Nordic experts visit Pakistan for business summit

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STAFF REPORT ISB: A business delegation comprising representatives of over 40 companies from the Northern Europe and the North Atlantic region (Nordic) has recently conjoined in Islamabad for the Nordic Pakistan Business Summit.

“This years business summit was one of the biggest business promotional events ever done in Pakistan,” said Wille Eerola, Chairman of the Summit.

The summit discussed businesses in the sustainable energy, education and healthcare sectors – three of the many areas where experience and knowledge of the Nordic companies can benefit Pakistan.

The Nordic region is a world-leader in producing fossil-free energy, e.g. the consumption of wind energy in Denmark is the highest per person in the world.

“Collaborations between companies of both the regions in the energy sector could go a long way in solving Pakistans energy crisis. The experience these Nordic companies will bring to Pakistan can help the country establish modern renewable energy production,” he said.

Ashley Gold, CEO, Ericsson Pakistan said that telecom sector is heavily taxed as there is 20 percent custom duty on hardware and 10 percent on software on top of that other charges, accumulating high charges which are major impediment to trade.


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