed have been awarded 50,000 dollars for t…Read More

  • WTISD celebrated at Mehran UET

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET) in collaboration with IEEE Communication Society, Karachi Chapter organized World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD). Prof BS Chowdhry, Chief Organizer of the event and Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, briefed about the importance of info-communication technologies (ICT) and the theme o…Read More

  • Pakistan widely celebrates Telecom Day

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has recently celebrated the Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) under this year’s theme: “Women and Girls in ICT”.Purpose of World Telecom Day is to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet and other ICTs can bring to societies and economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide.A numb…Read More

  • Burraq wins the Robian’12

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Robian’12 had the participation of 40 robots out of which 34 were indigenous to the Department of Electrical Engineering, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Islamabad Campus. The Winners of the Robian’12 was team BURRAQ with team members M. Bilal Aslam, Hamid Mehmood, Atif Nawaz, and Nauman Ahmed. Rs. 20000 was awarded as prize money.The Electric…Read More

  • UAF wins 'GCU Brain of Pakistan' title

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Government College University (GCU) Lahore Ravians Quiz Society has recently organised the GCU All Pakistan Inter-University Quiz Competition 2012, which was won by the Agriculture University Faisalabad (UAF).As many as 37 universities from all over Pakistan took part in the quiz contest to win the title of "GCU Brain of Pakistan".The Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad secured the second position while the Universit…Read More

  • UAE IT firm gives 25 scholarships to Pak students

    STAFF REPORT IBD: TEXPO Group of Companies, a UAE leading global technology infrastructure provider and an IT consulting company, has 25 scholarships for talented students of six public sector IT departments in Pakistan under a talent hunt programme.These students are selected among 371 contestants from six universities including NED University, Karachi University, Jamashoro, Balochi…Read More

  • UAV, Nestle join h and s to boost coop

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) and Nestle Pakistan Ltd will enhance their mutual cooperation in the areas of agricultural and livestock researches especially keeping in view the uplift of agrarian and dairy sector to increase milk, meat production and per acre yield with highly nutrient foods.An MoU has recently been signed between the two sides.Under the agreement, the Nestle will also invest in intern…Read More

  • PSF gives aid to 10 schools for science propagation

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has granted financial assistance to 10 schools and Science and Technology (S & T) organisation for their science propagation activities in the last two months.PSF assists the universities and research institutions by providing them Institutional Support Grants for the purchase of lab equipment, chemicals, literature etc. to strengthen the research capabiliti…Read More

  • FBR tax ruling on Mobilink still pending

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Mobilink) has said that the FBR’s ruling on Sales Tax and FED is still sub-judice.Mobilink is one of the largest corporate taxpayers in Pakistan, and has always remained at the forefront of making its due contribution to the nation’s exchequer, an official of the company said while commenting on the tax issue. He said that in 2011 alone, Mobilink paid taxes amounting to Rs 34 billion.…Read More

  • 2 multi-billion rupees ICT projects under way in Sindh

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Information Technology Department of Sindh is undertaking two multibillion-rupee mega IT projects, Arfa Karim IT City and Geoghraphical Information System (GIS) for Sindh, to promote and develop ICT infrastructure in the province.This was stated by Sindh IT Minister Syed Raza Haroon while speaking at the inauguration of the 7th ICT exhibition and conference at the Karachi Expo Centre Tuesday."The master plan for thi…Read More

  • CBI marks potential of Pak home textiles

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries, commonly known as CBI, has recently announced further plans to intensify its engagement in Pakistan.The CBI works as an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and has over 40-year experience in supporting the producers and exporters from developing countries to get a foot hold in the EU.In April, 2012 CBI’s newly appointed Country Manager…Read More

  • PCRWR role for water quality lauded

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Minister of State for Science and Technology Rahila Shahadat Baloch has recently visited the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR). She paid a visit to the National Water Quality Laboratory and GIS Centre of the council.On the occasion, a detailed presentation was given by PCRWR Chairman Dr. Muhammad Aslam Tahir on research & development activities of PCRWR pertaining to water quali…Read More

  • Chinese scientists briefed on PSF

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A Chinese delegation comprising scientists and researchers has recently visited the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF).During a meeting with the delegation headed by Prof. Dr. Han Richou, PSF Chairman Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro briefed the guests about mandate, functions, programmes, achievements and future plans of the Foundation.Dr. Soomro told the delegation that PSF provides funding fo…Read More

  • Farm credit release down by 15pc

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The agricultural credit disbursement by banks surged by 15.29 per cent on year-on-year basis to Rs 223.845 billion in the first ten months of the current fiscal year. In absolute terms, disbursement of credit to the agriculture sector increased by over Rs 29.688 billion in July-April, 2012 when compared with total disbursement of Rs 194.157 billion in the same period of the last fiscal year.In total, the credit disbursement b…Read More

  • Students develop GUI platform for Cisco Routers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A group of students from the Telecom Department of Sir Syed University have designed a user’s friendly software with graphical user interface (GUI) to configure a variety of Cisco routers. These routers are usually controlled via command lines.The platform is at the final project of Ilyas Ghichki, Obaid Shakeel, Muhammad Nabeel and Syed Tabish. One of the students told the media that they …Read More

  • Lack of screening endangering animals diseases

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The absence of quarantine department to screen livestock at the time of import in the country is resulting in the spread of mysterious contagious diseases in Pakistan.This was stated by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha while delivering a lecture at the one-month long workshop on “Capacity building of livestock dairy development department officers for the establishm…Read More

  • NUSTians attend Microsoft Imagine Cup

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In recognition of winning the Microsoft Imagine Cup, National University of Science and Technology (NUST) conferred awards on four of its students at a recently held ceremony.Each member of the winning team “Celoks” bagged a cash prize worth Rs 5,000. The team comprised Qasim Ikram, Salman Mazhar, Usman Bin Wahid and Muhammad Azeem from NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Their project ‘SEED’ was about donating l…Read More

  • Sindh university scientists honoured

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Three scientists of the University of Sindh namely Prof. Dr Muhammad Iqbal Bhanger, Prof. Dr Tasneem Gul Kazi, Dr Hassan Imran Afreedi have been honoured with the Research Productivity Award in "A" category by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.At a recent ceremony arranged by Pakistan Council of Science and Technology, Islamabad, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gila…Read More

  • Pakistan needs to re-orient economy on green discourse

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Green economy is vital for inclusive and sustainable growth, however, the current policy framework and ways of managing resources in Pakistan has become obsolete. The country should have a compreh nsive poverty reduction strategy while the capacity of the provinces has to be built in addition to strengthening the policy implementation capacity at the district level.…Read More

  • Mobile World Congress projects mobile tech

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Mobile World Congress 2012 has celebrated the current state of mobile and offered a glimpse into where mobile technology has the potential to go next. The Mobile World Congress 2012 - the must attend annual gathering of the mobile industry, hosted in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, featured attendees from 205 countries, says a message received here last week.According to details, they were treated to a wealth of learnin…Read More

  • CJP directs PTA to ensure SIMs sale rules

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to take a serious step in stopping illegal sale of mobile phone SIMs in Balochistan. The announcement was made when the CJP, along with two other judges, was listening to a petition related to the unfavorable law and order situation in the province.Th…Read More

  • Pak students win accolades at Pittsburgh fair

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Two Pakistani teenagers have got fourth place and cash $500 award at the Grand Awards Ceremony of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair held recently in Pittsburgh.These genius students – Mahnoor Hassan, Shiza Gulab and Bushra Shahed – were the selected people among 1,549 students across the world. They students of Peshawar’s Institute of Computer and Management Sciences created a titled: Energy Square for Catt…Read More

  • Zong, Askari Bank launch branchless banking

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Easypaisa, Omni and now Bank Telco, a branchless banking service, has been made operational by Zong and Askari Bank Limited for millions of people living in rural and urban areas of Pakistan. The service is powered by Inov8 which is one of the leading technology companies in Pakistan and one of the first to provide mobile commerce servi…Read More

  • Pak circular debt reaches Rs 740b

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The circular debt has jumped up to the level of Rs 740.65 billion where the receivables from federal and provincial governments and other departments are at Rs 375.73 billion while the amount of payable is Rs 364.92 billion as on March 31, 2012.According to the statistics available, this includes an amount of Rs 68.88 billion due as receivables from the provinces, Rs 14.27 billion from the federal government, Rs 60.4 bn from KESC; Rs 20 billion from FATA; Rs 14.56 billion from AJK government and others departments till March 2012. Likewise an amount of Rs 215.62 billion was payable to IPPs, Rs 70.32 billion to Wapda Hydel, Rs 31.299 billion to NTDC and RPPs, Rs 26.…Read More

  • Senior PTCL officers celebrate the One Million Broadb and customers mark at a special cake cutting ceremony.

    ISLAMABAD: SEVP BZS PTCL, Furqan Habib (left); SEVP Commercial PTCL, Naveed Saeed (centre left); SEVP Finance PTCL, Muhammad  Nehmatullah; SEVP HR PTCL, Syed Mazhar Hussian (centre right); EVP Admin PTCL, Muhammad Yaqub (right) along with other PTCL officers cutting the cake to celebrating ‘One Million Broadband Customers Mark’ at Pak-China Friendship Centre Islamabad.…Read More

  • Nokia launches its new cell phones from Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Nokia has positively chosen Pakistan for the launching of its new products - Nokia 110 and Nokia 112. Offering Facebook, Twitter, world-class EA games and access to thousands of apps from the Nokia Store, the new Nokia 110 and Nokia 112 have been announced from Pakistan to the world at a recently held launching ceremony in Karachi.“Today’s mobile phon…Read More

  • Software piracy in 2011 stood at 86pc

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The software piracy has reached an alarming stage in Pakistan where PC (Personal Computer) penetration is regularly increasing on the rise among individual and companies who pay for the hardware either new or used but do not like to pay for the software, reveals a latest report by the Business Software Alliance (BSA).“About 86 per cent of software use…Read More

  • France vows to exp and students science learning in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As Pakistan has displayed its seriousness in promoting the LAAMAP – the Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) Programme – in its education system with positive and result-oriented steps, France, the originator of this system, has assured to continue this programme in Pakistan, which focuses on the teaching of science in primary schools to develop the questioning attitude of children during experiments.A review meeting and work…Read More

  • UN urges Pakistan to subsidise agriculture

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The United Nations has advised Pakistan to provide agricultural subsidies and introduce modern technologies to increase per acre yield, arrest rising food prices and alleviate hunger.“Pakistan faces increasing risk from rising food prices that directly affect the most vulnerable sections of the population,” says a UN report titled ‘Economic and Social Survey for Asia and Pacific (Escap)’…Read More

  • UN urges Pakistan to subsidise agriculture Wheat, sugarcane under threat due to Bt Cotton

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The growing cultivation of Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) cotton, especially in Punjab, has decreased the area under wheat and sugarcane cultivation due to relatively longer germination period of BT cotton.“BT cotton is gaining popularity in Punjab and its growing cultivation is having a negative impact on other crops particularly wheat and sugarcane because of long germination period of BT c…Read More

  • ITU Secy Gen evaluates quality of PTCL services

    STAFF REPORT KHI: PTCL is playing a leading role in the provision of quality and affordable ICT services to the people of Pakistan, said Dr Hamadoun Toure, Secretary General of the UN Agency International Telecom Union (ITU) on his recent visit to PTCL Network Operation Centre.On the occasion, PTCL President and CEO, Walid Irshaid, apprised him about the PTCL’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre, the country’s largest telecom company’s netw…Read More

