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Saleem Rafik is COO at NTL (NADRA Technologies Limited). He is responsible for the operations of commercial and large scale initiatives. His services include e-Sahulat platform of over 5000 franchised locations for public services and utility billing services. In addition to Verisys (CNIC verification services) for the public, specialties: Board Membership and Representations, Architect Financial Transaction Business, Strategy and Business Development, Technology and Service Industry Business, Banking and Economic Solutions, e-Governance, Operations and Creative Solutions, Financial Inclusion and Social Programs, Contract Development and Management, Organizational Development.

Q:How can we increase software exports of Pakistan?

A: Pakistan is ranked as sixth largest population country in the world. It is the only state in the world which has deployed the dual biometric identification technology to issue multi-purpose national ID cards and e-passports for its citizens. In fact, Pakistan is among the first few countries of the world to issue biometric national ID cards to 98 per cent of its citizens. NADRAs database is among the largest, fully integrated databases in the world that supports both an Automated Finger Identification System (AFIS) and a Facial Recognition System. NADRA also competed internationally for software as well as hardware solutions. We develop our own software whereas hardware is being supplied by international repute vendors. International clients of NADRA include governments of Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria and Sudan. NADRA Technologies has recently entered into an agreement with Global Defense, a Turkish company, to pursue biometric IT services opportunities in Turkey and other European and Middle Eastern nations. By providing our solutions with a unique philosophy of System and Data Architecture we are leader in the ID industry and we are putting our efforts to increase the software exports of Pakistan.

Q:What challenges the software industry is facing in Pakistan?

A: Software exports are very high. The industry as a whole is doing over 2 billion dollars a year in revenue. The largest members are grossing 15-25 million dollars in revenues, and receiving 100 million dollar valuations. Most tech companies are growing in excess of 30 per cent a year annually. Pakistans lower cost of labor, land and tariff exemption on IT exports give the sector an advantage over other competitors.


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 48

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