NUML workshop on indigenous training concludes

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The second five-day workshop as part of a series of a five-week-long different indigenous on campus training (IOT) workshops for Management Cadre (BPS-16 and above) has recently concluded at the NUML, Islamabad.These workshops have been planned by the NUML Department of Education in collaboration with the HEC under the capacity building of non-teaching staff.”This workshop on leadership in management has added into my managerial as well as leadership skills to get my objectives effectively and efficiently. I learnt to understand and not only to reply,” said Syed Ali Raza, Director IT NUML, said this while addressing the event.Another participant of IOT, Ayaz Khan, a senior admin officer PIAES, was of the view that such trainings are a good opportunity to interact with your counterparts and share your problems, achievements and tips of growth in certain professions.

Assistant Registrar NDU Tasleem Kiani said, “The interactive and real life-like activity based sessions helped me a lot to learn how to deal with difficult situations at my job by mere application of management and organizing skills.”

In his remarks on the occasion, Director General (DG) Brig Azam Jamal said, “This IOT is a unique opportunity under the auspices of HEC for universities non-teaching staff and employees to refresh their knowledge and enhance their capacity and productivity.”


Published in: Volume 05 Issue 37

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