STAFF REPORT JAMSHORO: The joint research and development initiatives can extend academia`s outreach and research productivity significantly. An important advancement took place as Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) and University of Utah, the USA signed a formal agreement under the shadow of US-Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies on Water. The partnership aims at mollifying Pakistan`s rising water scarcity issue through imperative solutions produced by enhancing RandD activities phased in by counterparts of Pak and US.

MUET Vice Chancellor Prof Mohammad Aslam Ugaili said while commenting on the agreement, “In addition to several research opportunities, the affiliation will also enable MUET to sets up new graduate degree programs. This will give student exchange open entryways and, in addition, send representatives from the University of Utah to Pakistan consistently to prepare and to give instructing skill and teaching expertise to the program”.

This association, financed by USAID is going to help Pakistans researchers and the scientists find answers of most separating issues of the country, for instance, water, energy, agriculture and food security by getting prepared scientists for the future and coordinating joined examination.

USAID Mission Director to Pakistan John Groarke said during the occasion, “This agreement will help address Pakistan`s critical requirements for enhanced access to water”.