Minister MoST confession "I cannot even send a message"

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Staff Report IBD: “Frankly I am minister for federal minister for defence production and also minister for science and technology. But the two portfolios, two ministries are related to technology, research, development. But I myself dont know much about technology, science and other information about research related technology. But I am trying my best to promote such activities, those needs Pakistan to a new modern and advance country”,Minister for Science and Technolgy, Rana Tanveer Hussain confess at the Telenors Internet of Things Expo.

“I am not beneficial, great beneficial of this technology because I can only make call through telephone and I can only receive call. Thats only … I am getting benefit from this mobile telephone. I cannot even send a message… So I cannot have information, up to date information. But I think its also blessing in disguise. If I dont know much information and this is good for my health also”, Minster further added. While talking about the modern technologies of ICT Rana Tanveer Hussain expressed, “Pakistan has already much advance technology in this area, IT area, Information and Technology Area, because we have this facility 4G facility which I understand I think is advance stage of information and technology”.

Highlighting the role of telcos, the Minister said “And these all companies working in Pakistan are trying to give the awareness to society, modernize the society, to bring the nation, society to modern world”.

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