Lahore Science Mela 2018 aims to combine science & culture

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Khwarizmi Science Society, a not for profit organization based out of Lahore use to organized Lahore Science Mela, that is an annual series of science fests. This open event tries to combine science with arts and culture. Different science and art exhibits were on display in the event.

The event will showcase exhibits from robotic kits, innovative gadgets to models explain the working of the human body. Exhibits related to arts, cultural and photography will also be displayed. Lahore’s culture and its wide range of food offering will be highlighted by dedicated stalls for desi foods.

Although science has been merged into our daily lives, unfortunately in our society, it has not made any place yet. Science Mela aims that by skirting Science with arts and culture making it practical and closer to daily life.

In last Lahore Science Mela various government and non-government organizations such as WWF, TEVTA, PCSIR, Pakistan Science Club, The Planetary Society, and the Lahore Astronomical Society team up to be a part of the Lahore Science Mela 2017. Exhibitors from Swabi and Sukkur displayed their products. There were around 40 exhibits in total. Around 10 thousand people attended the event.

The organizers are expecting the greater audience this year. The registration for this year has begun. Different science clubs will showcase around 40-50 exhibits and numerous representations from different schools and colleges.

Some prominent organization will also be hosted this year such as the globally renowned Isfahan Mathematics House, Pakistan Science Club, Lahore Astronomical Society, Makistan, EjaadTech and Ali Institute of Education. The partners of the event are Water Informatics Department, Physics Department, and Biology Department of LUMS.

Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS), a not for profit organization, founded in 1997, is working to incorporate the science culture into Pakistan’s educational and in general social scenarios.


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