Volume 05 Issue 48

  • PSEB

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  • Chinese delegation visits Gwadar, other projects

    STAFF REPORT QUETTA: China not only wants to develop Gwadar port but also is working on the vision of the development the people of Gwadar as various socio-economic projects would be launched soon for the local people.“With the developing and making the Gwadar port functional, jobs opportunities would be created for the people the new port city of Pakistan,” said Lin Dajian, the head of a Chinese delegation that has recently visited the Gwadar town and inspected different projects being executed in collaboration with China. Lin Dajian is Deputy DG Dept of International Cooperation of Nat…Read More

  • PSEB setting new horizons to explore world IT market: Shahryar

    PSEB is an apex body of the Ministry of Information Technology with the mandate to facilitate and promote Pakistan’s IT Industry in local and international markets. PSEB has been facilitating IT industry through a series of projects and programmes in IT parks development, international marketing/delegations, international IT certifications, IT internships, IT trainings, as well as promotion of innovative and new technologies through incubators. PSEB’s mandate is to ensure sustainable development of Pakistan’s Information Technology Industry, to bolster cooperation of Pakis…Read More

  • IT projects on track, but more budget needed: Amir

    Amir Malik is presently working as Member IT, Ministry of Information Technology. He has also served as Managing Director PSEB and Chief Executive of Pak Datacom Limited, Pakistan. He has previously worked as Head of Regulatory Compliance at Ufone, PTML and at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in the capacity of Director (ICT) for four years. He is the winner of numerous prestigious awards for his professional achievements Q:Do you think the budget allocated for IT development for scrutinizing and monitoring IT projects is enough? A:    At …Read More

  • Policy reforms best option

    Q:Kindly give some brief account of youself. A:I am a Director and CEO of Jaffer Business Systems, a major IT company, having HP, Emersson, Oracle, Microsoft as its key partners. In addition, I am also the President of Touchpoint Group, offering Self Service, Business Intelligence/Analytics services, Call Center Solutions (based on Genesys), and VAS Platforms. Prior to this, I was the Senior Vice President and Member Executive Board for Comptel Corporation. I have also held the position of Sub Region Head (Vice President) for Nokia Siemens Networks for Gulf, Levant, Iraq, Iran,…Read More

  • Channelising software workforce needed

    Iqtidar Zaidi is currently President and CEO of Techaccess Pakistan. His array of experiences is vast and badges years of successful decision making internationally as well in Pakistan. Mr. Zaidi is a graduate from the University of Karachi in Mathematics. He then graduated from University of San Francisco in Human Relations and Organizational Behavior while also attending UC Berkeley for courses in Computer Sciences. His professional career ranges a full spectrum of technical and management positions in the IT sector which eventually helped him in forming his own Software Consulting …Read More

  • Need to promote cheap IT services

    Saleem Rafik is COO at NTL (NADRA Technologies Limited). He is responsible for the operations of commercial and large scale initiatives. His services include e-Sahulat platform of over 5000 franchised locations for public services and utility billing services. In addition to Verisys (CNIC verification services) for the public, specialties: Board Membership and Representations, Architect Financial Transaction Business, Strategy and Business Development, Technology and Service Industry Business, Banking and Economic Solutions, e-Governance, Operations and Creative Solutions, Financial Inclusion…Read More

  • Software export potential of Pakistan

    Society needs economy with frugality to live a simple life. We require basic necessities of life for our day to day needs be met satisfaction level. The soft revolution has disrupted the simple demands and its curvilnear nature to haphazard zigzag nature having many ups and downs in a graph. The economy for our society needs more complexity with having touch of soft soul like product. The economy is being boosted significantly by this new innovative product running the computer hardware. The software accounts greatly for our economy as it is in huge demand all over the world, especially in developed countries and helps in renaissance of our economy downfall. The potency of this…Read More

  • Role of IT industry in Pakistan’s economy

    Pakistan is in a very exciting and decisive stage. Decisions taken now will have a far-reaching impact on our future. Politically things can’t be any better to steer our economy in a new direction. The need of the moment is to invest in gradually moving Pakistan away from an industrial base to a service based economy. IT Industry is a service industry that can provide a significant boost to our economic growth in next ten years. The IT industry can play a major role in bolstering the economy of Pakistan as demonstrated by countries like India, Philippines and Singapore. Unlike other industries the Information Technology industry does not require heavy machinery, elaborate infra…Read More

