Volume 06 Issue 03

  • Experts caution environment issues may plague Pakistan in future

    SIDRA SAIF ISB: Pakistan is facing major environmental issues, mainly water shortage, which have the potential to plague the country in coming years in terms of impacting ecosystems and biodiversity besides triggering more natural disaster deterioration of climate change. They called for a comprehensive policy framework and its effective implementation involving all stakeholders to minimize environmental impacts. These views were expressed at a meeting organized by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Pakistan in Islamabad. A large number of representatives…Read More

  • 4th Pak nuclear reactor appears operational

    MONITORING REPORT ISB: Pakistan’s fourth heavy water reactor at Khushab nuclear site, which allows it to build a larger number of miniaturised plutonium-based nuclear weapons, now appears to be operational, a US think-tank has said. “A recently purchased Digital Globe high resolution satellite image dated January 15, 2015 shows that Khushab’s fourth reactor’s external construction is complete and has become operational,” David Albright and Serena Kelleher-Vergantini of ISIS said. “This assessment is based on the presence of a very specific signature: steam is venting …Read More

  • Climate change issue again back on agenda

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has reinstated the Ministry for Climate Change, suggesting the government plans to pay more attention to the issue as countries prepare a new international deal to curb global warming. In 2013, when the same government came to power, it downgraded the ministry to a division, removing its ability to make high-level decisions.In a turnaround earlier this month, the government appointed senator Mushahid Ullah Khan as Federal Minister for Climate Change, boosting the division’s status once again. “We lose billions of rupees each year to fl…Read More

  • Planting more trees best solution to climate change

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Dr. Qamar-Uz-Zaman, former DG Pakistan Meteorological Department, calls climate change a threat greater than terrorism for its ability to have a widespread effect on a country, even influencing economic policies and other plans for the future. “Pakistan is an example to demonstrate the effects of climate change. It is still one of eight countries considered most vulnerable to climate change,” said Dr. Qamar while talking to members of the Parliamentary Task Force on Sustainable Development Goals.As a result, climate consequences have increased in Pakistan,…Read More

  • Planning Committee for COMSATS meeting opens

    MONITORING REPORT ISB: The Ministry of the Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Ghana, has inaugurated a planning committee in preparation for the Third Ministerial Meeting of COMSATS. The meeting, scheduled for April 2015, is aimed at fostering sustainable development in developing countries through science and technology. COMSATS, is a Pakistan-based inter-governmental organization, made up of 21 developing countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, China, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Syria and Iran. COMSATS plans workshops and training programmes, provides platforms for renowned scientists, technologists and scholars, to promote relevant sc…Read More

  • DNA ‘barcode’ developed to identify halophytes

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani scientists have developed a “genetic barcode” system which could be used for accurate and quick identification of medicinally important halophytes (salt tolerant plants) across the world. The scientists from the Dr A Q Khan Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (KIBGE) at Karachi University have collected different species of genus, Suaeda or Sea Blite commonly found in Asia.They also gathered different samples from across Pakistan and targeted specific chloroplast gene with the hope of finding a similar DNA sequenc…Read More

  • PTCL boosting education through online learning

    STAFF REPORT ISB: PTCL continues to promote education and boost knowledge revolution by providing youth access to online learning through the company’s Illuminating Learning Movement (ILM) program. PTCL firmly believes that an educated Pakistan is a brighter Pakistan. The ILM programme comprises a free 1-year subscription of a progressive online learning solution (Click2Learn) to the youth.  The subscription will help 5000 deserving Matriculation and Intermediate students to prepare for their board exams and entry tests. “ILM programme initiative will open alternativ…Read More

  • Pakistan ranked 4th in world as IT service provider

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is the fourth largest IT service provider to the overseas clients ranked only behind US, India and Philippines with over 200,000 Pakistani professionals working in this field. It was disclosed during the maiden meeting of the Services Trade Development Council (STDC). Khurram Dastgir, Minister for Commerce, chaired the meeting. He said the ministry would put in place the regulatory framework necessary for enhancing the exports of services from the country. The Council will consult the State Bank of Pakistan to devise a suitable mechanism to facilitate these IT professionals to bring the wages of their work to Pakistan directly. …Read More

