More efforts needed on climate change, energy

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Experts from Pakistan and India have called for promoting low carbon energy sources, conservation of biodiversity, enhanced water-use efficiency and building resilient communities and networks to cope with the threat of climate change.

They were speaking at a plenary session titled “Indi-Pakistan Dialogue on Climate Change and Energy” organised by the SDPI and HBS in Islamabad.

The experts were of the view that governments and civil society in both countries must work together to cope with the escalating pressures of climate change by turning the challenges into opportunities at policy level.

Environmentalist Dr Shaukat Hameed Khan while talking about the energy crises in Pakistan and India suggested that both the countries need to work together to ensure universal access to sustainable and affordable energy.

Scientist Ali Tauqeer Sher said that though climate change is a global issue, policymakers eschew making it a priority on their domestic agendas.

Zeenat Niazi from New Delhi, who has been working on development alternatives for the past three decades, stressed on the need to explore alternative energy sources at local level to replicate it in other parts of the country.


Published in: Volume 04 Issue 51

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