  • Mobile, gaming & animation industry

    Mobile, Gaming & Animation Industry Whether it is Babar Ahmed whose Mindstorm Studios created Cricket Revolution™ – the first PC game produced by a Pakistani gaming outfit to sell in retail stores internationally – and recently launched the official game of the ICC WorldCup 2011; brothers Rizwan and Irfan Virk whose GameView Studios created the successful Tap franchise and was recently acquired by Japanese social gaming giant DeNA; Hasan Rizvi whose Pepper.PK made history by developing two top-ranking paid BlackBerry applications at BlackBerry’s AppWorld store; Murad Akhtar who left Stanford and Silicon Valley to form Tintash, dedicated to creating innovative casual games designed …Read More

  • A glimpse on PSEB

    Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) is an apex government body mandated to promote Pakistan’s IT Industry in local and international markets. It facilitates the IT industry through a series of projects and programs in infrastructure development, human capital development, company capability development, international marketing, strategy and research, and the promotion of innovation and technologies. Industry Overview Pakistan is fast becoming the destination of choice for a significant number of international IT/ITeS companies looking to relocate their operations offshore. The ready availability of skilled professionals, an appropriate IT infrastructure, and affordabl…Read More

  • Pakistan’s financial software industry

    Pakistan’s IT industry that has been overtaken, only recently, by the boom in the telecommunications sector. Pakistan’s financial services technology industry is also quite diversified – both in terms of the geographical-market footprint, and the coverage of various sub-sectors – and has shown considerable resilience in the wake of the recent global financial crisis, whose impact has been particularly severe and prolonged on the developed financial markets in the United States and Europe. From a market thrust standpoint, for instance, the financial services technology companies have been varied, and can be divided into three distinct streams: • Focused towards the devel…Read More

  • Pakistan’s IT potential

    Strategically-located in South Asia, Pakistan is at the crossroads between East and West Asia. Pakistan’s geographical location, a rapidly expanding transportation and communications infrastructure, and conducive business environment make it an investor-friendly destination. The Government of Pakistan has provided a reliable IT infrastructure and its package of incentives have been instrumental in the IT industry’s development. As a result, an increasing number of foreign IT companies have chosen Pakistan for their outsourcing operations. These incentives include: •    Provision of low-rent Software Technology Parks (STPs), with fiber-optic connec…Read More

  • Development of national IT industry

    Pakistan encourages software export while making efforts to enable software export to grow by  300% within next two years. Currently the annual software export of Pakistan is only US$ 30 million. In the budget for the new fiscal year, the Pakistan government has increased the budget for science and technology by a factor of 12, and decided to simplify the procedures for foreign computer companies’ registration in Pakistan, exempt IT-related companies from administration tax, and determine unified and standard price nationwide. In addition, the government has also decided to establish software technology cooperation zones in big cities such as Islamabad and Karachi…Read More

  • Market analysis of electronic information products

    Market scale, developmental features and growth potentials of electronic information products while the consumption of household electrical appliances is at a rising stage in Pakistan, the sources of household electrical products on the market are mainly relying on import. The Pakistan government announced that it will no longer import complete sets of exchanges from foreign countries, and only home-made exchanges can access the market in Pakistan.Among the global software industry, Pakistan accounts for less than 3%. Famons brand PCs total only 130,000 all around Pakistan, and PCs with inferior brands total about 55,000. 2.3.2 Analysis on sales volume, structural features and developm…Read More

  • Lacking occupational health and safety frameworks

    No doubt, the developed world is experiencing industrial growth, yet the occupational health and safety (OHS) has something which has equally emerged as an important sector. Production at work place or industrial unit is of course a priority, but health and safety of work force and surrounding population needs a serious consideration. It is a point of concern that health issue of the workforce as well as surrounding population of an industrial site has always been under-emphasized historically in relation to more basic science-oriented research. Main factor behind this negative or discouraging approach has been and is the industrial unit runners. Maybe it is due to the lack of awarenes…Read More