  • Iran offers to boost power in Pakistan

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: Iran's provincial officials have informed their Pakistani counterparts that Iran can boost electricity exports to Pakistan to help the South Asian nation overcome its persistent energy crisis.“Private sector can play a vital role to strength trade and economic ties between the two countries,” said Mayor of Iran's Northeastern city of Mashhad Seyed Mohammad Pezhman while addressing a delegation of Karachi Chamber of Commerce…Read More

  • Pakistan emerges as potential market for Nokia

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has emerged as one of the biggest markets in the world for Nokia for exploring untapped areas for equipping people with affordable and advanced mobile handsets.“Nokia’s next strategy is to reach billion of population living without mobile handsets and Pakistan is also the country where there is a significant number of people still living without handsets,” said Saula Passos, Nokia Communication Head, while talking to the …Read More

  • Women constitute 14pc workforce in Pak IT industry

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan’s women are actively pursuing their career having 14 per cent share of workforce in IT industry out of which 37 per cent are presently working at the mid-executive positions whereas 13 per cent are holding senior management positions in renowned local and multinational companies.These findings have been disclosed in the recently launched research study “Pakistan Women in Technology”.It reveals that the participati…Read More

  • Man claims to produce power with water

    STAFF REPORT IBD: While Pakistan is having worst energy crisis, and worst ever power load-shedding, a 37-year-old mechanical engineer from Swat claims to have produced electricity with water.After 20 years of research, Rehan Aziz Farooqi, has invented a unique power generator that runs solely on water, and, wait for it, the design can be used to allow any engine that runs on petrol, diesel or green gas to use water as fuel.He t…Read More

  • MUET gets second prize at NASCON contests

    STAFF REPORT IBD: NASCON, National Solutions Convention 2012, was an event organized by FAST Student Societies with an aim to solving the problems of the country by giving direction to the youth in aligning their passions with their academia to secure a brighter future.On the occasion, three types of events were held including Engineering, Business and Various Social events. The students of Electronics Department of Mehran UET, Jamshoro, particip…Read More

  • Telenor starts training digital youth

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Telenor Pakistan has launched a nationwide project that would help empower a new digital generation in the country.The Telenor Talkshawk I-Champ is a knowledge-based initiative that aims to provide learning and training to young people to enable them to become future proponents in the digital age. The Telenor will partner with the Punjab government and hold Internet workshops for class 8-10 students in 150 schools in …Read More

  • Citrus disease damaging exports volume

    STAFF REPORT FBD: A citrus disease called ‘greening’ is threatening to decrease the fruit’s demand in foreign markets, thus ultimately reducing the volume of foreign exchange.This was observed by speakers during a recent two-day ‘Citrus Growers Conference’ organised by the Institute of Horticulture Sciences of the University of Ag…Read More

  • Lotte Pak joins WWF to project environment issue

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Lotte Pakistan PTA Ltd. has joined hands with WWF Pakistan to spread greater environmental awareness among the young students and provide them an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of key environmental issues the region is facing at the mom…Read More

  • PTCL inaugurates its ‘one million’ broadb and celebrations

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani inaugurated the PTC) celebration of achieving Pakistan’s first one million Broadband customers as part of the national commemoration of World Telecommunication & Information Society Day 2012 held at Pak-China Friendsh…Read More

  • Mobilink reaches out to mobile game developers

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Mobilink has announced a series of workshops across Pakistan providing students and independent software developers with an opportunity to develop mobile game development skills.The first workshop was organized in Islamabad on May 18, with a purpose to as a means to evaluate the conceptual strengths, technique and creative acumen of mobile game developers in Pakistan. The workshops have been d…Read More

  • Women account for 14pc of Pak IT workforce

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) has recently unveiled its research report on working women in Pakistan IT industry, in a press conference held in Karachi.According to details, the research is based on responses from 50 companies and 125 individuals – it targeted IT companies as well as large IT departments within non-IT companies.The report reveals that women accou…Read More

  • ITU SG lauds PTA role in ICTs

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Dr. Hamadoun I. Toure, Secretary General ITU, while appreciating the tremendous telecom growth of Pakistan has commended the role of PTA in creating sound regulatory regime in Pakistan by protecting customers as well as investors’ interest and providing a level playing field.He expressed these remarks at a reception hosted in his honour by the PTA during his visit to the Authority’s head offi…Read More

  • Makers for GST cut on farm tools

    STAFF REPORT SIALKOT: The manufacturers of agriculture implements and machinery have appealed to the government to withdraw the 16 per cent GST on agriculture tools and machinery for the promotion of the industry and growth …Read More

  • Punjab may miss cotton sowing target

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The cotton sowing target is likely to be missed as cotton over 1.2 million acres has so far been sown against the target of 6.2 million acres in the province of Punjab.“The government should review its agriculture policies in the larger interest of the agriculture sector as it would leave positive impacts on this sector which is the backbone of the country’s economy,” said Pakistan Agri Forum Chairman Muhammad Ibrahim Mughal.…Read More

  • Govt scrapes taxes on renewable energy

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has withdrawn all taxes and duties on from Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency products apparently in order to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in the country.The impact of this order can be judged that according to rough estimates, the prices will fall by 38 per cent & approximately 7–8 MW of solar alone will be imported resultantly adding 7–8 MW to much needed electricity demand.It …Read More

  • Siemens installs water filtration plants for villages

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Siemens Pakistan has installed five water filtration plants in villages affected by floods – two of them have been installed in Sujawal, one in Civil Hospital Sujawal and the other in Govt Boys High School Sujawal, while the rest have been installed at the villages constructed by Pak Navy for flood victims at Belo Goth M. Khan Bijoro and Village Aelomallah near Sujawal as also at the High School Chur Jamal…Read More

  • Farm sector lacks efficiency, global competitiveness

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Despite having immense potential, the agriculture sector of Pakistan lacks efficiency and global competitiveness, causing dent to self-sufficiency in production of various farm produces, said Asad Umar, Chairman Pakistan Business Council while speaking to members of Agricultural Journalists' Association (AJA).In his presentation on 'Agriculture - a mainstay of Pakistan's economy' Asad Umar sa…Read More

  • FRA backs Pak steps on forestry’s climate

    MONITORING REPORT BAINBRIDGE ISLAND: The Forestry Research Associates (FRA) has welcomed the initiative of Pakistan to monitor climate change impacts and scenarios.“The Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI) is looking into the different climate change impacts in various regions throughout Pakistan and how this affects forestry resources,” stated Peter Collins, FRA’s analysis partner.The PFI explained that it is t…Read More

  • Global warming a global threat; needs all stakeholders’ say

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Climate change has emerged as a global issue multiplying concern for the entire international community as the global warming is causing widespread problems such as faster glacier melting, sea level rise, shortage of fresh water, prolonged droughts, ravaging floods, more frequent and intense forest fires, high intensity storms, extreme heat episodes, agricultural disruption, spread of infectious…Read More

  • Funds paucity hits Pak surge in nanotech research

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Nanotechnology research in Pakistan, which had shown a trend of higher publication numbers over the last decade, has suffered from the country’s present financial crisis, a study said.In 2008 the government did not extend the term of the National Commission for Nanoscience and Technology, initially set up in 2003 for three years and later extended for two more years.The study, published online in Scientometrics, said that re…Read More

  • Pakistan can have cheap power through coal

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Nuclear scientist and Member Science and Technology, Planning Commission, Dr Samar Mubarakmand, has said that through underground gasification technology, electricity can be generated at Rs3 to 4 per unit while diesel can be produced at $40 per barrel.While speaking at an oil and gas exhibition and conference POGEE-2012 at Karachi Expo Centre last week, he said that underground ga…Read More

  • Schneider Electric ranked among world’s 100 most ethical firms

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, has been ranked among the top 100 world’s most ethical companies for the second year in a row.The list is released by Ethisphere Institute, a leading international think-tank dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability.Schneider Electric’s ranking ref…Read More

  • Dangerous bug attacks date trees

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A dangerous date palm sap-sucking insect known as Dubas bug - locally known as Sherrgo - is spreading in Balochistan, affecting the overall date production and exports.“The bug had first been detected in 1999 in Balochistan's Panjgur district,” an official at the National Agricult…Read More

  • PTA warns cell jammers, installers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA has issued a warning to all those persons and companies which are somehow related in mobile jamming saying the usage of mobile jammers is strictly prohibited in Pakistan.According to the notice, irrespective of the place and use, mobile jammers are not allowed to be implemented and a strong action will be taken against those who are involved in their business or are using them.The import and installation of mobile jammin…Read More

  • PTCL records hat-trick at KSE-100 Index

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has recorded a hat trick on the 100 index of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) by remaining market leader in terms of shares’ trading volume on three consecutive days of the present week.PTCL’s shares value was also seen increasing as investors have been buying its shares like hot dogs in the equity market in the hope to get maximum dividends expected to be announced soon.In the first three days, traded shares from PTCL stoo…Read More

  • SG ITU calls on IT minister

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Dr Hamadoun Toure, Secretary General International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Dr. Eun-Ju Kim, ITU Regional Head for Asia and the Pacific called on Federal Minister for Information Technology Raja Pervez Ashraf last week. Secretary IT and Telecom, Farooq Ahmed Awan was also present on the occasion.Main agenda of the meeting was “Promoting Broadband in Pakistan” so that there should not be a broadband divide in Pakistan, said a press …Read More

  • Warid’s Glow gives boost to youth

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Being one of the most active, happening and aware brand - Glow by Warid continues supporting young leaders. This time, it was the Media Fest event of Kinnaird College for women, which was presented by Glow. It was aimed at helping media students unleash their talent and expose their inner journalistic skills. KMS (Kinnaird Media Society), the college’s Mass Communication Department, organized …Read More

  • LDI operators agree to implement ICH

    STAFF REPORT IBD: As many as 14 telecom operators with Long Distance and International dialing license have agreed to establish a centralized landing gateway for internet calls in order to curb grey traffic.According to a report by BMA Capital Research, the gateway, International Clearing House (ICH), will make possible for all LDI operators to get international calls lan…Read More

  • US starts taking steps to improve Pak farming

    STAFF REPORT FBD: Trilateral relations among Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States in the field of agriculture sit together to develop the sector and alleviate sufferings of the farming community in the region.Speakers at a recently held five-day international workshop “Strengthening extension skills of young professionals in Afghanistan and Pakistan”…Read More

  • PTA to control criminal, unethical, spam calls

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to control over the criminal, unethical and spam calls on the network of telecom networks with proper checks and balances and proper mechanism aimed at protecting consumers from unwanted communications.The authority has issued a draft regulation with revision and amendments of clauses in “Protection from Spam, Unsolicited, Fraudulent, and Obnoxious Communications Regulation…Read More

  • Expert calls for crop rotation

    STAFF REPORT HYD: Noted scientist and Head of Sciences Wildwood College St. Louis Missouri, USA, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Lodhi, has emphasized the need for adopting the crop rotation plan as the current crop deposits in Pakistan have certain adverse effects on next crop.He emphasized this while delivering a lecture on “Ecosystem Health Plant and Plant-Microbe Interaction “ at the Video Conferenc…Read More

  • Public-private partnership vital to promote gems

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The public-private partnership is a must for quality improvement and value addition of products related to gemstone and jewellery sector.These were the remarks expressed at a 3-day training workshop on “Gemstone Identification and Evaluation”, jointly organized by Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) and PGJDC at PMNH.Purpose of the workshop was to impart training to business pe…Read More