  • HBL signs deals with MasterCard, Monet for mPOS service

    STAFF REPORT KHI: HBL, Pakistan’s largest commercial bank, has signed deals with MasterCard and Monet for the rollout of the first Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) service in the country. Faiq Sadiq Head, Payment Services, HBL, and Aurangzaib Khan, Country Manager - Pakistan & Afghanistan, MasterCard, and Ali Abbas Sikander, Chief Executive Officer, Monet, signed the agreements. The mPOS solution will enable micro and small merchants to accept credit, debit and prepaid cards as payment, and can also integrate with the complex back end systems of larger retailers to provide a robust mobile POS solution. The mPOS technology “Swipe2Pay”, powered by Monet, is an innovative and low-cost solu…Read More

  • Cellcos refused tax exemption on SIMs verification

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has categorically conveyed to the telecom companies that the government’s policy does not allow any new exemption of duties and taxes under compensation package for telecom sector. According to sources, a meeting of FBR team of tax managers and CEOs of all telecom operators held at FBR House last week on the re-verification of SIMs under the National Action Plan. The meeting mainly discussed the compensation package for telecom sector following possible revenue loss after re-verification of SIMs. Tax auth…Read More

  • UNIDO to extend coop for bio-fuel project

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Amid the prolonged energy crisis in Pakistan, UNIDO has announced to implement a project to promote market-based adoption of biomass gasification technologies for agro-processing of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country. The project, to be funded by Global Environmental Facility (GEF), will particularly introduce rice husk based gasification power plants in the rice producing areas in order to generate cheap and uninterrupted electricity. In view of this, the UNIDO, by helping SMEs develop biomass gasification power plants, seeks to…Read More

  • IT minister wants speedy work on telecentres project

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Minister of State for IT & Telecom, Anusha Rahman, has directed the USF Co. authorities to complete all the pre-requisites for the bidding process at the earliest for the execution of telecentres project.Chairing the USF Company’s Board of Directors meeting in Islamabad, the minister said that they have already communicated to all provinces that this project is going to be executed in phased manner and priority will be given on “first come  first serve bases” and now it’s up to the provinces, how quickly they respond to us The meeting in which an overview of the main efforts and development of telecommunication services in un-served and under-served areas thr…Read More

  • Steady work on for artificial photosynthesis

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Scientists at the Helmholtz Center for Materials and Energy (HZB) in Germany have precisely characterized a manganese catalyst’s electronic states. The catalyst is capable of converting light to chemical energy.Through their work, Prof. Emad Aziz, head of the HZB Institute “Methods for Material Development,“ Prof. Leone Spiccia from Monash University, and their teams have taken an important leap forward in understanding photosynthesis – the method green plants use to obtain energy – in artificial systems. Findings of the team have been published in the journal ChemSUSChem as well as the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Journal of Materials Chemistry A. If …Read More

  • Arfa Karim’s lab at school in bad condition

    The computer lab at the Govt Girls High School, Chak 2-JB, Ramdiwali, which was set up on the desire of Arfa Karim, the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, is in a bad shape. Arfa passed away at the age of about 17 in Lahore on Jan 14, 2012, after a brief illness. According to details, the girl students at the school are given education only through computer books while standing in the lab. Some of the students told the scribe that the computers in the lab are out of order for the last few months and the school administration is payi…Read More

  • Hubco may build 3600MW coal-based power plants

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Hub Power Company (Hubco) may construct 3,600 MW coal-based power plants at Hub Balochistan in a bid to generate cost effective electricity. “We can construct 3,600 MW coal-based power plants at Hub and LNG-based plants should be set up in Punjab following dip in prices,” said Khalid Mansoor, Chief Executive Officer, HUBCO, while talking to media. Pakistan spends around $15 billion per year on oil imports, one of the main reasons why Pakistan is desperately searching for alternative fuel resources. Authorities have already give…Read More