  • Experts stress need for tapping blogs potential for progress

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The rapid creation and consumption of social media contents continues to drive the evolution of Internet and the web. Social media content now accounts for the majority of content published round the clock on the web. As the space evolves, researchers and industrial practitioners find themselves at a key point for collaborating on research, implementation and deployment of a wide range of analyses and applications. Experts expressed these views at a seminar titled “How to earn from Blogging and Social Media” recently organized by the Technology Times an…Read More

  • International conference highlights ICTs role for national progress

    Staff Report ISB: Technological revolution is bringing a paradigm shift in today’s world and if a nation wishes to develop and grow at a fast pace, it has to opt for latest technologies that are creating headways. The third world states need to come forward to become part of the mega projects of science and technology like CERN. The government of Pakistan is committed to exploiting potential of various technologies, especially those related to Information and Communications (ICTs).  This was the crux of the views of experts at a two-day internatio  nal worksho…Read More

  • NAVTTC develops 195 curricula for tech edu, vocational training

    STAFF REPORT ISB: National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) has prepared 21 more Curricula of Technical and Vocational Trades. These trades include Computer Aided Design (CAD)/ Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) Operator, Ceramics, Machinist, Auto Electrician, Building Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Plum-Plumber, Electrical, Electronic Assembler and Bio-Gas Technician & Supervisor. The total number of so far developed curricula has now become 195 whereas 53 Competency Standards of Diploma of Associate Engineering, Contemporary and Traditio…Read More

  • UN-APCICT, ICCI to facilitate women entrepreneurs

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Asian and Pacific Training Centre for ICT for Development of UN (UN-APCICT) and Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) have agreed to facilitate women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses by using the latest ICT tools, which were very helpful in reaching out to regional and international markets. UN-APCICT Director Hyeun-Suk Rhee along with Pakistan Institute of ICTs for Development Chief Executive Ammar Jaffri has recently visited ICCI office in Islamabad. On the occasion, he said that the UN-APTCICT is working in 30 countries to promote capacity building in the use of ICT with the aim of inclusive and sustainable economic development.…Read More

  • Pakistan to organise OIC summit on science & tech

    MONITORING REPORT ISB: Pakistan is going to host the OIC summit on science and technology innovation early next year in order to promote cooperation among member countries and to work out a comprehensive strategy to help eradicate poverty. “Our aim is to forge comprehensive ties among the OIC members in order to provide skills-based training to their people,” said OIC Assistant Secretary General Naeem Khan at a function in Riyadh.He also said that the summit would be the first of its kind with high-level delegations participating from the OIC countries. He added that skill…Read More

  • PTCL to provide data centre services to Soneri Bank

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Telecommunication services provider in Pakistan, PTCL, has signed an agreement with Soneri Bank to provide them data centre services for better banking. PTCL’s data centre – the only 3-tier data entity in the country – is going to help improve operations of Soneri Bank that has a network of over 250 branches across the country. The telecom company Chief Digital Services Officer Kamal Ahmed appreciated the increasing collaboration of PTCL and Soneri Bank, adding that PTCL’s business solutions will act as a catalyst to any institution’s progre…Read More

  • Experts for economic prosperity to overcome challenges

    STAFF REPORT RWP: Speakers at a conference titled “Professional Business Conference” have said that Pakistan is facing numerous challenges which can be overcome through economic prosperity. The event was organised by Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP) at a local hotel in Rawalpindi. Dr Fernando Panesso Serni, Ambassador of Columbia to Pakistan and Turkey, was the chief guest. Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, former Advisor to PM, Kaisar Bangali, economist, Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra, President KCCI, Tahira Raza, President FWB, Rahat Ka…Read More

  • Dawlance starts ‘Be reliable, Recycling’ campaign

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Dawlance, Pakistan’s leading home appliance brand, has taken up the initiative to promote recycling amongst Pakistanis in a bid to achieve a greener future. As part of the company’s Be Reliable, the recycle initiative, Dawlance’s new series of locally assembled products are wrapped in packaging that features step-by-step instructions on how the appliance carton can be easily recycled to make various objects. Some of the items that can be created using the instructions given on the cartons include a laundry basket, pencil holder, tray, dinosaur cartoon and a table. The company, which has been promoting a vision of “Making Pakistan Proud”, has won the An…Read More