  • Policymakers-stakeholders week links affect farming

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The missing links between policymakers and other stakeholders in the field of agriculture are creating hurdles in the way of exploiting the true potential of the key sector of Pakistan’s economy.Mexican tasteless mangoes are being sold at $4 per piece in the US while the delicious mangoes of Pakistan have the potential to be sold at more than $5, but it is not the case due t…Read More

  • Pak horticulture sector needs a quality boost

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistani agriculture products are the best in the world, yet the sector has not excelled to its true potential. The focus of untrained people in the horticulture field has been on increasing production, rather than on improving the quality of the product."This is a big loss - roughly 30 per cent of Pakistan’s total vegetable production and about 40 per cent of frui…Read More

  • Pakistan can generate 2.3m MW thru solar

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has a potential to generate over 2.324 million megawatts electricity annually through solar system and in this connection industrialists should come forward and contribute in overcoming the energy crisis facing the country. The power generated through solar system can easily meet even the future industrial and domestic energy demand of the country.“Pakistan ne…Read More

  • PTA accused of delaying 3G licences auction

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The federal government has estimated to generate up to one billion dollars through 3G Licences auction, but Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is delaying the auction as no new date has so far been finalised for the auction, Secretary Information Technology Farooq Awan told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly last week.The meeting, chaired …Read More

  • SMW4 cut causing internet ‘disruption’ in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The submarine cable SEMEWE4 cable – linking majority of the internet and telephony traffic in Pakistan – has been cut near Alexandria, causing serious sluggishness for internet browsing in Pakistan, sources said.Various Internet Service Providers have confirmed major disturbance in their service due to the damage in the cable.The sources confirmed that SEAMEWE4 cable was cut at 12:04pm (Pakis…Read More

  • IRENA to support Pak renewable energy projects

    STAFF REPORT IBD: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA-UNO) will include Pakistan in its next year’s Annual Work Plan, bringing benefits to Pakistan in terms of training and capacity building of its renewable energy departments, which will also attract foreign investment in the country’s renew…Read More

  • PTCL upgrades DSL, Wireless services in snow-hit Chitral

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has upgraded its services in Chitral through a challenging team effort in the hilly and snow covered region, says a press release issued here.This past winter season saw an unusually high rate of snowfall and severe hail storms due to which PTCL’s Lowari Hill repeater got damaged, affecting its DSL and Wireless services in different areas of Chitral.Covered in 10 feet of s…Read More

  • Pakistan vital market for BlackBerry

    MONITORING REPORT KHI: After losing significant market share in North America, Research In Motion (RIM) is shifting its focus more towards emerging markets that accounts for 68 per cent of its revenues. BlackBerry App World’s official launch in Pakistan is another effort towards protecting the revenue-base; say industry experts.The Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerr…Read More

  • Zero Billion and Incubator hosts first ever Hackathon

    STAFF REPORT LHR: With an objective to promote innovation in the rapidly growing IT industry and earn recognition for Pakistan in the international market, the Zero Billion & Incubator Pakistan, in collaboration with MoSync AB, a Swedish company, has recently hosted the first of its kind mobile application Hackathon here.MoSynac AB has developed a to…Read More

  • PTCL arranges ‘craft festival’ in Multan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) organized a special customer outreach exhibit at the recently held “South Punjab Craft Festival” in Multan under the aegis of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan.Purpose of the event was to portray the rich culture of South Punjab and promote the local industries. Vice Chancellor Bahauddin Zakariya Un…Read More

  • 44 varsities attend ‘IST Youth Carnival’

    STAFF REPORT IBD: IST has rrecently organized “Youth Carnival – 2012” at the Islamabad Campus of the institute, where over 800 contestants and visitors from different universities of Pakistan, participated and observed a beautiful environment of national unity over there.There was a common comment in the event that “IST is very good in managing such mega events that is why they are succeeded to attract a big number of people for the 2nd time”.…Read More

  • CJ directs PTA to block ‘vulgar ads’ by cellcos

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has directed the PTA chairman to stop the showing of vulgar advertisements of phone companies on television.The chief justice issued these remarks while hearing a lottery case. He said that all lotteries associated with gambling were un-Islamic. During the hearing, he said: “We think that several advertisements of phone companies are vulgar an…Read More

  • UoG wins declamation contest

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Saleha Ashraf, Department of Chemistry, University of Gujrat, stood 3rd in the All Pakistan Declamation Contest at NUST EME College, Rawalpindi. In the competition about 35 teams from well known colleges and universities of Pakistan participated and created a beautiful environment of quality competition over there.Participating in such co-curricular activities has been observed good for the students, and UOGianz are getting very good in them. Continuation of such good performances and making name of University is good sign for the whole family.…Read More

  • ABL inks tech support deal with Sybase

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Allied Bank Limited, one of the largest banks in Pakistan, inked a Technology Support Agreement for the deployment of mobile banking services with Sybase, an SAP Company, the global leader in mobile commerce services and AbacusConsulting, the leading consulting, technology and outsourcing firm in the region, says a press release issued here last week.Khalid A Sherwani, President/CEO, Jalees Ahmed, Executive Di…Read More

  • Intel Pakistan Corporation held an interactive briefing session with 2012

    Intel Pakistan Corporation held an interactive briefing session with 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) finalists in Islamabad to showcase their hard work and to boost the morale of these students who will be representing Pakistan at Intel ISEF which is scheduled for next week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Intel ISEF is the world's largest celebration of scien…Read More

  • Br and ed ICT companies find wide scope in Punjab

    STAFF REPORT LHR: As a step forward towards promoting information technology in the province, the Punjab government has recently signed a number of memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with the world’s renowned IT companies.Under the MoUs, the American company Microsoft will train students in internet based self-employment methods, Cisco will set up Cisco Network Academy while through Huawei Company, besides i…Read More

  • Pakistani scholars mark participation in world moot

    MONITORING REPPORT THAILAND: Participation of five Pakistani scholars was well recognized at the 1st International Conference on Mobility for Life: Technology, Telecommunication and Problem Based Learning. A world renowned Pakistani scholar Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology attended the conference as a keynote speaker and presented his speech on “Successful …Read More

  • Pakistan urged to ban mad cows from California

    STAFF REPORT LHR: After the confirmation of Mad Cow Disease in California farms by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), the government of Pakistan should immediately slap ban on import of live animals from such country…Read More

  • Study on climate change impacts on forests done

    STAFF REPORT PWH: To offset the effects of climatic change and global warming in the country, the Pakistan Forests Institute (PFI), Peshawar, has completed a comprehensive study to determine the climatic change scenarios in the country’s various ecological zones and its impact on forests resources.“It is the first professional attempt to address the emerging issues of climate change and global warming and its overall impact on …Read More

  • Role of Pak engineers comes under spotlight in S. Arabia

    MONITORING REPORT JEDDAH: The Engineers Welfare Forum (EWF) and the Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP) has recently organized a seminar at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) entitled "Role of technocrats in national development."Prof. Ata ur Rahman, a leading scientist and scholar in the field of organic chemistry from Pakistan, was the chief guest."As engineers, we…Read More

  • Child labour linked to earlier puberty in boys

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Data being presented at the joint International Congress of Endocrinology/European Congress of Endocrinology started at Florence, Italy, from May 5 show for the first time that boys who are made to work at a young age undergo puberty at an earlier age than their school-attending counterparts.Dr Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi of Pakistan Museum of Natural History/Pakistan Scien…Read More

  • Students showcase potential at Procom event

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A two-day Procom event has recently concluded where students got a chance to showcase their work, and the team itself was only the liaison between the students and the industry.The President of Procom 2012 said that it was the effort of the participants and the encouragement from the academia and industry that helped them put together this year’s event.Although the results speak for the st…Read More

  • Vitality of earth protection aired

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The UOG Green Society under the department of Environmental Sciences has recently organized a one- day symposium with reference to the “World Earth Day”. On the occasion, members of the Green Society presented their work regarding ’Pollution on the Earth and its Solutions’. The programme held in S-07 Hall of the HH-Campus in the University of Gujrat.In the Symposium students (attendees)…Read More

  • EMS brings BlackBerry App World in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: EMS, which is a strategic channel partner of RIM (Research in Motion), has partnered with Pakistan’s telecom operator to bring Blackberry App World in Pakistan.The Blackberry App World is the official app store for BlackBerry smartphones which enables Blackberry users to download and manage applications on their smartphones.The App World was already accessible throughout the world with few countrie…Read More

  • 9 LoIs issued to generate 228MW solar power

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Ministry of Water and Power has issued nine Letters of Intent (LOIs) to different Solar Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to produce cumulative capacity of 228 MW electricity.A senior official at the Ministry has said that these small and big projects are at various stages of development and once executed would help generate electricity for the national grid and to meet growing demand.…Read More

  • World recognises scientist leading PITB

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Dr Umar Saif, is a young innovator and leading computer scientist, who is known for his work on using ICT solutions for developing-world problems.In August last year, the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had named Umar Saif as one of the world’s top young innovators for 2011. Umar brought glory to Pakistan on several occasion in the past as well.…Read More

  • Wateen offers e-learning in Punjab

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading converged communication service provider, has recently signed an MoU with the Punjab IT Board for enabling e-learning in the province.Under the MoU, Wateen Telecom will provide an e-learning portal for graduate and post-graduate students to access and gain vital educational contents. The online portal will include text books, past papers, solved past papers and tips for students …Read More

  • Iran ready to give Pakistan 80000 bpd crude oil

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Iran has declared its readiness to export 80,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil to Pakistan in addition to offering $250 million in loan for the construction of the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project.Minister of Oil and Natural Resources Asim Hussain has informed the Iran has also offered to undertake various stages of planning, engineering, supply of pipeline, and building compressor stations in the …Read More

  • WWBL enters Pak banking sector

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Waseela Microfinance Bank Limited (WMBL) has started its operations in Pakistan with the opening of its first branch in Islamabad.The Bank has been established to cater the need for banking and financial services that are simple and easily accessible for the unbanked and under-banked. WMBL will also introduce mass market financial products…Read More

  • CKWhiz kid: 14-year-old to present first research paper

    STAFF REPORT IBD: After breaking four world records, 14-year-old whiz kid from Dera Ismail Khan, Babar Iqbal, is now set to present his first research paper at the 8th IEEE International Conference on Innovations in Information Technology.Iqbal will present a paper on digital forensic science, the field that covers the recovery and investigation of data from digital devices and is often used to aid computer crime investigations.This is …Read More

  • Italy to help Pak manage solid waste

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Stronger linkages between academia and business communities coupled with government support of Pakistan and Italy will lead to capacity building of Pakistan and sustainable management of solid waste in the country.According to details, a Pakistani delegation, led by Federal Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali, has r…Read More

  • Microsoft, HEC partner to host Imagine Cup local finals

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Bringing together the sharpest minds in the field of technology, Microsoft Pakistan, in partnership with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), has recently hosted the local finals of the Imagine Cup.This is the world’s premier student technology competition, where all eligible students use their imagination and passion to create a technological solution. Marking its 10th year, Microsoft is holding the worldwide finals of th…Read More

  • India offers to export power to Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD:The Indian authorities have offered Pakistani to import 500 megawatts (MW) electricity from Amritsar to Lahore at the rate of Rs 16 per kilowatt during the recently held neighbourly meetings, while hydel power electricity can be generated locally at the rate of Rs 6 per kilowatt, showing a difference of Rs 10 per kilowatt.The federal government has been purchasing hydel electric power on…Read More