  • Sir Syed Tower project work starts

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Engr Adil Usman, President Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association, and Chancellor Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technolog, performed the ground-breaking ceremony of the great project ‘Sir Syed Tower’. The Tower is the great source of historical value as an academic and corporate hub for the promotion of intellectual, cultural and academic activities. “Fortunately, today construction work of the tower is taking its start and this happiest moment is unforgettable for us – the Aligarians who always endeavoured to follow the mission of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan,” said Engr Usman on the occasion.He also said that they have successfully achieved…Read More

  • Whatsapp launches web version

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Messaging app WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Web, marking the official debut of the popular messaging app on non-mobile platforms. “Today, millions of mobile phone users can use WhatsApp on their web browser,” the messaging app said announcing WhatsApp Web via a blog post. “Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device – this means all of your messages still live on your phone,” it added. The web version of Whatsapp is currently available for Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry users. The users need to simply head over to WhatsApp Web on Google Chrome an…Read More

  • US recognises GCU scientists’ nano-fertilizer

    STAFF REPORT LHR: The Government College University (GCU) scientists have got the honour to have the first international achievement of 2015 as the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent to the university’s Nano Fertilizer that produces healthy food and significantly increases the crop yield. It was revealed by the Vice Chancellor Dr Khaleequr Rahman through a notification to the university’s academic and administrative heads including Director, Research Innovation and Commercialization who will forward it to the country’s leading fertilizer industries for futu…Read More

  • PODA initiates water project for Potohar region

      STAFF REPORT CHAKWAL: The Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA) with the support of KGF Foundation has started a project to provide water supply to the people of only rain-fed Potohar region. This project is implemented among 300 rural families of village Naramughlan of the district. Under this project, rain water harvesting is done with the participation of community especially rural women for their drinking, domestic usage, livestock and food production. PODA field office has organized multiple capacity-building training technical …Read More

  • Banks distributed Rs220b loans in July-Dec time

    STAFF REPORT KHI: Local banks’ agriculture credit disbursement rose up to 38 per cent to Rs219.5 billion during the first half (July-Dec) of this fiscal year from Rs159.4 billion in the same period last year, reveal the State Bank of Pakistan. The amount disbursed is 44 per cent of Rs500bn target set for this fiscal year. Among the major banks, the Muslim Commercial Bank achieved 64.3 per cent of its annual target; UBL, 55.2pc; HBL, 51 per cent; ABL, 37.6 per cent while NBP could achieve only 34.6 per cent. Under the specialised banks category, ZTBL disbursed Rs27.8 billion against its target of Rs90 billion, while PPCBL disbursed Rs4.2 billion against Rs11.5 bi…Read More

  • World journal recognises Dr. Hameed’s works

    MONITORING REPORT ISB: A prestigious American journal has recognized Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan’s contributions to the world. Khan’s life and achievements are profiled and the impact of his innovative work is recognized in an article in the Winter 2014 issue of the prestigious “Education About Asia” academic journal. The recognition is a great honour for Asia and particularly Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Dr. Khan’s innovations were first launched. Education About Asia (EAA), a prestigious and peer-reviewed teaching journal published in the Uni…Read More

  • Pak students participate in Eco Marathon

    STAFF REPORT ISB: The 30th Eco Marathon held by Shell will be taking place in Manila, Philippines, this year. The basic concept of the marathon is to challenge student teams from all over the world to come up with a car that can give maximum mileage in one liter or one gallon of fuel. The current world record of the Shell Eco Marathon is 315.4 kilometers per liter. Shell Pakistan helps its Pakistani talent to showcase their work (model cars) in the Shell Eco Marathon which is held in different countries. Shell Pakistan takes all the responsibility of the teams from Pakistan in terms of travel and participation in the Eco Marathon. The participating Pakis…Read More

  • Chinese companies invited to develop farm sector

    MONITORING REPORT LHR: Masood Khalid, Ambassador of Pakistan to China, has said that Chinese companies can team up with their Pakistani counterparts to develop agriculture sector for the food security of the two countries. He said this while speaking at the China-Pakistan Trade and Investment Symposium recently held at Pakistan embassy in Beijing. The event was aimed at enabling participants from Pakistani business and investment community to interact with their Chinese counterparts to expand mutual cooperation and investment, explore opportunities and promote …Read More

  • Students create 3D mobile obstacle avoidance robots

    STAFF REPORT ISB: Many schools in Pakistan are really beginning to do an excellent job at modernizing the education system. Schools are beginning to focus more on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curricula, and in doing so, technology has become a big part of education. One research company in particular, called LearnOBots, seems to be at the forefront of introducing technology into the classroom environment, and 3D printing is a big part of their ideology. The company was founded to inspire Pakistani kids towards STEAM educat…Read More


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  • ECO science Foundation

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  • Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

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  • National Center for physics

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  • 1st Global Summit Iran Telecoms & IT

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  • Doing the same blunder, this time!