  • RIS, MCB to strengthen ties for better tomorrow

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Representatives of the MCB have recently been hosted at the RIS Wellington Campus to formalize a growing relationship with Roots International Schools (RIS) and invited to sign an MoU to develop initiatives for development, empowerment and mainstreaming quality education in Pakistan. “RIS is working with different corporate sector organizations in the country to bridge the gap between academic research and industry practices. Also research institutions need to have more focus on how to commercialize their research by increasing industry-academia collaboration,” sa…Read More

  • Buksh Foundation, ADB join hands for renewable energy

    STAFF REPORTER LHR: Buksh Foundation has collaborated with Asian Development Bank (ADB) under the banner of Punjab’s Off-grid Energy Access Initiative. A consultative workshop has recently been held to generate and discuss ideas that could help in ensuring energy access in Punjab. The workshop also hosted energy consultants and stakeholders from the public and private sector. The renewable and alternate energy consultants at the workshop, discussed and gave an overview of existing renewable energy solutions in off-grid areas of Nepal, Bangladesh, India …Read More

  • AIOU takes initiative to expand science faculty

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The Allama Iqbl Open University (AIOU) has decided to strengthen its faculty of sciences to promote research-based activities and acquaint the students with new developments in the field of science and technology. “Purpose of this initiative is encourage and motivate students to come out with new innovations in their relevant disciplines to meet the contemporary needs,” said Vice Chancellor AIOU Dr Shahid Siddiqui at a training workshop. The workshop is a part skilled-based training series, being arranged by the University on regular basis for capacity buil…Read More

  • Rs118 billion allocated for various projects

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The government has released over Rs 118.627 billion so far under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for various projects against total allocations of Rs 525 billion for the fiscal year 2014-15. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms, Rs 23,736 million have been released for various projects of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission against total allocations of Rs 51,475 million for the financial year 2014-15. An amount of Rs 7,693 million has also been released for HEC out of its total allocations of Rs 20,068 million and Rs 13,960 million for Water and Power Division out of its total allocations of Rs 4…Read More

  • MOL Group unveils UPPP contest winners

    MONITORING REPORT KHI: The MOL Group, a leading oil and gas company in Pakistan, has announced the winners of UPPP Competition. Out of 972 international teams 10 teams participated at the live finals held recently in Budapest, Hungary. Pakistani students with the team named ‘Team Mechanical” from the NED University of Engineering and Technology secured second position in this worldwide competition.Polish students from AGH University of Science and Technology are ranked as the top team of the E&P competition.As many as 972 three-member teams had applied for the talent acquisition programme UPPP from 27 universities in 14 countries, ranging from the UK and Central Europe to t…Read More

  • 1000MW production through LNG system by June 2015

    STAFF REPORT SIALKOT: The government of Pakistan has focused on developing the LNG system for power generation purposes in the country as the LNG system would be helpful in producing the cheaper electricity. ”The government would soon lay down a LNG pipeline between Karachi-Sindh and Punjab. The government is also establishing small power generation plants in Sindh and Punjab to produce electricity through LNG,” said Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif.He was addressing an important meeting of the Sialkot business community held at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Ind…Read More

  • More initiatives needed to promote ICTs: Naveed

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Naveed Siraj, Country Manager Intel, has said that IT has never been the government’s priority as it is evident that policies have not been made for ICT progress and development in the country. “The government always focuses on the telecommunication part of the industry and lesser attention is given to IT sector, which is the reason that the ICT infrastructure has not been built up in the country sufficiently,” said the Nokia official while speaking to the media at an annual briefing held here in Islamabad. “I found a broadband policy of the country that …Read More

  • Workshop focuses benefits of energy conservation

    STAFF REPORT ISB: A workshop on `Minimum Energy Performance Standard’ (MEPS) and `Labels for Self-Blasted Fluorescent’ (CFLS) has recently been held here for manufacturers/importers. It was organised by Barrier Removal to the Cost-effective Development and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling (BRESL) in collaboration with K-Electric and ENERCON. Purpose of the event was to launch the second phase of the national policy for labeling.Representatives of government, BRESL, UNDP, ENERCON, Karachi-Electric, NED University of Engineering and Technology and Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology attended the event. Speaking as chief gue…Read More

