Volume 08 Issue 02

  • Science and the Sustainable Development Goals

    THE CONCEPT of Science Diplomacy is becoming widely used by policy-makers, scientists and scholars of International Relations. Though this is a new concept, it refers to an old practice as scientists always have been at the forefront of international collaboration. Science Diplomacy can be regarded as a tool for states to use science and scientists to pursue their Foreign Policy goals. This can be done to promote the national interests or to solve problems faced by the state. Several states have their own Science Diplomacy programs. Even if no national Science Diplomacy program is available, many states have long deployed scientific attachés in their embassies. The rise of scientific d…Read More

  • Science Communication: enhancing Public Understanding

    SIDRA SAIF IBD: A two days’ workshop titled “COMSTECH-Technology Times International Workshop on Science Communication: Enhancing Public Understanding” was held here at COMSTECH Headquarters, to train human resources in the field of Science Communication to popularize science in the society.  The Chief Guest Fazal Abbas Mekan, Federal Secretary for Ministry of Science and Technology said, “science communication is the key to the real treasure of the scientific knowledge, by virtue of which scientific knowledge and concepts could be carried to the public. Thus, the public is benefited with the new advancements in science and technology and is able to fight against …Read More

  • Agri innovation expo held at PMAS-AAUR

    C2 AARU: Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR) organized Agri. Innovation Expo. & Food Gala 2017, here on Tuesday, with an aim to highlight innovative creative business agriculture products developed by students and to provide them entrepreneurship opportunities in order to cope with the challenge of unemployment. The Expo will also provide an opportunity to access the potential of Pakistan’s agricultural market and to bring together all stakeholders from the public, private, academia, social sectors on one platform to explore new technologies/innovations in the field of food & agriculture sector. The event was orga…Read More

  • Pak students to participate in SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Competition 2017

    C2 GIKI: A talented and passionate Pakistani team is participating in SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design competition. This time a joint consortium of Pakistani universities including LUMS, PIEAS,GIKI, NUST to participate in SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. This year Team Pakistan if qualify, they get to present their idea in front of SpaceX engineers after which Team Pakistan will be able to build its pod and race it at SpaceX headquarters at Hawthorne, California, USA in the summer 2017. The initial qualification is a huge thing in its self since this year even more teams have applied and the competition has sky rocketed. Although, Team Pakistan do not have an of…Read More

  • Convocation of PNEC held at Bahria Uni

    C2 BU: The 28th Convocation of Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) was held at Bahria Auditorium. Rana Tanveer Hussain, Minister for Science and Technology was the Chief Guest at the occasion.  361 graduates were awarded degrees at the convocation out of which 80 received Masters Degrees whereas 281 received degrees in the discipline of Bachelors of Engineering and Management Information Systems. To acknowledge the outstanding academic performance of students in their respective disciplines, 39 medals were also awarded to the position holders which included 20 President Gold Medals, 06 Chief of the Naval Staff Gold Medals, 07 Chancellors’ Silver Medals and 06…Read More

  • Prof Asad A Abidi to hold Abdus Salam Chair

    C2 LUMS: Prof. Asad A. Abidi, distinguished Chancellor’s Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) will be the inaugural holder of the Abdus Salam Chair at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering, at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). An inspiring teacher of the sciences and engineering, Prof. Abidi is renowned the world over for his ground breaking developments in single-chip radios. Electronic devices and circuits attributed to his research form the basis of many of today’s mobile devices. Prof. Abidi is the recipient of the IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid State Circuit…Read More

  • Pakistan 4th largest country to provide medical practitioners to USA

    PMDC: Pakistan is the fourth biggest country to provide doctors to United States and at present 12000 Pakistani physicians and specialist doctors are working in different states. It is expected that in near future Pakistan will become the third biggest country to provide doctors who fulfill the demand for international doctors in the USA, says a press release. This was informed during a visit of a delegation led by Dr. Humayun J. Chaudhry President and Chief Executive Officer of Federation of State Medical Boards of United States to offices of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). A detailed presentation of PMDC functioning was given…Read More

  • NUST awards agree to 201 undergraduates

    C2 SEECS: NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS)’s 201 students were conferred degrees in the disciplines of Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Computer Science at its 9th undergraduate convocation. According to a press release issued here said, only a day after its postgraduate convocation, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science held a graceful graduation ceremony for the undergraduate batches here at the university’s main campus. Khurram Rahat, Managing Director of Teradata in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka presided over the convocation proceedings, Prominent among others were p…Read More