    Currently, the government of Pakistan has tasked the cellular companies to get all SIMs verified through biometric verification machine within 90 days. It is no doubt a desperate need following the last month’s Peshawar school terror attack. Purpose of the SIMs verification is to control usage of illegal SIMs at the hands of militant groups, as has been reported in many of the terror activities across the country. How much authentic would be the data being collected presently by the cellular companies through biometric verifications, however, is a million dollars question. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the core telecom sector authority in the country, had done such ex…Read More

  • Professionalism only way to make progress: Dr. BS Chowdhry

    Prof. Dr. B.S. Chowdhry is a renowned scientist and ICT expert. Presently, he is Dean Faculty of Electrical Electronics and Computer Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro. He carries with him around 30 years of experience as faculty member and working on key positions. He has supervised/co-supervised 7 PhDs and more than 50 MPhil/Master’s Thesis in the area of ICT. During his recent interview with Technology Times, he spoke in detail about his professional career Q:    Kindly give a brief sketch of your professional career? A:   &…Read More

  • Zinc deficiency in humans and agronomic biofortification

    Zinc is one of the essential elements necessary for the normal growth and development of humans and plants. Zinc is an essential element required for metabolic activities of 300 enzymes of body, and also requires for DNA synthesis, protein synthesis and cell division, these enzymes played an important role in metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Zinc is very essential element for growth of tissues, healing of wounds, maintenance of connective tissues, functioning of immune system, mineralization of bones, blood clotting and sperm production. Zinc is crucial for humans to taste and smell things properly, and it also favours normal growth and development during pregnancy, child…Read More

  • ICT for re-engineering national security strategy

    “The ‘War on Terror’ is one of the most critical national security efforts in our history” – Sue Kelly. In the past few years, it became evident that there exits close connection between ICT and national security, which plays a significant role in securing the necessary level of national safety and defense of the nation. The notion ‘security’ is defined as status of defense of the life-important interests of the personality, the society and the state against internal and external dangers. Whereas, according to Oxford Dictionary, “security is the degree of protection to safeguard a nation, union of nations; person or persons against danger, damage, loss and crime”. Information a…Read More

  • Physiological role of zinc and its deficiency consequences in plants

    Zinc is an essential micro‐nutrients required in optimum quantity to harvest the potential of the plants and to get the maximum yield. Its deficiency is a major yield reducing factor especially in the several Asian countries. Thirty percent soils and more than two billion people in the world are deficient in Zinc. The optimum status of zinc in soils is 1.17 ppm and about 70 per cent of cultivated area of Pakistan is considered as zinc deficient, and its deficiency is third most serious crop nutritional problem after N and P deficiency. Soils of Pakistan are generally alkaline in reaction, calcareous in nature which further reduces the availability of zinc which led to zinc deficiency i…Read More

  • Anjeer or fig: A fruit of Heaven

    The fig or Anjeer, botanically called Ficus carica belongs to the mulberry family Moraceae. The fig trees the earliest one which has been cultivated in old age. It was originated in the Mediterranean and western Asia regions. Turkey, Syria, Greece, Spain, Iran, China and Mexico are the major producers of fig in the world. Pakistan is also growing it on small scale in some parts of KPK, Sindh and Punjab. Pakistan at present imports fig to meet the domestic need. However, proper and managed cultivation can save the money spent on its import. Fig plant is largely distributed from tro…Read More

