NARC relocation is not doable, says Dr Azeem

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) support is growing with the passing days. The farmers, agricultural experts, scientists, researchers, and even members from power corridors are displaying vigor to wave support in the NARC-CDA land conflict.

Dr Azeem Khalid, Director General invited Ms Shahida Rehmani, Member National Assembly (MNA) to visit NARC and witness the accomplishments and infrastructure of NARC. The MNA was apprised with various laboratory facilities and the scientific research achievements of NARC during her visit and also briefed about the CDA intent to capture the 1250 acre land area of NARC mulling to construct a housing scheme on the area.

Shahid Rehmani commended the efforts of NARC in stabilizing the national economy and up surging the agricultural sector of Pakistan. She said,

“NARC efforts and expertise in agricultural sector are inevitable and any attempt to sabotage the decades of services and accomplishments is an unfair deal and I strongly oppose CDA`s summary moved to Prime Minister for the relocation of NARC”.

The NARC relocation is not a pragmatic and viable move and it will cost a heavy penalty and decades of efforts can be in vain due to this. NARC officials demonstrated their protest at many forums and voiced their concerns and hope a decision from government that is in larger interest of the country.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 34

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