Pak e-commerce market growing rapidly

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MONITORING REPORT ISB: Pakistans e-commerce market has grown at an exponential rate during the past few years, giving way to a number of online ventures and increasing the countrys annual revenue by 30 million dollars.

According to a fresh data, in Pakistan, new online ventures are springing up every other day and existing ones are registering unprecedented growth rates.

The data mentioned unofficial estimates and projections by stakeholders, saying that the annual revenue of the countrys e-commerce sector has passed $30 million.

“There is still a lot that needs to be done if we have to reach the real e-commerce potential in the country and compete with other big players in the region,” said Adam Dawood, the country manager for a venture by Rocket Internet is one of the many portals in Pakistani e-commerce market and the management says that daily orders have grown more than three times since it completed its first year in the country.


Published in: Volume 06 Issue 09

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