Nokia launches new app for Asha 501

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Nokia has rolled out a new software update for the Nokia Asha 501 with some big changes to the OS to offer a better all-round experience. What the phone users need to do is just turn on their Nokia Asha 501 for the first time after installing the update, check out the menu, and one of the first things they will notice is a new icon – WhatsApp – providing a feature that plenty of Asha 501 owners have been asking for over the past few months.

The changes run a lot deeper than that, though, and Fastlane is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the update. Its now possible to remove individual apps and items from the users feed, so they can keep Fastlane simple, uncluttered and filled with the features they truly love the most.

The users can also choose which items appear on your Fastlane list, picking from: Alarm, calendar, calls, installed apps, messages, music, new photos, notes, radio, recent apps, recent web page, Bluetooth sharing and social networks.

The options are more intuitive than before, and its a lot easier to get to grips with if the Nokia Asha 501 is your first smartphone.


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