Pak exports food products worth Rs88.7 billion

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistans exports plunged 12.45 per cent during first quarter (July-September) of current fiscal year as compared to the same period of last year trading.

As per details, Pakistan exported food products worth Rs 88.70 billion during July-September, while in 2013 food items worth Rs 100.87 billion were exported in the same duration. Food exports faced a 12.07 percent loss. Rice, fruits, fish, vegetables, wheat and sugar were exported.

Likewise, textile exports plunged 6.33 percent during Q1 of the current fiscal year. Pakistan exported textile group products worth Rs 343.19 billion, while food items worth Rs 366.37 billion were exported in Q1 2013.

Raw cotton, cotton cloth, knitwear, bed wears, towels and other textile materials fall in textile group.

Pakistan exported petroleum group and coal worth Rs 32.54 billion during Q1 of the current fiscal year that were 34.43 percent less than the Q1 of 2013 trading worth Rs 49.64 billion.

According to the available statistics, export of other manufacturing groups such as carpet, rugs, sports goods, leather products, cutlery and plastic remained Rs 102.89 billion during July-September trading of the current fiscal year. Pakistan exported items worth Rs 136.87 billion in 2013 which were 24.83 percent more than the current years trading


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