  • ‘Recommendations for Pakistan’s National Water Policy Framework’: HF

    C2 LUMS: The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) today hosted a panel discussion for the launch of Hisaar Foundation’s Report ‘Recommendations for Pakistan’s National Water Policy Framework’ for the consideration of the government. The event was a culmination of two years of consultations, including discussion sessions with various water stakeholders across the spectrum, as well as two international water conferences that focused on water cooperation and water security. The recommendations are part of the first report of Hisaar Foundation’s think tank on Rational Use of Water. The recommendations focus on five main areas for further action. T…Read More

  • ‘Recommendations for Pakistan’s National Water Policy Framework’: HF

    C2 LUMS: The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) today hosted a panel discussion for the launch of Hisaar Foundation’s Report ‘Recommendations for Pakistan’s National Water Policy Framework’ for the consideration of the government. The event was a culmination of two years of consultations, including discussion sessions with various water stakeholders across the spectrum, as well as two international water conferences that focused on water cooperation and water security. The recommendations are part of the first report of Hisaar Foundation’s think tank on Rational Use of Water. The recommendations focus on five main areas for further action. T…Read More

  • Outdated computer science syllabus being taught

    FBISE: Students at schools and colleges affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) are being taught an outdated syllabus for computer science. The classes of 9, 10 and 11 are being taught from books based on the 2002 curriculum. “Many new developments have taken place in information technology since then,” said the teacher of a school in Islamabad. State Minister for Federal Education Balighur Rehman directed the FBISE to change the old curriculum when the matter was brought to his notice. Following complains about old syllabus, the minister called a meeting of FBISE officials and directed …Read More

  • Agreement to provide 3G services to remote areas of Balochistan signed

    MoITT: Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar said that government was determined to promote digitalization all across the country for increasing outreach and access to financial services to people for sustainable development. The Finance Minister was speaking at the signing ceremony between Universal Service Fund (USF) and Ministry of Information Technology for laying optic fibre at Awaran and Lasbela the contract of which has been by Universal Service Fund to Pak Telecom Mobile Limited worth Rs 2.3 billion. He said the government was working for technical and financial inclusion to provide better services to the people all across the country.…Read More

  • HEC shut down 31 PhD and 26 MPhil programmes last year

    HEC: The Higher Education Commission reviewed 293 PhD programmes and 57 MPhil programmes of 171 universities last year, of which 31 PhD and 26 MPhil programmes were shut down as they did not fulfil minimum quality standards, HEC officials told The News on Wednesday. Sharing the performance of the HEC in 2016, the officials said the commission had also received 198 plagiarism complaints since 2006, of which 160 cases were finalised; 90 complaints proved to be false, and 38 faculty members were blacklisted. About 38 cases are under process and six cases are subjudice. The officials said pursuing the HEC policy of no compromise on quality and governance of …Read More

  • 11 year old tech prodigy wows professors at ITU

    Lahore: Mohammad Raza is not your average 11 year old boy. While his peers go to school, play cricket and scrape the occasional knee, Raza sits in front of a computer and codes. He builds software that can help catch most wanted criminals and create language predictors that no one in the market has been able to develop yet. Yes, he does go to school, but instead of English, Mathematics and Geography, Raza sits in on undergraduate and masters level courses at Lahore’s Information Technology University (ITU) and scores significantly higher than his classmates. Raza was introduced to programming by a friend of his father’s who downloaded the …Read More

  • Making science fun

    KARACHI: Unshackled from conventional classroom techniques that have compelled many young, aspiring scientists to desert their passion for science, the social enterprise Science Fuse hosted the event with the aim to “create a generation of scientists, innovators and thinkers in Pakistan.” Dozens of nervous children had earlier trickled in to be welcomed by tables adorned with test tubes and materials right out of a science lab, and many aspiring “Dexters” shared excited glances, in anticipation of what was in store for the science class they had registered for. And to welcome them was founder of Science Fuse, Lalarukh Malik and her team, all geared up to make science f…Read More

  • Role of ICT in achieving SDGs

    IN FEBRUARY 2016, Pakistan’s parliament did what it had never done before. It became one of the world’s first parliaments to formally adopt United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the nation’s development agenda. Seventeen SDGs had recently been formulated by the UN, to be achieved within one generation (till 2030). Similar goals were agreed to by all the UN member states in 2000 too. They were then called Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). But our performance in achieving MDGs is not anything to write home about. To facilitate achievement of SDGs the cross-cutting Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays an extremely vital…Read More

  • Silicon can increase the crop yield by bounding the cadmium

    THE BACK bone of the most developing countries is considered as Agriculture. It contributes about 60-80 percent of GDP of a country. It is the basic source of foreign exchange for a country. Agriculture is not only the source of food for human beings but also a fodder source for animals. Most of the population in the whole world lives on diet based on one or more of the staple foods like, rice, wheat, maize, millet and sorghum etc. Wheat, rice and maize contributes about two-third of population. Therefore, the quality and quantity of these crops is basic concentration point for the farmers, scientists etc to feed the people of their countries. The wheat is considered a…Read More

