STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan stands 8th of the world most vulnerable to climate change. The coastal areas are the most emergent threats and hundreds of kilometres area is susceptible to sea intrusion.This was revealed by the Karachi University institute of environmental studies registrar and professor Dr Moazzam Ali Khan during a recently held climate conference. The event was organised by Youth Parliament. “Rainfall on the coastal belt has decreased by 20 per cent,” said Khan, adding that exotic species on the coast are also disappearing.

Addressing the young audience, journalist Afia Salam questioned them about their aspirations for future. While many expressed their desire to work in fields such as media, law and business, few to none hands were raised when agriculture and climate was brought into question.Climate and environment issues are interlinked with all professions, claimed Salam. “We dont have lawyers on water disputes in the country,” she said adding people here dont understand it. Instead, we have to hire international lawyers when the local talent cannot fill up such roles. Reiterating Moazzams point, she said that in the last four years Pakistans vulnerability to climate change has increased along with the shrinking of Indus Delta.