  • Zong starts United Football tourney

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The ‘Zong United Kickoff’ Football Tournament 2012 has been launched to great public excitement, simultaneously in five cities of Pakistan.The tournament is for the selection of 32 young boys who will get trained in Manchester United Soccer School, Abu Dhabi. CCO of ZONG Sajid Mahmood kicked off the ball in the Pakistan Sports Complex to begin the tournament.A total of 128 ZONG registered teams within the age bracke…Read More

  • Chinese e-com team briefed on PBIT projects

    STAFF REPORT LHR: A delegation of entrepreneurs and representatives of Shenzhen Chamber of e-commerce, China, during their recent visit to the Punjab Board of Investment & Trade (PBIT), has showed keen interest in modernization of infrastructure in the province, implementation of technology in government affairs and youth empowerment through education and technology.On the occasion, PBIT Chief Executive Officer Dr Sajid Yoosufani br…Read More

  • PTA steps up for whitelisting IP addresses for VoIP usage

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has notified the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for making difference of blacklist and whitelist IP addresses used by various service providers.The directives issued by the authority recently state that white list would be the list of IP addresses maintained by service providers for the purpose of allowing them for using VoIP services.The list will be maintained by the V…Read More

  • Virtual University wins global award

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Awards Committee of the Open Course Ware Consortium has selected the Virtual University of Pakistan’s Open Course Ware site for the ‘2012 Outstanding New Site Award for Open Course Ware Excellence’, says a press release.The consortium is a US-based collaboration of higher education institutions and associated organisations from around the…Read More

  • PTA asks to stop services of SMS spammers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTA has decided to take a stern action against those customers/companies using SMS service as a medium of spreading mass text messages either for the sake of publicity or some other intention.These SMS spammers are going to get a service suspension in result of sending bulk text messages, says an official of the telecom authority.Threshold set in this re…Read More

  • PTCL extends creative customer outreach

    STAFF REPORT IBD: To extend the reach of its innovative products and services to its customers, the PTCL has recently conducted a creative “town marketing campaign” in Lahore. As part of the PTCL’s customer engagement drive, the campaign was a creative blend of marketing initiatives, kiosk activities, sales camps and outdoor branding at Wahdat Road, G1 Market Johar Town, Samanabad, Pak Arab Housing Society, Davis Road,…Read More

  • Pakistani will be included in world energy body

    MONITORING REPORT ABDU DHAB:The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA-UNO) will include Pakistan in its next year’s Annual Work Plan which would bring benefits to Pakistan in terms of training and capacity building of the renewable energy departments of the government of Pakistan and will also attract foreign investment in country’s renewable energy projects.This was discussed in a recently held meeting between Pakistan’s Ambassad…Read More

  • HEC scholar brings home research experiences

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Kundi, who was funded by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to pursue his Post-doctoral Fellowship at France, has successfully completed his research work.He conducted his research on “E-Local Government Implementation Barriers in Pakistan” at the Department of Information Systems and Technology Management, CERGAM, IAE-Aix Graduate School of Management, Aix-Marseille Université, Aix-en-Provence FRANCE under the…Read More

  • Workshop on chemical data interpretation held

    STAFF REPORT KHI: A two-day workshop was held last week on 'Developing Skills for the Interpretation of 1D and 2D NMR Spectral Data for the Structure Determination of Organic Molecules', through video conference.The workshop was organised under the Virtual Education Project Pakistan (VEPP) and Latif Ebrahim Jamal (LEJ) National Science Information Centre, International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences.Fac…Read More

  • Pak cotton scientist gets world’s best award

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Dr Yusuf Zafar, who is the Director General agriculture and biotechnology at the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, has been declared ‘Scientist of the Year-2012’ for his pioneering work in the cotton biotechnology sector.Zafar has over 110 scientific papers to his name. According to ICAC, “in cotton virology his group covers nearly 90 per cent of the global published literature.”The Faisalabad-based scienti…Read More

  • SPAM emails: Pakistan gets 9th ranking

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: Pakistan has risen to the 9th position in sending SPAM emails in the list of “Dirty Dozens”.SophosLabs releases the list of the countries with their share in sending SPAM emails and Pakistan was ranked at number 11, last year.From the latest stats, Pakistan has risen to the 9th position with 3.3 per cent share among the world’s total SPAM while, India has taken top position from US by sharing a total of 9.3 per…Read More

  • PTCL Sukkur wins regional cricket tournament in Karachi

    ISLAMABAD: In a nail-biting contest, PTCL Sukkur team has won the annual regional cricket tournament recently held in Karachi. Sukkur Telecom Region team won the match by defeating Karachi Telecom Region-III. Seen in the picture is PTCL SEVP Business Zone South, Furqan Habib Qureshi, along with the winning team.…Read More

  • Ptcl held a fun-filled family gala

    ISLAMABAD: As part of the ongoing employee engagement drive, PTCL has recently held a fun-filled family gala for its employees at the headquarters building in Islamabad at the conclusion of its painting extravaganza on “Energy Conservation for Future Generations”. Renowned artists Jamal Shah, Abbass Shah and Nahida Raza attended the event as guests of honour. Seen in the picture is PTCL President & CEO, Walid…Read More

  • Pakistan inches towards its first imaging satellite

    STAFF REPORT KHI: After the successful launch of the communication satellite PAKSAT-IR last year, the country’s space agency, Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), is all set to launch an advanced high resolution remote sensing satellite system (RSSS) technology.…Read More

  • NBP’s 1200 branches go online

    STAFF REPORT KHI: In a major development, the National Bank of Pakistan’s 1,200 branches across Pakistan have been made “Online” to improve their customer services in a professional manner.Qamar Hussain, President of National Bank of Pakistan, said this while addressing the Branch Managers and Operation Managers at the recently conducted 3-week Effective Branch Management Training for the third batch at NBP, head o…Read More

  • Serious efforts desperately needed to save earth

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is fast becoming vulnerable to the negative impacts of environment change triggered by global warming, and subsequent massive floods and droughts, unabated deforestation and increasing wetlands. This critical situation demands of all of us to pool our resources and join hands to save the earth from degradation as it would secure life on …Read More

  • Wheat crop area down by 2.53pc in 2010-11

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The area of wheat crop under cultivation decreased by 2.53 per cent during 2010-2011 over the previous year largely due to problems faced by the farmers in terms of disposal of wheat produced in 2009-2010, shifting of area to cotton and sugarcane crops in irrigated tracts, late crushing by sugar mills, and considerable increase in potato crop.“The wheat sowing area in 2010-11 declined considerably becaus…Read More

  • InfoTech gets deals revised with SBL, HBL

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Samba Bank Limited (SBL) and Habib Bank Limited have recently renewed their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement deals for a 3-year period through InfoTech (Pvt.) Ltd, which is Microsoft’s direct large account reseller.Azfar Naqvi, CFO of SBL, signed the agreement, while Naseer Akhtar, President and CEO, signed on behalf of the InfoTech during a recently held ceremony. The ceremony was also attended by Salman Siddiqui and Agha Jan fr…Read More

  • Tech-Combat 2012 arranged at MUET Jamshoro

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Department of Telecommunication Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, in collaboration with IEEE COMSOC Chapter, has recently organized a national level event titled “TechCombat-Technology Battle 2012”.Around fifty teams of students from various universities of Pakistan participated in the competitions whereas professionals from leading organ…Read More

  • Intel Science Fair winners awarded at PSF

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The winners of Intel National Science Fair-2012 “Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovations” have recently been awarded prizes at the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF).An orientation session for the students selected for participation in the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) -2012, was also held on this occasion.The PSF, as part of it…Read More

  • PARC pledges to support l and less pastoralists

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) will give policy support to “landless mobile pastoralists” in the country as these marginalized herders play both for society at large and for the environment.This was stated by the Chairman PARC Naveed Saleemi while inaugurating a recently concluded three-day regional workshop on “Landless Mobile Pastoralists: Securing their role as Custodians of Northern Pakistan’s Mountain” organized in…Read More

  • Pak spending on farm research lowest in Asia

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Spending on agriculture research in Pakistan is lowest even by regional (Asian) standards, let alone the world ones.“This lack of funding has deprived farmers of higher productivity benefits,” said Punjab Agriculture Research Board (PARB) Chief Executive Dr Mubarik Ali while speaking at a consultative meeting with agricultural media reporters.He pointed …Read More

  • Telenor rises to support KPK farmers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Roar Bjaerum, Vice President Financial Services Telenor Pakistan, and Arbab Muhammad Ayub Jan, Minister for Agriculture Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, have recently signed a memorandum of understanding whereby the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will provide agriculture and livestock information on mobile phones to farmers in the province.According to an official of the compa…Read More

  • International conference recognises Pak scholars

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Participation of five Pakistani scholars was well recognized at the 1st international conference on Mobility for Life: Technology, Telecommunication and Problem Based Learning. A world famous Pakistani scholar Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET) attended the conference as a keynote speaker and gave presentation on “Successful Transformation of ICT Graduate Programme: A Ro…Read More

  • wi-tribe out to revolutionise tech industry

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Taking its commitment further towards local software development, wi-tribe has gone a step ahead with the announcement of Pakistan Developers’ Challenge 2012 (PDC 2012); bringing together the greatest young minds of Pakistan onto a single pioneering platform.“At this platform, Pakistani developers can sell and monetize their software, bringing together the loca…Read More

  • Zong takes lead in subscribers strength

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Zong surpassed Warid’s subscriber base with a lead of over 250,000 subscribers in February 2012 making a total of around 15 million subscribers, reveals the fresh data of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.After five years of its inception, Zong has now become a prominent part of the telecom Industry. Making slow and steady progress, Zong has made its mark in the saturated telecom market with starting from just one million subsc…Read More

  • PTCL posts Rs. 1.4b net profit in 3QFY11-12

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has gained net profit of Rs.1.4 billion in its third quarter earnings for financial year 2011-12 for the period ending March 31, showing a growth of 11.3 per cent in revenue.“PTCL’s profits and revenue growth during the third quarter of FY2011-12 is a strong indicator of our dynamic corporate direction as well as our customers’ continued satisfaction and trust,” said PTCL CEO & President, Wa…Read More

  • Efforts on to develop IDN ccTLDO

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Ministry of IT has been actively working on the development of IDN ccTLD (Internationalized Domain Names) (country code Top-Level Domain). ICANN has approved the application for “???????.” and the delegation process, which includes specification of ccTLD structure and policies is under way.Formation of the registry will enable all Pakistanis to register domain names in Urdu instead of traditional ASCII English, which currently is …Read More

  • Sri Lankan, Iranian delegates briefed on PSF activities

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Sri Lankan and Iranian delegations paid a visit to Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) head offices separately during their recent visits to Pakistan to participate in the 2nd Commission meeting of COMSATS.The Sri Lankan delegation comprised Sri Lankan Senior Minister for Scientific Affairs Prof. Tissa Vifrana, Sri Lanka Science Foundation Chairperson Prof. Sirimali Fernando and Sri Lankan High Commissioner Air Chief Marshal (Retd) Jaya…Read More

  • DCIM software ups planning, downs operational costs

    STAFF REPORT LHR: APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, has published a new White Paper on ‘How Data Centre Management (DCIM) Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs’. The document demonstrates the ability of data centres to help businesses respond more quickly to changing market demands and mar…Read More

