Pakistan Academy of Sciences Hosts “International Science Forum of National Scientific Organizations on the Belt and Road Initiative

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A successful international forum was held in Beijing , to share development of belt and road.

In Beijing declaration, “it was agreed to establish a long term effective international mechanism to coordinate and support Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation and exchange activities for the benefits and shared development of the Belt and Road regions. Now, a working group is being set up to achieve the objectives. Pakistan is privileged to host its first meeting. Pakistan Academy of Sciences is jointly hosting the event with Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Shinwari said  that the working group is being established under the principles of equity and equality, willingness and mutual benefits and with adherence to processes promoting joint discussion, collaboration and sharing.

The issues to be discussed and addressed at the meeting included∶

  • Statutes for the establishment of the international STI in the belt and road region.
  • The issues concerning the charter and rules of the organization and the operation mechanism of the working group.
  • The issues concerning the next forum and inauguration of the organization.

Countries like China, Russia, Iran, Hungry, Nepal, Serilanka, Mongolia and ICIMOD participated in the event.


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