  • Drone Technology: a climate smart invention in agriculture

    THE CONCEPT of drones is nearly a century old. It is also known as UAVs or unnamed aerial vehicles. The history of drones started as early as World War 1, but they weren’t developed in nearest until the 1970s, when western militaries started to look for new ways to keep save their human pilots from harm. Now the drone technology is transforming to other industries as well. This technology commercially uses since 1980s. However, practical applications of drones are expanding faster than ever in a variety of industries. Three years ago common people had no idea about these flying machines. Now, it does have become one of the world’s most publicized and fas…Read More

  • Biopesticides: key component in integrated pest management

    AGRICULTURE IS facing destructive activities of pests and weeds resulting in dramatic loss of productivity. Advancement in fertilizer and pesticides resolved these crises to great extent. But the overuse of these substances sometime leads to serious threats for soil environment and crops and damaging microbial population in soil and also resistance is produced in pests against these pesticides. Moreover the persistent time of residues of these pesticides is very high.  The gradual reduction in the use of pesticides in agriculture without effecting the quantity and quality of crops production can only be possible if new technologies are adopted that are economically attractive, e…Read More

  • Safe food production from contaminated soils

    WHEN WE study other nations, especially about the life spams we come to know that average life of other peoples is far longer than ours. Survey reports that average life span in America is 78.74 while in Pakistan it is about 66.44. Our life expectancy is not good due to actually poor diet, poor access to affordable health care, poor personal health habits and just plain poverty while these factors are mostly absent or minute in other developed nations. In our country no. of doctors for certain patients are also less comparatively. Even other developed nations have developed proper boards and societies for healthy diets and food safety etc. This makes their even common person much awa…Read More

  • GIS for strategic security of CPEC

    THE 21ST century has seen the establishment of global and regional strategic milieu around the world. This strategic milieu persuades geo-economic and geo-political tactical partnership among regional countries. Regional connectivity is one of the most significant aspects of Pakistan’s foreign policy and Pakistan has been trying to develop good relations with its adjacent countries. Maintaining creditable and healthy relation with China has been an essential part of Pakistan’s foreign policy, as China is Pakistan’s strategic partner and helps Pakistan in maintaining balance of power in the region. The history of Pak-China relations can be traced back since 1950 and bot…Read More

  • Impact of mulching on soil health and plant growth

    THE ENGLISH word mulch has been used since the 17th century, is probably derived from the German vernacular “Molsch” meaning soft or beginning to decay. Mulch is a material applied to the soil surface to prevent loss of water by evaporation, to suppress weeds, to reduce temperature fluctuations or to promote productivity. It is one of the important agronomic practices for conserving soil moisture and modifying the soil health. Nature produces large quantities of mulch all the time with fallen leaves, pine needles, twigs, or any other organic material. It is a source of highly stable carbon that increases organic matter, microbial activity, water holding capacity, nutrient holding cap…Read More

  • Pakistani-American win NATO’s SA award

    MONITORING: Pakistani-American doctor Habib Chotani has won the Scientific Achievement Award (SAA) 2016 from the NATO Science and Technology Organization for his performance in research on medical countermeasures against biological agents. He is a recognised expert in the identification, surveillance and diagnosis of human and zoonotic infectious diseases. His success in the academic field includes establishing & directing the Global Infectious Disease Surveillance and Alert System (GIDSAS) at John Hopkins University.  Dr Chotani has worked in the healthcare industry, government and academia, advanced development of vaccines, therapeutic and dia…Read More

  • Pak-US S&T cooperation offer researchers funding up to $500,000

    HEC: Pakistan-US Science and Technology Cooperation Program is currently accepting applications for a three year of collaborative research grants. Through this grant, research students can receive funding of up to $500,000. The project is managed by the National Academy of Sciences in the U.S. and by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It is designed to increase cooperation between Pakistani scientists and institutions with their counterparts in the United States. The program originally began in 2003 when the Governments of Pakistan and the United States signed a comprehensive Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement to established a framewo…Read More

  • Working group of scientists for promotion of S&T to be formed: Ahsan

    HEC: Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal emphasized upon forming of a working group consisting of top scientists to advise government to foster development of science and technology in the country. The minister expressed these views while addressing Round Table Conference (RTC) on ‘Promoting Scientific Education and Research in Pakistan’. The RTC was also attended by Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, scientists, academia and officials. The conference aims to promote science and technology research which includes improving education and research system to increase country’s competence. Ahsan…Read More