  • Lafarge launches public welfare projects

    STAFF REPORT KALLAR KAHAR: Lafarge Pakistan has launched a fully equipped Medical Unit and Parking Complex at Lafarge Pakistan’s operations in Kallar Kahar, district Chakwal. Minister for Housing, Urban Development& Public Health Engineering C&W, Malik Tanveer Aslam Awan, Head of Economic Section, Embassy of France in Pakistan, Eric Noitakis, Management NRSP and Lafarge Pakistan and local administration of Chakwal were present on the occasion. The Medical Unit and Parking Complex are Lafarge’s contribution to better health & safety standards for the local population and surrounding villages of the district. “The Medical Unit will go a long way in dia…Read More

  • KOICA, KAAP organise annual alumni reception

    STAFF REPORT ISB: KOICA Alumni Association of Pakistan (KAAP) & Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), an official donor agency of Korea, has recently held an Annual Alumni reception 2014. More than 120 higher government officials from different Government Ministries attended the programme. The government of Korea, through KOICA agency, has endeavored to support and assist developing countries around the world, including Pakistan. Korean Ambassador Prof. Dr. Song Jong-hwan, while addressing to the alumni, said Korea and Pakistan celebrated 30 years of friendly diplomatic ties and this year the Korean Prime Minister and Speaker of parliament visited Pakistan…Read More

  • NUST team to represent Pakistan at world HULT Prize

    STAFF REPORT ISB: After a very tough competition, the entrepreneurial team that will represent NUST and Pakistan at the regional finals of the International HULT prize in Dubai has been selected at an event held in the Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at NUST. At the final event, as many as 11 of the shortlisted teams pitched their ideas to a packed audience and the jury announced Team ‘Julbul ’to be the winner. Their idea was appreciated for its innovation and sustainability as it proposed education of slum children by empowering their families through easy…Read More

  • Experts project need for mountain farming

    STAFF REPORTER LHR: The Centre for Integrated Mountain Research (CIMR), Punjab University, has recently observed a 4-day “International Mountain Day IMD-2014”. Purpose of the event was to provide opportunities to raise awareness on the importance of mountains to life, highlight opportunities and constraints in mountain development.The theme of this year’s mountain day was “Mountain Farming”. Family farming encompasses all the activities within the realms of agriculture forestry fisheries pastoralism and aquaculture that are predominantly reliant on family labour. Dr. K…Read More

  • Bahria University hosts 17th IEEE conference

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Bahria University Karachi Campus has recently hosted a three-day international event titled “17th IEEE International Multi-topic Conference” at its Karachi Campus. The conference, a joint-venture between IEEE and Bahria University, was aimed at discussing and presenting the latest advancements and technical solutions in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications Engineering and Information Technology. The conference is being regularly held in Pakistan under the flag of IEEE since 1997 on yearly basis at different institutions an…Read More

  • Karachi Education City project: SBI VC apprises British Deputy HC of joint ventures

    STAFF REPORT KHI: The Sindh province offers immense investment opportunities in renewable energy and other sectors where foreign and local investors can not only make fortune but at the same time become the driving force behind the futuristic growth associated with this very important project. “We should focus on areas of intervention to enhance and further strengthen the bilateral relations between Pakistan and UK,” said Vice Chairperson, Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) Naheed Memon during a meeting with John A Tucknott, British Deputy High Commissioner in Karachi.She elaborated that the provincial government is committed to provide conducive environment for the foreign invest…Read More

  • Climate change driving migration to urban areas

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The Pathways to Resilience in Semi-Arid Economies (PRISE) countries have poor healthcare and educational conditions and high population growth, poverty and urbanization rates. Rural-urban migration is becoming one of the most obvious factors induced by climate change, which is profoundly changing the society as whole in Pakistan. Speakers said this during a session “Impact of climate change on human capital and security” recently organised by SDPI in Islamabad. In his remarks, Dr Fahad Saeed from SDPI said that under normal circumstances migr…Read More

  • Food insecurity haunting 50 per cent Pakistanis: FAO

    STAFF REPORT ISB: In Pakistan, despite being one of the major food producing countries in the world, about 50 per cent of its population is food insecure, which needs effective and stringent initiatives to overcome this problem. “Pakistan has contradictions as far as food is concerned. On the one hand it is the 8th largest food producing country and on the other, its 50 per cent population is food insecure,” said Patrick Evans, a top representative of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization to Pakistan. He was speaking at the 7th International Development Conferenc…Read More