Need for dynamic IT infrastructure to assist HRM

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Initially Pakistan has very few number of IT experts than the actual requirement of the country. Currently, local universities are producing thousands of high excellence IT graduates every year by enhancing the capabilities of the existing institutions and to form the new ones. In the current situation, firms find Information Technology very supportive from manufacturing to human resource functions. That is the reason that from some last decades, during recruiting high profile companies preferred the employees having extra computer skills other than their professional expertise. Like other departments, human resource practices can also flourish through effective execution of IT infrastructure.

Now a question arises, how to use the HR technology to support, design and create professional recruitment process, qualitative selection, superlative training, performance management and evaluation, employees attendance, compensation and benefits administration and most importantly to resolve workforces concerns. The function of human resources (HR) departments is generally administrative and common to all organizations due to which they can get competitive advantage.

By understanding these requirements and to reduce the manual workload of these administrative activities, organizations may electronically automate many of these processes by introducing specialized human resource management systems. Currently, companies are revolving towards an arrangement of the accurate and error free data. Therefore, trends to take the services from different IT solution providers and software houses are escalating gradually. Companies outsourced software by providing instructions according to their business requirements. However, its an expensive choice but not more than the qualitative outcome an organization can earn, as HR systems were typically available only to large companies with big budgets and large IT departments but appointment of qualified IT staff by organizations will resolve this issue for some instance.

Particularly if we talk about human resource software, there are multiple solutions which are successfully facilitating many multinational firms facing challenges and market threats. But subsequently HR functions are typically seen as cost centers and most information systems are initially viewed as an added burden, HRIS software implementation projects are often hassled affairs, spent very less span of time on gathering and arranging requirements as well as examining business process enhancements.

HR Information Technology solutions can bring ease to the HR department. They can bring up with automatic system to the internal business process with intelligent workflows as the purpose of informing the numerous employees through automatically generated emails eliminate paper, improve speed of response, and reduce errors. This is the way to provide feasible communication among employees with fellow members and subordinate via e-mail, read companys news and statements and links to require websites. On the other hand, extending Human Resource Information System (HRIS) by providing self-service functionality to employees will lead to increase their profeciency, decrease administrative processing time as well as reducing costs. Additionally, it can also improve open enrollment process by reducing paperwork and handwriting errors.

Another HR related system is the automated payroll system through which companies can be assembled complete integration with payroll of employees with the assistance of automatic software. This data can be generally used by the finance department for pay purpose while other information may be used internally by HR department to track hiring practices and requirements. So, it become easy for both to access if web based designed. Then some softwares may guide the HR staff to properly manage overall employees information including name, age, sex, social security number, employees address, education, employee history and so on need to prepare appropriate reporting and analyzing of members information.

Various massive ventures also design or outsource online or automated enrollment processing, and other systems which provide ease in calculation of working hours, working time assessment, traces status changes to admin or human resource departments, helpful for the record keeping and employees performance evaluation. To achieve the objective of productive recruitment, corporations may use applicant tracking, interviewing, selection and resume management systems rather this pool of experts may helpful in future.

Hence, both the government and non-government firms must arrange funds and financial settings to promote and adopt the information technology setup which will consequently facilitate them to handle HR tasks related to benefits, payroll and accounting efficiently then control and manage HR expenses. As a result of proper implementation they can also increase efficiency and excellence in decision-making as well as heighten the productivity of managers and front-line employees. Further it brings comfort to organize the recruiting process, maintain attendance in real-time and improve communication among workforce within the organization. As human resource through IT is a robust HR tool that is convertible and has multiple uses it has the capacity to become a major contributor to the success of any organization.


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