  • PTCL launches tree plantation campaign

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL, the country’s largest and only integrated telecom service provider, has recently commemorated the international Earth Day by kicking off a tree plantation campaign at its headquarters in Islamabad.The company officials and employees attended the ceremony while Senior Executive Vice President HR, Syed Mazhar Hussain launched the tree plantation campaign by planting a ‘Blue Pine’ sapling i…Read More

  • IT ministry, PTA served notices on URL blocking system

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Sindh High Court has issued notices to the Ministry of Information Technology and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on a petition challenging the censorship and blockade of websites and online forums containing political views.The petition has been filed by Ayesha Tammy Haq and others, with a plea that the respondents were illegally blocking and censoring access to various websites and online forums that cr…Read More

  • 3G can generate $5 billion more revenue

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen, has said that for launching the 3G technology Pakistan is facing regulatory, technology and economic challenges. Our market driving factors are high speed integrated and interactive services for which our cellular network is merging towards the 3G and Core and access networks towards IP and NGN Platforms.He expressed these remarks while addressing the recent…Read More

  • TPI a new initiative at LUMS

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Technology for People (TPI) is a new initiative at LUMS, funded by Google Inc. and is dedicated to using technology to create solutions relevant to the socio-economic context of Pakistan, and will focus on leveraging technology in the domains of public policy and governance.“The initiative is multi-disciplinary in nature, will bring together resources from multiple departments and partners to cre…Read More

  • Experts for using agri waste to generate power

    STAFF REPORT RWP: In order to overcome the energy crisis, the government needs to utilise the agricultural waste to produce bio-ethanol and bio-diesel by installing the plants for the purpose.The experts put forward the suggestions during a recently concluded three-day International Bio-energy Conference organised by Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) in collaboration with the Higher Educ…Read More

  • Pakistan to get 400 solar-powered well pumps

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL, the country’s largest and only integrated telecom service provider, has recently commemorated the international Earth Day by kicking off a tree plantation campaign at its headquarters in Islamabad.The company officials and employees attended the ceremony while Senior Executive Vice President HR, Syed Mazhar Hussain launched the tree plantation campaign by planting a…Read More

  • PTCL holds painting extravaganza on energy conservation

    Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) held a painting exhibition on the theme of “Energy Conservation for Future Generations” for its employees and their families as part of its employee engagement drive.Held at the PTCL Headquarters, the colorful exhibition was inaugurated by PTCL President & CEO, Mr. Walid Irshaid. Senior Executive Vice President HR, Mr. Syed Mazhar Hussain; Director Jharoka Art Ga…Read More

  • Federal Minister Jamali calls for stronger S and T cooperation with Kuwait

    KUWAIT: Federal Minister for Science & Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali along with Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro and members of a business delegation, in a meeting with Iftekhar Aziz, Ambassador of Pakistan to Kuwait, in a group photo at the Kuwait airport while on his way to Italy. …Read More

  • 4th Oil and Gas Forum to be held in Islamabad

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The 4th Pakistan Oil & Gas Forum 2012 organized annually by Shamrock Conferences International will be held on May 12 at the Serena Hotel here. The theme of this year’s premier oil & gas meeting is “Energy to Drive Pakistan and Resources to Fuel Growth”.Minister for Petroleum & Natural Resources, Dr. Asim Hussain, is scheduled to inaugurate the conference which comes at a crucial juncture in the quest for addressing the co…Read More

  • PARC on track to get food security target

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Agricultural research is the key factor for achieving food security, and PARC is focusing on emerging issues for advancement of agriculture sector.“PARC would be taking care of germplasm availability, distribution and testing, rusty initiatives, global interactions, imp…Read More

  • Sindh plans modern farm demo zone

    Staff Report IBD: The Sindh government plans to set up an Agriculture Demonstration Zone at Tandojam with an aim to introducing local farmers with new agriculture techniques.“The introduction of new system, in collaboration with China, would result in improvement of their current cultivation pattern and marketing system of their produce,” an official of the Planning Commission said.The official said that the Sindh…Read More

  • Pakistan set to have revised IPR laws

    Staff Report IBD: The Federal Cabinet is expected to accord approval of Intellectual Property Right Ordinance 2012 soon to provide legal infrastructure for enforcement of IPR law and protection for the local and foreign investors in the country.The Chairman IPO said that IPO also intends to amend the Copy Right and Patent Laws so as to make violation of these law a criminal act with heavy fine and possibly imprisonmen…Read More

  • Gas shortage badly affects Engro fertilizer

    Staff Report IBD: Engro Fertilizer followed its peers and switched to a loss making regime amid a significant decline in gas supply during the first three months of the current calendar year.The local conglomerate posted a net loss of Rs1.4 billion against a net profit of Rs1.4 billion during January to March 2012, according to details released on its official website.The availability of subsidised imported urea…Read More

  • TIP gives clean chit to Punjab laptop scheme

    Staff Report LAHORE: The Transparency International-Pakistan (TIP) has given a clean chit to the Punjab government in the procurement of 110,000 laptops being distributed among talented students of the province.In a letter dated April 18, the TIP said that based on the elaborate clarification given by the Planning & Development (P&D) Board/ex-officio project manager, IT Labs Project, Punjab, the procedure has…Read More

  • Aussie citrus varieties for Pak growers

    Staff Report IBD: Australian citrus growers are expected to learn about the potential impacts of climate change by growing some of their newest varieties in Pakistan's extreme weather conditions.Pakistan's main growing season has temperatures over 40 degrees for three months, without much reliable irrigation.A group of industry representatives from Pakistan are touring Australia at the moment to learn from local growers how they…Read More

  • Pakistan seeks Comsats members’ cooperation for S and T boost

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has called upon the Comsats countries to make meaningful investments in science and technology-led education and human resource development in order to achieve a prosperous future for their nations.“It goes without saying that our nations’ prosperous future is tied to meaningful investments in science and technology-led education and human resource development,” Prime Minister Syed Yusu…Read More

  • PSF, PMNH conduct workshop on designing ecological studies

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In order to build capacity of the participants in designing ecological studies and analysis of simple to complex ecological data and develop different statistical models, the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has organized a workshop in collaboration with the Department of Animal Sciences, QAU, and Snow Leopard Foundation, Pakistan.The workshop will …Read More

  • Book on ‘Emerging trends and Apps in ICTs’ launched

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Sharmila Faruqui, Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister, has said that IMTIC 2012 has brought together a wide spectrum of international experts to facilitate a creative environment for the promotion of collaboration and knowledge transfer.She said this while addressing the recently held book launching ceremony of “Emerging Trends and Application…Read More

  • Scientists find some Himalayan glaciers growing

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Astronauts aboard the International Space Station has recently taken advantage of their unique vantage point to photograph the Himalayas, looking south from over the Tibetan Plateau. Mt. Everest (29,035 feet) is at right.A new study reveals that some Himalayan glaciers in the Karakoram mountain range may actually be getting bigger, according to a s…Read More

  • KU VC greets Dr Khalid for Sitara-i-Imtiaz

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Karachi University (KU) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Qaisr has congratulated Prof. Dr. Khalid M. Khan for receiving Sitara-i-Imtiaz, the national award, from the President of Pakistan in recognition of his research work in the field of medicinal and synthetic organic chemistry.Dr. Khalid M. Khan is working as a professor at the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry - International Center for Chemic…Read More

  • Telenor starts mobile services for farmers

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Telenor Pakistan has partnered with the Government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa to provide agriculture and livestock information on mobile to farmers in the province. In addition, farmers are also open to use the Easypaisa platform to trade in agricultural commodities. Information will be provided via push SMS, voice recordin…Read More

  • FAST wins Business Ideas Contest 2012

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The third edition of Business Ideas Competition 2012 (BIC 2012) has recently been organized by the Best Practices – FAST Business Club, at the FAST School of Management, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Lahore.This 2-day event witnessed participation of more than 30 teams from all over the country, where participants presented business ideas in three themes - e-businesses, energy businesses and agri busin…Read More

  • Telecom indicators show positive growth

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The telecom indicators are showing a positive growth despite abysmal state of the economy of Pakistan, with a telecom revenues reaching an all-time high of Rs387.15 billion during the calendar year 2011, reveals the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority in its latest Telecom Review.The telecom players, mostly the mobile network operators, invested $371.5 million during CY11. However, owing to some disinvestments, the s…Read More

  • Pakistani game developer joins Atari, Kabam

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A Pakistani social game developer is set to join global gaming giants - Atari and Kabam - after accreditation from 6waves, the largest Facebook game publisher in the world.The Islamabad’s White Rabbit Studios is the only Facebook gaming studio from Pakistan – and in …Read More

  • Over 100b SMSs generated in Pakistan in ‘11

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a vital source of communication, but the civil society looks concerned over these packages as around 100 billion SMSs were generated in Pakistan in the year 2011 summing all cellular networks as a whole.This huge rise in the SMS traffic owes largely to the attractive and wide range of bundle packages being offered by all the operators, experts say.Presently,…Read More

  • FAP committee highlights importance of farm research

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Executive Committee meeting of farmers Associates Pakistan (FAP) highlighted the role of research and innovation in instigating sustainable growth in the agriculture sector and economic uplifting of rural communities in the Punjab province and quoted the World Bank report which suggested that the innovation system in the province has contributed about…Read More

  • PTCL reaches out to BKW varsity

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has recently engaged students of Bahadur Khan Women's University in Quetta as part of its nationwide customer outreach initiative.According to a press release issued here last week, the PTCL sales team set up a month-long facilitation camp at the university campus, which provided students with in…Read More

  • wi-tribe plans app developers contest

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The wi-tribe, in collaboration with Microsoft, HEC, Intel, P@SHA and Dell, is inviting the brightest young minds of Pakistan onto a single platform in an app development competition named ‘Pakistan Developers’ Challenge 2012.The competition will bring students, graduates and developers to create and compete in the PDC 2012 through their own PC and Mobile software applications; focusing on Windows Desktop and Mobile Apps, says…Read More

  • LUMS starts research on internet, society

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is launching a cross-university interdisciplinary Research Initiative on Internet and Society.The purpose of this Initiative is to explore the development of cyberspace in the country, to facilitate its study, to better understand its relationships to business, technological, economic, social, legal and other dimensions of the society, and to undertake projects that enco…Read More

  • Telecom customers paid Rs 39.82b taxes in H1FY12

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The telecom sector in Pakistan has become the biggest utility services consumed by customers of various income levels in different parts of the country as they paid Rs 39.828 billion as taxes on telephony services in the first half of current financial year 2011-12.According to the FBR statistics, it collected Rs 24.058 billion GST/FED from customers of different telephony services in July-December 2011.The telecom serv…Read More

  • Pakistan exports over 3m tons rice

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has exported 3.025 million tons of rice, 0.725 million tons Basmati and 2.3 million Irri-6 and other varieties this season.“The export of Basmati rice declined by 10 per cent as compared to the exports of the same period of last year but exports of Irri-…Read More

  • Comsats offers VPS hosting in Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A huge number of people are already involved in hosting business from Pakistan by leasing servers from other hosting providers which are located outside Pakistan and thereby reselling them but this is the first time that any hosting provider is VPS which are hosted in Pakistan.CIS is offering both Windows and Linux based VPS (Virtual Private Server) ra…Read More

  • Microsoft rolls out 3rd BizSpark Camp Programme

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Microsoft Pakistan has launched the 3rd BizSpark Camp Programme that targets early stage software startups, with resources including access to Microsoft software and development tools at no cost.The programme will also provide access to technical, business trainings, support and market visibility from Microsoft, through a select group…Read More

