Need to spread education through IT

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The use of technology in the education sector in Pakistan is not necessary only at the higher education level; schoolchildren should also be geared up for the latest technologies being used for education worldwide. In Pakistan, we are already experiencing the use of Internet and television technology at higher education for the last couple of decades. The 3P Learning is a Sydney-based company providing online education to schools in 12 countries including Pakistan. The company has designed its programmes from educators and educational technologists in partnership with schools and parents of students. This mechanism has proved so effective that it allows students to stay connected with their schoolteachers no matter how much the distance or the circumstances of the surroundings. And schoolteachers can now monitor students progress, assign them new tasks, generate reports and get national and global comparison reports of their students and classes by using web-based resources. The huge benefits associated with this education system could be possible only with the introduction of information technology across the world. This reduces teachers workload and helps them diagnose and target for effective teaching and engagement, thus also lessening the fatigue of parents related to education of their children like school pick and drop as well as other expense. So much so, the online educational resources with the availability of their off-line working apps could help us achieve our targets towards literacy and also to provide us an opportunity to celebrate our success. For the implementation of such valuable resources in Pakistan school administrations will have to rethink and work closely with the parent committees and take a collaborative step to break the stereo typing that online education is a taboo for school aged students. Pakistan has emerged as an information technology state with steep progress especially during the last over one decade. With over 130 million mobile phone connections and the launch of 3G, 4G technologies in the country, the IT and telecom sector has become an important sector as it involves in almost all national activities from top to bottom. The illiteracy rate is still at a higher level besides students drop-out ratio at an alarming level especially in Sindh and Balochistan. The rapid spread of ICTs network and services across the country has emerged as an effective tool to introduce distance learning especially in rural areas. At this stage when all tools required to improve education are available at cheaper rates, there is no justification left with both public and private sectors to exploit the opportunity.


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 46

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