Need to do more on app development

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Mobile application development and management has proved to be the key to enterprise mobility success in the present fast-moving and increasingly digital landscape. But even then the growing number of devices and apps is leading to complexity on an unprecedented level. With every day passing, business demands have increased and the workforce has become more mobile, the need for enterprises to ensure users are connected via any device to their enterprise applications, at any time, has become more critical. At the same time, simplifying this process, enterprises can maximize IT investments and lower application development costs. It has always been a point of concern that mobile solutions in Pakistan often are not aligned with business priorities and objectives, and the lack of a consistent set of standards and best practices can increase time to market as well as leading to inconsistency in design and development. In fact, diverse mobile operating systems, device formats and screen sizes have appeared as the main bottlenecks in improving the performance of an application. A fresh study shows that high penetration of smartphone in many countries has reached unprecedented levels forcing many private-sector companies that do not want to risk losing customers to competitors, to rely heavily on mobile apps to interact with their target audience. Mobile e-government apps can help governments deliver services more efficiently and effectively. They can drive the adoption rates of e-services by making them more accessible and easier to use. They also have the potential to generate financial benefits for governments by delivering services in a more cost-effective manner. Lacking a dedicated mobile technology group, app development can become fragmented, wasting substantial time and money. To resolve this problem, enterprises should look to put in place a mobile center of excellence having a team of highly skilled professionals. As a way out, enterprises need to stay ahead of the platform and feature updates that affect apps, and ensure that their mobile solutions deliver optimum performance. Taking a step forward, many organizations will also need native and cross-platform development skills across all major environments, and be able to ensure secure integration with back-end systems. If the government doesnt put more thought into content, the private sector, which has raced ahead in developing applications, may end up being leaders in delivering content to end-consumers. Pakistan, which has presently over 25 million internet users and is ranked as one of the top countries that have registered a high growth rate in internet penetration, still needs to concentrate more on app development.


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