  • PARC on road to more research

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), since its establishment in 1981, has undertaken a large number of research and technology development activities with a high degree of success.“In order to accelerate agriculture growth through science based solutions, PARC has proposed a portfolio f…Read More

  • Law to monitor net cafes in Punjab soon

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Punjab government is going to forward a bill titled “Net Café Regulations Act (Punjab Cyber and Gaming Café Regulations Act) 2012” to the provincial assembly owing to countless controversies demanding the implementation of proper monitoring regulations for internet cafes.The bill is likely to be tabled in Punjab Assembly after consultation with concerned stakeholders, sources said.According to the bill, in net cafes…Read More

  • L and reforms needed to boost agriculture

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The land holding pattern in Pakistan is of highly skewed nature as 58 per cent of the country’s 6.6 million rural landowners have less than five acres of agricultural land, and only three per cent women have their own agricultural land, while, 6 per cent possess 80 per cent of agricultural land. It is evident from this fact that a majority of rural souls serve as peasant…Read More

  • Pak cell users top 116.2m mark

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The mobile phone subscriptions in Pakistan reached 116.2 million in February 2012 by adding 1.6 million subscribers in January 2012, revealed latest stats published by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.Presently, the total number of cellular subscribers stood at 116,209,749 with teledensity hitting 67.2 per cent mark.According to the data, Mobilink remains the top company with 35.2 million subscribers. The compan…Read More

  • Symposium projects peaceful applications of nuke radiation

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The NUST Science Society has recently organized the “National Symposium on Peaceful Applications of Radiation” that exhibited the latest approaches in areas of agriculture, biotechnology, medical science, nuclear energy and radiation safety. Objective of the event was to bring to limelight the positive and irrefutable applications of nuclear radiation to ameliorate the human life.The chief guest Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, Executive Direct…Read More

  • PTCL starts broadb and service in Rawat industrial estate

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pa kistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has recently launched its 3G EVO Nitro wireless Broadband service in the Rawat Industrial Estate, near Rawalpindi. President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industries (RCCI), Javed Akhter Bhatti, inaugurated the state-of-the-art wireless Broadband services of PTCL EVO Nitro in a colorful ceremony held at RCCI Industrial…Read More

  • Pak China Business Expo

    ISLAMABAD: Visitors viewing the different stalls setup during Industrial Exhibition at Pak-China Friendship Centre Shakarparian organized by Pak-China Business Forum 2012 and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.…Read More

  • Energy conference falls flat to overcome power crisis

    SPECIAL REPORT IBD: Pakistan is fast heading towards the worst kind of energy crisis in the coming summer season when the power shortfall would certainly cross the figure of 6000MW while ironically the political leadership has not come up with any tangible solution to overcome the prevailing crisis, which has shattered the national economy, disrupted the routine life activities in addition…Read More

  • Telecom operations pull out FDI from Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The telecom sector witnessed an outflow of $253.3 million Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in eight months of the current financial year 2011-12 as a result of closure and curtailment of their businesses and operations in Pakistan.“The de-investment in the telecom sector, one of the leading contributors of FDI in Pakistan, was recorded 364 per cent in Jul-Feb compared with FDI landing $96 million in the corresponding period of th…Read More

  • Pak vehicles emit 25 times more carbon than in US

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The total 180 million population of Pakistan are at risk of going short of food due to the recent surge in the world food prices. Tens of thousands of people die prematurely every year as a result of air pollution, while many more suffer from breathing ailments, heart disease, lung infections and even cancer, statistics show.According to reports, air pollution has also become a ma…Read More

  • Zinc biofortification of wheat combats low crop productivity

    STAFF REPORT FBD: For enhancing awareness about the important of Zinc, a National Zinc Day has recently organized by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission at Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB), Faisalabad. The event was sponsored by Harvest Zinc Fertilizer Project, being executed by NIAB since 2008. More than 250 farmers, agronomists, medical doctors, food technologists; fertilizer, food & feed industry personnel, agricultur…Read More

  • Warid keen to have 3G licence

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Warid Telcom’ s top management is keen to acquire 3G licence as it has decided to participate in the upcoming auction of 3G license in order to provide advanced services to their customers in future.The 3G technology will definitely provide an edge to operators among the market players of the sector particularly for attracting new customers into the base, while retaining its existing base,…Read More

  • Conference highlights vitality of alternate energy resources

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The alternate energy sources in Pakistan need to be utilized in order to meet the demand of the country. Pakistan is amongst the countries that divert the maximum amount of water for irrigation but has the minimum water productivity and researchers need to make their contribution in optimal use of water resources.This was the crux of the speeches delivered at a two-day international con…Read More

  • Miscalculation about cotton yield needs to be removed

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan cotton production was around 15 million bales during the last season despite floods. This is indeed good news. It also proved that since Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) was less compared to previous years, therefore, cotton crop losses have been less.It is to be mentioned here that in 1992-93 season, Pakistan had achieved a bumper crop that became a benchmark.“If we produced 15 million bales this season still it does not mea…Read More

  • Wrong perception halting progress of solar panels

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Wrong perception about the unreliability of technology is halting the progress of solar panels in Pakistan that needs to be removed in order to promote the solar energy option.“The general public are led to believe that the technology runs the risk of developing faults,” said Shaaf Mehboob, Director of Green Center, told this scribe.He said that the l…Read More

  • JICA, NISTE mark joint venture completion

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and National Institute of Science and Technical Institute (NISTE) has recently organised a seminar to mark successful completion of their joint venture titled ‘Promotion of Student-Centred and Inquiry-Based (SCIB) Science Education’ in Pakistan.The joint project started in May 2009 and now it has developed lesson plans from Grade 4 to 8 in General Science subject and trained 195 ma…Read More

  • Effective law needed to save dolphins

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The liberalised fisheries law of the Sindh province has put into jeopardy the existence of the rare sweet water mammal, Indus River Dolphin, as it encourages more people to get fishing licence than before, which resulted in that as many as 40 dolphins were reportedly found dead in the River Indus last year.“There is a dire need for better control and management of fishing activity at the River Indu…Read More

  • PSST confers awards on KUST doctors

    STAFF REPORT PSH:The Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) has conferred awards on the faculty members of the Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST) for their outstanding research work.The awards were given to Dr Murad Ali Khan, Dr Izhar-ul-Haq, Dr Ijaz Ahmad, Dr Iqbal Hussain, Dr Javid Hussain, Dr Sagheer Ahmad and Dr Arifullah Khan.In his remarks on the occasion, Prof Nasir Jamal Khattak, Vice Chancellor…Read More

  • CLCV still haunting bumper cotton crop

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Despite having bumper cotton crop this year, the Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) still haunting the crop as it destroyed about three to four million cotton bales, official sources have disclosed.They also said that this year, the export of cotton has increased by 1.06 million bales. However, the cotton production could be further enhanced, if the CLCV is controlled.It is expected that CLCV would be controlled through this p…Read More

  • L and s can be made cultivable by controlling water logging

    STAFF REPORT BHV: The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) will soon initiate projects to improve soil quality in areas with saline and water-logged soils, FAO country representative Dr Kevin Gallagher said on Monday.“Most of these projects would be implemented in southern districts of the Punjab. Salinity and water scarcity are global issues and need to be tackled through joint research initiatives by agricul…Read More

  • ASC fails to shortlist consultancy firm for 3G auction

    STAFF REPORT IBD: In a major blow to the government’s efforts to auction 3G telecom licences, the Auction Supervisory Committee (ASC) of 3G has refused the PTA selected companies for consultancy services due to alleged dubious selection process.A recent meeting of ASC could not shortlist companies for consultancy services and overseeing the process of auction of 3G spectrum licences due to “serious flaws in the selection process”, said an offi…Read More

  • SBP plans to give Rs. 285b farm loans

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The State Bank of Pakistan has set Rs 285 billion target for disbursement of agriculture loan among small farmers for current fiscal year.“These agri loans are being given to farmers through one-window operation. The farmers could give better output if banks provide them loan in time on easy instalments,” said Director Development Finance of SBP Karachi, Dr Muhammad Saleem, while addressi…Read More

  • Abolishment of weekly meat holidays sought

    STAFF REPORT LHR: In the wake of shortage of non-availability of cattle head in the country, the government needs to abolish the current meat holidays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.“When we can meet our demand there is no more need for any meat holidays in the country,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Punjab Agriculture & Meat Company (PAMCO) Dr Hamid Jalil, in an interview.He emphasized that we are in a p…Read More

  • Agriculture NPLs surge by 11pc

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) of agricultural financing posted a surge of 11 per cent to Rs 32 billion as on December 31, 2011, reportedly, due to post-flood effects and high cost of production.“Despite healthy growth in the agricultural sector followed by bumper crop of cotton and sugarcane, NPLs of agricultural sector are on rise,” sources told this scribe.Accord…Read More

  • Pakistanis ranked 4th on global intelligence survey

    MONITORING REPORT LONDON: Pakistanis have been ranked the fourth most intelligent people across the world in a globally-held survey. “Pakistanis are equal to the people of developed and industrialised countries when it comes to intelligence,” the survey report said. The poll was organised by the Institute of European Business Administration in 125 countries. The survey quantifies various aspects of brilliance and intellectual work in the nati…Read More

  • S and T Pavilion projects women entrepreneurs’ work

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Science & Technology (S&T) Pavilion has recently organized by PASTIC in collaboration with Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Islamabad Expo 2012 in Jinnah Convention Centre Islamabad. Purpose of the pavilion was to provide a market place to the R&D organizations/universities for the promotion of their innovative technologies, products and services to women entrepreneurs.A number of universities…Read More

  • Govt may opt for wheat export this year

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government estimates wheat production amounting to 24.02 million tons this year fairly sufficing to the country’s annual requirement of less than 24 million tons, an official told this scribe.However, he informed that there is no risk of shortage of the commodity in the country as the sufficient stock of carry forward is available collectively with the provincial and federal governm…Read More

  • WorldCall gains investors’ attention at KSE

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The WorldCall Telecom has been in focus of investors’ attention at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) for past one month as shares’ trading of the company was witnessed a huge volume with constant improvement in par values.On Monday, it was once again seen a top performer at KSE 100 index in terms of volume after number of shares traded crossed 30.86 million benchmark with value of a single share settled at Rs 4.05 …Read More

  • ICT R and D Fund urged to conduct IT survey in SMEs

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) President Zulfikar Thaver has urged the National ICTR&D Fund to carry out a complete survey of the SMEs indicating their complete details location, industry, capacity, experience, performance and investment of each SME together with the tax registration numbers and ratings.He said this in a recently held meeting with Muhammad Ahmed, General Manager National ICT R&D Fund, Mini…Read More

  • PARC remains headless for 20 months

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) has been headless since August 2010 and is functioning on ad hoc basis, thus badly affecting the performance of the research body.“The headhunt for PARC chairman is going on and twice some senior scientists were shortlisted and summaries were sent for the Prime Minister’s approval, but there was no progress,” an official of the Council told this scribe.The PARC was established 30 yea…Read More

  • TenPearls launches car racing game

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistani IT industry has been progressing rapidly over the last few years. It is heartening to see that the industry players are innovating and working in different areas to establish their expertise.Recently, TenPearls, one of the leading IT companies of Pakistan, launched ‘Carumba!’, a 3D car racing game for iPhone and iPad. Carumba! has been designed…Read More

