OSTRICH FARMING in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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Ostrich (Struthio camelus) could be a retitle bird. There square measure 5 taxonomic category of ostrich that square measure North African ostrich, South African ostrich, Masai ostrich, Arabian ostrich, Somali ostrich. It will run with the speed of 70km/h. little question ostrich is that the largest bird within the world. It contains long neck with unclothed legs. Single egg amlete fulfill the necessities of twenty five folks. the common lifetime of ostrich is fifty years. Egg production amount is up to the age of 30-40 years. it will tolerate up to fifty six degrees astronomer of temperature. one egg contains approx. 2000 calories.

Ostrich farming could be a gamechanger within the production of low fat meat. As we all know Islamic Republic of Pakistan is associate Agriculture primarily based country within which eutherian contributes fifty eight.55 p.c within the agriculture. Eutherian additionally contributes considerably towards national exports and eight.5 – 9.0 you rather than total exports belong to the present sector. within the gift situation, this sector wants serious investment for competitory the demand of ostrich meat. There square measure solely two hundred ostrich farms in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. in keeping with meat expert’s ostrich meat is a smaller amount in sterol and fats. thanks to less sterol and fats they’re useful for diabetic patients. It contains nutrition B-12, nutrition B-6, thiamin, riboflavin, chemical element, zinc, selenium. it’s wealthy in iron and supermolecule. Ostriches don’t would like any quite immunizing agent for developing immunity among them. Medication expenses square measure a lot of less then different birds or animals. throughout last 3 years, one hundred countries have started ostrich farming and that they committed ostrich could be a birthing egg cow.

Feeding Managements for Ostrich Farming recommended by Ostrich Manual.

Type of feed Minimum Crude Protein


Minimum Lysine


Maximum moisture



Minimum crude fat


Maximum roughages




Minimum Phosphate


Min Max
Pre-Starter 190 10 120 25 100 12 15 6
Starter 170 9 120 25 100 12 15 6
Grower 150 7.5 120 25 175 10 16 5
Finisher 120 5.5 120 25 225 9 18 5
Slaughter Bird 100 4 120 25 250 8 18 5
Maintenance 100 3 120 20 300 8 18 5
Breeder 120 5.8 120 25 240 25 30 5

Pakistan is that the best region for promoting the assembly of ostrich that may contend the demand of meat in Future. Ostrich wants ten months to achieve one hundred weight unit of live weight. whereas it provides forty five weight unit of meat. Ostrich meat is redish in color same like beef. male contains two.4m of height whereas the feminine is bit smaller than male. The egg production cycle stars at the age of years. It provides 70-100 eggs per annum. As its egg known as the largest Cell thus period of time is forty two days. Australia is that the largest businessperson of ostrich. Alfalfa (Lusan) is that the favorite crop of ostrich. Egg weight of ostrich is 1500 grams. thanks to less labor and extremely production of lusan.
Space necessities for the ostrich chick is five sq. feet per chick that ought to be lined with cemented floor. At the age of pubescence, they must transfer on the muddy land wherever they have thirty sq. feet space. Farmer are awarded with Rs ten,000 per bird if he has over twenty five chicks of ostrich. This theme is declared by eutherian and farm Development geographic area, Pakistan. you’ll simply earn Rs 35000-40000 per annum for merchandising its product like feathers, leather, eggs and chicks. the worth of one weight unit of meat is PKR 3000. On the opposite hand, the worth of egg is PKR 1500. Industries obtain the skin of the ostrich at the speed of PKR 15000 per bird. you’ll simply get two weight unit of feathers per annum from this bird.
within the hemisphere, ostrich breeds between March to August (Leuthold, 1977), whereas in hemisphere they breed between August to March (Jarvis, Jarvis and Keffen, 1985). Black-and-white plume is shown on mature male ostriches whereas on the opposite hand Grayish-brown plume is shown on females. Hatching behavior of ostrich is completely different to different birds. Male and females ostriches sit on hatching eggs. Natural incubation results hour hatching rate whereas setup results ninety five hatching. Domesticated ostriches square measure unbroken in pairs (one male and one female) or in trios (one male and 2 females) for the breeding season.
“Only ostrich will feed the World”


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