  • It’s time to sleep for brugmansia……

    Angel’s Trumpet or brugmansia is astounding sub-tropical, herbaceous plants with plenty of gardening pleasure. They are famous for their large trumpet shaped flower, color and fragrance. To grow them successfully is not confined to green thumbs they have pretty tolerance for beginners as well. Once it is planted, the next step is to keep them in good physical shape. It is worthwhile to say them nocturnal as their flowers release fragrance in evening. Yet they are not as widely used as landscape plant in Pakistan as they ought to be as, for being hallucinated as poisonous plant. …Read More

  • Message by Executive Director COMSATS, Dr. I.E. Qureshi

    THE WORLD has seen very few Nobel Laureates, who built their scientific careers against heaviest possible odds, yet devoted much of their lives in serving the cause of mankind’s welfare. Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam stands at par with the historic giants of scientific discovery, and head and shoulders above those who deeply cared about humanity. He especially agonized over the predicament of billions in the developing world, who lead miserable lives in spite of the enormous strides towards human development taken in the West during the past couple of centuries. In the wake of this disparity and divi…Read More

  • Book The inspiring life of Abdus Salam a complete profile of Nobel Laureate

    I PURCHASED a copy of this fascinating book after going to 3 book stores in Lahore last year. From 1982 when the first biography appeared, so far five biographies have appeared on the momentous life of Dr. Salam. First one was by Dr. Abdul Ghani 1982, Azim Kidwai 1989, Jagjit Singh 1992, then Gordon Fraser 2008 and now the latest one is of Dr. Kamran 2013. Not only that I have read these biographies I have all of these in my personal library, besides a vast of collections of documents related to the life of this outstanding Muslim physicist since the time of ibn al-Haitham 1000 year…Read More

  • Salam, Abdus Salam

    IMAGINE YOURSELF in Stockholm on December 10, 1979. In different rooms of a grand hotel, nine of the world’s smartest men scramble into black tailcoats and white bowties; preparing to receive Nobel awards from the king of Sweden. In a tenth room, a stocky bearded Pakistani gets into a black sherwani, a white shalwar, a pair of gold embroidered curled khussa shoes, and then struggles to tie a pagri (turban). It’s a skill he was once good at but has now forgotten. Tying that pagri turns out to be as tricky as the physics he is to be honoured for. A cook from the Pakistan e…Read More

  • Some comments about Dr Abdus Salam

    Dr. B.N. Anand Indeed Professor (Dr) Abdus Salam should have been the pride of Pakistan , but Alas, he was not to be. Being an Ahmedia, he was disowned and even his grave was not spared to remove his religion and his being a Pakistan national. That is not how nations treat the heroes of the country. He was not only a brilliant scientist but also super fine human being. Anwer It is time to celebrate Abdus Salam’s legacy in Pakistan by declaring January 29th each year as “Abdus Salam Day”. Like other days in honor of national heroes of Pakistan this would not be a…Read More

  • Salam: We need more than just eulogies

    NO INDIVIDUAL has had a greater impact on science in Pakistan than Abdus Salam. The only Pakistani winner of the physics Nobel Prize, he placed our country on the scientific map of the world, inspired countless young people to opt for scientific careers, and helped establish many of the country’s largest scientific institutions. This, of course, is in addition to his many important contributions in physics as well as the establishment of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, which now bears his name. Abdus Salam’s humble origins make this yet mor…Read More

  • Dr. Abdus Salam – a scientist beyond boundaries

    BLAZING IN the history of Pakistan, is the story of a man who is a source of superlative pride for the entire nation. The greatest of minds that Pakistan has ever produced and the only Nobel Laureate for the country, Dr Abdus Salam, was simply a genius in his field whose brilliance is unmatched to date. He possessed a magnanimous heart that made him feel, spend and work to eradicate the barriers for his fellow scientist for the developing world. Dr Abdus Salam was born on January 29th, 1926, in Santok …Read More

  • COMSATS: A realisation of Salam’s Vision of S&T-led development through South-South Cooperation

    “scientific thought and its creation is the common and shared heritage of mankind.” - Dr. Abdus Salam PROF. DR. ABDUS SALAM was one of the most outstanding proponents of the idea that the developmental gap between the North and the South can be bridged through S&T capacity-building in developing countries. Among his various initiatives to achieve this goal, one was to establish a high-level Commission having affiliation of several R&D organizations of the South. The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable …Read More