  • Apathon, Microsoft organise App contest

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Microsoft Pakistan has recently organized first of its kind Industry Academia Collaboration event with the focus set on Windows Phone7 Application Development.Microsoft Pakistan in alliance with P@SHA, HEC, wi-tribe, propakistani and Comsats held an Application Development Appathon & Exhibition at Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad Campus.Speaking about the wi…Read More

  • Mobilink Infinity Lucky winner announced

    KARACHI: Irfan Shehzad, Manager Customer Care Mobilink Infinity, giving away prize to a lucky winner during a ceremony held in city for Mobilink Infinity customers who paid their WiMAX bills within due date.…Read More

  • PTCL storms Sindh’s cities with creative customer outreach

    ISLAMABAD: PTCL has recently conducted a creative town marketing campaign in Sindh province to reach its valuable customers. The “PTCL Town Storming” campaign spread awareness about the company’s exciting products and services, and also offered on-spot sales to potential customers by setting up attractive town kiosks and running mobile floats manned by PTCL sales teams…Read More

  • Experts give roadmap at IMTIC12 for developed Pakistan

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan has a great potential in multiple fields especially information and communication technology, higher education, modern research, science & technology, management skills and leadership characteristics and if it is exploited effectively, it can land the country amongst the developed states with dignity.These were the remarks of experts during the recent International Multitopic Confer…Read More

  • PTCL conferred CSR Business Excellence Award

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The PTCL has recently been conferred the “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative 2011-2012” award by the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH).Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa presented the award to PTCL Senior Executive Vice President Business Zone Central, Jamal Abdalla Salim Hussain Al Suwaidi, at a ceremony of the NFEH 4th International CSR Summi…Read More

  • Pak climate policy approved focusing on environment

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has finally approved the much-awaited National Climate Change Policy mainly focusing on importing natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) over import of oil from foreign countries.The draft of policy reveals that the government would take measures to ensure reduction in usage of petroleum products that are not only affecting the…Read More

  • WiMax Forum conference highlights role of WiMax

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The WiMAX Forum, the global body that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products, has recently hosted the South Asia Conference 2012 here.The event was held under the patronage of the country’s regulatory body, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, and co-organized by Wateen Telecom.As many as 100 professionals from government organizations, telecom operators, equipment manufacturer…Read More

  • Man develops Pakistan’s first automatic horizontal wind turbine

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A Taxila-based man has developed Pakistan's first and world's second horizontal six-blade automatic wind turbine for generating wind power.Ch. Akhtar who never attended any college or university has successfully launched over 500 international standard turbines. This wind turbi…Read More

  • WEF ranks Pakistan at 102nd dropping 14 points

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The World Economic Forum (WEF) has ranked Pakistan at 102 after it lost 14 points on the global index, said Global Information Technology Report 2012.According to the report, the Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology being headed by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani shows lack of efficiency and poor governance on the part of the government.Pakistan lost its competitive advantage on the fixed broadband interne…Read More

  • Dedication, funds, planning vital for research work

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Javaid Leghari has stressed upon the universities and scientists to further expedite their research work, with qualitative education for meeting inevitable obstacles in progress and prosperity of the country.“Accessibility to youth and womenfolk towards higher education and qualitative research are very much essential for effective social safety nets to prevent vulnerable population …Read More

  • Cotton policy draft being finalised

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Ministry of Textile Industry is set to send the cotton policy draft to the Council of Common Interest (CCI) for its approval as presently it is engaged in consulting all stakeholders in this regard.To get input and support of all the provinces, the ministry will also send the draft of the policy to all the stakeholders for comments prior to its finalization, sources said.Pa…Read More

  • Water issue places Pakistan in Red Zone list

    STAFF REPORT FBD: Water security has become a critical issue as Pakistan has been placed in the Red Zone list in the water availability index.“Although Pakistan is a food secure country, yet the water crisis might turn the fertile lands into barren if the issue is not addressed in time,” said University of Agriculture Faisalabad Vice-Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan while addressing an annual function of the …Read More

  • Arab summit lauds PERN role

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Owing to increased importance of getting acquaintance with ICT, the International Telecommunication Union Connect Arab summit has recently been held at Doha, Qatar, which was participated by 450 delegates including some top government officials from about 26 countries.On the occasion, it was stressed that in addition to attaining good technological status, proper grip over ICTs is mandatory as most of the international ICT corporations a…Read More

  • PTCL extends Rs 2.3 million support for Sweet Homes

    STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL Senior Executive Vice President Human Resource, Syed Mazhar Hussain has said that his organization is fully committed to play its role as a responsible corporate entity for the betterment of society.“As a socially responsible corporate entity, PTCL has always endeavoured to stand on the frontlines of social service for the people of Pakistan, whether they are vulnerable groups or affectees of natural disasters,” said Hussai…Read More

  • NBP, Microsoft sign system support deal

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The National Bank of Pakistan has recently entered into an agreement with Microsoft Pakistan, under which the latter will enable the former to use Microsoft Virtualization, Unified Communication, Business Process Automation, Private Cloud technologies as well as Premier Support to provide enterprise class technology support services.In his remarks, Kamal Ahmed said, “Microsoft believes in providing custom based solutions to i…Read More

  • ASF promises to help Pak fruit growers boost exports

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Agribusiness support initiative has enabled fruit growers to get international quality certification, providing access to lucrative new markets and boosting incomes for farmers.Agribusiness Support Fund, a not-for-profit compan…Read More

  • Dr. Manzoor lauds IYAS role

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The development of nations depends upon their progress in the field of science and technology, thus without good progress in this sector, no nation can compete in the economic world and tackle the ever increasing challenges of industrial development, agriculture, health and environment.“The entire world benefitted from the knowledge generated by Muslim scientists, but alas, now despite being very rich in natural and human resources, the Islamic World on the whole, is far behind in S&T as compared to developed world,” said Patron of IYSA, Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro in his message to the Academy.It is heartening to note that young academics/scientists…Read More

  • Passco selling old wheat stocks

    STAFF REPORT LHR: After approval of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) to dispose of old wheat stocks, the Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Services Corporation (Passco) has sold 137,000 tons to the millers, says a Passco spokesperson in a statement issued here last week.On March 13, the ECC had allowed Passco to sell wheat stocks of 450,000 tons to local millers. The permission was granted after Passco…Read More

  • Kharif crops to face 10 per cent water shortage in April-Sept time

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The agriculture sector of the country will face an overall 20 per cent water shortage from April to June this year increasing the chances affecting the major Kharif crops like rice and cotton, an official in the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) has said.Similarly, experts in Sindh Agriculture Forum (SAF), predict that major crops including wheat, cotton, rice and maize espec…Read More

  • Ufone teems up top golfers

    ISLAMABAD: Ufone has accentuated its ongoing commitment to sports in Pakistan by signing up the top golfers Pakistan has to offer. By signing on Shabbir Iqbal (Pakistan No.1), Matloob Ahmed (Pakistan No.2), Muhammad Munir (Pakistan No.3) and Mubariz Ahmed (Pakistan Junior Champion), Ufone has reaffirmed its conviction to support sports in the country. Seen in the picture are Abdul Azi…Read More

  • Cellcos start automated system of SIMs sale

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTA and all cellular mobile operators of the country have commercially launched an automated procedure for sale of mobile SIMs. According to the new mechanism, the subscribers’ documentation will be maintained electronically and Pre-Sale would be automated thereby linking it with already automated Post-Sale procedure called…Read More

  • PTCL rolls out EVODROID ‘Touch N Fly’

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Continuing its legacy of bringing affordable and innovative technology to consumers, PTCL has launched the first ever 3G Android mobile Smartphone, EVODROID “Touch N Fly”.PTCL EVODROID Touch N Fly comes with built-in 3G EVO wireless Broadband service that gives dual support for both EVDO and GSM/CDMA networks. Powered by Google An droid Froyo 2.2 operating system, Smartph…Read More

  • Trade tribunal to probe Align patent feud

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has voted to institute an investigation of alleged patent infringement by ClearCorrect and ClearCorrect Pakistan.The ITC's decision is based on a formal complaint filed last month by Align Technology. In that complaint, Align asserts that ClearCorrect has infringed seven Align patents related to methods for planning and implementing orthodontic treatment using aligners. The complaint a…Read More

  • NED, Indus Motors to ease traffic congestion

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Students from the NED University of Engineering and Technology’s Urban and Infrastructure Engineering Department will conduct research to ascertain the level of traffic congestion in the city and quantification of its cost.The Toyota Research on Traffic Congestion (TRTC) project is the first of its kind on this critical issue, which is affecting the people belonging to all walks of life, is being launched in collaboration with …Read More

  • IT ministry shelves URLs filtration plan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Ministry of IT & Telecom has stopped proceeding on website filtration plan on which local and international internet companies have shown massive reaction.Under such plan, Ministry of IT & Telecom’s ICT R&D issued an advert internationally asking the interested companies to send proposals regarding preparation and installation of an internet censorship software. The objective of that software w…Read More

  • Wi-tribe Promotes Technology Leadership in Pakistan

    Having hosted a number of live streaming projects under the umbrella of wi-tribe LIVE, wi-tribe Pakistan recently live streamed the first Google Technology User Group (GTUG) event held at SZABIST, Islamabad.Themed around “Google Outreach and Innovation”, the event aimed to promote Google’s latest technology amongst budding developers and technology evangelists.Speakers at the event included Ahmad Hamzavi, Head of New Business Development, MENA &…Read More

  • PTCL, AirLink Comm moot for motivation

    Staff Report LHR: PTCL and Airlink Communication have recently held a motivational Sales & Distribution Conference for their sales and distribution teams. Held at Airlink Lahore office, the conference was led by PTCL Senior Executive President Commercial, Naveed Saeed, and was attended by management and sales teams of PTCL and Airlink.Airlink Communication is managing a national distribution programme for PTCL’s wireless products including Vf…Read More

  • Japan grid stations to help save power

    Staff Report ISBLAMABAD: Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan Hiroshi Oe has said that National Transmission Lines and Grid Stations Strengthening Project" of Japan worth Rs30 billion, will help Pakistan save electricity used in about 2 million average households.“The Pak-Japan project, soon after its completion, will help Pakistan in overcoming its growing energy demand,” said the Japanese envoy told the media here last week.He said that the ener…Read More

  • Telenor to set up mobile apps labs in varsities

    Staff Report IBD: Telenor Pakistan has planned to set up Mobile Apps Labs in major universities under its 2012 programme to train and promote local apps developers at national and international levels.Usman Sheikh, Telenor’s Executive, disclosed this at a bloggers meeting recently held in Karachi.He said that Telenor under its youth strain Djuice will involve faculties of uncommon universities to motivate their students for apps development.Th…Read More

  • Mesh size approved for fish, shrimp catch

    Staff Report KHI: The Marine Fisheries Department has approved mesh size for fish and shrimp catch under the instructions of Food and UN Agriculture Organization (FAO).“After several experiments, the department approved 55 millimeters (mm) square mesh size for the catch of fish and 30mm square panel for the catch of shrimp,” an official told the media here.Earlier, three experiments of 25mm, 30mm and 40mm mesh sizes had failed as there was…Read More

  • ECP mulling introduction of EVMs in by-elections

    Staff Report IBD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is mulling introduction of electronic voting machines (EVMs) on a limited scale for the upcoming by-polls.The ECP, under its reforms programme, is planning to introduce these machines in parallel with the manual voting method at certain polling stations, an official of the commission told the media.He said that the initial idea was to hold some by-polls in one or two constituencies through EV…Read More

  • Augere, Cybernet sign MoU

    Staff Report IBD: The Cyber Internet Services (Cybernet) and Augere Pakistan have signed an MoU to explore mutual business opportunities including the provision of redundant connectivity to clients and enabling 4G LTE services in future.“This cooperation between our companies will enable Cybernet to strengthen its promise to deliver resilient connectivity to its enterprise clients. By accessing Augere’s robust and low latency network especially in …Read More

  • Cabinet ‘extends’ Rs 2.3b benefit to fixed line telecom companies

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The government of Pakistan has reportedly extended a financial benefit of Rs 2.3 billion to as many as ten local fixed line telecom companies in Pakistan by waiving off this amount, these companies have already received from their customers in the name of research and development tax and were unwillingly to deposit it with the national kitty for the last four years.The federal cabinet, whi…Read More

  • KU scientists ranked more productive

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST), Islamabad has ranked Prof Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, former chairman HEC, and Prof Dr Iqbal Chaudhary, Director International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, as the most productive scientists of Pakistan. Both th…Read More

  • Pakistan needs to invest more on biotech research

    MONITORING REPOR KHI: Pakistan needs to invest more on biotechnology research in order to get food at an affordable price and the risk of food security is minimized significantly.“Pakistan is facing numerous challenges and the situation is already critical as the number of people living in absolute poverty in the country is huge and it will worsen with the population increase, freshwater shortages, desertification,” speakers said this at a recently held pre…Read More

  • PCRET to install 368 more biogas plants by June

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies (PCRET) will install 368 biogas plants in different rural areas by coming June under the project “Development and Promotion of Biogas Technology in order to meet domestic fuel needs of rural areas and production of bio fertilizer”.This project was launched in 2008 through which 2500 family size biogas plants to be installed in the country, out of these 2132 plants have already b…Read More

  • Aussies govt makes Pak Student ‘Math Ambassador’

    LAHORE: Math is a difficult subject often shunned by children, but a 13 year old boy from Punjab, Moosa Feroz surpassed 1.5 million children from across the globe and came first in the Online World Mathematics Competition held in Australia.Moosa took the 50-minute online exam, scoring 4405 points, becoming the math champion of the world.“I will participate every year and will try to win a position again. Now I ha…Read More

  • Speakers project wheat genetic resources

    STAFF REPORT HYB: Speakers at a series of lecture highlighted the importance of wheat breeding, originof wheat as well as production of synthetic wheat and its dispersal.The speakers said at a lecture organized by the Institute of Plant Sciences University of Sindh on "Wheat Genetic Resources and Integrated Science", which was presided over by Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences Dr. Muhammad Tahir …Read More

  • All states vulnerable to climate change negativity

    STAFF REPORT IBD: All countries are vulnerable to effects of global climate change, as earth continues its warming trend, triggering deep concern, particularly about low-lying states that are most vulnerable.“There is a need to maintain a rational balance among developed and developing countries and to narrow, as far as possible, all the differences to a reasonable level in the larger interest o…Read More

  • Pakistan’s mineral resource endowments equal to $30tr

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has been gifted with large amount of natural resources from fertile land to large amount of mineral deposits to a large pool of human resources.“Pakistan’s minerals consist some of the world’s largest reserves of coal, gold, copper, chrome, gas, rare earth, rock salt, gemstone, marble, onyx and granite and 42 other minerals,…Read More

  • Govt seeks procurement rules exemption from 3G contract

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: Pakistan has been gifted with large amount of natural resources from fertile land to large amount of mineral deposits to a large pool of human resources.“Pakistan’s minerals consist some of the world’s largest reserves of coal, gold, copper, chrome, gas, rare earth, rock salt, gemstone, marble, onyx and granite and 42 other minerals,” Pakistani High Commissioner in Singapore, Hasan Javed, said…Read More

  • Pak water storage capacity falls by 30pc

    STAFF REPORT FBD: The storage capacity of water reservoirs in Pakistan has dropped by 30 per cent since 1976 as the level from 16 million acre feet (MAF) to 10 MAF mainly due to the increasing silt thus posing a threat to water and food security.“The is a dire need for building big dams in a bid to tackle water scarcity as the country has been placed among water-scarce count…Read More

  • NED students launch ‘formula car’

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The students of NED University of Engineering and Technology have recently held a show for the launch of Pakistan’s first formula-style car as part of the Formula SAE Competition.The Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) is an international competition between engineering students involving the design, construction and dynamic testing of an open-w…Read More

  • Nepra to settle Lumen Energia’s power tariff issue

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is going to dispose of a petition for determination of generation tariff for the first-ever $22 million agriculture residue biomass fuelled power plant in Punjab in its public hearing on April 3.Lumen Energia Private Limited (LEPL) has filed a petition for its 12 megawatt plant having expected project cost of $22.619 million and would be financed on 80 per …Read More

  • SSUET gets first position at GIKI science fair

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Students of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) have won the first prize at the recently held 13th All Pakistan Science Fair which was organized by the Ghulam Ishak Khan Institute for their unique, economically viable and innovative projects “Power Generation Using Magnetic Field” and “Fuzzy–PID Control for Industrial flow control system”.Students of electronic engineering department who had designed and produc…Read More

  • Int’l travel expo on Chemistry arranged at AIOU

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The International Traveling Expo “It’s all about Chemistry” has recently been arranged at the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) by the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Islamabad, and Scientific, Technical, Industrial and Cultural Centre (CCSTI), France.Purpose of the event was to provide a first-hand picture of the role of Chemistry in our daily life to students and general publ…Read More

  • Passco paying high financing cost of surplus wheat stocks

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation Limited (Passco) is reportedly paying Rs 13.4 million per day as financing cost on surplus wheat stocks procured at an inflated price as compared to international prices, sources said.Passco argues that early disposal of one million tons of surplus wheat will not only forestall deterioration in the quality of stocks …Read More

  • Flarian: A start-up to learn from

    MONITORING REPORT IBD: In an economy like Pakistan, where the services sector accounted significantly for real GDP growth in the past few years, technology start-ups are veritably the way forward, and companies like Rozee.pk are a testimony to that.As important as the recognition of the growing importance of start-ups in Pakistan is encouraging youth entrepreneurs of Pakistan, who have the necessary creative knack and the risk appetite to venture into the yet untapped arena of technology companies in the country.A recent start-up, which began online operations on the Pakistan Day, was started by two Pakistani students in Toronto, Canada, offering a unique technology-based prod…Read More

  • Rs.250m WB irrigation project okayed for Punjab

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The World Bank-funded $250 million Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Programme Project (PIPIPP), approved recently, aims at construction of high-efficiency irrigation systems in the province.The irrigation systems include drip, bubbler, sprinkler, over an area of about 120,000 acres, improving about 9,000 watercourses, improvement in irrigation agronomy and improveme…Read More

  • Scientists asked to stress on R and D

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) said the scientists through intensive agricultural research could boost the economy for self-sufficiency and food security of the country.Dr Iftikhar Ahmad Chairman, PARC while addressing the scientists on his retirement, said science based agriculture was the need of the hour. The scientists have to see the priorities for enhancing the income of the small framers who were t…Read More

  • Pakistan may get China’s hybrid wheat varieties

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan is mulling importing hybrid wheat varieties from China to in order to improve its local yield.“Two hybrid wheat varieties developed by the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, including Beijing Wheat No6 and No7, have been successfully grown in pilot areas in Pakistan, and…Read More

  • Quality higher education can improve Pak rankings

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The meeting of the vice chancellors stressed that the degrees awarded by universities must be worthwhile in the job market and the available infrastructure of the universities must be utilized to the fullest.The two-day meeting, organiz…Read More

  • WB to provide Rs.1.9b for Tarbela power project

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The World Bank has approved to provide $1.09 billion loan to Pakistan for enhancing supply of electricity from the Tarbela Hydropower Project and improving the irrigation methods for the farming community.According to details,$840 million of the total loan amount would be utilized for capacity extension of the Tarbela Hydro Power Project by 1,410 MW, which would shift the power generation from expensive fuel oil to cheaper hydr…Read More

  • Govt bid to filter web still facing resistance

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A controversy still persists over the government’s initiative to install a mechanism, through open biddings, to filter the contents available on Internet, as some campaigners urging companies not to bid for a $10 million contract while on the other hand pressure from the civil society is regularly mounting on the authorities for having this mechanism to filter objectionable contents.According to reports, these…Read More

  • Pak student gets job in Microsoft Corp

    STAFF REPORT IBD: A Pakistani under-graduate computer science student has got prominence for securing a job at the world’s famous Microsoft Corporation.Muhammad Abdur Rauf, a senior Computer Science student at the School of Science and Engineering (SSE) of LUMS, is set to join Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer.Rauf was admitted to LUMS under the university’s National Outreach Programme (NOP), that pr…Read More

  • Nadra deputy chief gets award

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), has won the “CIO of the Year” award from Teradata Inc.A panel of judges consisting of eminent computer scientists, IT experts and technology gurus have selected Tariq Malik for the said award by dint of his contribution in transforming NADRA from an identity card issuing authority to a profitable international business organization.William Martin, US C…Read More

  • Schneider Electric, its Foundation work for flood victims rehab

    STAFF REPORT LHR: Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, and its Foundation contribute generously towards the uplift of flood affected areas across Pakistan, by supporting a professional training programme with The Hunar Foundation (THF).The Hunar Foundation is a vocational training centre that imparts vocational training. So far 96 students from the first two batches of THF have qualified from the Trade Testing Board (Sindh…Read More

  • Cell phone users up by 1.73m in Jan

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobile phone subscription witnessed a steep growth in January with the sale of 1.73 million SIMs by different cellular companies, fresh PTA statistics revealed.Now the overall subscribers’ base has increased to 114 million with the tele-density reaching 66.5 per cent by January 2012 throughout the country.The PTA figures say that Mobilink led the market with 34.70 million subscribers followed by Te…Read More

  • Speakers show concern over climate change

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan’s major environmental issues confronting are ever-increasing degradation of natural resources such as air, water, soil, coastal waters, forests, agriculture and biodiversity. The status of environmental degradation in and around large population centers and industrial sites in Pakistan is alarming. Pakistan is paying very high price for environmental degradation.Chairman SUP…Read More

  • 4.5m persons verified voter record through SMS service

    STAFF REPORT IBD: Over 4.5 million citizens have so far verified their records of vote through SMS service launched from March 1 in order to facilitate Pakistani citizens to verify their vote registration and particulars in the voter lists.“Mobilink, being the largest mobile phone operator in the country, is leading in terms of checking vote verification through SMS, as around 1.44 million eligible voters have utilized its network,” disclosed Dep…Read More

  • Agri sector gives boost to economy: SBP

    STAFF REPORT IBD: The economy has shown modest improvements in first six months (July-December) of fiscal year 2011-12 because of the better performance of the agricultural sector, says the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in its second-quarter report on the state of economy.However, ample availability of key staple crops and less-than-anticipated supply disruption due to the floods helped contain inflationary pressures in July-December of FY12.…Read More

  • Pursuit of innovation gives PTCL big edge

    STAFF REPORT KHI: PTCL’s Senior Executive Vice President Commercial, Naveed Saeed, has said that his company’s sustained pursuance of innovation has brought it closer to its consumers and given it a remarkable competitive edge over other market players.“Our journey over the last five years has had a profound impact on how businesses deal with people and how people evolve their businesses,” said Naveed said during his remarks delivered at t…Read More